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Hyde, Jekyll & I Episode 3 - The Prodigal Son Returns

Episode 3 is a very Robincentric episode, which is a good thing since I am pretty sure that the writers want us to be confused over which of the personalities is our favorite.  We also learn that just because someone is nice does not make them loved.  And just because you are the "fake" personality, it does not make you any less real and complete in your own way.  Lines are blurred, emotions are engaged, and we viewers are finally able to connect with the second lead (who is also the first lead).  Hmmm, I feel some serious emotional confusion is in our future.

"Are you all right?  Are you sure you are all right in the head?"  These are the words spoken to the newly emerged Robin by a confused Ha Na as she tries to figure out how her uptight, rude, jerk of a director suddenly turned into a smiling man child.  But she just as easily could have been speaking to me as I smacked my head against the wall with all these circus themed, CGI laden shenanigans.
There is only a handful of possibilities that explain the logic found in the first ten minutes of episode 3.  One, he has a Peter Pan complex.  Robin does have a very youthful charm to him and with this carefree smile and fondness of flying about, this theory could totally, well, fly.  Two, the writers were trying to recreate that magic that was "Secret Garden" and decided if magical wine can exchange souls, then the viewers would be happy to buy anything.  And then Three (and most likely), Seo Jin is secretly a super hero.  Think about it, he has a secret lair, is able to change clothes with a seconds notice, and has an alternate persona. His Robin personality is also stronger then 10 of his father's henchmen. As proven when Robin is able to keep a door closed even though a bunch of men were on the other side attempting to open it.
He even has a catchphrase.  "There's nothing to thank me for. Its just in my nature" - I am pretty sure Robin's nature is big on the heart and low on the brains.  Jumping off of buildings does not lead to a long lifespan.

You might be wondering why I keep mentioning jumping off buildings in the plural.  That is because it seems to be a habit for Robins personality.  But let's back up for a second to where Ha Na follows Robin/Seo Jin up to the rooftop of the amusement park's castle.  Where he is trapped, being chased after the aforementioned thugs.  All that stands between him and a long nap thanks to a stun gun, is a flimsy door.
Robin begins to look for an escape from the roof going first for the fire hose (unfortunately not hooked up to the faucet) which thwarts his plans.  Ha Na continues to watch him in confusion and questions him yet again.  Robin looks up and smiles at her and her brain freezes (birds sing, rockets explode, Oh wait maybe those were everyone's ovaries at seeing Hyun Bin's dimples) and he tells her yet again not to worry, that it was just in his nature and goes back to trying to find an escape.
Just as he gets desperate to try and climb down the drain pipe, Ha Na shakes off her stupor and offers Robin her hand -"Come with me, I can get us down."  Next thing we know, cheesy music about falling is playing on the background and our OTP (One True Pairing) is flying through the air, hanging on a rope.  A rope that, I am pretty sure, is not connected to anything but fantasy and bad CGI.  Who knew that the falling off a building into a reflection pool lake would be the realistic part of their relationship?
Robin and Ha Na grab a taxi and are running off to a mansion owned by Robin/Seo Jin's family in which Ha Na takes a moment to try and talk some sense into herself.  "You are not some easy girl to fall for a guy's killer smile."  Bwahahaha
I love that Robin has his own secret "bat cave" albeit a slightly less hi-tech bat cave then Seo Jin.  It is filled with books, photos of Robin with friends, and has an all around cozy feel.  I had previously not thought of Robin as being someone who could have a full life, but we find him checking his old cell phone and listening to messages from friends who were worried he had disappeared.   Not only does Robin have a life outside of the amusement park, but we find that he is a webtoonist.  A successful one since his friend informs Robin that his work has been made into a drama.
It is obvious that the director really wanted to beat us over the head with the fantasy fairytale concept as we get another scene between Ha Na, Robin, and a million twinkling lights.  Yes I get it, they are fated to be.  Although I would buy it a bit more if Robin did not look totally shocked every time he is forced to notice she is still nearby.
At least it gives our leading lady yet another chance to question why her director is acting so odd.  Also why was Seo Jin being chased by taser wielding employees?  But the two personalities have worked out that if they are ever questioned about each others actions they would pull the twin card.  It is cool how the two personalities have developed a way to protect each other (in a weird way)  It's a miracle that even after throwing out the twin idea, Ha Na still feels that something is off and calls him on it.  Luckily for our leading men, the taser minions decide to burst in just at that moment. 
Ha Na sees them first and pushes Robin out of the way, accidentally getting tranked in his stead.  Awww.... true love.  Since true love is being tranked in place of your personality challenged soul mate.  Robin shows a bit of anger for the first time as he gathers Ha Na in his arms.  He glares at the minions and states: "You know me. If you know me, then don't touch her."   I really want to know more about Robin's past now since he is obviously more then a one trick personality pony. Looks like Robin does have a more serious bad ass side.
The couple, accompanied by the taser minions, return to Seo Jin's mansion where they are under house arrest.  Ha Na is still dead to the world, while Robin has the unfortunate task of meeting with his family.  Only in South Korea would a nice, well adjusted, sweet and caring son be treated like a pariah. His mother backs away (in fear?) when Robin moves to greet her.  His smile falling from his face at her actions. 
But it is his father that is a true scum.  He greets his son's other personality with distaste and the statement that he is unwanted and to just die. "You are just a parasite. A parasite that is eating away at Seo Jin's life."  ACK my heart is breaking.  How can they be so cruel to my poor sweet Robin (I am so fickle.  Seo Jin who???)
Even Seo Jin's secretary is ice cold (albeit with a few cracks) as he informs Robin to leave and not return- "There is no one who needs you anymore."  Robin's sadness in his eyes just about breaks my heart as he says that isn't true.  "Seo Jin called for me, since I can't come out on my own." Robin declares.  Secretary informs him that this is not true since Seo Jin had done everything possible to erase Robin from existence.  This confuses our co-lead as he again states that he can't come out by himself, so someone must have called for him.
It does not take long for Robin to figure out that the one calling for him is not Seo Jin, but Jang Ha Na.  It's amazing how the CCTV gets all those moments to help clue in Robin that all this is happening because of Jang Ha Na.  Although I am confused as to whether he appeared because of him, Seo Jin's emotions, or because she is looking for him.  I guess after the magical swinging rope from the heavens stunt, nothing is unbelievable so I will set that question to the back of my mind and just go with it.

We also get a look at the history between Robin/Seo Jin and Ha Na (How cool was the "Angel Bridge" back story?)  It was actually different than I expected, in that it was not a small matter of him saving her from falling into the river. Ha Na recounts the tale of how she would go to the bridge every night and watch a little boy get up to the ledge, obviously with suicidal thoughts.  There is something so beautifully sad with her watching the little boy want to die every night.  One night the young Seo Jin finally got the guts to pull both feet onto the ledge and just as he prepares to jump, Ha Na, rushes forward and pulls him back.  Unfortunately she fell over in the process.  Seo Jin looks over the edge and sees Ha Na hanging on the other side, about to fall into the lake.  He falls back and begins freaking out.  Just as Ha Na begins to fall we see Seo Jin (now in Robin form) grab for her hands, and when she falls before Robin can get her, he jumps into the water as well. Ha Na finishes the story saying -"I wanted to protect him, but he protected me instead."
In the final scene we get to see that Robin is not going to take things lying dormant inside Seo Jin.  He declares that Protocol 19 (his agreement to disappear if Seo Jin decides it is necessary) invalid.  Instead Robin creates Protocol 20 by saying "The girl who saved you, who woke me up.  Jang Ha Na is the priority.  Protocol 20 is to protect Jang Ha Na"  I personally am excited to see the war between these two.  It is fun that both personalities are such dominant alpha characters.
Random Side Note:
Let's just call it like it is, our sexy voiced hypnotist is being underused.  Or it might just be me having sour grapes because Sung Joon chose yet another 2nd lead.  Either way we get a scene of him teaching a class, wearing a really boring turtleneck.  The whole scene was blah blah blah boring.  The only interesting part is the fact he will now be unknowingly treating the person who is trying to kill Ha Na.  Why we don't know, just that he is evil.
Is anyone else getting flashbacks to watching "Scooby Doo" whenever the bad guy comes on screen.  I'm not saying that he is badly developed.  However.....when the director has to resort to menacing music anytime he is on screen, that is not a good sign.
Hmmm I don't think I am going to like this theme song as much as I do other OST songs that are out right now.  I am already a bit sick of it playing every 30 seconds.  I get it, they have fallen, I can move on now because rather then the warm fuzzies, it is bringing out the cold crankies.
My Thoughts:
I had a love/hate relationship with this episode.  For starters, I hate that cheesy zip line that makes no sense.  That backpack she wears is not Mary Poppins bag, and therefore there is no way that she can bring out 40 feet of rope at the drop of a hat.  It is just stupid and cheesy and the director should be shot for jumping on the CGI train.  The story could be just as good with a less fantastical escape down the side of the building. 
I did like the development of Robin as a character/person in his own right.  Personally, I was expecting just a nice vanilla version of Seo Jin so I was very surprised to discover that Robin has his own life.  He was involved with his parents and those people around Seo Jin.  It was not some deep dark secret that only he knew.  On the flip side, he also has to deal with some serious emotional abuse because he is considered a disease and not a real person.  It broke my heart to see the pain in his eyes as he was rejected over and over.
It was also interesting that Seo Jin and Robin have a whole series of rules on how to deal with each other.  Also their relationship might not have always been so unwanted as it currently is.  I can't wait to see what happened 5 years ago to change the previous dynamic.

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