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Dramatic Friday (or Whatever Day) Review: Dr Jin ep 15

Yes Jin, we were all a little surprised too.

First off, a huge thank you to my unnie for covering Dr Jin for me last week while I was away playing in San Francisco!  I think she did a bang up job.  What do you say?  Three cheers for Unnie!  It was my favorite Jin review of all times.  A Jin review that's pretty much just JaeJoong pictures?  Yeah, that I can get behind.  As we go along, I might just have to one of these days follow suit and do a post that's all Jae and nothing but the Jae.  How dreamy would that be?  A fangirl's fantasy, wouldn't you say?  Mmmhmm!

But, alas, that day is not today.  Today I'll actually talk about episode 15 in a little more depth than Unnie did.  Hey, I'm all for leaving well enough alone, but a promise is a promise.  The story must be discussed and not just pretty boys ogled over.  Or so I'm told.

So, I watched nearly 50 minutes of episode 15 while in SF.  It's true.  I really tried to fit it in to our crazy busy schedule so that I would have less catch up upon my return home and could get the reviews out sooner rather than later.  The best laid plans, though....  So, I got about 50 minutes in and then had to stop and do family stuff (psh, whatever *rolls eyes*)  ;)  That was last week.  And in another state.  And a lot of life happened between then and now.  What I'm trying to say is that most of those 50 minutes have either vanished into the deep recesses of my memory or were completely erased and tossed out by my San Francisco "fog brain".  Speaking of tossing things out, that brings up a totally unrelated and obscure thing I want to now mention.  Not that it's relevant or anything.  Not that I don't have anything better to be doing right now, like, oh I don't know, reviewing Dr Jin.  Nope.  Tangent time.  Yay!  Tangents!  I love tangents.  For example, did you know that throwing trash away in San Francisco is a lot more complicated than one might imagine?  You don't have garbage cans.  Or even recycling.  Nope.  You have garbage, typically 2-3 types of recycling, and then compost.  I'm down with that - I get it - it's cool - whatever.  But trying to discard your trash say, after a meal, is so complicated that most eating establishments have eliminated the "do it yourself" waste removal concept.  I'm sure they got tired of people "misfiling" their refuse and just hired more people to do it right the first time instead of relying on dummies like me from the desert sticks where we just throw crud away (and occasionally at eateries recycle, but usually not) to do it.  Thankfully for meals at Auntie's house, Auntie was there to coach us neanderthals through the process.  They are so evolved there in the big ol' city when it comes to dealing with their trash.  Oh, and speaking of trash, we apparently were nearly involved in a random shooting while out to dinner one night.  You know, if the local guy on the street was telling the truth and not just trying to scare a bunch of obvious out-of-towners away from his 'hood.  File that one away in the scrapbook, eh?  Totally worth it.  One of the best meals and dessert out of the whole trip.  Worth walking a little on the dangerous side.  Ooh, I'm so tough!  Oh yeah!  I shed a bit of my suburbanhood and picked up a little urbanhood.  Wha what?!  Word.  (On a scale of 0 to GDragon, just how 'gangster' am I right now?)  (P.S. GDragon isn't very gangster.  He may try, but he's still GD. Sorry GD.  It's not a bad thing.  I totally prefer nice guys over gangsters anyway).

Oh, Dongsaeng, there you go again.  Getting so far off topic.  These good people have lives to return back to, don't you know?  Why not get on with it?  They aren't here to read your random silly tales of urban survival.  They're here for Jin.  So bring on the Jin, will ya?

{Pst... I don't remember a lot about episode 15, so I'm stalling and hoping that they don't notice.  Do you think it's working?}

*cough, cough*

Where were we?

Ah, yes.  Episode 15.  A glorious episode if ever there was one.  I remember it fondly.  A lot of stuff happened.  And I mean like a lot.  Like, um....  well, there was....  hmm... how about...  Oh!  Remember that one part where....  Um...  uh huh.... yup.

Just kidding!  I totally remember what happens.  So Young Rae, remember her?  She's got the breast cancer.  She needs surgery right away to save her life.  Choon Hong tries to talk Dr Jin out of doing it, basically saying that the girl is obviously meant to die, no matter what world she's living in and that if she who is meant to die is saved, one who is meant to live might die.  Ooh!  Ominous.  But you know that Jin.  He just can't let someone die that he knows he can save.  Especially when she looks just like the girlfriend that died unexpectedly.  He ignores the gisaeng's ominous warnings and proceeds anyway with the surgery.  The tumor is successfully removed.  There's a scary moment where she starts to bleed out (seem a little reminiscent to you?  Well, it's supposed to).  Jin gets hit with more of his flash headaches and Dr Huh has to lend a helping hand.  But they manage to stop it and save the girl.  Once YR is back up on her feet, she breaks off the wedding with Kyung Tak.  Kyung Tak doesn't take it too well.  She admits to have feelings for Dr Jin.  He's not too happy about that either.
Screw fate.  I really really don't want to marry you.
I'm so angst-ridden!  But still so pretty.
Talk about your stink eye - I don't think he's too happy to see the doctor.
Ow!  KT pulls a sword on Jin (yes, again), YR steps in the middle and begs for KT to kill her instead. Jin then grabs the sword.  Yes.  You heard me correctly.  He grabs the freaking business end of a freaking sword.  Holy freaking ow!  Dude, you're making me squirm just at the thought.

Some political stuff happens.  Byung Hee is a bad guy.  Prince Heung Seon is trying to put his son on the throne.  Oh, wait.... you're saying that we already knew that?  Hmmm...guess you're right.  Okay.  Skip that.  How about the fact that Young Hwi is alive and pledges to follow Heung Seon?  They're trying to get Byung Hee tossed out of power.  It almost works, they have petitions and the Royal Family in front of the palace calling for the removal of the Left State Minister and everything, but Byung Hee effectively counters back by having Young Hwi's mother arrested and set to be a slave.

Not to worry.  There's a little exchange that happens.  Prince Heung Seon arranges for the release of the Left State Minister's son (remember our lovely PigDog?) from exile.  The Hong family is reunited.  By this time Mamma Hong has learned of the death of Young Hwi and they share a tear fest lamenting his loss, but consoled in the knowledge that at least Young Rae had been able to be there with him in his final moments.

The episode ends rather dramatically.  Kyung Tak, left at the altar and stripped of his job by Daddy, goes on a Prince Heung Seon hunt.  He has a gun and plans on using it to eliminate his Daddy's problem as a way of restoring the honor he lost by having his girl dump him?  (o_O)?  I don't know.  He's upset.  He's angry. He's out to kill.  He aims, almost shoots, and then Dr Jin comes stumbling out and greets Heung Seon at that moment.  Now what is the jaded and jilted guy supposed to do?  He has Dr Jin and the Prince in his sights, but can only take out one.  Jin almost 'gets the ball' so to say (you know, because guns back then used balls and not bullets), but then at the last second, Prince Heung Seon is KT's chosen one.

It's a direct hit to the chest and the prince goes down.  At that moment, Choon Hong's ominous warning comes back to Jin's mind and he realizes that by saving YR, it could very well have lead to the death of Heung Seon who is supposed to be stepping up to the whole "ruling the country" plate any day now.  Oops.  Way to not interfere with history there Jin.  At least he realizes his mistake, as evidenced by my favorite screen shot of all times...
No really.  That is awesome stuff there.  Did you see those bug eyes?  SSH, you've outdone yourself there with the dramatic facial expressions.  If there was an award for Best Facial Expression in a Drama, you'd be hands-down the winner.  Heck, they'd probably name the award after you and it would hence forth and forever be called the "SSH!  All you Need is a Look" Award or something like that.  That is the stuff that legends are made of my friend.  And the reason I keep coming back for more week after painful week.  Just for moments like this that take your breath away at the sheer...epicness.  That's right.  Epicness.  What other word would you use to describe that face?  I giggled with glee when I saw it.  I know it was supposed to be a tense moment...blah blah blah.  But I giggled with schoolgirl glee and backed that baby up so that I could get this screenshot for myself  you  us.

And now, in parting, I leave with you a final gift.  A few extra shots of Kyung Tak.  This was when he was getting fired and kicked out because he was dumped yet again. 
Aw, dangs.  How'd he make it in to the JaeJoong line up?  Ignore him.  That's just him berating his son for letting a girl get in the way of him doing his job.

We now return you to the eye candy to satisfy your fangirl sweet teeth...

{ you think they noticed that all of the screenshots today came from the last 15 minutes of the episode?  Nah.  I don't think so either.  They were distracted by the eye candy. Nicely executed there Dongsaeng.}

(P.S.  I did get some screenshots for the first 50 minutes, but they're on the phone and getting them off just wasn't worth it.  There was only one KT shot in the whole bunch and a whole lot of blood.  I didn't think you'd mind if they were skipped).

Now, on to 16!


  1. If I was one to drink I would watch this show and do a drinking game every time he does something stupid, a surgery, etc.... However I dont so I refuse to put myself through the pain of watching 2 hrs every week. I do however enjoy reading your review about it. I can handle putting forth 4 min for this show to get the occasional giggle. Thanks for another humorous review. - amber -

    1. Hahaha! I know, right? Jin would be the perfect drinking game show, if I too was a drinking kind of person that is. Thanks for reading the reviews even if you hate the show - that's pretty awesome. Someday maybe I'll get brave and write what I really want to write about it ;)

    2. DONGSAENG ROCKS SOCKS!!! Another awesomely EPIC review of Dr J. I want to be envious but I'm too busy basking in your epic awesomeness!!!

      {{whispers to needs more JJ}}


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