I guess I better get myself together now that I am an official blogger here at the Crazy Ahjummas!  I am a housewife and mother of three amazing children.  I started watching Kdramas three years ago after finding Boys Over Flowers on Netflix and have been 100% addicted ever since.  I spent around a year watching every kdrama I possibly could, to the point that it is a search to find one's that I have not already watched.  So it is a perfect fit, giving other's advice on what would fit their kdrama needs. 
 I not only love watching my kdramas, but also love getting my family and friends hooked as well.  I am now officially part of a multi-kdrama addicted household since my mother, both sisters, my niece, and two daughters all watch Kdramas & listen to Kpop.  This last year my youngest finally started school and I was at a loss as to what to do with my extra time.  Luckily my awesome friends Shannen and Jess invited me to blog here with them and have been loving the whole blogging experience ever since.  My #1 bias is of course the multi-talented Seo In Guk (seriously he is so sexy and perfect that if I was not already married, the concept of him would have ruined me for all other men).  
So that is the very basics about who I am but if you want to know anything else or want suggestions for what kdrama's to watch feel free to ask.


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  1. Amber, I have nominated you for Liebster Award. Congratulations!


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