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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - June Week 1 :The top 5 things that annoyed me this week edition!

I decided to switch things up this week.  So instead of telling you my favorite kdrama moments, I am instead going to discuss what is currently annoying me.  Because sometimes a blogger just needs to vent.  So please join me in discussing what moments just irked me to the point of ranting.  If you have any that I missed, feel free to share in the comment section, or on our Facebook page.  After all, misery loves company.

B.A.P "Where are You"
Prepare yourself for an abundance of cuteness in BAP's new MV for "Where are You?".  It is a nice change from their usual heavy beats and leather pants and perfect for the summer.  I especially like the cute head bopping and whistling chorus.
#5 Underused Characters
There is nothing worse than loving a character that does not get the screen time and/or character development that you want.  That is why I am doing a shout out to my favorite secondary characters that I did not see enough of this week.
Kang Jin Ah (Jung So Min- Big Man, Mischievous Kiss)
I could not love her character anymore than I already do. This week Jin Ah stole the whole show when upon discovering what her family did to the man she loves, she takes things into her own hands and starts to take care of him.  She begins housekeeping and even gets a job at Subway (can we say product placement) to pay the bills.  My favorite part is where Jin Ah was doing the laundry, only she was washing only one piece of laundry per load.  One of the best examples of a princess type trying to change her life around.  Touches both my heart and my funny bone and I hope to be able to see her in another drama (please one where she has a great character who does not screech) soon.  
Tae Oh (Lee Joon-Gap Dong)
The development of serial killer Tae Oh on the drama Gap Dong is, in my opinion, a huge kdrama tragedy.  Were he was once smart, ruthless, and terrifying, the writers (in the 2nd half of the drama) turned him into a scared, confused, yet still hot, caged killer.  You have to give it to Lee Joon, he makes fretting in a jail cell a work of art, but there is only so much you can do when you are not given the plot development the character deserves. 
Soo Cheol (Yoon Hyun Min-Witch's Romance, Heartless City)
I'll be honest.  This character has actually gotten a lot more screen time than it's Taiwanese counterpart in the original drama.  However I personally think a petition should be started asking for Soo Cheol to get his own drama.  I would be an avid watcher and I think he deserves a lot better than the mousy second lead.
#4 Jin Se Yeon (and both her characters in Dr Stranger)
I have tried to get past it, but it is just impossible for me.  Whatever the reason is, I just really don't enjoy her style of acting and it makes watching her dramas very very difficult.  It is even harder when I don't like her character in the show on top of her poor acting.  That is the case in Dr Stranger.  I won't go into great detail since I have already written a blog post about it ( but suffice it to say, she makes me want to FF any time she is on the screen.  Which is a quandary since watching Lee Jong Suk is one of my favorite things to do.
#3 Leading Men who do not use their brains
Don't you hate it when there is a really wonderful character who suddenly goes bad (and not in the awesome bad boy kind of way).  He has it all, morals, looks, ability, and yet it only takes one succubus of a girl to destroy his good character and make him into an obsessive selfish jerk.  I understand that the drama of the show comes from the interaction between the romantic pairings (refuse to call them an OTP) but when the leading man, in this case Park Hoon from Doctor Stranger, loses every ounce of decent character anytime she comes on screen, then color me unimpressed.  I want to cheer for my hero (especially halfway through the show) not wince in pain when he ditches his friends and morals, not to mention his intelligence, because of a sub par female.  I will finish this drama since I really do enjoy watching Lee Jong Suk, but this weeks episodes pretty much took it off my rewatch list.
#2 Screeching Mothers
Family dramas are famous for their screeching ahjumma mothers.  Nothing is worse than having to listen to those harridans rage about their children dating underneath their status.  Two of the worst, when it comes to this phenomenon, is the dramas Glorious Day and Wild Chives and Soybean Soup.  If I had my way, I would duct tape their mouths shut so my ears can enjoy some rest.  Just because you are a mother in a drama does not mean you have to scream every line of dialogue.
#1 Best Moment of the Week
When you gotta go, ya gotta go - Partners by Blood 
When I finally started writing this blog post I found that I really only have four things that are really annoying.  So I am going to let you know what my favorite moment of the week was to help erase all my complaining.   And it is a truly a doozy of a scene from the Jdrama Partners by Blood (Bitter Blood).  In episode 8 our father son duo gets stuck in the elevator with their female coworker, which usually would not be a problem......unless you get the sudden urge to pee and you are stuck in a small confined space.  Can we just say AWKWARD?  But that awkwardness provided us with some epic screen caps, so look and enjoy the crazy.  Also if you have not checked out this drama yet, I urge you to give it a try.  It is a perfect for first time Jdrama watchers.

Thanks for joining me as I purged my pent up complaints this week.  Next week I should be back to my usual chipper self so be sure to continue and check in each Sunday.  Also check out my recaps for Gap Dong and A Witch's Romance and my upcoming recaps for High School King.  

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