Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kmuse Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - Favorite Stalker Edition

I actually sat down with my daughters this week and had the "what is attractive, and hot in a kdrama is not what you want in real life, so don't date a stalker" talk.  So this is the perfect topic for this weeks countdown. Who doesn't love a good Korean style stalking?  It is almost a staple in the Kdrama wheelhouse that when you have a pining hottie, you of course have to go into stalk mode, because communication and healthy interaction is just too mainstream to be effective. So with that in mind, let's countdown the top kdrama stalkers that, while we may have a few reservations now and then we love them anyway. 
#5 Kang Seo Wool - What Happens to My Family
Coming in at #5 is the plucky country bumpkin, Kang Seo Wool, who travels to Seoul 12 years after meeting her soul mate in order to hunt him down for a wedding.   Seo Wool is the baby stalker of my countdown (since she is very openly pursuing her future husband) but the fact that she sneakily found out his address, followed him to his house, introducing herself as the "fiancee", and later lived in his rooftop apartment unknown to the other members of the household, earns her stalker level. 
#4 Kim Ha Ni - Surplus Princess
Surplus Princess is the latest drama in a long line of amazing TvN romantic comedies where we have our heroine (mermaid turned human Kim Ha-Ni) actively stalking one of the leading men (Song Jae Rim).  Ha Ni falls in love with human chef, Kwon Shi Kyung, from his social media accounts and certain that it is "true love" chooses to take her stalking to the next level and magically acquire legs to further her pursuit.  Things so far have not panned out, but her continued surprise kiss attacks and constant presence wherever he is, are bound to produce a positive outcome.  RIGHT????  Please say it works out for our poor horny heroine or I will be so sad.
#3 Harry - I Miss You
I am so torn about this character since  he was, by far,  my favorite part of this drama.  Poor thing, so hot, yet so messed up because of his father's abuse.  Was Harry a mentally damaged, control freak, almost psychopathic, stalker extraordinaire?  Yes, but he just needed the love of a good woman and all would have been OK (I refuse to accept he was totally nonredeemable). Which is why he was so intent on watching and training Soo Yeon to be dependent on his love.  What else is a poor stalker supposed to do?  This is the 2nd week in a row that Yoo Seung Ho had been featured on my countdown, so obviously my brain is starting to get excited for his release from the military.  Let's hope that we can see him stalking our TV screens in the new year.

#2 John Lee/Lee Yoon Sung - City Hunter
 Lee Min Ho was actually one of my first experiences with the romantic kdrama style of stalking.  His intense portrayal of revenge/justice vigilante Yoon Sung caught my eye and heart.  It was not until I really started dissecting the drama logically that I realized that some of the "romantic" things he did could be considered a little in the stalkerish zone.  Although who doesn't want a guy to buy their building, lurk outside the house at all hours, stare at you from a car as you ride the bus, etc. etc. At least as long as they are hot and have a crazier stalker father that makes them look sane in comparison.

#1 Jo Min Hyuk - Secret
Oh Jo Min Hyuk (Ji Sung - Protect the Boss), you looked at the stalker line that was drawn in sand, erased it, and put it 5 inches away from your victim love.....and THEN you crossed it.  It is that extreme stalker crazy that makes you #1 on my all time favorite stalker list.  Beginning as an obsessive need for revenge Min Hyuk relentlessly stalks Kang Yoo Jung (Hwang Jung-Eum- Endless Love) and then somehow (I am declaring it a weird reverse case of Stockholm syndrome) falls in love with the woman he thinks murdered his girlfriend and unborn baby.  Sometimes crazy, sometimes romantic, yet always a stalker, Min Hyuk cuts a khottie swath through the social norms and makes us cheer for this unlikely couple
This concludes the list of my favorite stalkers.  Is yours on the list, or did I miss it in all the options that were available.  Feel free to tell us your #1 stalker in the comments or on our FB page where we post updates on kpop, kdramas, and have fun krelated discussions. 

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