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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown : February Week 2

This is the first week where many of our shows have been preempted or delayed because of the Olympics (thankfully South Korea has a smaller Olympic team than the US so while some shows are preempted to watch competitions, the majority of our dramas are still airing) which has caused some problems in finding five "really epic" moments.  Luckily we had an amazing performance by an Asian competitor in the Olympics so my top 5 was able to be rounded out without doubling up on any one drama.  With that said, I hope you enjoy my countdown this week.
 #5 I Love A Tough Female Character
So I will let you in on a secret.  The actress that plays Gaya (Lim Soo-Hyang- New Tales of a Ginsaeng, I Do I Do) tends to play all of her characters very cold and wooden which usually annoys me.  But luckily she was finally cast in as a character that is supposed to be very cold and wooden so it is no surprise that she NAILS IT!  I have actually heard some people talk about how they don't like how the writers have made her so mean and unlikable.  But I would say she is more strong and capable and surviving in a very harsh enviroment.  She has that something that is almost always missing in historical heroines in dramas, intelligence and nerves of steal.  There is nothing more annoying than having a girl go around ringing her hands and either whining or crying over life's hardships (I am looking at you 2nd lead Kim Ok-Ryeon) so it is nice to see a female character that not only is tough she is down right scary.  In episode 10 we see Gaya arrive in Shanghai and then go alone into enemy territory.  Also can I just say that visually this scene was amazing.  The contrast of her in her beautiful Kimono against all the thugs in black was awesome and made her character look even more of a bad ass.  So at least on my part I give kudos to the casting of Lim Soo Hyang because for once I am enjoying one of her dramas.
#4 Kim Soo Hyun's Tears
Is there something wrong with me that I kind of like to watch Kim Soo Hyun cry?  Ever since watching him in The Moon That Embraces the Sun I just cant get enough of it.  He not only does the pretty cry, but it eventually turns into an emotionally devastated cryfest that is raw and not pretty.  Any time one of his characters does this it totally gets me sobbing right there along with him.  We get to see a lot of crying in this weeks episodes of My Love From Another Star.  It is no picnic having to tell your soul mate that you love her but you only have thirty days before you jump on your spaceship and disappear from her life.  But his character does it with such emotion that I just adore this scene. That is why KSH's crying earns him a spot on this weeks top 5!

Angst and Crying Clips ep 9 & 10

#3 Valentine Bromance
Our #3 moment is brought to you from ep 12 of Let's Eat.  It's Valentines Day and Lawyer Kim Hak Moon is feeling romantic (never have I seen a funnier lovelorn character).   He is buying Soo Kyung some chocolates and runs into Dae Young who guesses correctly about his unrequited love.  Our love sick lawyer confesses his concerns and Dae Young is able to give him a huge pep talk.  The true joy of this scene is that while the two talk about confessing and love angst they get really cute and bromancy to the point that they themselves look like a couple out on valentines day.  Lets Eat is such a cute show and while it is obviously forcing the bromance moment on us with the subtly of a speeding train, it still is adorable and hits all the awwwwwww cute/funny buttons for the viewers.

Bromance Support Clip

#2 What is a Power Hungry Dad to Do?
I am really starting to enjoy the daily drama A Well Raised Daughter.  On one side we have Jang Ha Na, the main girl who is pretending to be a man.  On the other side we have a chaebol father who is planning a hostile take over of Ha Na's Soy Sauce Company.  To his dismay he finds that his oldest illegitimate son (who mostly has been raised to be his dads thug) refuses to do anything that might hurt Ha Na.  His daughter declares that she is going to marry him/her since he is so pretty.  And his other son (who is Ha Na's roommate and the current love interest) tells his dad that he is pretty sure he is gay and loves his roommate.  One cross dressing girl causing havoc in this poor tycoons life is very amusing.  It also helps that for once we have a father who actually loves/listens to his children to an extent which makes the whole situation more funny then angsty.  If you want to check out this drama you can find it at darksmurf subs. 
If you want a sense of the drama's romance then check out the below clip.  Trying to make a condition conductive to cuddling (between main guy and their daughter) the evil mother ahjumma breaks the heat for the house.  Ha Na goes to fix it and instead breaks a pipe.  Her roommate/love interest also goes down to the boiler room to check on the heat and finds Ha Na drenched.  Needless to say that sparks and water fly in this clip. 
Lets Cuddle Instead of Calling A Plumber Clip

#1 An Amazing Win at the Olympics
OK So I know this is not Kdrama related and that he is Japanese not Korean.  But this guy's short skate program was amazing and one of the best things I have watched on TV this week.  So Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu you are #1 on my list this week.  Congrats to Yuzuru Hanyu on winning the Gold and breaking the record for the highest scoring short program in history!
Yuzuru Hanyu

Link for Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu world record beating Short Program (even if you don't watch figure skating this performance is very impressive so be sure to check it out.) 

Be sure to check out the blog in the next couple weeks since there will be some fun changes happening and hopefully we Ahjummas will be able to entertain you even more than we already are.  Not to mention I will be recapping Seo In Guk, my #1 bias's new web series Another Parting (Check below for trailer).  So be on the lookout for that along with my usual recap of I Need Romance 3 in which hopefully we will start seeing the romance.  Until then I wish you all a busy kdrama filled week.  


Another Parting Trailer

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Yuzuru Hanyu explodes with short program world record - See more at:


  1. Thanks Amber! that skating program was sensational!!!

  2. H K. I friended u on FB in case u see a name u dont recognize. I also thought Lawyer Kim was too sweet when he rushed the heroine's dog 2 the vet.

    1. Shannon? Am assuming that is you? I did like when he got past his dog fears to help her. It was so sweet. Cant wait to see how she handles knowing he likes her in ep 13.

  3. Thank you so much for listing A Well Raised Daughter, I never would have located it without your recommendation. I must confess to staying up all hours this past weekend watching it. I could not stop and watched up to darksmurf's final subbed eps. #53. Such a excellent drama! Love your posts!

    1. You are so welcome. I Love love love this drama and totally substalk the website.

  4. Isn't Hanyu a doll? My fifteen year old daughter is smitten! Loving Let's Eat and Man from the Stars right now. Can We Love made me so angry last week, I needed to walk away. lol

    1. Barbara, I am pretty sure that Can We Love is making everyone mad. That actress plays such a great horrible character. I really liked her in Heartless City as well. She might not play nice characters but they are always memorable. I cant wait to watch the next episode tonight.


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