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The Crazy Ahjummas Tackle the Liebster Award Nominations & Questions

We have been nominated for another blogger award!  YAY... not that it really means that we have received an actual award, but more that there are people out there (minus friends and family) that are actually following our work.  So, YAY again!  The lovely blogger at the IKurate blog have sent TCA some questions and Dongsaeng and myself are happy to answer.

Kmuse- I am such a sucker for this type of thing.  Mostly because it gives me an excuse to talk about my favorite obsession Kentertainment.  Those of you who know me, know I am a 100% enabler.  Many a friend has started off chatting with me in one of my discussion groups, only to find themselves minus sleep and free time since they are now watching 20 dramas at one time.  

Dongsaeng- *raises hand* I'm one of those that Kmuse enables. I have been known to start multiple dramas at one time based on her recommendations...even when I swore I wouldn't and would keep my drama watching within reasonable limits. But I'm always grateful for those times. Sleep is far overrated anyway. But yes, I too would like to thank IKurate for the nomination and consider it an honor to be noticed. I look forward to sharing some of my opinions and whatnot here today :)

Kmuse- I just find it amusing that we were nominated this time because of our hate filled rants for Jekyll, Hyde, and I.  Bwahahaha.

Dongsaeng- I know, right?! I tell ya though, it's way more fun to recap a lousy drama that you can slam. Just don't slam it if it's popular (why you think I'm keeping my opinions on Smelly Girl to myself?) ;)

#1 What is your favorite song from a Kdrama OST
Kmuse- Oooooh... this is a great question since I am a huge fan of a great kdrama OST.  I think the one that I keep going back to would be a song from the kdrama "Shark".  Boa's "Between Heaven and Hell" perfectly conveyed the OTP (One True Pairing) and how they literally were not able to focus on anything except each other.  It was used beautifully in several different forms throughout the whole drama.

Dongsaeng - This is one area where my blog partner (blogner?) and I differ a bit. I'm not big into OSTs. Like at all. Occasionally a few will strike my fancy, but most of the time they're just background that I don't pay much attention to. With that said, I would have to say that the stand-out ones for me in the past have been A Gentleman's Dignity (all of the music from that one really, but especially the Big Baby Driver songs) 

and It's Okay, That's Love (I know it wasn't original to the drama and is an "actual" song and not even Korean, but Hero by Family of the Year elicited major feels every time it came on and was entirely memorable for me). 

Now...if you want to talk about OSTs that I absolutely did NOT like, well, refer back to those aforementioned Jekyll and Hyde posts ;)

#2 What is your favorite setting of a kdrama?
Kmuse- This is actually a hard question since I am pretty open when it comes to themes for most dramas (although doctor dramas come in a bit behind everything else).  But if I had to pick I would say I love a good palace Saguek the most.  Give me a khottie in hanbok and I am a happy ahjumma.

Dongsaeng- I pondered on this one for a bit, unsure as to what I was going to say, until the obvious dawned on me. Duh! My favorite setting of a Kdrama is LOS ANGELES!!!! I'd say "America", but we all know that as far as Korea is concerned, "America" translates directly to "Hollywood". Living just a quick jog east of Eden as I do, I'm a bit biased to any Kaction on the west coast. When Heirs was filmed there and my Lee Min Ho was ever so close?!?! Foggetaboutit! I went nutso! I was in the area shortly after filming and was able to walk where Min Ho walked. Touch where Min Ho touched. See what Min Ho saw. And I got the pictures to prove it. That was beyond cool for this fangirl. So yeah, I'd have to go with LA, hands-down. More dramas need to come film here. Lots and lots more. I'd also go for Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon...Phoenix.... You know, just for variety's sake.

#3 Which Kdrama couple do you think has the most chemistry?
Kmuse- There are so many couple's I love, but if I had to choose just one I would say Jang Eum & Ji Sung in either of their dramas.  They had crazy chemistry in both "Secret Love" and "Kill Me Heal Me". And I have to imagine it is even harder having to have chemistry with not one, but 6 different characters.

Dongsaeng- a quick spin through my memory's rolodex of dramas and OTPs netted in a whole lot of static, but a quick run through a list of my watched dramas had one particular stand-out for me and that was So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin in Master's Sun. I really thought they matched well with each other. Could I have come up with others? Sure, but these two were awesome and so I will gladly give them the nod this time around. 

#4 Which Kdrama character would you like to go on a vacation with?
 Kmuse - I think a tropical vacation with Lee Min Ho riding an elephant would be perfect.  One of my favorite scenes to rewatch when I am in need of some eye candy.

Dongsaeng- uhh.... *crickets*    All of them?? Well, at least the hot and awesome/nice ones. It would be a great big party with lots of choco abs and one very happy ahjumma.

#5 Which Kdrama character has the best wardrobe?
Kmuse - At first I thought her style was just crazy, but by the end of the drama I was really enjoying Ah Mo Ne's ("Hotel King") high fashion look.

Dongsaeng - Darn crickets are back. Shoot.  I usually only notice the clothes if they look weird. Wanna know who looked weird? That I could tell you. How much time you got?

#6 Which Kdrama have you laughed the most with?
Kmuse- This is a hard one since I have several kdrama comedies that I love watching over and over.  I just want to give a shout out to my runner ups "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" and "King of High School", but my #1 favorite comedy has to be "History of a Salaryman".  I laughed so hard I cried on the majority of the episodes.
Dongsaeng - I darn near busted a gut with Reply 1997. Seriously. That sheep sound? I died. It's overdone now (in my opinionated opinion), but back then when it was fresh and new? Oh my GD! Hilarious!

#7 Which kdrama have you cried the most with
Kmuse- I still tear up because of Warrior Baek Dong Soo even years later.  I won't go into details, but that drama was tragically wonderful.

Dongsaeng - I'd have to go with Secret Garden. Not the most tragic of dramas out there or anything, but it was the first one where I ugly cried. A lot. And all of those feels were the reason I came back to the world of Kdrama for more.

#8 How did you come up with the name of your blog?
Dongsaeng: I guess I get to field this one alone since I alone came up with the name of the blog. I think it kind of speaks for itself. Or at least I hope it does. We're these "old" (forever 29) married with kids white ladies who crazy love dramas and all things K-entertainment. It was a tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating acknowledgement that we were a bit odd compared to our real-life suburban American mom peers as well as atypical surfers on this Hallyu wave. Klove knows no age/geographic/racial bounds though, does it? We proudly wave our crazy ahjumma flag!

Little known fact - before TCA, I had been blogging for years on just a private family blog. The name of that one is "Those Crazy Kids", hence the transition of "Crazy" into Ahjummas. And that's how TCA got its name. 

#9 Which one of your blog posts are you most proud of?
Kmuse- That is a hard one to answer since I really enjoy most of my recaps.  But I would have to say the recaps for "Gap Dong" were a lot of fun to write.
Dongsaeng- I prefer my older stuff, especially back before I started working a M-F actual job and got too busy to blog much beyond the basics. I'm particularly proud of my Dr Jin recaps. As mentioned above, the bad ones are the most fun to write about when one can let their inner snark fly free.
"Brain Baby", my baby

#10 Which kdrama would you have never wanted to end?
Kmuse- I am going to go with a drama by my #1 bias and pick "King of High School".  I loved everything from the quirky side characters to the odd OTP.  Would have been happy to watch their lives progress.

Dongsaeng- I think I can honestly answer here "none of them". Not because I haven't loved so many of them, but for me, one of, if not the biggest, draw for me when it comes to KDramas is the fact that they don't continue on. I am a resolution girl, plain and simple. Give me a great story that I care about, but give me a resolution. I require a beginning, middle and end in order to achieve perfect fulfillment in all my entertainment needs. So, yes, while there are some of them that I loved so much I would have married them if I could, I am a firm believer that, at least in the world of dramas, all good things must come to an end. Preferably a good end (Hong sisters, I'm looking at you), but an end all the same. And no, for the record, I am not pro-extension if you were wondering.

#11 Pick a DBSK song!
Dongsaeng: Yes ma'am! I was most excited when I saw this one on the list of questions!! I am a HUGE DBSK girl. DB5K, DB2K, and JYJ - I adore them all! Major Cassie alert here! I am a so so so very glad that I entered the scene post-apocalypse (i.e. the break up) though because I honestly don't know if I could have survived it while it was going on, seeing as how much it has affected me even years after the fact. Did you know that my first Kpop song was JYJ's Get Out? It was. I fell hard for Jaejoong in Protect the Boss, which led me into searching out his music. That, in turn, led me to Get Out which had just recently been released at the time. Yup. JYJ popped my Kpop cherry. And because of that, they will always hold a special place in my fangirl heart. 

Anyway, so yeah, HUGE fan. Love every bit of it. Anything to ever come from any of these 5 men in any arrangement they come in, whether they be 1, 2, 3 or 5, is just simply magical as far as I'm concerned. But, for our purposes here, I unequivocally choose Love in the Ice. No contest. This song once made me cry actual real tears while shopping at Walmart one day. And that was even after hearing the song umpteen times previously. That is one powerful song that can do all that.
And just because I mentioned it earlier, bonus song! JYJ's Get Out. So nummy!

Kmuse - One of the very first kpop songs I ever listened to was "Mirotic" and to this day it is one of my favorites.

Dongsaeng: mmmm...Mirotic..... *drools*

And there it is! Our Liebster questions answered in all their marvelous glory. Hope you enjoyed and maybe even gained some insight into our crazy ahjumma minds. Now, for a few nominations of our own! Gotta keep this blogger love train a'rollin!  

TCA would like to nominate the following daebak sites:

Noonas Over Forks - Check out their entertaining recaps of Let's Eat 1 and 2.

The Talking Cupboard - Yay for someone tackling Hwajung recaps.  You have my respect and thanks because I love it.

New Kdrama Addict - I am anticipating Belinda's review of Raging Currents that I know she is working on.

*Editor's Note* I'm sure great tragedy will befall us though as we are slightly altering the "rules" of this game. We're supposed to come up with 11 nominations of blogs with 200 or fewer followers. I was never much for numbers though, so we're doing 3 nominations and they could very well have more than 200 followers. Either way, they're worth checking out! So do it. Do it now.

The 11 questions we would love to pose to you are:

#1 - What is the most underrated drama you have seen? One that was amazing but it seemed no one was giving it the love it deserved.

#2 - On the flip side of that, what would you say was the most overrated drama? The one that everyone was gushing over and you wondered what was in their Kool-Aid.

#3 - Play, rewind, repeat. Which drama have you watched the most?

#4 - It's like watching myself on screen. Which drama character do you most identify with personally?

#5 - Since Mother's Day is coming up here in the States, which drama momma would you choose to be yours?

#6 - Which drama momma would you chuck off a cliff?

#7 - Pick your favorite and least favorite genre. Or even your favorite country of origin (and if your favorite is Korea, which it probably is, because, duh, they're the best^^, then your second favorite). Or even your favorite ice cream. Knock yourself out on this one.

#8 - Casting couch. If you could recast a drama, what would it be?

#9 - Idols. In Kdrama. Pro or con?

#10 - Have you ever tried a new food just because you saw it in a drama? If so, what was it and how was it?

#11 - Loser or Bae Bae?

Good luck and all our love!
Kmuse and Dongsaeng


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  2. Congratulations on receiving the award ^^

    1. Healer
    2. Heard it through the grapevine
    3. Like dongsaeng, I loved Reply 1997. I rewatch Reply 1997 every few months for the laughs(and the tears, the cancer episode :( )
    5. Ri on's mom in kmhm was my favorite onscreen mom.
    6. Choi jin hyuk's mom in Emergency couple. Ugh
    7. Favorite :romcom when done right.
    Chocolate ice cream ^~^
    9. I am not against them being cast. Once in a while they fit their role perfectly and exceed all expectations ( Jung eun ji, Im seul ong, IU, Yook sung jae in School 2015).
    10. Fried chicken! They show characters eating fried chicken a lot and I'm usually on my way home after classes when I'm watching an episode. It's hard not to get brainwashed into trying something out after I reach home. :D
    11. I spent a minute trying to understand those words haha. Just remembered that I saw this on my tlist. I'm not really into kpop. :)

  3. What?! You missed my review at the beginning of the year? Granted it was on another website but I did write about it!


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