***UPDATE***  We here at TCA are very sad to announce Unnie's official retirement from the blog. She has decided to focus more on her crazy real life and less on the crazy K life. We fully support her and wish her the very best in this and just want her to always know that she is loved and will be greatly missed!  Thank you Unnie for all that you shared with us and for the memories!

Hello AddiKts, on this blog I sign my name as Unnie but in reality I go by the name Jess, short for Jessica, feel free to call me by either name. I have been a Korea-phile for over 3 years now & I'm loving every minute of it.  I am having so much fun talking to & getting to know other like minded addiKts world wide, through the blog.  I LOVE to laugh, people watch, write, drive my fam & friends crazy w/ picture taking, read anything & everything.

I have been blogging since 2007. I started blogging originally, because I was just coming out of the shock of having our 2nd born son, diagnosed w/ a rare genetic neurodegenerative disease called, Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T for short). I can't resist the opportunity to spread awareness about a disease that shortens a life span to late teens/early twenties & destroys his ability to physically care for himself. So if you want to know more, check out our family blog or go to The A-T Children's Project.  When not helping the A-T Children's Project to fundraise for a cure, I am a busy wife & mom to 4 kids.

Favorite Drama(s):
Secret Garden
A Gentleman's Dignity
Incarnation of Money
The King of Dramas
Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Favorite Actor(s):
HyunBin, Kang Ji Hwan, So Ji Sub, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Jae Won, Park Yoochun, Kim Myung Min, Jo Jeong Seok, Song Joong Ki, & Lee Jun Ki

Favorite Actress(es): 
Ha Ji Won, Shin Min Ah, Moon Chae Won, Gong Hyo Jin, & Jung Ryeo Won

My Bias(es):
Hyun Bin, Bae Young Joon, Kang Ji Hwan, Kim Junsu (Xiah), Leeteuk, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Min Ho, Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon or GD), & Jung Yong Hwa.

Favorite KPop Groups/Song(s):
I cannot pick just one.  I have incredibly eclectic tastes & I am victim to my mood. Which includes KPop, alternative, hard rock, classic rock, Irish pub rock, rap, etc...  Basically I just love music!

So to answer this question, you will have to ask me that when you see me.

Currently Reviewing for TCA:
On hiatus, dealing with health issues for my son & trying to keep up with my incredibly busy family.

For a complete list of the shows I have Already Watched or have on my To Watch list you can follow my JessUnnie profile on Mydramalist.com ... here.

More ways to stalk me.... I LOVE stalkers.  Well...you know the good kind, not the crazy psycho kind.


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AddiKtion to K Pop:
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Looking forward to exploring this wonderful world with my Dongsaeng & all of you!  Be nice to us, please, as we figure this all out.  Thanks!


  1. Love the blog! You had me hooked after watching Lie to Me. Just call me another crazy ahjumma! Looking forward to the reviews.

  2. Kier/ unnie's sonApril 20, 2012 at 2:22 PM

    THATS MY MOM!!! Gee i love her sooooo much, and yes im hooked on Kpop as well.

  3. Aren't we all CRAZY?! Between the music & drama, I don't get much done. And YouTube & Pinterest are killing me! And there's also the Japanese & Chinese music & drama. I've also watched some Thai drama. I have many favorites - everybody I've seen is a favorite. But I am limited to only the happy endings. I've even checked out the end of an unfamiliar drama to be sure. Just don't like being disappointed @ the end. Spoiled, aren't I? keke

  4. Hey Orange! So glad you finally decided to drop by...can't wait to hear from you more!

    @ Kier I love you too, my little K-Pop freak. ^.^

    @Jan...tsk tsk tsk...we aren't crazy...we're Krazy! ^^ I've watched a couple of my favorite dramas from 3 different countries. I like seeing the different versions & how each country changes it up but keeps it the same. LOL Not the same as watching the same version in different languages but I get your fascination with needing to fill your deseperate desire for MORE K-Drama!! NOM NOM NOM Must have more K-Drama!!!! LOL


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