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DFR: Arang & the Magistrate ep 18

We only have one more week with this drama AddiKts & then its {{sniff sniff}} time to bid adieu to some really awesome characters, a good story & great fight scenes.  {{*whispers* psst... & the ever so sexy Lee Jun Ki}}

Every time I finish a K Drama I go through this little sadness, this K Drama Depression {{K-DD}}.  I know that there will be another K Drama coming up soon to watch & fall in love with too but I just have a hard time saying goodbye to such great characters.  I do the same thing with books.  I'm always so excited to read a great book & if it is a great book then I can't stop reading it.  But it is inevitable that eventually it ends & I am sad.  Wishing I had taken more time with the book.  K Dramas/books all the same thing.  Sigh.  

When we left off with Arang & Eun Oh last they were both facing dire trouble.  Eun Oh was being arrested & Arang was facing off w/ CMD in the cave by herself. 

We'll start w/ Eun Oh & then go back for Arang.

Eun Oh's Arrest

Just who had the authority to be arresting Kim Eun Oh?
Yeah that oughta do it.  

But what were the charges?
Well he was being charged for High Treason.  He was being charged w/ stock piling weapons & organizing a group of rebel fighters.  Both of which are punishable by death.  And not just Eun Oh but Dol Seo was being arrested as well.  Of course Larry Moe & Curly were all shocked & in a dither as to what they should do.  

Meanwhile Eun Oh & Dol Seo were locked up in the town jail.

At this point we get to see the meeting between the Provincial Governor & Lord Choi.  Where the Provincial Governor is questioning the veracity of Lord Choi's letter detailing Eun Oh's illegal activity.  Of course Lord Choi declares every word I put in that letter was true!  But the Provincial Governor is worried because Kim Eun Oh is Lord Kim Eung Boo's son.  He's worried that there will be repercussions if things go wrong & of course the idea that Lord Kim might be able to be wrapped up thereby making it possible to get rid of both father AND son makes Lord Choi all giddy w/ the happy.  The Provincial Governor recognizes Lord Choi's delight at the idea of getting rid of the entire family, especially since it's Kim Eung Boo's fault that he was relegated to the country.  

Now it's time to go back to Arang in the cave.  
Of course CMD is delighted to see Arang.  She tries to tempt her with what she wants most in this world.  
All Arang wants is to know what exactly it was that Kim Eun Oh's mother wanted so badly she would be willing to allow CMD to share her body with her?

Eun Oh's mom just wanted to watch Lord Choi suffer for the rest of his life.  But now CMD asks again...

She actually asked several different times but I think Arang's Spidey Senses were tingling because she looked worried & then she abruptly got up from the ground & walked quickly out of the cave leaving CMD behind.  Once outside she ran into Ju Wal who reminded her of what he said to her the day they had tea together & she told him she was sorry she couldn't accept his feelings.  

Which leads to her asking him point blank why he is with the monster in the cave but there is no answer...

He goes back into the cave & CMD proclaims that Arang is not nearly as easy a target as she had previously thought she might be & then tells him that she changed her mind about killing Eun Oh.  I'm thinking she has an evil plan for Arang that involves using her love for Eun Oh against her. 

Back to Eun Oh, he gets a visitor in jail in the form of a taunting & superior Lord Choi.  

It would seem Lord Choi is not a smart man.  Never taunt the good guy w/ insults about his family or by threatening the girl of his dreams.  

 Arang arrives back at the Magistrate's office to find Eun Oh gone, the soldiers for the Provincial Governor there & Larry, Moe & Curly informing her that he's been arrested & faces charges of High Treason. She runs to the jail as does Bang Ui Ri, for Dol Seo.  Once they get there though the men fear for them, especially after Lord Choi's visit.  So Eun Oh tells Arang to go home w/ Bang Ui Ri & Dol Seo agrees telling Bang Ui Ri to take the miss & go home right away.  Then a soldier arrives & rushes the women off.  The townspeople see the notice about the Magistrate & his charges & they all know that it's a bunch  {{There no swears although it really was tempting.}}   At first the townspeople were ready to charge forward & come to the Magistrate's defense but one cooler head prevailed pointing out that, that attitude would just make Magistrate look guilty of rousing rebels.  So they all decide to stay back & just watch for now.

The next morning, the day of the 1st trial, Ju Wal's servant informs him that Eun Oh has been arrested & all Ju Wal cares about is where Arang is & what happened to her.  So he rushes off to the Magistrate's office to find Arang & make sure she is okay.  She is, standing off to the side as Eun Oh & Dol Seo are brought forward, restrained & forced to kneel in the dirt in front of not just the Provincial Governor but in front of Lord Choi as well.   Their crimes are read in front of them & as each crime is listed Eun Oh calls out his innocence.

You get the idea.  Then they brought up the fact that he gave Dol Seo, a slave, a position of authority & that is a big no no but even then he refused to acknowledge any wrong doing.  Until that is Lord Choi got all hot & bothered & decided he was going to break Eun Oh & he was going to break Arang.  So he pulls her forward & then he pulls out a sword & tells everyone she is a ghost & cannot die & he's going to prove it right there.  

Proving that he is willing to die to protect her.  

Of course Lord Choi was so giddy w/ his power trip that he still nearly took her head off, if the Provincial Governor hadn't stopped him.  Yeah he's not crazy at all.

At this point the trial is over & Larry Moe & Curly are trying to figure out what to do.  Larry is the only one saying they need to stick by the magistrate's side & then they finally have this brilliant idea.  It's time to call in outside help so they draft a message & get it post haste to Kim Eun Oh's dad Lord Kim Eung Boo.  Finally they have a moment of clarity!  I was sitting there going why hasn't anyone called his dad & then voila the Three Stooges finally figure it out.  Duh!  

The next day, which I guess you could consider the sentencing day Lord Choi, the Provincial Governor & then Eun Oh & Dol Seo are brought forward but there is no crowd on this day.  And just as Lord Choi is kicking the crap out of Eun Oh.  Who had the audacity to tell him that he may have won here on earth but eventually he'll die & then he'll be punished in heaven for his sins & misdeeds on earth.  Anyway just as Lord Choi is kicking the bound Eun Oh, who arrives?  
That's right lord Kim Eung Boo FTW!!!

The Provincial Governor looks nervous doesn't he?  It gets better.

Lord Choi's all blustery & full of .... himself.  ;)

Until Lord Kim declares that he has a royal command to read to everyone.

What does the Royal Command entail?  A bunch of words that all amount to one awesome glorious thing.  Something that made me say, "YEAH BABY!"  A pardon.  For every single false charge brought against Eun Oh & the announcement that Lord Choi's activities are suspicious to the king.  That's all.  Now do you understand the whole, "YEAH BABY!!"  thing?  

I thought you might agree. 

Kim Eun Oh looks relieved  as does Dol Seo.  The Provincial Governor does not & Lord Choi looks ticked off.  

Everybody else though is really happy.  
Including these two...

And these guys too only not as effusively.
 And yeah he makes this look good.  Oh I love him in the Magistrate clothes don't you?  

Next he has a long talk with his dad who informs him that his pardon was unanimous in the courts & all because of his previously sent detailed reports on Lord Choi & his suspicious activity.  They talk about a lot of other things including how Eun Oh is going to get Lord Choi & how he will keep searching for his mother.  

Meanwhile Arang is feeling lonely & guilty that Eun Oh was nearly found guilty of treason.  Her voice over as she sits in her room alone says, Eun Oh has his father, his mother & Dol Seo, the office of Magistrate in Miryang & his home in Gimhae.  He has people who know him.  She's making a decision folks.  An important decision.  

Dol Seo gets to go back into his official clothes & help Eun Oh take down Lord Choi once & for all.  This is the end of Lord Choi.  He's all pathetic in his room while the Patrolmen attack his house & fight through all of his paid guards.  He stays inside trying to gather his gold & silver together.  It was with great satisfaction that I watched Eun Oh read him the charges & then have his men drag his sorry butt out of the house.  Ju Wal's servant had warned him to leave like Lord Choi's had but Ju Wal actually listened to the servant & fled.  He did not stop to collect his $200 & went straight past jail.  The townspeople received their food stores back & every thing there ended & was wrapped up nicely.  Buh-Bye Lord Choi!  It was NOT nice knowing you. Now next week they can wrap up CMD.  Hopefully there will be a way around the whole Arang has to go back to heaven/hell.  Although I'm not sure how & this one better have a good kiss scene.  Oh wait we're not done with this week's review.  Mianhae AddiKts.  I'll get back in there.  

Speaking of Heaven we get to see that even the gods are happy to see Lord Choi all taken care of.  

Amber this set of pics is mostly for you...and me. {{Giggle}}

Hello there Mr Beautiful.  I had to fit in your picture because... well I only get one more week to drool over you inappropriately because you are way too young... for this old lady.  So I'm totally putting you in as much as I can.  

Ju Wal goes back home & finds everything in Lord Choi's rooms have been thrashed & trashed.  And then Eun Oh arrives & wants Ju Wal to tell him about his mother & the beast etc...  But Ju Wal looks at Eun Oh & says... You know Arang went to that woman.  I don't exactly what went on but you know right? You know...

So Eun Oh rushes home & finds Arang & asks her & so she tells him...
A: If I go to heaven. you won't be able to remember me.  And if I go to hell I won't be able to remember you. That's just how they say it is.  So just like this, I would want us to remember each other.  

Which ticks off Eun Oh.  Does she really think he'd want her to go to that woman?  Is she aware she is making him into the coward here?  He tells her to just stop it.  Stop everything he won't allow it!  And she begs him to let her do one thing for him, properly.  And he leaves without saying anything else.  He goes off & decides to drink & she stays in & writes letters.  One to Ju Wal, which ticks off Ju Wal when he reads it, which tells me she is going to go through with her half witted plan to sacrifice herself to CMD.   Then she goes in & makes a big feast herself.  She tells him she wanted to make one thing for him with her own hands & not to worry it was a foolish idea & she isn't going through with it that there isn't much time before the final full moon & she just wants to be with him.   

The next morning she gets up before anybody else & slowly heads through town.  She arrives at the Shamans house & thanks her for being there for Arang time after time.  And that she wants the Shaman to live a happy life.  Then she says she feels bad asking for one LAST favor & gives Bang Ui Ri her letter to the Magistrate & asks her to give it to him.  And then she leaves & keeps walking slowly & sadly.  Bang Ui Ri, recognizes this is not normal for Arang & rushes the letter to Eun Oh.  Who after he reads it runs from his offices to stop her.  

Her voice over reads the letter as he runs through the town...

"Someone once said I dreamed about being a butterfly.  I don't know if I was the butterfly or if the butterfly was me. All this while after I met you.  I also felt the same.  For a while was I human who became a ghost, or a ghost that became a human to the point that I forgot that.  Time flowed like a dream.  With a happy heart I felt happiness. With a sad heart I felt sadness.  The days I spent as a human, they were really lovely.   Thank you for treating me preciously.  Thank you for making me live with a precious mind.  Just like the place where the moon sets, becomes faded by the cold wind, the place where I've stayed in your mind, will disappear helplessly.  But I won't ask you to forget me.  Please remember the name Arang.  
Magistrate...I love you."

She stops on the edge of the town by the mountain & looks back sadly, as if she is hoping he is going come around that corner & grab her & stop her.  But he doesn't, so she turns & keeps going & eventually meets Ju Wal.  

Who asks her if she is sure?  And then he gets mad at her.

JW: Lady you are really...cruel.  How...  you really don't care about my feelings at all...  Even though you know how I feel.  How could you do this to me? 

She looks shocked & apologizes & then tries to go on her own so she doesn't hurt him but he grabs her as she passes him & pulls her against him & then he remembers that night.  He remembers how she ran out in front of the knife & died in his place.  And he figures out that she WAS/IS Lee Seo Rim!

But she leaves him standing there & heads off to meet CMD... 

She walks up to the entrance of the cave...

& then disappears inside... 

Meanwhile will Eun Oh get there in time?!?!  
Or will Ju Wal come to his senses & arrive to her rescue?  
Oh the tension & the what's going to happen are killing me!

One more week, that's it!  Sigh.  Until next week AddiKts.  


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