Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Ahjumma Scoop - Come Chat Kdramas

Hey all, The Crazy Ahjummas here with our new concept "The Ahjumma Scoop".  Dongsaeng and I figured this would be the perfect way to let you know what we think of various dramas we are watching without actually recapping all of them.  Because no matter how much I would love to recap everything, I would have to give up eating, sleeping, and pretty much watching dramas themselves, to get it all done.
KMUSE- Hahaha Challenge not accepted.  I just did a no sleep dramathon and I feel like I'm going to die and I think that I can finally understand how people say you get tired when you age.  Yup, this Ahjumma needs a nap.

We of course will be continuing to do our recaps (check back late this weekend for our new reviews), but sometimes we want to discuss other things.  Maybe even throw in some kpop here and there, and figured this would be the perfect platform.  So with that in mind... let's get this started!

-Falling For Innocence-
KMUSE- Hmmmm.  Should we start on something I know we are both watching?  How about "Falling For Innocence"?

DONGSAENG: Yes! I'm all for starting with Jung Kyung Ho~!

KMUSE- I won't go into extreme details since I don't want to spoil it for our readers.  But how flipping awesome was Min Ho's various stares in this weeks episode?  I felt that he was giving me good drama induced goosebumps every other scene.
DONGSAENG: I am an episode behind (not counting this week's that haven't come out yet), so I am anxious to see what 12 brings. Right now I'm at that point of frustration which I often reach with dramas where the bad guy has information about the good guy. I'm also at that point of frustration where I want to forcibly squish two faces together and make them kiss. Frustrations aside (really, they just come with the territory and are unavoidable), I am still enjoying this drama. I am ready to focus less on the business and more on our OTP getting down to business though, if you know what I mean. *eyebrow waggle*
KMUSE- I am just so happy that Jung Kyung Ho is finally getting the recognition he deserves.  He is an AMAZING actor that has screen presence that just won't stop.  I hope that everyone goes back and watches some of his past work (cough cough***Heartless City) now that he is becoming more mainstream.  Kyung Ho is definitely a hidden gem.

KMUSE- Yoon Hyun Min is not too shabby either.  I am loving to hate his character Joon Hee.  For some reason I just tend to feel pity for him rather than all out hatred.  He is just so sad in his insanity.  Or maybe he is just really hot and distracts me from how evil he is.
DONGSAENG: I would agree with you that he is more of a tragic character with maybe a slight personality disorder that is a bit "misguided" and not necessarily full-blown evil. Dude did run down his bestie though in cold blood. That wasn't cool, hot or not.

- Love Weaves Through a Millennium-
KMUSE- Have finally found subs for this drama (some of you might recognize it as the Chinese remake of "Queen In Hyun's Man").  There are several reasons I am enjoying the C-Version more.  Most of them due to the spunky cuteness of the leading lady (Zheng Shuang).  While I did enjoy the heroine in Queen In Hyun's Man, I would say it was the character itself that I liked rather than the actress.  In Love Weaves, I enjoy both.
You can find subbing for this drama on Viki fan channels and it usually has at least one new episode subbed each week.

KMUSE- We are a month into the long 6 mths of airing and I am still in love with "Hwajung".  You can tell that they have gone all out in producing this drama, because it still feels like I am watching a movie quality show every week.  For those of you curious, just a warning... there is a truckload of politics in this drama.  Good politics, but politics none the less.  So if that is your thing and you enjoy Sagueks then this is a must watch.
KMUSE- A person could get lost in that gaze....SIGH.........  And thankfully Seo Kang Joon's acting seems to be improving with each drama he is in.  Yay for progress and sexy eyes.

~Drunken to Love You~

DONGSAENG: This one is an oldie but a goodie. A Taiwanese drama that first aired back in 2011. I remember Unnie watching it back while it was airing and gushing about it and stressing in between episodes. DramaFever recently started adding it into their lineup, so I decided to give it a whirl, knowing how much she had loved it. Basically I was searching for a "quick hit". I was in romantic limbo hell with all of my dramas and needed some hard core heart-pounding love action. Tdramas are known to come out swinging hard and heavy out of the gate, or at least shortly out of the gate, so I figured it would be a solution to help ease those mid-Kdrama love blues where no one knows how or what they feel. I assumed it would be a lot like other Tdramas that I have watched. And loved. And then hated. They typically start out awesome and then spiral out of control somewhere in the middle, with all the happy taking a nosedive into the major melo. I had planned on sticking around through the happy, getting my solid romance fix, and then abandoning it when the going got rough. Well, I'm currently 15 episodes in and still waiting for that going to get rough. In other words, I am liking it more than I thought I would.

The leads are just adorable. So very adorable. Especially Rainie Yang as Xiao Ru Lin, girl who's hottie (smoking hottie) boyfriend suddenly ups and ditches her just as she is expecting him to propose. 
Joseph Chang plays Song Jie Xiu, designer extraordinare who has been dating supermodel-turned-actress Ai Wei (played by Tiffany Hsu) secretly for many years. I will admit, at first sight, I wasn't all that impressed with our leading guy. In my defense though, have you seen how hot the ex-boyfriend (Kingone Wang) is?! And he's a pilot to boot?! 

Yeah, took me a little while, but I eventually migrated over to the right side of the ship and now it's full-steam ahead for our accidentally yoked couple.

For yet another "contract marriage" drama, this one manages to still shine bright. I am glad I hung on to it.

-Looking Forward-
KMUSE- I am so excited for all the new dramas that start this week.  Especially "Producers" and "Orange Marmalade" since we will be recapping them.  I also would love to start the Sageuk, Jing Bi Rock, now that it is consistently getting subbed.  Have heard great things about that drama.

DONGSAENG: I'm excited about Orange Marmalade and Producers as well, and also look forward to seeing my Chilbongie/Yoo Yeon Seok back in action in Warm and Cozy. {mmm...I'd love to get warm and cozy with YYS...} I hope this new lineup of dramas coming lives up to the hype I'm creating for them in my head. ;)

KMUSE- I am so addicted to BTS's new song "I Need U".  It is literally always playing in my head.  They just released a dramatic 19+ version of the MV and I thought it was beautifully done (even though I did miss the dancing).  Check out their new version below.  And here is a link to the 1st version if you feel the need to compare. 

DONGSAENG: I will admit that I have been giving all my KPop-related attention and love to Big Bang. Still. I feel bad for anyone trying to promote right now up against them. Sorry Kpoplandia. The kings are back and can't help but to outshine you. It's their big, shiny, kingly crowns that they must bear. It's tough to be king.  I am loving their appearances on all the music shows. Here's this past week's Inkigayo performances.

How sick was that stage for Bae Bae? Gorgeous!
Speaking of Bae Bae, have you seen the 4 little Bae Bae clips that they put up this past week? Just fun little treats for the VIPs out there.

We hope you liked our first installment of The Ahjumma Scoop. Be sure to tell us what you're watching and let's chat drama!

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  1. I like this new edition to the blog. It's a keeper. :) It really is hard to sit there and recap all the time. My hats off to people that do. Getting older is no joke, you're just tired everywhere. I understand. lol. I do not have the fangirl steam and electricity that I had in my twenties now that i've reached official mid-thirties. (But I wasn't fangirling kdrama then. Didn't even know what it was) Of course now I WISH i had that same enthusiastic energy for Asian drama. But it's okay. I'm happy to relax and just watch a plethora of good dramas and make brief comments here and there on blogs and FB groups, etc.
    Even if my mind is racing and thinking about starting a blog, I know my limits and my attention span to keeping them updated, etc. and my fingers won't move. My eyes though, my poor eyes, need a new set of glasses. lol. There should be a warning that excessive Kdrama watching could lead to vision degeneration over a period of years.

    Thanks so much for the heads up about the CDrama Love Weaves through a millennium. I almost forgot about that one. And now there's also the new Jiro Wang Time Travel drama that started. Also on Viki. I recently cleared a bit off my drama plate so I'm happy to start one or the other very soon…or both!

    1. I plan on starting the new Jiro Wang drama as soon as more episodes are subbed. Can't wait.

  2. Hwajung is definitely worth the time. I braved carsickness and watched it on a long car trip it was so good. Although, they appear to have just discovered the "bong-g-g-g" sound affect from Inception. They use it a lot.

    1. Hahaha I hadn't noticed, but I probably will now. Can't wait to see what happens now that main hottie knows she is a girl.


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