Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: Withdrawal Olympics

I don't know if you know this or not AddiKts but there is this weird thing happening in London right now.  It's a huge gathering of amazing athletes from all around the world, all gathered together to compete against one another in this thing called, "The Olympics".  Weird huh?

I am still going through K Drama Withdrawal I will admit it.  I am an AddiKt as well, after all.  Therefore, I too, am desperately awaiting the return of my favorite show...A Gentleman's Dignity.  Although, maybe I mentioned that a time ...or two... O_o (whistling & looking around the room innocently)  What?  {{giggle}}

But I will admit while I sincerely miss my beautiful, wonderful, addiKtive, Kdramas; I have actually had a lot of fun watching The Olympics.  But I also discovered I do NOT like the suspense of them either.  OMO!!!  The edge of my seat while watching the Women's 200M Butterfly & the Men's Relay Swim.  And every time any athlete is doing their "thing", I am all full of "Oh NO!" for the mistakes.  Every time a gymnast doesn't stick it, or falls off of the pommel horse, the balance beam or steps outside the boundaries of the floor mat I am heart broken for them.  I know how much time, money, effort, energy, blood, sweat & tears they put into their training.  I know that their hearts stop every time they make even the simplest of mistakes.  Conversely each time one of the athletes succeeds or performs a beautifully executed dismount & sticks the landing I cheer & jump for joy for them.  And as much as I am proud of my country's successes & as much as I cry for my country's losses I feel the same for each country that is in the center of my TV screen.  I'm one of those people that not only roots for the underdog, I root for everyone to get the chance to win.

And is there anything more awe-inspiring or beautiful than to watch the incredible specimens of athleticism & grace?  It's the human body in its glory.  And I'm not talking in a sexy, drooling over the hottness factor of the athletes.  It has to do with the fact, that I am looking at the human body as it should be, when it is cared for & not just maintained for vanity's sake, but for the sheer fact that this is what the human body can be, can do.  Watching it, in all it's spectacularly honed, refined grace & utilized more efficiently than the most amazing technology on the planet, its the human machine at its best & it is awesome to behold.  To those amazing athletes, men & women, from every country, when I watch what you can do, what you have been able to push yourself & your bodies to do?  I am inspired to be more, aim higher & not accept no for an answer from my own weak minded ways & body.  And you should all know you are beautiful!

Of course, then the Olympics end & I discover another way to consume chocolate that I never thought of before, that makes me gain weight just thinking about it.  ;)P

With all that said & while I am enjoying the Olympics, I am realizing that I really do miss my K World too.  So, while I was surfing the web today, I found some really great moments that helped to take my mind off my withdrawal symptoms.  

Which made me wonder are any of you experiencing withdrawal symptoms as well??

Which made me wonder "what exactly are my withdrawal symptoms?"  You know, so that I can compare notes, with you guys?

So I thought & thought about it & here's what I came up with...

K-Drama Withdrawal Symptoms:

1.)  Do you find yourself sitting down to the computer/iPad/TV & starting the process of loading your show before you remember that they are being pre-empted right now, & even after you remember, you sit there staring into the empty monitor confused as to what to do next?  

2.)  Do you find yourself going to Google translate just to hear the computer speak to you in Korean?

3.) Are you starting to use your favorite Korean phrases to those people in your life you wouldn't normally use them with, you know the ones you are still keeping your AddiKtion a secret from?  

4.) Are you re-watching all the dramas you've already seen just to help you get through the day?

5.) Do you look up pictures of Jejudo? Seoul? Korean food?  Are you haunting your local Asian market in the hopes you'll see/hear, Asians & to be around Korean food?   &/or Are you considering trying to find a local Korean sauna to try for yourself, even though the idea of being naked in front of strangers is the most terrifying concept to you?  

6.) Are you surfing Viki, Drama Fever or any other of your favorite K-Drama hosting website reading through K-drama &/or K-movie, one after another, trying to decide but not able to settle on anything?

7.) Are you losing sleep because you weren't able to get your fix today?  Laying there creating your own endings to the show(s) you've been watching?

If you are going through any of these withdrawal symptoms?  Relax AddiKts.  There is nothing to be ashamed of or worry about.  We are all going through our own withdrawal.  There is no shame in missing a good K-D.  Especially, if it was one that was nearing the end, & you just want to know what is going to happen to those characters.  

But there is hope.  Because there are so many K-Dramas, there is always one you haven't tried.  Go find an older one.  Load it & sit back & enjoy.  You could even try a new genre.  If you've only watched Rom-com's try a Sageuk (that's historical) or a good thriller or maybe a melodrama whether family melodrama or just melodrama.  If none of those appeal to you, then I suggest you turn to one of the Korean Variety Shows.  On this blog we've already introduced you to 1Night 2 Days.  But there are many other Korean Reality/Variety shows out there.  There is Strong Heart, Inkigayo, & Running Man, just to name a few.  You can find episodes of Strong Heart & Running Man on YouTube w/ English subs.  Strong Heart is on Viki, although not all of the episodes have been fully subbed & some not at all.  Inkigayo is now available on Drama Fever & each of those episodes is completely subbed.  On Tuesday, I shared an example from all of those shows on our TCA on FB page.   These shows are fast paced & filled with lots of laughter.  And Inkygayo is a great way to try out KPop, IF you still haven't embarked on that road.  It's a LIVE music show where several different Kpop groups, of the currently popular music groups, go & perform the song they are currently (or it was current when the episode aired) promoting.  

And of course there is always us.  My Dongsaeng & I are always available if you need to talk K-Drama.  Just find us on FB & start up a conversation with one or the both of us.  We LOVE to talk K-Drama.  Ask any of our readers or FB friends?!?!  We REALLY mean it!!  Sometimes, the best way to deal with withdrawal is to have someone you can talk to about your passion or in this case your AddiKtion.  And as we are AddiKts too, we would love to have a discussion on K-Dramas.  Also we are your AddiKtion Therapists, it's why we started this wonderful safe place, TCA, for us all to be ourselves & to discuss K-Dramas & KPop.  This blog is a gathering place for all those, who love the K World, as much as we do, & to bond over our passion.  

We are so grateful to you who have loved & supported us these last few months & we hope & look forward to many wonderful & colorful discussions.  And I promise I will keep my crazed, raving lunatic, rants to a minimum.  Chincha!

And to help you find a little laughter to get you through the dry spot, I leave you with this funny reminder of the reason we love K-Dramas, because they teach us better than school ever could.


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