Monday, June 29, 2015

More Stills from Scholar Who Walks the Night

New stills from on set of Scholar Who Walks the Night have been released and they're worth checking out. In them, we get a sneak peek at our vampire/cross-dressing Joseon couple, played by Lee Joon Gi and Lee Yoo Bi (even their names are kinda cute when put together).

So, my thoughts when I see these? He makes a very stunning Joseon-era vamp and she still looks like a pretty girl wearing boy clothes. Oh, and a nice library. Bet it smells good in there. The books on the top shelf in that last picture there look like colorful 3-ring binders though. Hope you're ready to take a "bite" out of this one soon as it premiers in a week on July 8th!

Word from the set too, for anyone following that hasn't had an update, is that both Lee Joon Gi and Lee Yoo Bi have now returned following their respective injuries sustained while filming. We continue to wish them both a healthy and speedy recovery!


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