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Witch's Romance Episode 16 (FINALE) - A Seperation and a Wedding

It's official Witch's Romance fans.  We have reached the end of yet another drama and for once it does not disappoint.   It is an episode where happy endings abound and everyone has a nice little moment to finish on.  Also it is no surprise that our OTP (One True Pairing) has gone the distance to achieve their happily ever after.  So let's enjoy our last recap with these awesome and heart grabbing characters.

Relationships Before Work
Dong Ha discovers the notice that Ji Yeon has won the "Global Challenge Award, an award given to only two reporters each year and requires a year long exchange with an English newspaper.   Realizing what an honor it is to be selected, he questions Ji Yeon about it, and why she had not told him anything.  She replies that since she was going to turn it down (because of their relationship) she did not feel the need to talk about it, their relationship means everything to her, and she does not want to stress it this early in.  Dong Ha smiles and hugs her tightly, but eventually tells her to take the award.  Their relationship will be able to weather this trial and he will be here when Ji Yeon returns.
I personally am not a fan of time leaps at the end of dramas.  For the most part, including this drama, are unnecessary.  Especially since he is old enough to avoid the pedanoona pitfalls of some noona romances like Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.  Just seems like more filler to finish out the hour.  On an up note, at least the separation is less then six years this time.

Soo Cheol is My Hero
Soo Cheol has been subtly (at least for him) trying to romance mouse girl for a couple episodes now.  However he is outed when Dong Ha catches him and mouse leaving for a "date".  Dong Ha checks out his BFF's outfit and sniffs the air, then asks why he is wearing his hitting on women outfit and cologne.  Then he puts two and two together and  asks him if mouse is the woman?  HEHEHE  It is so cute, and even cuter when mouse finally reciprocates.  Do I wish he had hooked up with a character with more personality?  Yes.  But at least he has enough charisma for the both of them.
Fast Forward A Year
It has been a year since the parting, during which Dong Ha has been obsessed with his school work and missing his girlfriend.  Soo Cheol is feeling the need to hang out with his BFF and also requires his presence as a chaperon so that he can take an overnight vacation with his mousie girlfriend.  Dong Ha agrees but is obviously a damper on the couples romantic date.   (At least we have Soo Cheol couple to alleviate the moping while Ji Yeon is away in England and I now want to go buy my husband and I matching orange tennis shoes.  So cute!).  

Separation has aged our poor Dong Ha, he is not the shining boy of his youth.  It is credit to Park Seo Joon's acting skills that he can manage to look so worn out yet still handsome all at the same time.   He is definitely a downer for the romantic lovebirds who are in full couple mode.  Dong Ha spends the whole time worrying over his lack of returned phone calls from Ji Yeon.
Surprise! I Love You!
Dong Ha returns to his room early to sit and brood, but instead of an empty room, he finds Ji Yeon waiting with candles and champagne.  I love how Dong Ha is so happy to see her and his eyes tear up a bit.  Then before he can say anything, Ji Yeon pipes in that she needs to speak first and tells him that she loves him.  She explains that this is the first time she has said it first since they have been together, and he needed to hear it from her.  Definitely a wonderful reunion moment by any standards.
This Show is Such a Tease
Come on, you knew the second the writers started spazzing out the cutesy wedding gift shopping scenes that chances were high that it was not Dong Ha's and Ji Yeon's wedding we were watching preparations for (although the PDA moment on the bed was adorable).  I could almost hear the snickering of the writers and shouts of gotcha ringing through the air, as the marriage momma and president ended up being the ones married.  It was a beautiful closing scene in which we saw all the coworkers and then some paired up into blissfully happy couples.  Although I felt bad for her cameraman, who was the only one alone.  I guess someone had to take a photo of all the happy couples.  Let's just consider this drama the equivalent of a present tied up in a shiny red ribbon, nothing and no one were left sad or upset. 
He Even Sings!!!
So due to an awesome friend who loves Yoon Hyun Min as much as I do (quick shout out to Mary Joy Lee in case you are reading) I discovered that he actually began his acting career doing musicals.  There are even several clips on YouTube of plays that he was involved in.  I personally am very impressed with his diverse talent.  And if you want to learn a little more about Yoon Hyun Min and his rise as an actor, then check out his interview about his life and career on our FB page (link at the end of the post).  He is a fascinating and eloquent speaker and I can not wait to watch his next drama.
A Forever Love
I am actually a fan of the little bit of an open ending in regards to this drama.  Ji Yeon was always about more than just a girl obsessed with getting a ring on her finger and just like her character, her relationship has many layers.  Considering Dong Ha's age and extended schooling, I think they made the right choice in not rushing into anything.  The only thing I wonder is on their decision to wait another 7 years.  Personally there is no way i would want to start a family when I am 46.  I am already the mother of three beautiful children which I had all in my twenties, and the idea of being pregnant even in my thirties is terrifying.  I don't care how in shape you are, by then you just get to a whole different level of tired.  But kudos on them for not being forced into a marriage by societies standards.  And when it comes to Kdrama noona romances, it is all about defying societies traditions.
Which is Better?
I was asked a question (by my awesome kbestie and spellchecker, Angela) which was better?  "Witch's Romance", or the original drama "My Queen"?  I have to admit that I really enjoyed both, but when it comes down to it, My Queen was just so so so so very long.  At 21 episodes it really started dragging.  Just imagine it, at least 4 more episodes of Polar Bear couple to sit through, although I will say that My Queen did make you care more about their Polar Bear version.  There was a bit more depth to the plot line which was missing in its Kdrama counterpart.  I think that might be what made our Polar Bear so unbearable.  There just was no depth to his character and he was very one dimensional.  Also the kdrama's OTP had better chemistry (although I think that Park Seo Joon could have chemistry with a stone) which makes a big difference.  And the nail in the coffin was that this version had Yoon Hyun Min playing the BFF.  The characters role in the Tdrama version was A LOT smaller...... and I do mean a lot.  It is credit to his amazing acting that he was able to take a small part and create a larger than life character.  So by all standards the kdrama remake just edges out the tdrama version.  If you feel the urge to go watch the original, just be prepared to do some FF during some of those filler moments.
So you might be asking yourselves, what is next on the Kmuse recapping schedule?  It just so happens that I am ecstatic to be recapping the drama that is replacing Witch's Romance's which is  Seo In Guk's upcoming drama "High School King".  
Judging from the long trailer, it is going to be an epic romantic comedy, full of hijinks and tomfoolery.  Go here to check out the trailer and I hope to see you back for my future recaps.


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