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The Kisses of 2013

So as you progress in your kdrama addiction you will find that you will start dissecting everything about a drama.  What clothes they wear, what phones they use, the style/cut/color of their hair.  And most importantly - how good was the skinship in the drama.  Was it something that I am going to rewind 50 times.  Am I going to put the clip in my youtube playlist for kdrama kisses and romantic moments (not that I am in any way admitting i have such a folder because that would just be crazy)?  So in this post we are going to not only going to delve into my favorite and least favorite kisses, but are going to add a few kissing categories along the way.  Because if you are reading this blog you are probably overjoyed to be watching clips of kdrama kiss scenes..........admit it .........  if only by adding them to your own super secret youtube kissing clip playlist.

Most Memorable Kisses

#1 My all time favorite kiss of the year was actually on a drama that was more of a gritty noir action drama known more for its dark plot and characters then its romance.  But this kiss/bedroom scene that followed was EPIC and wins hands down:
Heartless City/Cruel City (Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu Ri)

#2 This next kiss was in a drama that was mostly overlooked this last year.  Although it had its faults here and there, no one can deny that the skinship in this drama was truly well done.  It had that tiny hint of this is so wrong I am married and dont know you yet it feels so right like you are my dead first love crazy obsession feel that makes for a good kiss.
Shark (Kim Nam Gil & Son Ye Jin) - the kiss scene starts at 30 sec.  could not find a better clip.

#3 Our third kiss of the year goes out to a younger actor who obviously knows his way around a kiss.  In Potato Star the Earth (with South Korea at the epicenter) is about to be hit by a huge meteor from Space.  And what do you do in that moment you are about to die... Well if you are Yeo Jin Goo you start making out with your hot next door neighbor.
Potato Star 2013QR3- Ha Yeaon Soo & Yeo Jin Goo


#4 This kiss was at the very end of one of my favorite dramas of the Year.  Secret (Secret Love) was nothing if not intense and every moment the OTP were together on screen we were enthralled to see what they would do next.  But it was the last scene of the drama that has our best kiss #4.
Secret Love (Hwang Jung Eum & Ji Sung)

#5 This Noona romance stole us away into a world where a younger man can totally romance and get the girl.  Thinking he was going to be leaving her forever he decides to let her know about his love in the most direct way possible. From the waist grab, to the kiss, and the tear at the end this kiss was the best goodbye kiss of the year.
I Hear Your Voice ( Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young)

The Kisses that left us going EH?????????EWWWWWWWWWWW???????? Or in some cases WHAT THE HECK YOU STUPID ACTRESS....... WRITERS............ DIRECTORS

So I will admit that usually if a show has a bad kiss I just gloss over it.  As long as the writing is good I am not going to can a drama or actor on a kiss.  However there has arisen one actress that has proven herself to the "THE WORST KISSER IN KOREAN HISTORY"!!!!!!!!!!  Park Shin Hye has been paired up with some of the hottest actors (not to mention they are all proven kissers) and yet she always looks as if she is about to throw up and or rotting fish flavor is wafting from the guys lips.  It is getting to the point where I dread her being the leading actress because I know that somehow she will ruin the make out scenes.  And this year has been nothing different.  Paired up in two different dramas she has succeeded in kissing her way out of the viewers hearts.

Flower Boy Next Door (Yoon Shi Yoon & Park Shin Hye) - notice the absolute lack of movement on her part.

And the scenes that have sealed her fate is her lack of kissing skills with Lee Min Ho.  I am pretty sure a dead person would come back to life for the chance to kiss him and yet PSH does not look like she is enjoying much of it. 

Heirs (Lee Min Ho-who is one of the hottest men in the world & Park Shin Hye - I cant kiss a man because I am pretty sure he is going to give me cuties and then I will die) - I included the almost kiss into the clips as well just to illustrate my point.

Would Kiss you but you are About to Pass Out Kiss

 First Kiss

 Lee Min Ho still trying to coax her with kisses. - PSH "why, is that rotted squid I smell upon your breath my love?"

 The director finally giving up on shooting PSH's reaction at all and is letting Lee Min Ho attempt to salvage the skinship of this drama.  But she still manages to look super scared and uncomfortable.

 To be honest for the most part the kissing this year has been okay.  With the exception of Heirs and Flower Boy Next Door there were never any other dramas that I really wanted eviscerate someone for messing it up.  So instead of trying to drum up bad kisses I decided to talk about the ones that although really good at getting the emotional reaction the show wanted were not necessarily romantic in nature.  I will be splitting them up into two categories.  The first being kisses that because of the nature of the OTP's relationship (at the time of the kisses) we were uncomfortable.  And Second those funny kisses that just make you want to laugh.

Kisses that make you feel all uncomfy inside (and not in a positive way).

Secret Love (Hwang Jung Eum & Ji Sung)

#1Not only are they on the best kiss scene list but they have made it onto this list as well.  Their first kiss was all that dreams (of the nightmare variety) are made of.  Ji Sung's character has been obsessed (and I am not talking the happy you are pretty let me stalk you way) with Hwang Jun Eum's character for years and has finally come to the realization that instead of hating her for killing his girlfriend and unborn child, he really loves her desperately.  This is the kiss that is the result of that messed up connection.  Kudos for the actors and directors for making us feel completely uncomfortable and unsure whether to say YAY or not.

 This next drama had us feeling a horrible mix of guilt and enjoyment for the skinship between the OTP.  In Winter the Wind Blow the lead man pretends to be the long lost brother of a rich Heiress who happens to be blind and very very very very sheltered.  Slowly they begin to be more and more physical with each other until you are ready to slap the main girl.  Seriously how close do you have to get with "your brother" before your incest alarms start ringing.  But since the viewers are in the know about the lack of familial relationship we are left with a lot of enjoyment marred by that little voice inside that says "dude you are making out with your sister" vibe for 80% of the drama.  The following is a compolation of the OTP

Winter the Wind Blows (Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo) - again keep in mind that almost all of these incidences happened while she believed they were siblings -INCLUDING THE KISS

The Funny Kiss: Kissing is oh so romantic, Unless it is meant to be Funny and or garlic is involved.

#1 King of Dramas(Siwon & Oh Ji Eun) 

Our funniest kiss comes from The King of Dramas and involves two secondary characters.  This show is totally meta and all about the trials and pitfalls of making a drama complete with a leading couple who DETEST each other.  In order to make the leading lady suffer Siwon spends a few minutes before they are filming to stuff his face full of garlic cloves.  He then goes out and forces the leading actress to do the uber super duper romantic make out scene garlic and all.

-----I do believe that we may now have a reason why every actor has such bad chemistry with Park Shin Hye.  They all hate her and are chewing garlic before their romantic scenes.....  I declare that to be the only explanation for her kissing abilities.  LOL -----


#2 Our other funny kissing moment comes from one of my favorite dramas of 2013 Incarnation of Money.  This kiss happened when a up and coming prosecutor decides to use his wooing skills  in order to get a girl to testify at his first hearing.  Unfortunately for him, he has to put out much more then he bargained for.  I had a hard time finding the clip for this drama so you can see it in this link to Viki :Incarnation episode 4 at time stamp 50:06 or in this fan made MV.  This kiss is towards the end at 3:10.  Enjoy.

Incarnation of Money ( Kang Ji Hwan & Hwang Jung Eum)

Incarnation of Money Episode 4 - Watch Full Episodes Free - Korea - TV Shows - Viki


So we have thoroughly covered the kisses of 2013.  However there is one form of skinship that the Korean's have perfected that has to also be appreciated and commented upon (and those of you that are true kdrama fans totally know what I am talking about).  The super amazingly romantic "Back Hug".  Now the back hug is not just any hug.  It is an angsty expression of affection given from one member of the OTP to another when things are going really really wrong and they dont want to let each other go.  So these are our 2013 top 3 backhugs!!!!!!!

#1 So even Park Shin Hye can not mess up the power of Lee Min Ho's back hug.  He is one of the top back huggers in the business.

Heirs (Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye)

  #2 Cheers for Secret for appearing in every catagory of our kissing/skinship list.  They have an amazing backhug where she is supposedly giving him up (for his own good of course) and instead of letting her get on that bus and out of his life he grabs her and pulls her down the steps into an awesome backhug.  I had problems finding a clip so here is a fan made MV that includes most of it at time stamp 1:42

Secret Love (Hwang Jung Eum & Ji Sung)

#3 Our third greatest back hug was also by one of our best kissing couples.  Nothing is better then when you know what your love is thinking and you can emote accordingly.  In episode 13 we see our young hero come up behind his noona and give her some serious hugging.  I love when you get that wow moment whether it is a kiss, confession, or a hug.  This show had all of those in spades. 

I Hear Your Voice ( Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young)

 So thanks for joining me through this countdown of kissing clips.  Whether you loved them or hated them I am sure that they got you to feel a lot of emotion either way and I hope that 2014 has just as many great kisses awaiting us. 




  1. My my that youngster in Potatoes star is really really good and he is only what...15?

    1. 16, and yes it is a surprise since they usually keep the younger kids very g rated. However at least we have a very long time of seeing him in dramas before he has to go into the military so YAY for silver linings.


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