Monday, January 12, 2015

My Love From Another Star on American Television

*Stands at a microphone on an empty stage* "Hello! My name is Jennie. I'm an author who loves Kdramas." *Microphone squeals so loud, the one person in the audience stands up and leaves*  

*Looks off to stage left* "Um, Kmuse, maybe you should reconsider letting me on your blog?"

But seriously, I'm soooo thrilled to be on The Crazy Ahjummas today. This is like, a dream come true. I can't believe they even let me in the room, but here I am.
Now that we've gotten past the awkward introduction, let's get straight to the post. Because I'd rather talk about Kdramas, anyway.
One of the best things about Korean dramas is that, well…they’re Korean. There’s something really cool about watching a program in a different language, and learning about a new culture *cough* and chocolate abs *cough*. 

Sometimes---not often---but sometimes, I wish the show was in English. Then I could walk away from the screen for half a second and not miss a single word. So I figured, hey, why not make that dream a reality? Sort of.

Let's get one thing straight from the start. The massively popular My Love From Another Star has been confirmed as an ABC remake. It's GOING to happen. I just don't want them to screw it up.

Which is why I'm here today with my suggestions for the ultimate American makeover. Because, you know, I have so much influence in Hollywood.
First off, My Love From Another Star is not going to cut it as an American title. As much as I've grown to love the ever so choppy Engrish, I have a feeling American fans won't quite agree.

It has to be something that's mature enough for the age level of the Actors, and strong enough to hook people just by the sound. My original thought was the obvious--My Alien Boyfriend--but that sounds a little too high school. I won't tell you what my other choices where, but I couldn't get the thought of destiny out of my head (or maybe it was just the OST. "You are you my desstinyy!!!") I present to you,

The Age of Destiny

It's good, right? It has that feeling of traveling through time, and the hook of the INCREDIBLE romance that is to come. I think anyway... please validate me.
Awe! Thanks Kim Soo Hyun!
Second, the premise isn't going to fly. As much as I love the Joseon era (The hats! The beads! The silks!) America has a much shorter history of organized scholars. In fact, the only way I can see this drama working out is if our beloved alien is British. Oh yes, I know you're excited, too. I will come back to that.

Furthermore, the kissing-is-my-kryptonite thing, might not go over so well with an American audience. I think the plot point can stay, but there has to be a work-around. Heck, in even in Pushing Daisies---a show that centered on the premise of a touch killing the woman he loved---they found a way to make it to the bedroom.

So what's the solution? In order to stay true to the original story line, I think our Alien love will just have to become immune to human spit much faster. PROBLEM SOLVED.
It's time to get down to the nitty gritty. Casting. We all know no one's going to watch this show if there's nothing good to look at on the screen.

We'll start with the adorable (but not as important) side characters. There's no way I can do all of them, so I'm just picking my favorites. Sorry, Yoo Se Mi, but your character role wasn't that big, and I didn't like you. :)

Who can forget the sweetest little fan-boy in the whole world? My pick for Cheon Yoon Jae is Dylan O' Brian. Because I adore him, and I need as much Dylan O' Brian I can get in my life. If you haven't watched him in anything, please do.

Seriously, is he not the cutest thing ever?
Next up, we have the la-la-land manga book shop owner. I don't know why, but this actress immediately came to mind. Who else could I pick, except the ever spunky Kristen Bell? I'm sure she's way too huge for a cameo role, but, come on. She'd be perfect, right?

What would this drama be without a seriously creepy bad guy? I think this was the hardest role for me to pick. I mean, he has to be scary--terrifying, really--but he also has to be soft enough to play a big brother. I honestly thought long and hard (a whole weekend) about who I would pick. After many, many, google searches I decided on Michael B. Jordan.I haven't really seen him in anything, but from internet stalking, he just seems like the right type.

If this happened, I'd probably be drooling a lot.
Of course our big bro needs a little brother, and our leading lady needs someone who can take care of her, no? Byron James is a mostly unknown actor (heck, I didn't even know him until my internet searching) but he has a darling smile and cute personality. Win-win.
I think we've played around for long enough. It's time to get to the reason for this post. The OTP. Two people who've been destined for each other over centuries of time.

I'm starting with Cheon Song Yi, because I want to save the ultimate hottie for last. My pick for this role is Rachel Nichols. I'll admit it, I've only seen in her one thing--Star Trek. She was completely covered in green paint and only onscreen for a few minutes, but she caught my attention. Later, I happened to watch the BTS of her getting painted, and I liked her even more. I honestly think she can do the serious side, and still be hilarious. Plus, she has that hallyu star quality face.
Last, but certainly not least. We need to think about our leading man. Here's how I picture the whole thing going--it's seventeenth century England. A mysterious being with a beautiful British accent lands in the Sherwood Forest. A maiden--daughter to the local duke--is traveling to London for a marriage prospect, when she's ambushed by waiting thieves. Our gorgeous alien boy swoops into the rescue, only knowing that fate has led him to this place and time. Dun, dun dun!!

But seriously, whatever it happens, it better be epic.

Here's how my thought process went for picking this actor: who's the hottest British boy I can find? Bingo! So there you have it, I've picked Christian Cooke as the leading man. There's too much pretty in the picture below. My eyeballs might explode.
Y'all know this is just what I think, I could be wayyyyy off base. Please tell me your picks in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


  1. It'd be hard to think of Michael B. Jordan as anything but adorable and sweet...but I'd try.

    1. Haha! Well, like I said, I don't know much about him, but he does have a stellar acting history. Who knows :)

  2. So proud of you. I know how much you love this!!!

  3. I call BS on this... like really... NO... America need to stop... but then again its part of American history to steal from other countries and mark it up as their... so whatever


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