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Hyde, Jekyll and I Episode 11 - Robin is A Real Boy

Things heat up this episode as Robin and Seo Jin face off for Ha Na's affections.  Who will win the hand of our fair maiden?  And does it really matter when the two men are really one and the same?  These questions cause one personality to start acting frantic while the other focuses on the past and overcoming the traumas that caused the split to begin with.  Either way we are in for an emotional roller coaster and a very confused leading lady.
Seo Jin awakes in his bed bandaged and a bit worse for wear after his kidnapping.  However his first thoughts were of Ha Na.  "I rescued her" he mumbles to himself, a look of dawning surprise crossing his face.  LOL  I love how his poor little mind has to work around that concept.  Just admit it, you are in luvvvvvvvvvv.
Ha Na bursts into his room checking to see if Seo Jin is really OK, her mind trying to figure out how she saw Robin at the warehouse when everyone told her only Seo Jin was present.   Ha Na is even more confused when she sees Seo Jin's bandaged arm and realizes that Robin was Seo Jin.  Rather then keep his secret Seo Jin spills all the crazy beans.  He tells her to sit next to him as he falls asleep and when he wakes up everything will be explained.  
Sure enough Robin wakes up from Seo Jin's nap and gets frantic when he sees Ha Na asking if she is OK.  He is so worried for Ha Na's well being that he does not notice that they are in Seo Jin's bedroom.  The jig is officially up.  Thanks goodness since if I had to sit through one more episode with Ha Na looking lost and confused I was going to go crazy.  Of course this just starts the whole confused process again over who she really loves and whether she can even deal with his (whichever one she chooses) psychological issues.
Does anyone else wonder if poor Doctor Kang ever has to pee or eat or does she sleep sitting in that chair?  Just those random thoughts that come to my head as we watch her try to use logic on Hot Doc. 
It cracks me up how Hot Doc is mad because Seo Jin created a nice version of himself that saves people to deal with his past.  Doctor Kang tries to convince him that Seo Jin is creating all these shields as an attempt to forget the extreme guilt he feels.  However Hot Doc is crazy... and there is no talking to crazy.  His opinion is that Seo Jin is just using all these shields to escape from the truth and having to deal with his betrayal.  Hot Doc's crazy solution is to force all Seo Jin's shields (forgetting, Robin, & Ha Na) to turn against him and then seeing the person Seo Jin truly is.  Hmmmm Hot Doc is definitely a Bond villain in training.  He is even making convoluted plans that don't really make that much sense.  Lucky for him, he is hot.  Hot will cover up a whole lot of holes in one's evil plans.
What is a girl to do?  Robin claims that he and Seo Jin are completely separate.  He is Robin, the one that loves her and the one that Ha Na loves.  As soon as Seo Jin returns he tells Ha Na that he and Robin are one... parts of the same (although I do not think he is talking in a romantic sense at this point).  The fact that he saved her has proven to Seo Jin that he can overcome his issues. Have to admit my own brain hurts trying to figure it out, so I will give Ha Na a pass on her confused look in this moment.
Ha Na spends a lot of time contemplating in her room.... or maybe sleeping with her eyes open.  It's kind of hard to tell (at least she is pretty if nothing else). When Seo Jin comes to check on her, Ha Na confronts him with his big reveal, claiming that she is confused, but knows that she loves Robin.  And when Seo Jin says he is Robin it causes problems since she does not want him to misunderstand that her feelings for Robin are directed at him.  UGH... my head hurts after that long explanation.  Not to mention that I want to smack her for not realizing that Seo Jin is the better out of the two.  I admit I am totally biased and on ship Seo Jin.  Robin is a weak copy.
Hahahaha Seo Jin is not accepting her explanation lying down and whining.  He informs Ha Na that she followed him into the warehouse.  At the least it is compassion which is the closest thing to love.  It has already started for him and it is just a matter of time til Ha Na also succumbs to his sexy khottie charisma (OK, paraphrasing.  But that is totally what he meant).
While Seo Jin's love life seems on a possible upward climb, the rest of his existence is taking a hit.  He has the brilliant idea of going to see another doctor to discuss his time loss problems from episode 10.  You know, the whole day that Robin was conscious and Seo Jin was M.I.A., situation.  Seo Jin decides to look for help and visit the suspicious hypnotist doctor (Seriously!  Why are there no red flags going up when dealing with this guy)?  Seo Jin finds out that his blacking out is the first sign of a possible personality take-over.  This means that as Robin grows more desperate to exist, he will push Seo Jin away until all that is left is Robin. 
EEEEEAKKKKK... No, this ahjumma can not handle a show with only Robin and Ha Na being all boyfriend and girlfriend.  They would totally just sit staring at each other playing with bubbles and puppets.  NO NO NO NO.
Ooops, sorry for that freak out.  My Seo Jin bias blogger personality might be taking over.

Seo Jin is not holding any punches with Robin either.  He confronts Robin via video message that he is thankful for Robin helping him survive all this time, but that he realized something during his last abduction.  Robin is actually a part of him (Seo Jin) and that they will eventually become one with Robin reconnecting inside of him.  You can guess that this did not sit well with Robin who has decided to live and be his own person.
Robin freaks out even more when he finds out that Seo Jin had been discussing his disease with Hot Doc.  "Why is he suddenly going around telling everyone our secret?" Robin mummbles.   Hot Doc is more then happy to tell him his whole Robin taking over theory (cracks me up how giddy Hot Doc gets when he is scheming).  I personally can't tell if Robin believes that Seo Jin is trying to destroy him, but he does admit to Hot Doc that he has recalled a memory.  Not one of his own, but one from Seo Jin's life.  Judging by the over the top reaction of Hot Doc and the tied up Doctor Kang, this is somehow significant. Robin starts freaking out when Hot Doc won't tell him what this means.  "Am I not human?  Am I Seo Jin's accessory?"  Robin is obviously losing it and Hot Doc is right there to scatter the pieces farther apart.  Hot Doc tells Robin that this is not a sign of Robin disappearing but that Seo Jin will be the one to be erased.  He then starts doing his sneaky hypnotic mumbo jumbo (would just like to point out that I believe his ease at hypnotizing people about as much as I believe Ha Na is a circus performer.  The writers are reaching with this hypno in an instant stuff.)  From what I gather, Hot Doc is using hypnotism to increase Robin's urge to survive.
Has anyone been missing our heroine in hiding?  Yah, me neither.  But in the world of kdramas it is time for her to make an appearance.  Ha Na is sitting on the foot of a bed somewhere unknown listening to all her phone messages.  It is telling that Ha Na perks up for the message from Seo Jin more than for Robins many pleas.  She receives a phone call from Hot Doc, and of course answers.  Because heaven forbid anyone question the insertion of a creepy hypnotist that is the exact age of the missing kidnapped boy. Obviously, these people have not grown up on a steady diet of "Criminal Minds" since Ha Na happily gives Hot Doc her location.
Finally Doctor Kang is doing something proactive in getting herself saved.  Either that or she decided that she really has to pee. She manages to fall out of her chair, scoot over to the wall and bang on the exposed pipes in the room (MacGyver she is not).  The woman that lives in the apartment below hears the banging and wonders what is going on.  Will Doctor Kang be saved?  Will she ever get to pee?  Will we be subjugated to watching Doctor Kang do buggy eyes while Hot Doc continues to torment her patient? 
UGH.... Robin finds Ha Na and we are forced to watch another awkward kiss.  Thankfully no where as bad as the puppet kiss, but still not one that gives me any flutters.  Robin is obviously very involved as he firmly holds her hand and goes to town on her lips.  But I would like to point out that Ha Na barely kisses him back, and her hands are firmly in her jacket during the smooch.  Can't tell if this is because she is not that into him, or if it is because she is just a very limited actress.  Either way we have to watch Robin kiss her again.  Later in front of a fire, Robin continues his impassioned plea for her to accept him since he loves her, he came back for her, blah...blah....blah.  All I can say about that is take a quick glance at  Ha Na's expression.  Sorry, but that is not a girl in love.
The next morning Seo Jin wakes up in his car.  Not one to be slow on the uptake, Seo Jin realizes where he is and finds Ha Na staring blankly on a bench.  Ha Na realizes it is Seo Jin immediately (hmmm could it be the hair?) and jumps up.  Seo Jin simply asks if Robin had been here (okay.....maybe he is a bit slow on the uptake since that is kind of a given) and then turns to leave.  Ha Na looks like she wants to say something, but remains silent.  Seo Jin turns back and tells Ha Na that he has changed.  "I changed because of you.......Come back. I’ll be waiting,”
Watching this scene below is Hot Doc doing his crazy surprised look to the nth degree.  Hot Doc is distracted from his spying when he sees a message on his phone from Seo Jin (I am not positive if this message was posted onto some type of website or online message board?  If anyone understands the exact process used, please let me know in the comments).  Either way, Seo Jin calls out Soo Hyun (a.k.a. Hot Doc) and tells him that they need to meet. To meet so Seo Jin can discuss “The truth that I’ve forgotten, and the truth that you don’t know.”
My Thoughts:
I am truly saddened at how pointless so many people are to this drama's plot.  With the exception of our main four (Seo Jin, Robin, Hot Doc, & Ha Na) they are all pointless.  There is no depth, no character growth, and for the most part they are just sound bites to lead our leads from one place to the other.  When the 2nd lead girl was on screen I actually started to drift off.  I rewound the section and realized that I could have taken the whole segment out and would not have missed anything at all.  This saddens me since so many dramas have realized that developing 2nd and 3rd rank characters strengthens the world that we viewers are trying to lose ourselves in.  Think Ho Goo's Love or Heal Me Kill Me.  Two dramas that are also currently airing that have become hits because of their well developed cast. 
Despite the lack of side character development, the leads also have their shortcomings.  When the leading lady is gone for a good third of the episode and you don't miss her, you have serious issues plot wise.  One of the biggest problems I have with the OTP is that I want Ha Na to love Seo Jin for himself and not just because he tells her that he is Robin and Robin is him.  The romance just seems a bit off.  That doesn't mean that I can't appreciate Hyun Bin's swoony "I love you" gazes.  They are as spectacular as ever.  Just my emotions are not as involved as they are with other dramas.
One thing that I did love was the relationship between Seo Jin and Robin.  Each of them have very valid reasons for their actions as well as their love for Ha Na. The question is whether the emotions are because Robin and Seo Jin are the same person (just  a little shattered) or if Robin's feelings are completely separate from Seo Jin.  We know that Robin thinks they are separate and is growing desperate to be acknowledged as an individual.  Regardless of my feelings of Robin being the leading man, I do feel a lot of sympathy for his plight.  I am also scared at what Robin might try to do now that his back is against the wall.  Will Robin continue to be the savior of Seo Jin, or is he going to turn and fight back for the woman he loves and his very existence?  I personally am looking forward to finding out.

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