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DFR: Faith ep 20

I highly enjoyed my date with Lee Min Ho tonight.  While the rest of the family had a movie night here at home, I got to spend some quality time with this guy.  My husband doesn't believe me, but I say that I had the better end of this deal.  Not even The Avengers can compete with this.  I mean, look at that.  Gaze at it.  Cement that image in your brain and just try to live a normal life filled with hokey super heroes when this hero is there.  The Hulk vs The Hunk.  Yup, I know which I will choose and he ain't green.  Know what I'm sayin'?

If I hurry, I may actually be able to finish this review while it is still Friday.  I have 53 minutes.  I hope I can finish it tonight, otherwise I don't know when it will happen.  Tomorrow is my mother-in-law's birthday party.  We're going to the zoo.  It's going to be 92 and sunny.  Guess how I'm feeling about this right about now?  The things we do for family, huh?  I love my family.  I love them enough to spend my Saturday at the zoo baking in the hot sun.  That's a whole lotta love right there.  Since time is short, I am going to dive in and see how far I can get before I crash.

We start with Eun Soo of the future back in the past?  I don't know.  I guess it's supposed to be 100 years prior to the time she's in now.  But she calls herself the future her in the note.  Translation error?  Maybe.  I don't know.  I try to not think too much when it comes to the time travel.  If you were with me through Dr Jin or Rooftop Prince you've figured that out by now.  If you're new, I'll just tell you, the time travel stuff likes to scramble my brains so I gloss over the finer details.  Some version of Eun Soo from some time either in the past or the future left a note that current Eun Soo finds.  We learn at the beginning of this episode more of what was in that note.  Things didn't go so well in other Eun Soo's time.  That day the queen dies and the king's heart crumbles.  Past Eun Soo and Choi Young didn't return to the palace and so she wonders if things would have been different if they had gone back.  She urges current Eun Soo to return, even if it means putting her life on the line.

Well, it takes some mighty convincing to get Choi Young to turn back.  Even after she shows him the note.  He knows that going back is a death sentence for her.  Eventually she persuades him and they head back.

Sure enough, there is trouble at the palace.  The queen has been lured and abducted.  No one can find her.  Who did the abducting?  I'll give you one guess and it wasn't Gi Cheol or the Yuan envoy.  That's right - our other super villian, Deok Heung.  What does he hope to accomplish by kidnapping her?  The throne?  The kingdom?  Nope.  The king offers all of that to him in order for her to be returned, but he just laughs.  No, what he wants, according to Eun Soo who minored in psychology, is to break the king's heart.  He wants to shatter him.  And it's working.  The king is crumbling right before our very eyes.  He's given away his nation into the hands of a man who doesn't care for it, but he can't help it.  He loves her and must have her back.  He has a light bulb moment when he realizes what Choi Young must have gone through all those times he was prevented from protecting Eun Soo.  He also, I think, sees that he too is just like Choi Young - he put his woman over his duty and country.

Upon their return, Choi Young and Eun Soo get busy.  Choi Young first goes to see the king and give him a pep talk, explaining to him Deok Heung's goal to shatter him, therefore giving the king just that little bit of fight he still needed in order to not lose it totally.  Eun Soo meets with Deok Heung.  She upsets him when she doesn't play along.  She's calling his bluff and he is befuddled.  It shakes him enough that he sends one of his men to go check on the queen.  This works out well because one of the Suribang overhears the conversation and then knows who to follow.  Oh yeah!

In the meantime, a meeting is called.  The king is standing up to the envoy from Yuan.  He reiterates Yuan's demands that he a) return to using the Yuan seal and b) execute the High Doctor.  His response?  He returns the seal to the envoy and then calls Eun Soo into the room.  He tells how she has saved the queen, Choi Young and even himself, the king.  He then drops a bombshell that rocks everyone, especially Gi Cheol.  He claims that she is not from the heavens and that he started that rumor in order to build himself up.  He has Eun Soo confirm this - that she is not from the heavens (which is true - she's not. She's from the future. So ha!).  Gi Cheol freaks out.

He freaks out enough to call a sort of truce with Deok Heung and rejoin with him in order to carry out their original plan.  I'm assuming he is talking about the plan to switch kings.  Yawn.  Is that the best you can do Gi Cheol?  Look, I'm sorry the whole heaven thing didn't go as planned, but do we have to keep beating this same old drum?  I'm growing weary of this march.

The guy sent by Deok Heung to check on the queen shows up in the room she is being held in.  She tells him that she hasn't been in her right mind and questions the water that she has been drinking.  Duh.  What did you think sweetie?  That they're going to kidnap you and not drug you with the water conveniently left in your room?  Drugging her is one thing, but now the guy is here with a more nefarious task - he poisons the water.

Just as he is about to force her to drink it, the door busts open and in comes Choi Young, beating the tarnation out of the bad guy.

Woohoo!  You know I totally cheered!  He then carries her off back to the palace.

When she is returned, everyone rushes to her chamber, including obviously the king.  Lady Choi tells him that he should wait and let Eun Soo see her first, then shuts the door.

Uh oh.  This doesn't bode well, does it?  He and Choi Young stand there looking at each other while they wait.

Before long, Eun Soo reemerges with good news - the queen is awake and is okay.  Except that the baby has been lost.

Grown men stand there and weep softly while Choi Young moves in front of Eun Soo and takes her hand so that she can rest/cry on the back of his shoulder.

Oh my every living....!  It was so sweet and tender.  Just like the king and queen's reunion.  He gently lays beside her and holds her while they both cry and mourn the loss of their baby together as well as rejoice in her safe return.

It's decision time.  Time to figure out what the next step is.  Do Choi Young and Eun Soo choose door #1 - running away and escaping to heaven's door?  Or what about door #2 - killing Deok Heung, Gi Cheol and possibly even the Yuan envoy?  Eun Soo chooses door #3 - hiding somewhere safe until it is time for the heaven's door to open.  She says that she wants to hide in the safest place in Goryeo but that she'll need special permission for it.  Hmm...wonder just where that could be?  I have my suspicions and I must say, I like where they're going with this.  Oh yeah.  But we have to wait a minute before we find out exactly what she's got up her sleeve.

First we have an interesting chat between Choi Young and the new guard guy.  I guess the guard guy's dad was friends with CY's teacher - you know, the guy that got killed by the old pervy king protecting CY's fiance?  Turns out that the teacher was done.  The night before he was killed, and many times beforehand, he had expressed that the sword had grown too heavy for him.  In fact, that last night, he had decided that he was done ready to die done.  He just needed to find a good reason.  Enter king pervy.  He gave him just that - a good reason to die.  He wasn't going to just off himself - he wanted to die doing something important.  I'd say mission accomplished to that.  That sort of changes the perspective on that whole incident.  Too bad the former fiance didn't know that - maybe she wouldn't have let the guilt cause her to kill herself.  Who knows.  It does, however, cause CY to do some soul searching.  Is the sword growing heavy for him as well?  He's been killing for 13-14 years and has killed countless people.  Is that the life he wants to carry on with?  Or does he want something new?

New!  New!  New!  Like a new Woodalchi recruit!  CY's men find him and tell him that he has been ordered by the king to meet with a new recruit that is waiting for him in his barrack.  He tries to argue and get out of it saying that it's not something he cares about - let someone else handle the new recruits.  But this one is special and since the king himself has ordered it, CY eventually caves and opens the door to his room.  And guess who it is, that new recruit waiting for him?  Oh yeah.  Eun Soo.

She said she wanted to hide in the safest place in Goryeo, well, she found it.  She has joined the ranks of the Woodalchi courtesy of the king.  Hurrah!  CY just stands there and stares.  She's going on and on about how she's going to hide there and how she plans to earn her keep and how she's going to be staying there in his room and will need a cot.  She's getting nervous - she can't read him.  He's just standing there, silently.  Then he slowly starts walking towards her as she is still rambling.  He gets closer.  And closer.  And closer.  She backs up as far as she can get, still he comes closer until he's inches away from her face.  He asks her if she's going to stay there.  Without running away.  Then he smiles at her and she smiles back.  And I faint.  See!  This is what dramas do!!!  So minimal but soooo effective.  Hot as hot can be and they don't even touch!  Well, I guess there bodies are touching...wohoho!  Oo la la!

And there we have it.  That's how it ends.  With that glorious moment that I am now going to go back and watch over and over and over again.  Delicious scene!  I guarantee that the movie the family watched tonight had nothing like that in it.  I definitely won in the better show experience category tonight.  Mmmhmm!  Lee Min HoTTness and all!

And there we have it.  Done with 5 minutes to spare.  Except for the photos I have to add.  But at least the narrative was done before Saturday.  Do I get some points for that?  Pretty pretty please with a Choi Young on top?  Have a wonderful weekend Faithful addicKts!  It's been great to be back in the Faith trenches with you all!  Thanks for your patience again as I played catch up.  I'd say that it's going to be the last time in awhile, but Big Bang is coming up and I don't know if Faith will be done by then.  Will it?  Huh.  Check a calendar...  Yup.  Probably.  It should be finishing up that week.  So as long as I'm on my game before Unnie flies out and the party starts, I shouldn't fall behind again.  Yippeee!  Good news for sure!


**After the post addition**
Okay, so I watched and rewatched this last scene a lot last night just as I said I would.  And realized that there was a whole lot more gold there than I originally captured.  So I have a few pictures to add today.  Is there such thing as too much Lee Min Ho yumminess?  I would argue "heck no!"  Enjoy my dears!

She's explaining that since there aren't any woman's barracks, she's planning on staying there with him.  You know, being glued to him.  She's rambling because he's still just standing there not saying anything.  Then she asks for a cot or even two chairs to be put there for her to sleep on.
At which point he turns around, opens the doors and sends his men, who were totally listening in, scattering.

Oh me oh my!


Once those pesky eavesdroppers are gone, he turns.
And then begins his slow walk towards her, with her rambling and a little nervous.  
Oh yeah, I'd be nervous too if that were coming at me.  Nervous in a giddy, 'holy guacamole! That's Lee Min Ho stalking my way!' way.

Finally he speaks.

And asks if he should stay there in the room with her.
"Well, it is the General's room and you are General."  I like her logic.
"Since I'm General?"
Closer.  Up against the window.

And then we have the rest of it up above.  No need to be too superfluous.  Well, again, it is Lee Min Ho so an argument could be made otherwise that yes indeed, there is plenty of reason to be too superfluous.

Swooning.  And now want to once again go and watch it in order to help me start out my day at the zoo with a bit of hot and steamy romance.  Ah yes, it's wonderful world we live in, is it not?  I tell you, the world sure got a lot more pretty when I met KDramas.  Oh yes it did.  Wouldn't you have to agree?  ^.^  Can you imagine living in a world Lee Min Ho-free?  The mere thought makes me want to cry!  Oh, the horror!  Thankfully though we have all seen the light and our world is much brighter for it.  Happy weekend Faithfuls!

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