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Gap Dong Episode 19 - Can You Say Entraptment?

We have made it to the last episodes of this drama and I am personally jumping for joy.  No more unexplainable plots, no more stupid females, and no more having to figure out how to say "this does not make sense" in a new and enlightening way.  To say I am happy for this drama to end is an understatement.  On that note, lets jump right into the crazy and see if we can wrap up all those pesky loose ends.  I especially want them to explain the wide spread knowledge of the whistling tune (seriously, it is driving me nuts, I might need to start some balloon therapy) and I would not be sad if the nunchucks make another appearance at some point.

Moo Yeom and Detective Gap Dong (DGD) are facing off with each other at the pool.  DGD has decided to prove his multiple personality by killing Moo Yeom while being caught on CCTV, because then he can prove he is crazy and get a reduced sentence.  Although why that is needed before he is even charged with anything, I am not sure.  Moo Yeom is setting things up to have him attempt to kill him so he can officially arrest him.  I guess that makes a bit more sense, but not by much.  Waiting in the wings is the female detective (still in her skimpy swim suit) with her gun as his back up.  DGD rushes Moo Yeom and easily takes his gun away.  I thought that the gun was going to be empty, but the writers proved me wrong and had bullets in the gun.  WHAT?  Seriously?  Why would you bring a loaded gun and let the serial killer shoot you.  And why is lady cop still standing there like an extra from a James Bond film.  I think I would want more back up than a barely covered sex kitten cop even if she is holding a gun.  Sure enough she hesitates long enough for DGD to get off a shot that enters Moo Yeom's shoulder before sex kitten also shoots DGD in the shoulder.  Let's just be thankful that we don't have another miraculous brain bullet recovery to explain.
Moo Yeom is shot, but tells his partner not to worry, "I wont bleed out before I drive DGD to the prison."  WTH!  Here's a thought, maybe you should tell the stupid injured cop who is hallucinating due to the bullet in his freaking brain, "No you can't drive the prisoner off by yourself and interrogate him, because you are bleeding from a gun shot wound and look like you will pass out....because you let him have a flipping loaded gun you idiot". 

Moo Yeom begins to drive erratically and talks about both of them dying together, making DGD look very nervous.  Our Mad Monk tells DGD that he will bleed out before going to the hospital unless he tells him about the other murders that he has committed (assuming that DGD never stopped, just stopped posing the bodies).  Eventually he passes out and drives the car straight into a telephone pole, scaring DGD enough to admit to another dead body site.  Success on being able to charge DGD with a murder that was not past the point of prosecuting.
Meanwhile, we have Tae Oh hanging out in the woods with Ditzy Ji Wool, tied to a tree and doing his balloon therapy.   Tae Oh texts Dr Maria to come join them or else he will be killing Ji Wool.  So if you leave a victim alone with a serial killer (who you are pretty sure is going to attempt to kill so said victim) are you at all responsible.  The lackadaisical manner in which Dr Maria and Yang Chul-Gon treat this situation is driving me nuts.  One, he had already confessed and was most likely getting the death penalty or at least life in prison.  Why was this even remotely necessary?  Two.  How are you going to watch and make sure bad things (like stupid webgirl getting sliced and diced) don't happen when you are far away in a car and not in the woods watching your sting operation.  A tracking device does not save someone from a gun or a blade.  Three, who knew that the stupid balloon therapy would kind of work.  Either that or the writers wanted to pull in the pervy noona demographic with Lee Joon pursing his lips over and over.   Hmmmmmm  I think we all know what the real motivation was with that concept.
After hearing that Moo Yeom had indeed caught DGD with new charges, Dr Maria announces that it is now her time to do something (again WHY WHY WHY is this necessary?)  She calmly walks into the clearing and confronts Tae Oh, but looks a little shocked when he tells her that they are going to play a game.  (I would like to point out that you could see this storyline coming from at least 10 episodes ago)  
At least we get some of my questions answered as we see that the police have a hover/helicopter camera circling over the clearing where Tae Oh is making the two girls play Rock, Paper, and Scissors.  The cops are monitoring the feed far back from the actual kill site and seem very calm considering they are "catching" a serial killer.   I am sure if Tae Oh looks like he is about to attack one of the girls that were sitting a foot away from him, the helicopter droid can distract him by falling out of the sky and hitting him on the head, enabling the 10 min the police would need to get to the actual attack location.  It makes total sense.
I think I would be more invested in this whole remake of the rock, paper, scissors, debacle if I actually cared about either of the female characters.  Of course when twit girl chooses her life over Dr Maria's, just as Dr Maria was about to give up her life for her twit girl, but instead ends up actually winning the game on accident, I could not stop laughing.  Wow that went very wrong very quickly. Tae Oh spends more time asking important questions pertaining to Dr Maria's lack of sympathy for him, or at least proper treatment of a therapeutic nature.  Her reply was that he was Gap Dong's copycat and she refuses to ever give sympathy to someone who murdered people (maybe she is in the wrong profession).  Tae Oh looks up at the drone and smile, telling  them "when I die.........?" and the scene cuts off before we get to hear the rest. 
I was wondering why everything was taking so long to develop.  If he is literally sliding the knife along twit girls throat, isn't that a good enough reason to call it a day and take Tae Oh back into custody.  But I guess they were waiting for Moo Yeom to get out of surgery, ignore the doctors advice about the bullet in his brain, sign permission for DGD to get surgery, and then drive over to the scene of the 2nd sting operation.  DGD's words about killing Tae Oh are ringing through his ears as he tries to figure out how this situation will result in Tae Oh's release from prison.  He joins the trio whistling Gap Dong's theme song (seriously where did they all learn this whistling thing) and Tae Oh just smirks and automatically gives himself up. 
DGD gets ready for his new trial, and I was surprised to notice that this one was not even half the circus that the first trial in ep 17.  But that does not stop him from freaking out when his sentence is about to pronounce his sentence.  DGD runs about yelling to let him live, and that he did not want to die (is anyone else disappointed that Gap Dong kind of ended up being a whiny jerk and not even half as scary as Tae Oh.).  We end on DGD screaming and begging for his life while Moo Yeom looks on with an expression of disgust. 

I am not sure where the writers are really trying to go with the psychological storyline anymore.  The writers keep trying to make the actions of the killers make some type of sense, they have triggers, or multiple personalities, or it is societies fault.  Why can't they just be killers and let the concept lie.  There is no logical reasoning that can explain the situation and the meandering attempts to give an explanation are just plain frustrating for both the other characters in the drama as well as we the viewers.  Right now I am just holding on to the end because of this blog so I am ecstatic to watch the last episode tomorrow. 


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