Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Need Romance Episode 12 - Musings, The Abridged Version

So this week has been kind of crazy schedule wise.  Add in an unexpected migraine tonight and you get the super duper abridged kmuse's musings of episode 12.  Luckily nothing much has changed this week so I think it is safe to say that you won't be too confused.  I will also try to make up for the brevity of my text with a whole lot of pretty pretty pictures.
So I have come to the conclusion that this drama is a one trick pony.  It is not that it is a bad thing, since they do the whole relationship that is not a real relationship while she dates someone else concept really really well.  But sometimes I just wish for more.  I wish that there was more self realization going on.  We get a bit of it in Joo Yeon, but even that is almost a nod by the writers telling us that , see she is getting smarter..... see.... see.... she thought about what she was doing before she screwed her friend over again.   See she was mad at her boyfriend for all of 30 sec before forgiving him for treating her horribly.  See her boyfriend has grown up, he apologized (kind of) for his boorish behavior.   Yes all the elements of growth are there, but it feels like if you scratched at it with a penny it would peel away the very thin layer of growth that they have developed to leave the same selfish characters that we began with.  This just makes me sad since when the show started I felt that it could go in so many fun directions and instead we were left with a huge bag of cotton candy.  Yummy when you start but eventually makes you a little sick as you get towards the end.  So I am going to just show all the cuteness between our OTP since everything else (including our OTP who is so adorable) is just circling around the same storyline that we have watched and discussed over the last three episodes.
So after we left the party in episode 11 Sweet Potato and Joo Yeon fought over how big of a jerk her boyfriend was all the way home.  She goes into her watering hole restaurant and orders her usual drink and asks for another glass since she is expecting Joo Wan to follow her in any second.  However he listens to her for once and does not follow her, just receiving a promise from the restaurant ahjumma to not give her more then one bottle of Soju.  When he returns home he sees her jerk of a boyfriend finally coming to apologize for his behavior.  He after some argument does tell him where she is since it is what Joo Yeon wants.  He then goes inside berating himself for being too nice of a guy.  And as he starts to consider her staying overnight our cutie sweet potato about has a heart attack at the thought, vowing to sleep in her room (with giant giraffe) until her return.
Joo Yeon and Tae Yoon make up (since he says he's sorry and she can't seem to stand up to him) and go back into lovey dovey mode.  He questions her about "that man at your house" and she just blows it off since he is just like a brother.  Although when he takes her home and questions if Joo Yeon wants to "come over" to his house for the night, she turns him down since she had a fight with Joo Wan.  She rushes in and up to his room only to find it empty.  She is so sad that he is not back yet and texts him that she will wait for him in his bed and to find her when he gets home.  So we have two roommates who are not dating yet eagerly awaiting the other in each others beds (my eyes are totally rolling right now.)  The next morning Joo Wan wakes up to find himself alone in her bed and he is beside himself, he has this hilarious monologue where he berates himself for telling Tae Yoon where her bar was.  He then tells himself that this is why I get called Sweet Potato since I go around being nice.  Joo Wan rushes upstairs only to find her in his bed, bursting into a huge grin he jumps into bed with her and then spoons her and says that they need to sleep in another twenty minutes.  Well I don't know about you all, but I personally have never slept in the same bed with my brother while spooning.  Not to mention the fact that she actually left her boyfriend who wanted to take their relationship to the next level, in order to hang out with her roommate should be sending off alarms in everyone's heads.
We will now take a break to enjoy Joo Wan's fantasy where he has a serious make out session with Joo Yeon.  I know I know we are all sad that it was only a fantasy.  However I have noticed that a good majority of the make out scenes in this show tend to be in the character's heads.  The one exception being her kisses with her jerk of a boyfriend but since it made me gag more then give me happy OTP butterflies, I refuse to count that one.
At the end of the episode our cutie Joo Wan seems to have had an epiphany.  Up to this point he really had been trying to teach her and mold her into the Shing Shing he remembered from his youth.  However he decided that instead of trying to change her into someone else, he had to learn to love the person she is now.  Joo Yeon, having an emotional crisis over screwing over her nemesis had come worried that Joo Wan would be disappointed in her. Instead Joo Wan tells her “No matter what side of yourself you show, I’ll stay beside you.”  He then holds out his hands and she jumps into his arms with a happy squeal.  Unfortunately for her, it is just as Tae Yoon shows up for their date.  I am just taking a wild guess that he is not going to be as clueless over her roommate boyfriend as she is.  It is obvious that she is treating Joo Wan as a man, not only that but one who she is VERY emotionally involved with.  It will be interesting if Tae Yoon backs off and lets her know of her feelings or if he is going to continue and be a jerk to the end and try to win her (whether he truly wants her or not).  We will have to wait and see on Monday.
Be sure to check out my all new weekly countdown this Sunday since it was an awesome week in Kdramas!  Also I will be finishing my coverage on the web series Another Parting on Monday and Tuesday!  Be sure to check it out since it is oddly captivating for such a short film.


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