Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I Remember You Episode 5 - The 10 Moments Seo In Guk Made Us Swoon in Episode 5

You know a person has charisma when it is difficult to focus on the actual plot because you are too busy staring at the leading man.  Seo In Guk is such an actor.  And it has been especially hard since he looks so spectacular in this drama.  It doesn't help that Hyeon's character is fascinating as well and I am second guessing his every eyebrow raise.  Does Hyeon actually know things that he is not sharing yet?  Is he suspicious of anyone?  Does he recognize his little brother (it has to be hottie lawyer....it just has to)?  So because it was so hard to focus, I am going to just let my inner fangirl go forth and write all about Hyeon and the moments we were swooning in episode 5.

#1 Hottie in a ClosetWe get hot Hyeon moments right off the bat as our sexy hero is stuck in the closet with Ji An.  And then without Ji An as she bounces out, surprising her coworkers, in an effort to distract them from where Hyeon is hiding.  Had to laugh when Ji An called out grumpy cop about calling her "unendowed" in the chest area. Bwahaha.  But it works and Ji An is able to usher everyone out, leaving Hyeon alone to do his thing.
Neck, eyes, mouth........even his ear is perfect.
Hyeon realizes, through brilliant deduction, that for once the murder of the old cop has nothing to do with him.  He just accidentally came across the crime.

#2 Hottie on the Floor
How many of us would give our souls to have SIG Hyeon sleep on our floor? Really, you are restricting him to the floor? Oh wait, Ji An is getting into the circle with him... that is acceptable fangirl behavior.  I approve.
Rule #57 Get as close as possible while respecting their space.  Fangirl 101.

3#Hottie Cleans & Cooks
This is my personal favorite moment.  Nothing sexier than a guy who is willing to clean up the mess I made (hint hint honey........haha, Just kidding, my hubbie would rather die than read my kdrama recap blog posts... probably a good thing since I am waxing poetic about another man)
But getting back to my on screen fantasy man......Hyeon cleans up Ji An's pigsty of a house and makes her breakfast.  I love how Hyeon even continues to cleans up after Ji An as she goes into super sloppy mode while eating.  The moment is broken a bit when Hyeon starts recalling doing the same for his little brother (not sure if it is a good thing that Ji An reminds him of his brother), but then I just remind myself that Hyeon loves his brother, therefore Hyeon loves Ji An.  Totally logical.
Makes Perfect Sense
#4 Hottie Outing his Bad Boy Side
Have to stay stylish, even on the run.
Anyone else loving Hyeon's art dealer bestie/flunky?  It is just so cute how he bosses him around.  This time Hyeon is using his friend as a limo service and ATM machine.  Remember, Hyeon is still a wanted man.  A fact Hyeon casually lets his art friend know to which art boy replies -- "You did finally murder someone?"
Cracks me up that art boy starts calling the police the second Hyeon exits the car, but stops when Hyeon pops back in and informs him that he will just tell the police that art boy is an accessory to the crime if he finishes that call.
He winked OH MY AUNT FANNY... kill me now.
#5 Hottie Connecting Bromance Style
Even other men can't help but want to touch our sexy profiler.  Case in point, super creepy, next door neighbor, autopsy doctor tries to caress his face.  Under the excuse of putting vapor rub under his nose to help with the dead body stench.  Totally not buying that excuse......get your hands off my bias you possible, evil killer, you.
Wonder if he will notice if I graze his lips?
Quick Ji An Break
Hahaha She is cracking me up.  From going into the police headquarters to gather intel, to stealing the actual reports that her co-workers were using behind their backs.  She might be a total mess, but at least she is a very likable mess.
Rule #88 Must help my bias no matter the ethical issues.  Fangirl 101
#6 Hottie Gives Praise
I am sure Ji An thinks all of her illegal actions are worth it since it leads to our # 6 moment.  HYEON PATS HER HEAD!!  Seriously?  How does he make that look so sexy and not condescending?

#7 Hottie Gets All Philosophical
Hyeon is frustrated with the lack of clues.  While sitting outside, stargazing, Hyeon tells Ji An that depending on where you are, the stars are said to look like different pictures. It is the same with crimes, put enough lines between the stars/crimes and a picture will emerge.  He asks Ji An if she sees any stars, and when she answers no, Hyeon states-- "There are not enough stars to create the crime's picture yet."  But more importantly... our OTP has progressed to sharing a can of beer (without wiping away the germs) level of comfort.
Rule #142 Spit shared, next stop marriage!  Fangirl 101

#8 Hottie Runs Into His Brother Hottie Lawyer
Hyeon and Ji An go to the prison, hot on the trail of a suspect in the murders.  Who do they happen to run into, but hottie lawyer.  That guy sure gets around.  They share random chat chat (which is hilariously above Ji An's understanding) and then part ways.  Just as he is leaving Hottie Lawyer says "Perhaps did you know me from a long time ago?"  Oblivious, Hyeon, simply answers no.... poor hottie lawyer is not at all happy.
Do I remind you of your little lost brother who is maybe a crazy nut job?
Not really
Hyung shall rue the day he got amnesia and forgot me.

#9 Bad Cop Good Cop
Ji An and Hyeon decide they are going to go old school with a good cop, bad cop, routine to find out where the killer is hiding.  Hyeon gets really involved in his role and maybe let some of his inner feelings on his families situation out into the open.  He eventually storms out and Ji An goes in for the kill.
I even rock the angry eyebrow look.  Stand and be amazed!
We finally discover the secret behind who Ji An is.  It turns out that her father was one of the prison guards who disappeared during Lee Joon Hyeong's escape.  Remember the two that were in the  ambulance with him?  Since they disappeared, it was assumed that both were involved on the prison break.  Ji An therefore grew up as the daughter of a criminal, even though she believes in her father's innocence.  Hence the stalking Hyeon in search of any news of Joon Hyeong.

#10 Hottie Is Hot
Let's just admit that it didn't matter what he was doing, Hyeon was ALWAYS hot in this episode.  Just proving that he is worthy of being my #1 bias.
Yes, I am #1.... Now adore me.
Random Thoughts:
First, I just want to comment on how much I liked the conclusion of this episode's mystery.  The father and son reunion was very touching.  I also liked how their situation both pushed buttons on our leading character's emotional wounds.  Well done by the writers.
I assumed that the old guy was talking about our hot lawyer when he said the murderer suddenly appeared in front of him.  In reality he wants him to hunt down a missing kid for him.  Seems to me that this guy is going to have a purpose to our overall story arc.
Now let's chat about the mystery of Lee Joon Hyeong's modern day identity.  I know that our biggest suspect is currently creepy doc, but I still refuse to discount team leader.  His sudden competent moves in apprehending the killer makes me super suspicious.  I know he has a father... but still the suspicion will not go away. It's a long shot, but maybe grumpy cop?
As for Hyeon's little brother, I still say that it is 100% hottie lawyer.  The only question I have is whether or not he is really a killer?  Maybe he thinks Hyeon actually killed his father and is on a quest of revenge?  Or he really might be a crazy killer raised by Joon Hyeong after he ran away. Either way, it is mighty suspicious that hottie lawyer is involved in so many things that connect him with various bad guys.  Maybe I am just a dreamer wishing for a hottie and hottie bromance reunion.  I just don't want poor Hyeon to go through more trauma.

What do you think?  Who is who?  I am loving this story and love to chat conspiracy theaories.  Til next week, this is Kmuse checking out to go and stare at Seo In Guk some more.

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  1. at least episode 5 answered and confirmed a lot of stuff. woot! the close up n back shots... or kangdongnim u tease....

  2. I'm starting to think that his dad may be killed by his younger bro...think the secret lock to the basemen only his dad, he and his bro know where it was? And I kinda lol-ed when he decided to threw Ji An onto the bed instead of doing the 'typical way'...haha

    1. He was like suddenly realised what he was doing and goes "wth am I doing?!" and decided to threw her on the bed instead...LOL

    2. I am kind of hoping that the brother is not a psycho... he probably is, but still, the hope is alive...

    3. Actually I swooned over him right from epi 1, not only this epi....hehe, as for his little bro, yeah it's still not 100% confirmed that he is a psycho, only for Lee Joon Yeong that we are confirmed on....but I really wonder where the prison guards disappeared to? Probably killed by him too or smth?

    4. Yup. My guess is that they are dead.

  3. Btw, did anyone think on whether Lee Hyeon overheard Ji An's conversation with the convict on her childhood stuff ? Tat scene and he did look a bit disturbed/weird after she came out of the prison..I was a bit not convinced that since he was at her home, he didn't kind of search her house for some evidence on why she stalked him and such...I don't think he buy her fan/anti-fan reasons totally....

    1. I am still a bit confused on how much memory loss he has. Especially since she came into his life after the trauma. That is the one plot point I just don't get. And I agree that he should have seen clues when he was cleaning her house. Not to mention he should be suspicious of hot lawyer and medical examiner since the killer said he is beside him now.

  4. yeah, we are all so suspicious of that two mysterious guys plus the voice recording on "being beside him now"....he seemed to be stalking Lee Hyeon as well !! How come we seemed smarter than him....? *laughs*
    yes, for his partial memory lost, I also not sure which part he rmbs and which part he does not...I guessed it also linked to how and why his dad had died etc...

  5. Last picture: see that little peak at the breast bone of his white shirt? That's because he's been pinching it to flap and let cool air in. Why? Because he's toooo hot!

    1. hahahaha.....love your interpretation of the photo.

  6. Am just catching up on this show. It's soooooooo good! I'm suspicious of team leader too. That actor could totally switch it up. The Medical Examiner is too obvious. And I want some kind of brilliant twist, but the cop father connection is a strike against it. Ahh, what's gonna happen?!?!?!

    1. I really really want him to be more than the bumbling team leader. Because if he is just as he seems, it is a waste of a talented actor which makes me sad.


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