Thursday, October 11, 2012

JYJ Solidarity Day *End of special day Edit*

Hey guess what TCA is doing today 10-12-12 on FB?

We're going to join our friends in an impromptu celebration;
JYJ Solidarity Day.  
Picture source credit goes to Bonstanceus
Thanks B-Chan!

We want to celebrate the class & dignity & grace these guys have shown in the face of trials.  

Do you not know why we want to show our JYJ solidarity?  Go Here & read the story.

We just decided it yesterday but have been so busy we haven't been able to really advertise it.  So I'm doing that now.

How do you participate?

Easy peasy!

Just change your Facebook Cover/Profile, or BOTH, picture to any picture you want of JYJ.  That's it.

Oh & spread the word.  People need to know what went down this week.  We'd like to show our wonderful JYJ guys how much we love & support them. And more importantly that SM & SBS have no real power.  Won't you guys join us in little display of love?  Oh come on, you know you want to.

You know my favorite picture, so why don't you show me yours!  Change your cover & then head on over to TCA FB or visit TCA on Twitter or me on Twitter & show me the picture too.

Fill up the Twitter & FB feed w/ pics of our beautiful JYJ?!?!?

Who doesn't want to see that?!?!?!

See you there AddiKts!

Unnie & Dongsaeng!

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in the JYJ Solidarity Day on FB & Twitter!  We had so much fun!  We should do a JYJ Solidarity Day everyday!!  Oh heck yeah!  Any day my FB & Twitter feeds fill up w/ hawt pics of JYJ is an awesome day to me.  It was like opening dozens of boxes of Happy!

TCA received emails & Tweets & FB messages & even comments on this here blog.  The outpouring of love for JYJ from our readers & fellow AddiKts was overwhelming for this crazy ahjumma!  Thank you for your wonderful support for JYJ.  Over the last few years they have treated us w/ amazing music, beautiful voices, sexy hot dance moves & humor & love, & exemplary examples of dignity & grace.  We know that none of the JYJ boys or any of  our fav K Idols will ever read this here modest little ahjumma post/blog & that they are completely unaware that it's even here, which is totally fine...we don't do this for them.  We do it for you guys!  {{and for ourselves because we're AddiKts too!}}  However, I am so glad that we could help spread the word on such talented guys.

And AddiKts thank you again for the lovely things you said about Dongsaeng & myself.  It was a very emotional day today.  Knowing that we have helped even a few of you to not feel so alone in the lovely K World & that you love us as much as we love you, has made the many, many late nights writing, drafting, organizing these blog posts so worth it all.  {{I doubt CA will agree with me there...he misses his wife.  Giggle.}}  But to me, & I know to Dongsaeng, it means the world.

Komawo chingus.  Saranghae!
구마워 친구를.  사랑해!
Thanks friends.  (We) Love you!


  1. It's so sad what these guys are going through! Now, I'm not a huge fan of JYJ as a group, but I do love the guys separately, and my newest favorite bias is Junsu. Junsu, Junsu, Junsu... Even his name makes me happy. What happened to him was totally wrong. (Crazy For Kdrama)

    1. But the big bad wolf can't stop JYJ from being awesome, no matter how hard they try. And I'm right there with ya loving the guys individually. I'm constantly trying to figure out which one I adore most. :) But I do love them as a group too. Thanks for the comment & support!


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