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Hyde, Jekyll, and I Episode 15 - Hyun Bin Conspiracy Theories

Last weeks episodes were an epic fail and have forced me to come to the conclusion that I just can not continue to give normal recaps for this kdrama.  This show is driving me to the brink of ahjumma insanity and as a result I have decided that for the final three weeks (SOB, SOB, SOB,..........there is still three weeks of this disaster) I am just going to let it all go and have fun.  If the writers refuse to make sense, then I refuse to try make these recaps perky and positive.  Therefore from now on I will have various themes to help me pass the recapping time.  You will still get a few brief descriptions of what is going on, this is a recap after all, but mixed in will be a heavy dose of snark and humor.  So with this in mind, I am declaring this a post to discuss conspiracy theories on the topic of "Who has it out for Hyun Bin?"  There has to be a reason since we all know Hyun Bin is usually awesome.
Conspiracy Theory #1
A Hyun Bin anti-fan sneaks in every day and changes out the good script with one that makes Hyun Bin look like an idiot and no one notices.  This could totally happen, I saw Bugs Bunny do it a million times in cartoons.
Somehow Hot Doc manages to bi-pass all the supposed high security at Seo Jin's house.  Hmmmm did he manage to hypnotize all of the guards as well?  Or did the ratings crash result in an inability to hire extra's which equals no security thugs.  Either way, Hot Doc enters the house, manages to cause a blackout, and tie our hero and heroine to their chairs.  He then calls Seo Jin's secretary and tells him to call the police and have them gather at the front gates.  Phew.... the police are on their way.  I am sure everything is going to be OK now.  BWAHAHAHAHA, just kidding.

Conspiracy Theory #2
The Production Directors signed a product placement agreement with a botox company, not realizing that by using this product during filming all of the actor's expressions would be stuck into one pose.  The only one that is able to circumvent this tragedy is Sung Joon who has, by the power of his own sexiness, managed to push past the stiffness, only to result in extreme, over the top, expressions and bulgy eyes.

I'm a crazy villain who has taken my nemesis and his lady love hostage.  I could do all kinds of evil things. Things like painting mustaches on all Seo Jin's photos, wear his clothes while going commando or eat all Seo Jin's fancy food while Seo Jin is left fuming and helpless.  But what does Hot Doc decide to do instead?  He decides to have a three way video conference between himself, the kidnapper, and jerky dad.  Because nothing says evil like having a group therapy session.  Hot Doc then takes this chance to throw himself a pity party and complain about how he was the only one who was innocent and had to suffer the most.  Makes me want to ask him if he would like a bit of cheese with that whine.
Conspiracy Theory #3
When the writer was investigating the technical jargon for this drama he went to a mental institution to talk with real psychiatrists. He unknowingly was duped by a mental patient in a lab coat and used all this false knowledge to create this drama's characters. It's the only thing that explains how annoying/simple Dr Kang's is.
It all comes down to what is the truth regarding the involvement of Hot Doc's father in the kidnapping case from 20 years ago.  As Doctor Kang says: One answer will send Seo Jin into regression while the other will destroy Hot Doc.  Personally I think that Seo Jin has become strong enough to deal with these problems, but who am I to disagree with a quack professional like Doctor Kang?  Seo Jin and Hot Doc decide that the only way to get the truth is to have the police take the kidnapped kidnapper into custody.  The Kidnapper then will feel safe to say what truly happened and not worry about being beaten to death (remember his experience with the fake Soo Hyun?)  The cops (UGH, it is a disgrace to policemen everywhere to even call them cops) decide that they will use bringing in the kidnapper as a distraction to get the swat team into Seo Jin's house.  These Einsteins (read those two words with the heaviest amount of sarcasm you can infer) decide that the kidnapper needs to lie and say that Soo Hyun's father was NOT involved so that Hot Doc won't go crazy and hurt the hostages.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe it is just the gun crazy American in me, but wouldn't this be the perfect time to find a sniper to take Hot Doc out?  Seo Jin's house is literally 60% glass windows/walls.  This wouldn't be difficult and would guarantee that the hostages would remain safe.
Hot Doc is not a complete idiot and instead of letting the cop and kidnapper come into the house, he states that face time on his computer is just as effective.  As the suspense is dragged out (for way too long), I half expect a Korean version of Maury Povich  to suddenly jump on screen and exclaim "Lee Soo Hyun, It was NOT your father"!  Sigh.... at least then it would bring some interest to this scene that has been going on now for 30 flippin' minutes.
Finally the kidnapper says that although he knew Hot Doc's dad, the father was not involved in the kidnapping.  Which makes Hot Doc turn into a gloating jerk and Seo Jin begins to escape into his mind and possibly allow Robin or Terry out.  Either that, or he desperately has to use the restroom after being tied to that chair for so long.  Its a toss up as to which is the truth judging from Seo Jin's expression.  Whatever the situation, Ha Na decides to have a reaction after 30 minutes of maintaining a bland poker face.  She yells at Seo Jin to get a hold of himself and deal with the situation.  Ha Na declares that if Seo Jin is going to run away, she will as well.  Seo Jin battles with himself and in the end controls his bowels, coming forth victorious against his basic urges...... oh wait...... he just remains Seo Jin and offers to apologize on his knees to Hot Doc.  (First interpretation of this scene was funnier - go back and watch with the thought of angsty bowels and you will totally laugh out loud.)
But before Seo Jin can officially apologize for his mistake, Hot Doc is distracted by the tattoo on the kidnappers wrist.  He realizes that the person who kidnapped Seo Jin did not have a tattoo while the man who abused them in the warehouse did.  Ooooh memories are returning and our poor Hot Doc is having a hard time of it.  Hot Doc admits that he was wrong and accepts that Seo Jin was not lying.  He then unties our bored OTP (their expressions have not changed in 35 min - it is either boredom or I am spot on with Conspiracy Theory #2) and tells them they can go.  But Seo Jin refuses to leave his once bestie and says that he will be with Hot Doc til the end since Seo Jin can't heal until Hot Doc also begins to heal his psychological wounds.  Usually I would be squeeeing over the bromance, but at this point i am just waiting for Hot Doc to go to jail so we can leave this stupid kitchen.

Conspiracy Theory #4
Hyun Bin was tired of having fangirls stalk his every move and decided that if he had the worst drama EVER, it would curtail the obsessive stalkers. He then could date someone and get marry in peace.

The suspense is all over.  Hot Doc heads to jail followed by Doctor Kang who is anxious to "heal" him.  The police are patting themselves on the back about a job well done (insert eye roll).  And Ha Na gives Seo Jin a much deserved hug.  All is right in the world and we get a cute scene of Ha Na following behind Seo Jin for once, as he tries to deal with all of his emotions.  
One of the few positive things to come from this episode was that jerk father's hard facade has finally broken.  Thanks to the nagging of sweet secretary, Seo Jin's dad realizes his faults and openly apologizes to Seo Jin for his horrible parenting over the last 30 years.  It was a sincere note that was refreshing when compared to all the kidnapping pomp and circumstance.
We have all been asking the question on how the writer was going to get Ha Na interested in Seo Jin (I refuse to accept a Ha Na/Robin OTP pairing).  It came as a surprise that instead of some great grand gesture, the thing that finally touches our simple heroines heart, are all the small thoughtful actions of Seo Jin.  Actions which build up to spark the feelings of luvvvv.  Because nothing is more romantic than providing a girl with flu medicine before one has the flu especially when it is accompanied with Seo Jin's heartfelt plea to let him love her (bugger, I was hoping to get through one whole episode without having to hear this whiny song.)  
My Thoughts:
I thought this episode was never going to end.  Not only did Hot Doc's storyline die with a sad whimper but we literally spent 45 min of the episode in a dark kitchen while tied to a chair.  I am not exaggerating here.  I actually timed it.  All the secrets are now revealed, but at this point, i am guessing that no one cares.  The only up note is that we can now start the healing process and hopefully see less and less of annoying Robin.  I really don't have much else to say about the episode that has not already been said.  It was dreadfully slow and the worst kind of filler for a drama that is trying to stretch itself into 20 episodes.  I can only hope that the next two weeks will fly by so I can start searching for a better drama to recap.
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  1. Omg is this recap/article/blog supposed to be funny? Because I'm laughing so much LOL I agree this drama has become so horrible that I don't even want to talk about it anymore. Such a shame for the great Hyun Bin. In opinion, this drama should've been placed on the same time slot as Blood. I wonder which people would watch more? LOL I honestly tried so hard to stay on these two but I just couldn't.

    Anyway, are you doing recaps for Shine Or Go Crazy? It's my fav at the moment.

  2. Omg is this recap/article/blog supposed to be funny? Because I'm laughing so much LOL I agree this drama has become so horrible that I don't even want to talk about it anymore. Such a shame for the great Hyun Bin. In opinion, this drama should've been placed on the same time slot as Blood. I wonder which people would watch more? LOL I honestly tried so hard to stay on these two but I just couldn't.

    Anyway, are you doing recaps for Shine Or Go Crazy? It's my fav at the moment.

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoy our blog post. I am watching SOGC but not recapping it right now. But I have some friends who are doing a wonderful job recapping it. Check them out!


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