Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me is killing it!

Dramarookie here to report on this year's first multiple personality drama to hit our screens. "Kill Me, Heal Me" got off to a rollicking, brisk, and mind-bendy start this week.

Cut the adjectives. It was SO! STINKIN! GOOD! 

Sorry, everyone. That's my alternate blogger personality, Dramasnarky. She's got two settings. Sarcastic and Overenthusiastic. There's no middle ground with her.

I love this show. SO! STINKIN! MUCH!

Aren't you supposed to be the snarky one. Thus your name.

No need for snark when a show is killing it as good as this one.

Can't argue with you there. The way KMHM flips back and forth between tragic melo to black comedy just hits a sweet spot for me. It reminds me of a classic superhero story. Think The Hulk mixed with a dash of Superman, and a pinch of heart-wringing childhood trauma a la Bruce Wayne. All wrapped up in a comic straightjacket that keeps you laughing aloud in surprised delight. I've watched a lot of dramas in the past few years, and I've never seen one quite like this. Here's a few reasons you should be watching.

A few? Were we watching the same show? I could write a whole recap on the love-at-first-sight-while-wearing-a-stolen-leather-jacket-full-of-ecstasy scene.

Anyway . . .

My hero . . . heroes?

This drama lucked out that their leading men candidates kept bailing on them, until they finally ended up with Ji Sung.

He's killing it. KILLING IT!

He simultaneously plays two characters in the first two episodes: the shy, goody-two shoes, Clark Kent type, Cha Do Hyun, and the bad boy with a shiver inducing streak of sincerity, Shin Se Gi. From now on he will affectionately be dubbed, Guyliner. Men in makeup really aren't my type.

Who cares? You gotta admit. THE BOY LOOKS HOT!

You might expect an actor to go way over the top in portraying two different personalities, but Ji Sung does these subtle little changes of expression that just wring your heart. Is it wrong that I found myself totally preferring the violent, bad boy? I promise, that's normally not my style. The way Guyliner talks about the crowded prison that is our main character's mind puts a whole new perspective on mental illness. It's like he's an entirely different person, trapped in someone else's body.

Gotta love her
Oh Ri Jin kept me in stitches. She is so not your typical K-drama candy. This lady kicks, and screams, and laughs in the hero's face when he makes his big speech about falling for her at exactly 10 o'clock as he tenderly holds onto her wrist to look at her watch.

The girl let herself be filmed with toothpaste drooling down her chin. That earns extra points in my book.

And how much did I love the fact that she ran away from the macho, fight-picking man, shrieking at the top of her lungs? Finally, a heroine with some sense. This character does not do subtle. We'll never have to guess how she's feeling. If the leading man is a tangled mess of hidden personalities and secrets, she is his exact opposite. Loud, transparent, and ready to lay every card she's got on the table.

Did any of you see Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum's previous drama, Secret? It was one of those guilty pleasures that you were a little ashamed of watching because it was so twisted. But the chemistry of the two actors really shone. I'm happy to say, they have lost none of the heat in this new outing.

I want kisses. NOW!

With which personality?

Who cares? They're both hot!

What genre is this?
The writer totally hung a lantern on the show's revolving door tone.

Superhero. Slapstick. Melodrama. Starcrossed lovers. Whooo. I'm kinda dizzy!

The heroine made me laugh out loud as she wondered more than once what kind of story she found herself in. Romantic comedy? Action movie? Bromance? Erotic? That's what we're all wondering, Sister. Despite the frequent tonal shifts, I didn't find the plot sloppy or confusing. Maybe it has a split personality just like its hero. So far, I like every personality he's shown us, so that bodes well for future episodes. I hope the writer can keep it up.

In case you haven't noticed, I really like this show.


I know when Hyun Binnie's multiple personality drama starts soon there will be the inevitable comparisons, and possibly a few fan wars. I plan to give them both a try. But "Kill Me, Heal Me" is already on my must-watch list.

That's it? You're not gonna talk about the strip scene in the hospital? Or her adorable relationship with her brother? Or the third personality that showed up at the end of episode two?

Nope. It's after midnight and I need my rest. Sweet dreams, everyone!


  1. Am loving this show so much! We will have to be sure to chat about it each week:) Thanks for the great blog post.

  2. Great review, Dramarookie! I particularly liked your comment that perhaps this show has a "split personality just like its hero." :) Yep - loving this Kdrama (especially Se Gi!), too. Can't wait to see what happens next!

  3. I'm loving this drama. The leading couple has great chemistry and I'm totaly with your review!!!!

  4. great drama. great performance!

  5. great drama series. great performance!

  6. I really likes your reviews!


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