Wednesday, April 29, 2015

an ahjumma in big bang countdown mode

So, uh...yeah.  Guess what happens tomorrow!?! Okay, I'll be more specific. Guess what happens in the land of KPop tomorrow!?! That's right - we're down to mere HOURS before the triumphant return of the KINGS!!!  Hours here people! Let's see, at the time of writing this, we're down to 10 of them. 10 teensy weensy itty bitty hours. After 3 years of waiting, we're finally here. Oh how glorious and wonderful this day is!!!

In celebration and anticipation of this very exciting event, I have gone into ahjumma reflection mode, looking back at the Big Bang of yesteryear and remembering back to how it all began. I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments that brought me to this place of devoted VIP. So how about it? Wanna take a short jog down memory lane with me as we remember just why we fell in love with these 5?
First, I have chosen to focus solely on their Big Bang activity and not on their solo or unit work. Not because I don't love their solo/unit work, because whoa Nellie, do I ever love their solo/unit work! But, if I were to start down that side road on our memory lane, we'd be here all day. Besides, we're here to celebrate their coming back together, so I don't really want to separate them right now, you know? Also, I have chosen to only focus on the "official" videos from their YouTube channel. There is so much awesome out there that's not official, but again, trying to narrow that down would be impossible. Much easier to work within a shorter list of stuff.

Okieday - here we go! This crazy ahjumma's Big Bang Top 5 Meaningful Big Bang Videos For Various and Random Reasons!

Video 1:
My First Big Bang
I entered the Kworld somewhere circa 2011. Starting first with dramas, I soon found my way to the music vortex and was quickly sucked in by it. One of my first experiences in this brand new world was Big Bang's release of their Alive album in 2012. I remember watching this first video, Blue, and instantly pretty much loving it. I found it the perfect song to exercise my little Kpop fledgling wings on. It was hauntingly beautiful in tone and image. I didn't know who each member was and I couldn't tell them apart from each other. I studied this video frequently though as I tried to learn who was who, comparing pictures I found to each member time and time again. I even went as far as to post it on my private family blog (this was long before TCA came to be, obviously). To me, this song and video represents so much personally in my addiKtion. So I begin my list with where I began - Big Bang's Blue.

Video 2:
Keeping with the Alive theme, let us not forget the now iconic Fantastic Baby. Arguably the best Big Bang song of all time, Fantastic Baby cemented my own personal Big Bang obsession preference. Since its release in 2012, it's managed to find its way into unexpected corners of pop culture, including the most recent inclusion in the trailer for the new movie, Pitch Perfect 2. Pretty amazing, right?! Now, I could have just included the original video here, but I thought I'd branch out and include one of my favorite performances of it on the music show, Inkigayo. This was the April 1st performance, aka April Fools, and the performance where TOP had pink eyebrows. Truly unforgettable and definitely a whole lot of fun!

Video 3:
With an album release comes the inevitable world tour, right? I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the concert in LA that was part of the Alive tour back in Nov of 2012. Best moment of my life, like seriously. Just absolutely ah-maze-ing! The most awesome part of the concert was that it took place on TOP's birthday. That's right - I got to sing to TOP on his birthday with a whole bunch of other VIPs. Freaking fantastic! I loved seeing the video afterwards that Seungri recorded from on-stage. I had sucky seats at the concert and it was so unbelievably crazy loud that night (seriously, VIPs know how to scream nonstop for hours at deafening decibels - way to go VIP!) that I really didn't get a good view or get to hear well what was happening on stage. The Seungri video was therefore a Godsend and very much appreciated. I love watching the birthday boy here and will never actually admit out loud how many times I have watched this video. Because it is so special to me, I want to share it with you so that we can all remember together the magic of the moment whether we were there in person or not.

Video 4:
I found it kind of surprising that this video only has 2 million views, so of course I had to include it. This is Big Bang's awesome beginning and the video Always from their first EP. Look how widdle they are!

Video 5:
My personal favorite Big Bang video of all time. I just love this song and the video that goes along with it. I don't even know why exactly, nor can I put it into words how this song affects me, but it does. It's just so cool and perfectly poignant and artsy and fresh and different. There's just so much to love about this Love Song.

And there you have it. My own personal VIP Fav 5 with my Fav 5. How about you? What are your favorite/most significant Big Bang moments/songs/videos? Please share - I'd love to know! Let's all revel in our Big Bang love together as we eagerly await the release of Loser and Bae Bae!!!!!!

VIP hugs and air kisses ~


  1. AHHHHH I'm so excited!! I'm so happy they are coming back.
    My Big Bang addiction began with a dorama. Weird right? I was watching a drama called Ohitorisama when my attention was snagged by an amazing song.(I hate to think about how long ago that was( =_=)
    I began a mad internet search and found the video. Let Me Hear Your Voice sung in Japanese sung by five incredibly handsome Korean guys. That was it for me I was a fan.

  2. Oops I got so excited that I forgot to list my top five.
    1) La La La (They were so young (>_<)
    2) Fantastic Baby
    3) Bad Boy (the video was sooo good)
    4) Let Me Hear Your Voice
    5) Blue
    That is too hard because I really love so many of their songs. I just took the ones with the highest number of plays.


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