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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - February Week 3

Evil Mother In Laws, Iconic movie reenactments,  Ghost..Ghosts.. & yes more Ghosts, and a sexy alien played by Seo In Guk can all be found in this weeks Top 5 Kdrama Countdown.   So sit back and enjoy the ride as I take you through the best moments in kdramaland during the 2nd week in February
I swear that all the drama writers were eating their awesome sauce this week.  It was so so so hard to choose only five favorites.  I felt like I was letting down all of the other dramas who truly moved me by their awesomeness.  With several new dramas added into the mix, along with all of our current airing dramas (many of them coming to the end of their run) the writers are for some reason throwing out all of their best work.  And while I was unable to put everything in this weeks countdown, I did whittle it down to some of the best of the best).

#5 How Many Times Can A Ghost Seeing Detective Get Hit in the Head in One Episode?
Ghost Seeing Detective CheoYong began airing (or at least subs finally came out for the first two episodes) this week and we were introduced to our hero.  A police officer (Oh Ji Ho - Fugitive Plan B) who solves crimes with the use of the ghosts of the murdered victims.  Due to losing his partner, in a posession ritual killing related accident, he gives up serious crime and becomes a traffic cop.  Five years later he is dragged back into the world of murders and ghosts and meets teenage ghost Han Na-Young (Jun Hyo Seong - Idol group Secret) who haunts the police station.  They team up to fight crime and it is all types of quirky.  I don't know why but they just make the cutest couple of crime fighters (not so much as any type of romantic couple, but more of a master and his unruly apprentice).  I have too admit that whoever the director of this drama is, he has a great and deep love with hitting people over the back of their heads with a wooden stick.  The amount of times our Hero gets knocked out got to the point that I even started to contemplate making it into a drinking game (for us non drinkers such as myself it could be a shot of Pepsi to help me stay up and watch everything. LOL)  So if you want to see a quirky show full of spooky moments, cute squabbles, and our hero developing stick induced brain damage, be sure to check out this new show.

Links for Eng Subs.  (darksmurfsubs also has this drama, but the subs are not great yet since they are still working on cleaning them up.)
Episode 1 part 1
Episode 1 Part 2
Episode 2 part 1

#4 The Women I Love to Hate
 (I wrote this after episode 13 and at this point of the show I still think my feelings were justified:)
When answering the question put forth from the title of the show "Can We Love?" for these women I want to shout a resounding NO!  Rarely have I ever loathed a female character as much as I do these three women (well really two of the women and annoying girl in training) from this drama.  Yes, you heard right, not just one character but three.  I am currently hoping that all three women somehow end up having to live together alone with no other human contact (because they are that horrible).  The first of the trio (thankfully she is getting better but still added her in since she was a pill up to episode 13) is the daughter of Ji Hyun, fifteen year old Se Ra who not only finds herself pregnant, but portrays what happens when you spoil your child.  Her level of selfish tendencies and cruelty towards her mother is unnatural.  And I know that a lot of you are saying to yourselves that she is having to go through a teenage pregnancy in an unforgiving culture.  However that does not excuse her horrible behavior before this became known nor after when she sees how her mother is treated.  I hope that they attempt to redeem this character for her mother's sake because you can choose your friends but you can't choose your daughter.
The second detestable character is Ji Hyun's abusive/psychotic mother in law Im Ye Jin.  In all my many many dramas I have yet to see a MIL so abusive and cruel as she is to her husband's wife.  And keep in mind that I have seen dramas where they fake affairs, force psychological illnesses to have the daughter in law committed, and a whole bunch of shenanigans in between and none come close to the evil that is this women.  Her crazy abuse is probably the main reason I would give Jo Hyun's character a free pass for all her past lies because no on deserves to be around that women.  The final women is one I have mentioned in past countdowns.  The mega (insert derogatory curse word of choice) that is Sun Mi brings the crazy B lead to a whole new level when she uses her pregnancy (NOT the main guys child) to break up her best friend with her soul mate boyfriend.  And she does it without an ounce of shame or guilt.  It would at least be understandable if she was totally alone and had no options but we have already seen her ditch two perfectly good men, instead deciding to try and take a man that is not hers.  I think I speak for all of us viewers when I say that even becoming an old alone cat ahjumma is too good for her.  I worry that she is going to find happiness in the end (since this is a Asian drama and they like to redeem people) but I wish that she could spend the next twenty years stuck  watching everyone else be happy around her.  All three of these women deserve a good slap from karma and if we are lucky it will by while we can watch.
The Most Evil Mother In Law in Kdrama History Clip

#3 Karma Comes to the Story of Empress Ki
Talking about karma, Empress Ki rewarded its viewers with the #1 Evil Overlord Family getting a huge heaping bowl full of it.  Nyang's plans come to fruition as the selfish empress is banished to the cold palace (kind of cracked me up that this palace was filled with spiderwebs and icicles yet was supposedly just in a different part of the compound) and began her suffering by having to sleep with no blankets and eat only gruel.  Her brother confronts Nyang who informs him (with the scariest look) that this is not the end of her revenge but just the beginning.  That she won't stop until he is left crying over the broken and dead bodies of his sister and father.  The Emperor is not staying still either and through a series of political moves and help from his supporters he is able to overthrow much of the regents power.  For followers of the show who have hated and screamed at their TV's as these people did horrible things, it was truly a great moment.  I have to admit I probably cheered out loud once or twice.
Nyang's Revenge Clip

The Emperor Takes Control Clip

#2 Bromance ET Style
It was so so so hard to choose a favorite moment from this weeks My Love From Another Star.  There was the great scene where Song-Yi went into super cute baby talk mode when demanding that her alien boyfriend come to her room right now (I think if I ever talked to my husband in that voice there is a good chance he would divorce me.  LOL  Yes it is that annoying).
Cutesy Song Yi Clip
Or the scene where Do Min Joon outs himself as a supernatural being to the world in order to save Song-Yi from dying of poison. You have to really appreciate a boyfriend who shows you and the world how he truly feels.
Our Alien is Outed Clip

But the scene that truly won my heart and is my #2 moment of the week was between Do Min Joon and his future possible brother in law Yoon Jae.  Min Joon manages to get drunk when getting permission from our heroine's father to officially court her.  And we all know what happens when our cute alien gets drunk.  HEHEHE  He flashes himself and Song Yi's brother from a phone booth into his apartment, totally outing himself (before he was officially outed to the world).  Now most people would be a little upset or weirded out by this turn of events, but not Yoon Jae (happens to be obsessed about space, astronomy, and all things alien related).   He instead treats the drunk Min Joon as if he is royalty and the next morning when he sobers up, Min Joon finds that his new friend only has one request.  He slowly puts out his finger and poor Min Joon winces as he reenacts the scene from ET.  This scene officially not only gets on my countdown for this week, but is possibly one of my top favorite moments from the whole series.  So congrats to all you viewers out there that enjoy a little Meta humor in their dramas.
ET Bromance Clip

#1 Seo In Guk!!!!
Did I mention that my #1 Bias was back on tv this week!  For those of you who were not following my blog posts, the web series Another Parting began airing this week and episodes 1-3 were AWESOME.  I was not expecting the story to be quirky nor about a Hul, body snatching alien who comes to earth to study the human experience and instead finds love with a suicidal idol Ha Na.  Seo In Guk steals the show with his animated expressions and charisma that pulls you into the crazy storyline.  And at only 10 minutes apiece, the episodes manage to pack in a whole lot of story in a short time getting you to hope that Ha Na and Hul can somehow pull off a happy ending.  I have all the links with subs in my blog recap posts.  For those of you waiting for the conclusion of the show, episodes 4 and 5 will be airing on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

Recaps Episode 1&2
Recap Episode 3

Honorable Mentions
I want to do a quick shout out to a few other highlights of the week.  I know I know, but it just kills me to not reward excellence.  Feel lucky I stopped at only three.

Potato Star - Karaoke Wars
Several of the members of the Potato Star world travel together to enjoy some hot springs.  However due to infighting everyone is silent and angry throughout the whole vacation.  Determined to have some quality family time, youngest son Hye-Sung is devices a plan to bring everyone together.  He cajoles and begs til his family comes out to enjoy some karaoke but instead everyone uses this opportunity to sing out their issues with each other.   My personal favorite was when the garage ahjumma started singing to the mom (her boss) about how her house, kids, and money should have all been hers hehehe. 

Karaoke Clip

Beyond the Clouds - Revenge is Pretty
I am excited for this new drama now that I have finished the first two episodes.  They have really put some money into this drama since they shot on location in Thailand.  Can I just say that I love how they went that extra mile to actually go to another country to comply with the storyline.  It gave the whole show an extra exotic feel.  Add to that the fact that leading man Yoon Kye-Sang (Greatest Love- I am so excited he jumped out of the B Role zone) is knocking it out of the park in his portrayal of Jung Se-Ro, an incarcerated patsy for murder and a jewel heist and you could not have made me any happier.

Beyond the Clouds Trailer

Emergency Couple - Sexy CPR
I am pretty sure that no one has ever thought of CPR as being sexy before.  But that was before this scene in Emergency Couple.  Chang Min's emotions are slowly being reengaged for his ex wife Jin Hee.  However it looks like things might be heating up between Jin Hee and her boss Cheon Soo.  Or at least they are in Chang Min's overactive imagination.  I would just like to point out that the music used in this scene is HILARIOUS.  I will never look at CPR the same way.

Steamy CPR Clip

OK, OK, I am stepping back away from the keyboard because I think that I could continue to find scene after scene that I want to talk about this week.  I am giddy just writing about all the shows I love and now I want to go watch everything again.  Unfortunately that will have to wait and instead I will start watching everything for next week.  Who knows, maybe we will find A scene from our first Thailand drama mentioned on my blog now that I am watching the Thai Full House remake (just a quick mention that it is absolutely adorable).  And I am sure that we are in for a crazy finale from My Love From Another Star.  Not to mention we are heading to the final run with our dramas Lets Eat and I Need Romance 3 so maybe they will have some spectacular scenes that we can add to our countdown.  Whatever happens, I am sure I will enjoy every drama filled minute of it. 

Till next week,

Dramas that I am currently watching:
Potato Star 2013QR23
A Well Raised Daughter (subs are behind in relation to the filming schedule)
One Warm Word
Can We Love
King's Daughter Soo Baek Hyang
Empress KI
Full House (Thailand version)- can find subs on Viki and Youtube.
Lets Eat
My Love From Another Star
Golden Rainbow
Inspiring Generation
I Need Romance 3 - Be sure to check out my recaps!
Emergency Couple 
Angel's Revenge 
Beyond the Clouds/Full Sun 
Another Parting (check out my recaps)
Ghost Seeing Detective CheoYong

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