Tuesday, July 3, 2012

100 Days of TCA Giveaway Contest! **EDITED**

Many of you are probably familiar with this idea of celebrating the 100th day in Korea (and other Asian cultures).  In honor of this country and culture we are here to share with the rest of the world, we too would love to recognize our own first 100 days of being your addiKtion specialists.

Our 100th day is officially July 11th, one week from now.

In order to celebrate, we'd love to do something for YOU, our readers, who have kept our proverbial doors open this long and have supported and encouraged us and kept us going these past few months as we navigate these brand new waters in our old ahjumma dinghys.  What better way to say THANK YOU than with a GIVEAWAY!!!

That's right - our very first giveaway contest here on TCA!  Are you so excited?!  We are!

This blog of ours comes with its own challenges that we recognize.  How do we get the word out and spread it to those that would be interested when we ourselves know so few people that are confirmed addiKts?  It's not like say, a food blog -- you know, because everyone eats -- but not everyone has discovered the magic of Korean pop culture (gasp!  can you imagine?  how truly sad!).  Trying to come up with a concept that will work - spreading the word to the right people - has been a bit challenging. So we're going to try this --- Comment on this post and be entered to win.  Get someone else to comment (they have to mention you by name in their comment) and you will get another entry.  Ooh!  It pays to network!  See how clever we are?  ;)

So, here you go.  This is how you enter:

  • Comment.  Comment below on this post.  Tell us what you love most about Korean pop culture.  The dramas?  The music?  Your bias?  Whatever keeps your K-boat afloat.
  • Subscribe.  On the right hand of the screen, there is a black box that will pull out when you hover over it with your mouse.  There are two sections in which you can subscribe - one called "Fellow AddiKts" and the other "Subscribe".  We're not picky.  Choose the one you want.  Or both.  (Sorry, only one entry for this even if you go with both).  Once you subscribe, enter a comment below on this post telling us that you did.
  • Like.  Like us on Facebook.  Then come back here and leave a comment letting us know that you did.
  • Pin.  Pin our logo on Pinterest.  Then come back here and leave a comment letting us know that you did.
This is our logo.  You'll want to pin this.  And maybe even say something along the lines of "The Crazy Ahjummas are celebrating 100 days with a giveaway!" in the comments section of your pin.
If you don't have a handy dandy Pinterest magical pinning button but still want to pin this, you can go to our Crazy Ahjumma board and repin it from there.  Try this.

  • Tweet.  Follow us on Twitter. Mention us @thecrazyahjumma.  Then come back here and leave a comment letting us know that you did.  You could say something like:  @thecrazyahjumma are celebrating 100 days with a giveaway!
  • Share.  Know any other addiKts?  Get them to mention you in their comment.  You'll get another chance to win for every person that mentions your name. (One extra entry per person who mentions you.)

Did you count all those?  That's at least 6 chances to win!  Even more if you can get others to mention you in their comment.  Then, next Wednesday, July 11th, on our 100th day, we will randomly select one lucky winner from the comments section to win - are you ready to find out what you're going for here? - a $25 iTunes gift certificate!  
A gift certificate to use online at the iTunes store, so you too can be dancing like this.

Okay, so is everyone clear on how this works?  Remember that all comments go on this post here.  Right here.  This one.  This post.  If you put them anywhere else, they won't count.  So put them here.  Right down there, where it says "Add a Comment".  It may also say "View Comments".  I don't know.  Either way, if it's says something about comments, that's where you need to go.  Also, while normally we allow anonymous comments here on TCA, for this contest duration we've turned that option off.  You're going to have to use your real name so that we can find you if you win.  First name last initial should be good enough.

Phew.  That's a lot of stuff and info flying at ya all at once.  Hopefully we covered all the bases and answered any questions you might have ahead of time, but if there's something that we missed or you need further help, please don't hesitate to shoot an email off to us and ask us.  thecrazyahjummas@gmail.com.

Good luck to you all!  Let the games begin!

A special note to all of our international friends:  iTunes is a little funny for international gifting.  If we can't make the iTunes card happen, we promise to find an appropriate substitute.  We certainly would never want to exclude you - we love our international readers!  So, please enter with confidence that one way or another you'll get a cool prize if you're our lucky winner!

The comments for this post have been officially turned off.  No new comments will be allowed.  


  1. I follow your facebook page. - amber humphries

  2. I added your pin to my pintrest board - amber humphries

  3. My favorite thing about Korea is the dramas...... Cant get enough of them. Amber Humphries

  4. My favorite aspect of Korean culture is martial arts. I have been studying Hapkido for nearly 15 years. -Cindy MB Shao, Tampa, Florida

  5. I already follow you on everything. Happy 100 days! I am looking forward to reading much much more! 해피 100 백일! 난 당신의 리뷰를 읽고 사랑합니다! 나는 블로그를 사랑 해요. -Keldra D.