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DFR: Arang & the Magistrate ep 12

I am so sorry it took me a whole weekend to get this review written & up, for those that actually were interested in what I might have to say or for my point of view.  Which I still find strange.  Why anybody cares what I have to say or think about a Korean Drama absolutely confounds me!  But here I am on Sunday night working on this review.  Thank you for your patience.  My excuse.....  

I was extremely busy last week.  And then Saturday morning I was all aflutter {{stressing beyond stressing}} as I was elected as the ahjumma responsible for purchasing tickets, for dongsaeng & myself, to attend the Nov 3rd Big Bang concert in LA.  Tickets that were going to be going on sale at 10 am pdt.  {{Noon my time.}}   So I spent all morning at the computer nervously making sure I had my Ticket Master account all set up.  And then it was time & my heart was pounding through my chest & my hands were sweating & shaking.  Now, of course, I know my dongsaeng wouldn't have been "mad" per se had I been unsuccessful but I also know that she would have been extraordinarily disappointed, should I screw it all up.  That's a lot of pressure!!  And it certainly wasn't easy & we definitely ended up w/ crappy nosebleed seats but I am happy to report that the Ahjummas WILL be in Anaheim on Nov 3rd for the Big Bang Concert at the Honda Center!  And boy am I glad we got even those seats, in case you didn't know it, the entire concert sold out completely in less than 30 minutes!  So heart pounding & nerve wracking!  Needless to say I couldn't focus on anything else the rest of the day.  

I now have a plane ticket to fly home on Nov 1st early in the morning to Phoenix.  So if you are flying from O'Hare (Chicago) on Thursday Nov 1st, I will be there too.  Why am I flying to Phoenix?  Because Phoenix is where home is or rather was and it is where dongsaeng will be waiting for me.  And as we are the very bestest of bestie type friends, practically sisters, we intend to find just the right dramatic music, & coordinate our iPhones to play, as the music swells, & have that slow run to a reuniting hug at the airport.  Giggle.   Then road trip!!!!  Anaheim here we come!!  I am from Anaheim but spent my teen years in AZ.  My parental units wanted to buy a house & couldn't afford California & where we lived it wasn't as safe as it used to be, so we moved after my freshman year of high school, to Phoenix.  Yeah I hated them for that, but it's all good now.  I got over it, after a few years.  {{And I am so well adjusted that I'm only a little bitter, now.  Giggle}}

So how about a little review since I am now done squealing & bragging & explaining my tardiness for this review.  

First of all; How many of you LOVED the wrist grab confession at the end of this episode?!?!?!  OMO!!!  I was all eyes wide, breath caught, stupid lame grin on my sappy happy face, ecstatic!!  I don't mean to get a head of myself but I had to get that off my mind in order to focus!  SO GOOD!!  

So when episode 11 ended we were all gasp!  Creepy Mommy Dearest is on the other side of that door!!  And Ju Wal is there too, all "what are you doing on my property?!?"  And Eun Oh is all caught being sneaky.  So I was all GASP!  Very intense & creepy!  A very kind of dun dun duuuuunnnnnnn moment no doubt!

So this episode started right there...CMD on one side of the door, Eun Oh on the outside of the door & Ju Wal behind him wondering, "Dude?!?!"  Thankfully thought Ju Wal convinced him that it was nothing more than the family shrine & therefore Eun Oh had no real right to be there.

{{BTW this review is going to be short & sweet. Only covering the things pertinent to the main story line.}}

There's a little back & forth between the two men trying to prove which is tougher & then Eun Oh gives a message to Ju Wal that he wants Lord Choi to receive.  That Arang is not to be touched!  From the top of her head to her feet, she isn't to be trifled with or Lord Choi will regret it.  Then he leaves & CMD comes out, after hearing all of the exchange & discovers that is the magistrate.  She still has no idea that he is her son or rather is the son of the woman's body she took over...that's just one theory.

Then Lord Choi gets reamed up one side & down the other by CMD!!  She is ticked off when she finds out that he tried to kill the immortal girl whose body she wants for live in.  Yes that is what we find out when she talks to Ju Wal after she screams at Lord Choi.  She explains in her weird, creepy way that her intentions are to remove Arang's soul & use her body for herself so that she becomes immortal too.  That once he brings Arang to her, it will no longer be the girl he's falling for so he needs to suck it up & bring her Arang!

Back at the Magistrate's house Arang is worried about Eun Oh not returning & just as she is thinking I need to go get him he shows up.  They decide that what he needs to beat Lord Choi is to set up Patrols around town & in particular he needs spies to keep watch on Lord Choi & Ju Wal.  But the Three Stooges explain there is no money for that.  So Arang comes up with a pretty good plan.

Can you tell what the plan is yet?

I thought it was funny that it never occurred to him to use ghosts to be spies since you know no one can see them.  Eventually he agrees, after he gets some nagging from Arang.  In an effort to get her to shut up though we had a sexy/fun little skinship was over just as it was beginning but I really liked it a lot!

Sexy right?  Yeah...I thought so too.  I love those random, awkward moments of skinship thrown in surprisingly well in my KDramas!  They always make me wish I had a couple fun skinship scenes especially w/ Lee Jun Gi.  Giggle.

Back up in Heaven...Mr Beautiful is wondering if maybe he shouldn't have told Moo Yeong everything after all.

For Amber....
Oh Mr Beautiful...sigh....nothing you do is EVER wrong!  

The next day Eun Oh prepares to smoke out Lord Choi.  So it's meeting time.  He's going to try to get Lord Choi to screw up all of his plans.  He takes him the talisman & accuses Lord Choi of putting the talisman in the forest around the bone/murder tomb.  Of course Lord Choi denies it.  Just then Ju Wal bursts in & says that the talisman on the totem pole was made years ago before he was even born so they can't tell him who the shaman was that made it to begin with.  It's just a simple protect the house talisman.  Eun Oh has laid his smoke trap.  So he takes his leave.  Just outside Lord Choi's gate he gives his ghostly spies the head nod telling them get in there & find stuff out.  Only.  They can't.  They try to go through the wall & get bounced back by a ghost stopping force field.

Then Arang remembers when she woke up & went in search of people finding none she went in search of ghosts & found none of them either & Eun Oh remembers on the mountain in the creepy shack that there weren't any ghosts on the supposed haunted mountain either.  And they figure the talisman is to prevent ghosts.  So they go to the Shaman...Bang Ui Ri.  She has been researching & has not been able to find a talisman like that one in any of the Shaman diaries from her ancestors.  But she'll keep searching.

Arang really wants to know what is up with that Choi family.  She tells Eun Oh that Ju Wal told her there was no love between him & Lee Seo Rim & so she really doesn't understand why her father would have allowed her or encouraged her to marry into such a weird family.  At this Eun Oh, after thinking, decides he needs to give Arang the journal he found in Lee Seo Rim's room.

She takes it in her room & we get to hear the passage that talks about her meeting w/ Ju Wal.

She & the ahjumma who loved her so much were walking the bridge & she saw him standing at the side looking over the water on bright beautiful sunny day.  He looks very handsome & the ahjumma tells her who he is & she falls for him at first sight.  Her heart pounds & so she goes to her father & asks for him to make the marriage arrangements.  Her wedding nears & we see she is truly so excited but still Ju Wal shows no interest in her.  Not coming to meet her or anything.  Which has the ahjumma worried but still Lee Seo Rim is so happy & in love.

Arang remembers all of this as she reads & afterwards goes out to tell Eun Oh that she remembers that part. She remembers how much she loved him & how excited she was to be with him.  Of course Eun Oh does NOT like this memory of hers & tries to tell her that he likes her then but she stops him before he can.  He can't fall for her!  She only has 2 moons left.  And one of them is the next night!  He absolutely cannot confess his heart to her.  So they go to sleep.  Only neither really sleeps.

The next morning the crap hits the fan, after Dol Seo goes to see the Shaman (Bang Ui Ri) who also has not slept much while trying to figure out the talisman, & she lets it slip that Arang is a ghost or was, not only that but that Eun Oh can see & hear & talk to ghosts!  And Dol Seo goes sprinting back to the magistrate's house & confronts Arang.  He really wasn't pleasant & demands she leave Eun Oh alone.  That she go seduce another innocent mortal.  And he makes the mistake of grabbing her which sends Eun Oh over the edge & he grabs Dol Seo & yells at him to stop.  Which of course offends Dol Seo who runs off.  Meanwhile Arang has had her feelings hurt as well & runs off as well.

That night, Ju Wal has decided he is going to go through with the murdering of Arang's soul so that CMD can have her body.  And he dresses back up in the ninja clothes & heads to Arang's bedroom as she sleeps w/ his special dagger.  He leans over her just like last time.  However, he just can't bring himself to follow through.

He goes back to CMD & collapses at her door.  
Needless to say CMD was not pleased.  
 She explains to him that he is possessed, in love, when he asks her what is wrong with him.  

Back at the Magistrate's office Eun Oh had a feeling that Arang was in danger.  He runs to her side but after Ju Wal has already left.  He bursts in just as she has awakened & finds her safe.  He then paces outside her rooms.  Finally she comes out of her room & they have a nice midnight chat.  Which boils down to her saying that she realizes that Dol Seo is just being protective & he has every right to be angry.  That she has decided she is really nothing but a burden to everyone & that it would be best if it all finished quickly.  

Eun Oh steps forward then & starts to confess to her again.  She stops him & turns away telling him not to tell her how he feels but he powers through & tells her, "I am going to like you, Arang."  He then gets in front of her again & challenges her to tell him how she really feels about him.  But she asks him what is the use?  Then lies to him & tells him she doesn't return his feelings.  And tries to go around him but he wrist grabs her & stops her from leaving & pulls her in front of him, very closely & says, "this is the last time."  And that is where the show ended.  All breath catchy & exciting, romantic & sexy!

And that is where I end this last week's episode reviews.  Again I apologize that the reviews for last week just didn't happen on time.  But life has that habit of getting in the way.  It really didn't help that ep 11 took so long to sub.  That threw off my schedule a lot but there were other things & I lacked a lot of focus so I am sorry.  I hope you come back next week or at least check in to see if I managed to get the review done.  ;)P

And for those of you that were able to get tickets to BIG BANG?   SQUUUUEEEEE!!!!!!  We'll see you there!!!  My first vacation without any kids or husband in over 16 YEARS!!!!  I am so ready to break out & have fun!  Fingers crossed it's as epic as I hope!!!


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