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Dramatic Friday Review: Rooftop Prince ep 14

Yeah my Viki iPad app was working so there are screenshots.  I have no idea if you like the screenshots or not but there are screenshots.  So learn to deal.

There it is.  That pesky thing called "Proof".  Proof that SeNa is a big fat liar!  Ha!  Switched the envelopes my butt!  Try explaining that SeNa!  What you can't explain that?  But why? Awww she's going to cry now.  Well, I am not falling for it!

What?!?!  Too much???  Okay I'll dial back the self satisfaction & smirking. 

So what is her answer when Lee Gak asks her to explain....?

Whatever!!!  He is not really going to believe this, is he?  Wait.  Is he?

He seems to be accepting it.  But wait why is he following her then?  Yay!! He has his suspicions too!  That truly makes me feel better. 

Se Na in her attempt to cover her backside blames Halmoni?!?! 

Then after she leaves Lee Gak she heads straight to Halmoni to tattle that Lee Gak bought Bak Ha an Officetel apartment.  And Halmoi thinks that SeNa is not being hard enough on Bak Ha.  And in her agitation over her fiance buying another woman an Officetel she panics & gave Bak Ha a plane ticket & when he confronted her she said Halmoni bought the ticket & told SeNa to give the ticket to Bak Ha.  And Halmoni, who has been completely snowed by SeNa happily says she'll take the blame.  Halmoni I love you & everything but you are being really foolish in believing this VIPER!  I want to know how you became a chairwoman of a successful company when you seem really, incredibly gullible?!?!

As she is leaving Halmoni's house, we see her being followed by Lee Gak.  He sees her pause & the self satisfied smile on HER face.  "Splendid, Halmoni fell for my evil plot.  Everything is going according to my evil plan!!  BAHAHAHAHAH....cough cough cough"  Ok, ok, she didn't do that but I could see it in her head, she wanted to. 

Meanwhile Lee Gak continues to follow her, with her completely unaware. 

{Okay let's pause here for a moment, I know it's in the script but seriously???  She can't see him?!?!  He's like 10 feet behind her in a big white car everywhere she goes.  She even passes him at one point & yet still she doesn't see him?  How the heck is this possible???  Okay we can go back to the review.  Thanks for listening to me vent.} 

See? He's not exactly inconspicuous, is he?
 So Lee Gak follows her into a parking garage.  Tae Mu has called & asked her to meet him at her old apartment/officetel.  He's moved everything back in & is trying to convince her to come back to him.  And this is what Lee Gak sees. 

And this is his reaction...
It would seem the bloom is off the rose & he no longer believes a word she will say to him. 

She tells Tae Mu that she's leaving & he's still trying to get her to come back to him.  She leaves & of course the ever present Lee Gak follows her.  Where does she go this time?  She goes home.  To her mother's house.  Which he recognizes as the same house that Bak Ha said was HER mother's house.  And when dear old mom comes out he recognizes her from when she visited Bak Ha at the newly re-furbished rooftop house.  Only then she was Bak Ha's mom.  Say what now? 

So obviously the cat is out of the bag.  He now knows that Bak Ha & SeNa are sisters. 

What else can you do sweetie?  You are going to have to confront SeNa.

But wait I want to get my popcorn before you start.  I want to make sure I get a good seat for this "discussion".

Okay all settled in...Is everyone else ready too?


OH SNAP!  You tell her Lee Gak!!! 
Anybody else cheering here? Or is it that just me?

Now he faces the daunting task of telling the Power Rangers.

They handle it admirably.

At first they freaked out a little.  But once their Prince had spoken what could they say?  But the good thing is that Chi San points out to the other powers that Bak Ha & the Prince really like each other then that must be their true fate. And they should immediately go to her & tell her the good news that the Prince has broken off the engagement to Hong Se Na.  So using the address he got off the package in the last episode he takes the Powers with him to Jinan to find Bak Ha.

Of course they make a deal with her first.  If she makes them Omurice Omelets then they'll tell her the good news.  And she does because, well come on!  They are seriously so cute our sweet Power Rangers.  How could you say no to such a sweet request?!?!  Right after they tell her you see her putting on her shoes & anxious to get back to Lee Gak.  But Chi San has all of a sudden decided to eat his Omurice one grain at a time.  Driving everyone crazy....they're going to miss the last bus! 

I see what he's up to!  He wants them to be able to talk alone.  Smart Chi San.  So they tell her to hurry & take the bus they'll be right behind her.  Only instead they go to the public indoor swimming pool.  Now for a bunch of guys from the Joseon era, they are delightfully surprised by the pool.  Okay so mostly they're delightfully surprised by the incredibly good looking girls all wearing bikinis at the pool more than they are with the pool itself.  Boys!

My favorite part of this scene though is when, after ogling beautiful & scantily clad young women, Chi San is drawing a girl in a bikini.    And all the boys are eyes wide staring at the picture.  And then Yong Seul starts to drool.  Right on the picture! 

Is that awesome or what??? They get him nervous!!! Bless you Yong Seul & your candor!  I heart you chincha!

Meanwhile back at the Rooftop....Bak Ha has arrived & finds Lee Gak standing on the roof staring out at the night skyline of Seoul.  She confronts him & starts questioning his decision.  What is he doing?  One minute being engaged to the crown princess/SeNa is the way it has to be & the next it's not?  What is going on with him?  And then he pulls her to him for a hug.  A hug?  That's it? 

I mean a hug! So romantic. 
After telling her he's not going to make her suffer anymore.  We skip ahead to SeNa drinking alone & then going back to the Officetel Tae Mu restored.  Where they then embrace & he tells her he doesn't care about all of her real history.  He wants her no matter what!  She has just lost out on the heir to a fortune so what other choice does she have.  She takes Tae Mu's offer.  But is it because she likes him & because he will take her as she is & stay by her side or because if they ar successful she can get everything her greedy, mercenary little heart wants?  Yeah, I'm going with Option 2 as well. 

They decide Bak Ha & Tae Yong (Lee Gak) have to go.  They both need to disappear.  And the next day Halmoni is not happy about the breaking off of the engagement and declares the subject closed.  She doesn't want to hear about it ever again!  And then she drops a bombshell on all 3 guys.  Yong Tae Yong (Lee Gak), Yong Tae Mu & his dad.  The next day is a big company meeting and...

After this Tae Mu's dad kind of loses his cool but Tae Mu saves the day in front of Halmoni.  Later he tells his dad that SeNa is Chairman Jang's long lost daughter.  According to his & Se Na's evil plan to take over everything.  And Tae Mu's dad totally falls for it.  Which of course means he welcomes Se Na into his family, apologizes & says come back to the company & we'll make this work.  What a total tool & a total butt kisser.  Slime bag.

Lee Gak tells the Joseon 3 to watch Se Na & to investigate Tae Mu.  It's at this time that Man Bok tells the rumors he'd heard about the Princess when they were still in the Joseon era.  He'd heard the story of how the Crown Princess was actually really evil & mean & scary.  That she had even burned her little sister's face & scarred her permanently so that she could get the Prince & not her little sister as originally planned.  But Chi San & Yong Seul aren't buying that rumor garbage.  Hopefully the truth comes out soon.

We still haven't heard anymore about the real Tae Yong, who is residing in a hospital in Chicago.   But we see his picture a couple of times on Tae Mu's cell phone.   In fact I freaked out a lot when during the big meeting Tae Mu has a daydream of him outing Lee Gak as a fake by showing a video of the real Tae Yong.  While giving his speech to the directors with his idea for a vacation package, the slide show presentation behind him changes to the video & Tae Mu stands up & declares that, that guy in the hospital bed is the REAL Tae Yong & this guy is a fake.  Chaos reigns & Halmoni collapses & then it snaps back to reality & I sat there trying to catch my breath from what I now realize was a daydream.  Freaked out!

After the meeting Tae Mu walks up to Lee Gak, tells him he did a good job with the presentation & then warns him that his (Lee Gak's) days are running out.  And there is more male posturing like that of a rooster claiming the chickens in the yard.  Men. 

Meanwhile SeNa, completely out of character goes home to her mother's house & asks her mother out for the afternoon/evening & they should bring Bak Ha.  Her mother just stares at her & stutters for a minute but she is so excited to be able to spend the time with her daughters she happily agrees to go.  They eat dinner & then end up at a bath house.  Where SeNa is still pouring on the charm.  You know she wants something, & she gets it.  When Bak Ha needs to brush her hair Se Na offers her a comb to use & then asks Bak Ha to get her a drink.  While Bak Ha is gone SeNa takes the comb with the hair still on it into a plastic baggie.  Anyone in the mood for a little DNA testing??

Looks like she's going to try to prove she is the Chairwoman's daughter.  Which she doesn't need to do.  Because she actually is the Chairwoman's daughter...just not the right daughter. 

Before we know it we find Chairwoman Jang has set it up that Se Na is going to get her shares of the company after her death one year later. 

So it's understandable that she is more than a little surprised by the fact that Tae Mu comes to her & tells her that Se Na is her long lost daughter.  When she knows for a fact that she is not the long lost daughter.  She is Chairwoman Jang's daughter just not the long lost one.  She is puzzled & non-plussed.  She didn't expect this & is obviously disappointed by Se Na's obvious attempt to decieve but I believe she wants to see where this is all going so she continues to play along.

Back at the Rooftop Lee Gak is watching Bak Ha wash clothes.  Not very exciting right?  It's this point that he asks her about her sister & why she kept it a secret? It was Se Na's idea.  She didn't want anyone to know she was related to Bak Ha or their Mother.  Rotten daughter.  Totally the opposite of filial.  Best part of the scene is when she makes him help her & then he climbs into the little wash tub with her to stomp out dirt.  So sweet.  Of course with 2 people in such a small space someone is going to lose their balance.  But don't worry Lee Gak comes to the rescue, a few times. 

He finds out that Bak Ha was in a car accident when she was 9 & doesn't remember much about her childhood.  At the exact same time Se Na is repeating, almost verbatim, the same story to Chairwoman Jang.  Along with a story she heard Bak Ha talk about when she was really little.  About her dad.  Chairwoman Jang is visibly shaken by this story, obviously it really happened that way but how on earth does Se Na know about it???  She wasn't there. 

Back on the roof, Bak Ha is hanging linens & clothing to dry & the breeze is ruffling the sheets & Lee Gak is watching & he starts remembering the Crown Princess' Sister & then the images overlap in his mind the things Bak Ha has told him, Se Na's concealed true character & finally he figures out that Bak Ha & Bu Yong (the Crown Princess' sister} are one & the same. 

That wraps up this review for me.  Next up Dongsaeng's 2 cents worth.  What is going to happen now?  When will he discover that his actual Crown Princess was also a bad person concealed behind cleverly applied pretty?  I hope soon.  It's getting good, don't ya think? 

Until next week...


Dongsaeng's 2 cents:

Ooh!  Just when you thought "sweet" Se Na couldn't get any "sweeter", she ups her game.  I love though that pretty much everyone is on to her act now.  Well, at least Lee Gak and Chairwoman Jang, the two people she was trying hardest to deceive.  Grandma still hasn't figured out that she's no good, but other than that, those she has been working so diligently to scam have finally seen the light.  I loved how Lee Gak really laid in to her.  Did you see how she could barely walk afterwards?  Haha!  You reap what you sow there Sister!  What a relief that the engagement is off and that the prince has finally figured out that Bak Ha is Bu Yong +300 years.  My exact reaction at his realization was "duh!".  I mean, remember the magic hankie that just 'happened' to fall perfectly on her face? The hankie tried to tell you dude.  Next time maybe you should listen to it.

I agree with Unnie here, the show is really starting to roll along at a nice clip.  Things are getting interesting.  True colors are being seen and revealed, lies spotted, identities realized.  It's good.  The only downside?  Now we have to wait a whole week to find out what comes next!!!  Noooo!!!!

P.S. Just a side thought... wouldn't it be just perfect poetic justice if in the end SeNa is denied her intended shares of the company from her birth mom because she lied and pretended to be the long lost daughter while hiding the identity of the real long lost daughter?  That would be a great moment.  One that I would cheer for.  "K-A-R-M-A! Karma! Karma!  That's called Karma!"  {Like my cheer?  I just made it up.  Can you tell I was never a cheerleader in either this life or a former one?  Haha!}  Oh, man, that'd be just awesome.  I'd love the parting shot of the drama to be SeNa and TaeMu either in jail or dirt poor sitting on the ground covered in filth doing some job they are miserable doing.  What should we have them be doing in this imaginary scene?  I think plucking chickens.  My grandmother grew up on a farm and it was her job to pluck the feathers off of chickens.  To this day she still won't eat chicken.  She said it was the most miserable thing she ever had to do.  I think I'll choose that for SeNa and TaeMu's future.  Yup.  Chicken plucking.  My apologies to any of you who might be chicken pluckers out there.  There is no shame in good, hard work.  Who knows?  Some people might find great joy in it.  But I don't think SeNa and TaeMu would, do you?  I can see it now.  Covered in dirt and feathers.... Oh yes, a fitting end in deed.

P.P.S.  The Crazy Ahjummas would like to officially wish Yoochun full health after his car accident on April 26th.  We hope you can get some rest and feel better Micky!  Yoochun-ssi hwaiting!

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