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Ex-Girlfriend Club ep 8: KISSSSSSSSSSSSSEU!!!!!!!!

Maybe a *smidge* overboard, but YAYYYY!
And how cute are the little ears and tail sticking up there at the bottom of the screen?
It has been a while since I felt so strongly about a lead couple. I don't know what it is about these two, but man, I really want them together. It is probably because of the friendship that they have and how they really do seem to be soulmates. Whatever the reason, this kiss that we get in the epiview (is it an epilogue? a preview? I still can't decide), makes me want to dance. And makes it hard for me to talk about anything else in this episode, because, frankly, who cares what else happened since THIS is how it ended?! Everything in the episode led up to them finally taking things definitively out of the friendzone. I'm sure that by next episode, something will come up to threaten the relationship and friendzone them again, but it's too late for that. Try all you want writers to destroy this moment for me, it won't work. This is magical and what I've been hoping and waiting for and no amount of created drama, back-and-forth nonsense, or more ridiculous misunderstandings caused by jealous buttinski ex-girlfriends is going to take this moment away from me.

So there!
I was tempted to leave this post all about the kiss and not even bother recounting what happened in the rest of the episode, but then we'd be cheating ourselves of some nice eye candy and I guess some story development. But mostly eye candy ;) So, I'll break it down into a few key parts.

The Question
Soo Jin and Myeong Soo are alone in a dark room. I like where this is going.... *wink wink* Myeong Soo has just returned from his trip where he did some serious soul searching and it would appear that he has figured out exactly what he wants and that would be Soo Jin. Soo Jin in a real relationship with him. He is asking her to be his and the mood is just right when *POP!* - SURPRISE! The gang's all there. Throwing a surprise party to celebrate Myeong Soo finishing his webtoon. Awkward!

Ex-girlfriends and Side C from this love triangle are all there to share in this magical moment between two lovebirds. And then, because apparently they all think it is their place to do so, the non-invited people in the room stick around to hear (and push) Soo Jin's answer to Myeong Soo's relationship proposal. Poor Soo Jin looks like she wants to melt through the floor. Under this pressure, she caves and declares that she and Myeong Soo are just friends, best friends and he's just kidding *facepalm* ("No I'm not" is MS's response to this - good boy!). Everyone leaves, after dishing out their two cents on an issue that doesn't actually concern them despite what they believe, and then we get the two of them alone. Really alone.

The Inferred Answer
Now that they are alone, Soo Jin feels comfortable enough to say what she wants in response to Myeong Soo's proposal. He's understandably upset that she has just friendzoned him in front of everyone, including his romantic rival. Her defense is that she was on the spot and that something like beginning a relationship should be private and not for public display. Okay, fine, but still...say that and not that you're just friends. Tell the buttinskis to butt out and that it's none of their beeswax. Don't make the already vunerable guy who just confessed to you feel like an idiot in front of an already awkward gathering of people. You know? You can keep things appropriately private while not hurting the one you love. Just saying. So, she doesn't accept him in so many words, but she does say that opening your heart and accepting them is a personal and private thing, and asks him if they can just do it quietly between the two of them - indicating that she does plan on accepting him. He asks if she really sees him as a friend and she gets embarrassed and tries to leave. They flirt and act all cutesy...until they are once again interrupted, this time by the mole-guy Jin Bae who shares the office with MS. So, while things are left on a positive note, the words are never actually said and we (not to mention MS) are left hanging without complete confirmation.

The Quotable Answer

Later on, Soo Jin does get to confess in actual words that she likes Myeong Soo as a man, not just a friend, and the two become official. Officially adorable! Until....

KDrama 101
Kdrama 101 strikes again. The rule of Kdrama is that if things are going well romantically for a couple before the final episode, something will come along to ruin that bliss. Can't have you happy and enjoying a lovely romance too early. This ruination of our happy often comes in the form of some stupid misunderstanding. This drama is no different. Just as things are beginning to go well between MS and SJ, misunderstandings start to get in the way.

In a show revolving around one man and all of his exes, it would be safe to assume that those exes somehow are involved in his current budding relationship having problems. While all the exes (and Directory Jo) in their own way try to interfere, the main trouble stems from Ji Ah, the cat. Bad kitty! Let's throw her off a roof and see if she can land on her feet. I want to witchslap her ugly face. It starts even before the confession scene when Soo Jin sees her wearing the t-shirt that MS had given to her and she had returned (and he had forgotten at the cafe after telling Ji Ah that he wouldn't be hanging out there anymore helping her as he had been).

Ji Ah knows exactly what she is doing by wearing it in front of Soo Jin. Because she's, and pardon my language, a witch. With a capital B. I'm really sick of her and her clingy-ness. Your sugar daddy dumps you and so you go running back to the man you dumped in order to marry money. Now that's true love. *eye roll*

The misunderstandings continue and come to a head with a video. After a super cute impromptu working date

(seriously, how adorable are these two together?!?!), MS gives SJ the memory card from his camera so that she can look at the pictures he took while they were together out and about taking photos for their individual work projects. This camera is old and hasn't been used by MS for a very long time. On this memory card there is a video from Ji Ah the night before her wedding or something like that. She's apologizing to MS and telling him how she will always love him and how she expects that he will always love her. She pretty much is telling him to hold onto her even though she's marrying another man. How incredibly selfish of her! Ugh! She challenges him to not erase the video if he has any lingering feelings for her. Well, obviously the video never got deleted, so of course SJ sees this and jumps to the conclusion that MS still has feelings for his ex. Supporting this assumption are comments he had made in the past about how his breakup with her was the hardest, blah blah blah. She spends the rest of the episode obsessing over this video's existence and what it means with MS.
That's exactly how I feel too about all this

Now, not all misunderstandings are of the melodramatic, relationship-ruining variety. Some can be downright entertaining. Like when your big sister gets your two love rivals mixed up and is super mean to one while sucking up to the other. Hilarious!

The Skinship
You didn't think I'd skip this part, right? Oh I sure hope not. If so, you don't know me very well. ;) Before our grand finale kiss, there were a couple moments of skinship that were pretty hot and heavy, drama-style. First, the "give me the camera" wrestling full-body grab.

Second, the "get the camera" sneak side kiss. Kiss? I don't know. I watched it over and over and am not fully sure what happened here. Did he kiss her neck? Her ear? Did he whisper something naughty to her? Too much hair and non-descript camera work made it impossible to figure out exactly what contact was made. But even without the finer details, it was still hot as heck! I was fanning myself for sure! Whoo! That boy has some SSM - Seriously Sexy Moves.

The Competition
Ahhhh....Director Jo. The man I love to hate and hate to love. He's such a bad boy yet gloriously wonderfully good in his own twisted way. He is fighting for the girl but also helping her rekindle things with her old "friend". He is an enigma that I can't quite figure out and I love him all the more for it. I don't want him to get the girl, but I sure love watching him try. Most of all, I love the brofeud going on. Seriously, more than a bromance, I adore the brofeud - watching two guys fight over one woman so hilariously is like Christmas every week. And not the family drama/infighting part of Christmas, but the magical wonder and joy of it. I simply love every minute he is on screen, especially when actively feuding with MS. Like at the restaurant. With the rice cakes. And the not-so-subtle analogy between rice cake and Soo Jin. Oh, may this battle never end!

The Incident
Dealing with her insecurities and concerns revolving around the exes, specifically Ji Ah, SJ asks MS if they can go hang at MSG (hilarious name for a restaurant btw). I love how our Ditzy Diva fills MS in on just what SJ means by telling him she wants to go to MSG - that it has zero to do with the risotto and everything to do with him declaring that they are in a relationship in front of his exes.

Poor boy is just clueless, so it's a good thing he has love coaches such as this to guide him. SJ and MS reach MSG hand-in-hand, but before they can open their mouth and make their announcement, a fire starts in the kitchen. MS springs to action, there is a small explosion thanks to water being poured on the fire, and MS dives to protect Ji Ah. Of course this doesn't help SJ with her doubts and so she sits there in the hospital. pondering and worrying, reflecting on all the signs that her boyfriend is still in love with his ex. She's also remembering how he had told her way back when that, more than reconnecting with his exes, he was happy to see her, Soo Jin, again.

The Epiview
As the credits start rolling, our action keeps going. An upset Soo Jin and bandaged Myeong Soo are outside the hospital with Soo Jin lobbing different accusations/questions/concerns at MS. She brings up the tape. She brings up the t-shirt. She tells him that she thinks they should just end things here and now. His response, after a moment of frustration and stalking off in a huff, is to turn around, and answer her real question. Her real question of "who is it that you love?". His answer comes in the form of an arm grab and great big passionate kiss.{heart} {heart} {heart}

What more is there to say after that? That kiss just made me all sorts of gooey inside. I'm a giant puddle on the floor thanks to it. I want to see these two get their happily ever after. And, it would seem as if that happily ever after is coming sooner than originally expected. I suppose I should touch on the news that this drama has, sadly, been chopped from the originally planned 16 episodes down to 12, meaning we only have 4 more episodes left. While this news is certainly sad since it means that the ratings are dismal (WHY? This is my favorite drama right now and that makes me super sad that it's not getting the love I think it deserves), it actually doesn't bum me out too bad with respects to the storyline. Honestly, I think that they can wrap it up nicely in the remaining four episodes, and if it means 4 episodes fewer of unnecessary drama keeping my OTP apart, I'm okay with that. Of course I'll miss it when it's gone, but we already know going in that our time with these is limited and finite, so I've made my peace with that before even beginning. No matter how much I love a drama, it will end. All I ask is that it gets the ending it is deserving of. So long as that happens, I'm good. And I think that the way things are going, barring any unforseen implosions in the story, that four episodes are plenty to wrap things up nicely and unhurriedly. So yeah, I'm looking at it as a positive thing and telling myself that it's all going to be okay. Even though it's my favorite drama at the moment and they just hacked it down mercilessly.

With that, I leave you for now. But not to worry - the new episodes are due out at anytime, so I will be back soon with my thoughts on those. Until then, happy drama watching!

Back hugs and fish kisses to you all,

Eye Candy for the Sake of Eye Candy
Waste not, want not I always say...
Ahh! They are both just so preeteeee!!!

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