Sunday, March 16, 2014

Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - March Week 2

It is the the week of new dramas as we are flooded with all the newly started spring shows.  But don't worry since we have some veterans also coming in strong as a surprise show steals away the #1 spot from all the dramas.  Come check out what you have missed this week in Kmuse's Top 5 Kdrama Countdown.

Song of The Week - TROY "Green Light"

This song is my new addiction.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.  This is TROY's debut song and with the wonderful jazz mixed with strong rap vibes it makes you want to listen to it over and over. Not to mention that all four members are truly charismatic and attractive.  It is also a nice change that they are all older than your usual newbies so you don't have to feel like a pedanoona if you think they are hot.  So be sure to check out their song "Green Light" and support this talented new group.

#5 Reunited
Our #5 spot is the debut of the drama Wonderful Days on our countdown.  Kang Dong Suk (Lee Seo Jin - Grandpa's Over Flowers, Gye-Bae) and Cha Hae-Won (Kim Hee Seon - Faith) are high school sweethearts that never had their happily ever after due to social conflicts and poverty.  Fast forward fifteen years later and Dong Suk returns to his hometown a rich prosecutor.  And in a twist of kdrama fate, Hae Won's family lost all their money and she is forced to be a money collector for a local loan shark.  They have a powerful scene where they see each other again while Hae Won is fighting with his younger brother over money.  This drama is a subtle but poignant drama about past love and family, it does not shove the plot in your face and instead lets the natural flaws of the characters to shine and move the plot along.  Be sure to check it out if you are a fan of the family drama.
Reunited Clip (you might need to switch to youtube to watch the link)

#4 The Horse in the Garage 
Potato Star is known for its off the wall quirky plot lines.  However, they outdid themselves in episode 78 when the family becomes owners of a horse.   No Soo-Dong, the dad of the household, lent his friend money.  And when the mom demands that he be firm and get some payment from his friend, he is talked into taking a horse as collateral.  I suppose that is not to bad except that they live in the middle of the city so there is nowhere too store the horse but in their garage.  HAHAHA  Son, Hongberg falls in love with the horse and begins riding it around the city for all his errands.  And I do mean he rides it around for EVERYTHING, even a trip to buy soy sauce from the market.  This stand alone episode was truly amusing and endeared this quirky family to the viewers.  You have to love a drama where logic is made up to suit the story and is not afraid to be silly.
Bringing the Report to the Office Clip

#3 Finally Talk Emotions
Sly and Cunning Lady has been an up and down mix of humor and serious issues that sometimes leaves the viewer unsure of the dramas direction.  While it fails in some of the side characters (the leads parents and some of the coworkers are truly so annoying) it really hits when dealing with the leads and the brother/sister B love interest storyline.  This week we FINALLY see Jung Woo & Ae Ra discuss the issues that ruined their marriage.  I personally really appreciated the addition of this scene since it is hard to want a couple to reunite when all of their problems remain in play.  Although if they had talked more and reacted less then maybe the whole divorce would have been mute to begin with. 
Why We Divorced Clip

#2 Serial Killer Showdown 
If you are not already watching God's Gift 14 Days, then stop reading this blog post and go find it.  This drama is AMAZING!  Extremely complex plots, an explosive leading lady, an emotionally damaged bad boy leading man, and serial killers/conspiracy plots galore make this drama an event.  I could easily make a whole countdown just from this show alone since literally every scene is intense and meaningful (probably should not watch before bed time since it will get you wired emotionally).  In episode 4 we find our heroine, Kim Soo-Hyun (Lee Bo Young - I Hear Your Voice), doing a bit too good of a job hunting down the local serial killer.  Such a good job that she interrupts his second murder and is attacked by him at knife point.  But if you think this inhibits our plucky heroine you would be mistaken.  She attacks him with a pen, stabbing him in his side and scuffling for the knife.  The whole scene was genius and really brought home the fact that our leading lady IS NOT a damsel in distress, but truly scary in her own right. 
Serial Killer Showdown Clip

#1 Hotel Hijinks with Rain and Woo Bin 
I personally am a huge Running Man fan.  You can't help but fall in love with the witty athletic cast, and when they have my favorite actors and musicians on as guests, it just adds to the enjoyment.  This week they had reoccurring guest Kim Woo Bin (Heirs) and international superstar Rain joining them in their Australian adventure.  Searching for sunken treasure and communing with kangaroos and koala's kept the teams busy but the best part of the whole episode came at the end when they were relaxing in their hotel.  Let's just say that when you have a mini swimming pool in your guest sweet and add in eight boys, things are going to get wet.  Watch the following clip and enjoy the hijinks (not to mention Woo Bin looking adorable and sexy.... I swear he has gotten better looking in the last year).
Running Man Pool Clip

I hope you enjoyed this weeks countdown.  If you disagree and think I missed something be sure to let me know in the comments.  Or just tell me what your favorite moments of the week are, always enjoy chatting with other kdrama aficionados.  Also be sure to check out the new drama A Secret Love Affair, that begins this Monday/Tuesday.  I personally am hoping it is good since I love Yoo Ah In and want him to be in a great drama where his talent can be appreciated.  Have a great week catching up on your dramas and I will be back next week with another new countdown.


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Dramas that I am currently watching:
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  1. I know what u mean K! I think i was studying Woo Bin's face in the ep, trying to figure out if he was plucking his eyebrows or something. He just looks softer. And nicer. And hitter ; )

    1. LOL Plucking his eyebrows..... I liked how he styled his hair as well. Very cute. I hope he gets a lead in a drama soon. Also waiting impatiently for Friends 2 to be subbed somewhere online.

  2. Oh, I'm loving Troy!. the rapper is a bit TOPish. <3 and I NEED to catch up with PS. i'm only on 40 something. Also, God's Gift is that good? I'll get on that too plus still need to watch Rains runningman. :D Thanks Amber!

    1. God's Gift is AMAZING. Best writing out of all the dramas that are currently airing. Such a great and intricate plot. Kind of reminds me of Nine and 2 weeks intensity wise.


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