Friday, July 10, 2015

Mike and Aom are Back For Thai Remake of "Itazura Na Kiss"

KMUSE - SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  I am so excited! We are talking, Seo In Guk new drama, level excitement.  My all time favorite Lakorn couple D'Angelo Mike and Manaying Sucharat (Aom) are back in yet another remake (previously the OTP for "Full House" ---if you have not watched it, check it out ASAP).  This time they will be remaking the well known "Itazura Na Kiss".

Synopsis MDL -
Taliw a cute, lively but clumsy girl has had a crush on a popular and genius, Tenten, a new student who has 200 IQ. Tenten just returned from Japan with his family. How Taliw will deal with her feelings towards Tenten? Sometimes, he treats her kindly and cares about her. But sometimes he teases and made her embarrass in front of all students in their school.

KMUSE- I have actually watched all the versions of this story with various levels of enjoyment.  To date, the "Love in Tokyo" remake has been my favorite.  However if these two bring the same chemistry they displayed in their last drama, than this will be my new favorite.
DONGSAENG: I too have watched all the (live) versions of this story, which surprises me considering I don't actually care for it. Like at all. Yet I keep coming back to it for some weird reason. The Japanese Love in Tokyo was my favorite version of this story as well, though I liked the portrayal of the male character best in the Taiwanese version. The Korean version - Playful Kiss - was my least favorite of all the incarnations and is to date one of my least favorite dramas of all time. I just hate how mean the boy is to the girl and then suddenly reciprocates her affections, albeit almost begrudgingly. I just always feel like she deserved better - someone as over-the-moon about her as she is about him. Even worse than that one for me though was the Korean Full House with Rain. Definitely not my favorite. So how about the coincidence that the same couple stars in the Thai versions of two of my least favorite Korean dramas? Funny. I haven't seen the Thai Full House except for an except of it sent to me by Kmuse (it was four fabulous minutes though that I enjoyed). Who knows? Maybe I'd like it.

KMUSE- I would just like to say, that everyone that has watched the Thai "Full House" on my recommendation has enjoyed it.  Huge difference in story and couple quality.  I highly suggest you dramathon it.

KMUSE- It looks like we might have a different vibe as well.  Is it just me or is the cold uncaring leading man, a little less cold and uncaring than in past remakes?

DONGSAENG: Oh golly, I hope so. This story would be SOOO much more palatable if he were just slightly more feeling.
KMUSE - I will admit that I am not a huge fan of the platinum hair look, but it is Mike so I am sure we will be getting some ab shots to counterbalance the blond.

DONGSAENG: Abs?!?! Did someone say abs?! Sign me up! I'm in!

KMUSE- Just a tiny deviation (for Dongsaeng) to a trailer for "Full House" which shows Mike in all his Ab loving glory.

KMUSE - And it looks like there is a cat involved. Why?  I have no clue.

DONGSAENG: We have to watch it to know why the cat and what part he plays in their story. The trailer said so. It better be good too, because...well, it's a cat. Being used in a trailer. Which is kind of lame. So it better be a darn good reason to make it no longer lame.
"Kiss Me" will begin airing in September and hopefully can be found on the Viki fan channels. I personally can not wait to get my AoMike fix.

Trailer 1
Press Conference
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  1. Thank you for my ab-tastic present Kmuse! Now that is one Magic Mike I can get behind! Rawr!

  2. Oh my word, i love them together. So excited!!!!!

  3. watched Full House and I am hooked Mike's Abs..😁😁😁

  4. do anyone know when the second season of this drama going to air? or not please tell me!!! thank you

  5. Just completed kiss me series through eng subtitles yet I enjoyed each and every part of it.. felt bad for king and p'Den.. still I'm in love with Mike.. Ten Ten is a kind of boy I like d most.. 😘

  6. In love with mike.. felt bad for king in kiss me series but yet I love d Happy ending..😘😘😍


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