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Dramatic Friday Review: Rooftop Prince ep 13

Lucky #13 week!  Sadly, I wasn't so lucky with my Viki app.  It was acting up and so I had to watch on the computer which means no screenshots for today.  :(  We'll just have to do our best to entertain ourselves without them I'm afraid.  Shall we get started then?

These dramas are really heating up and we've got a lot of different things we could talk about.

Like how Se Na is an evil you-know-what and she FINALLY gets called out on it by Lee Gak.  I could do a happy dance right here and now just imagining the look on her face when he opened up the envelope that she claimed was hers to reveal an imprint of his stamp that came from the officetel contract meant for Bak Ha.  You know, the envelope that she had removed said contract from and replaced with a one-way ticket to New York with Bak Ha's name on it?  The envelope that she later claimed had been accidentally swapped when having coffee with Chi San?  Yeah, that envelope.  After the argument that Bak Ha and Lee Gak had had, is there any wonder why she believed the ticket could be from him?

Oh, the argument.  And the "break up" if you can even call it a break up.  They were "in like" for a whole 30 seconds before reality hit and they realized that their being together was pretty much impossible.  I cracked up at her line when she said, "it would be great if we could live in the same era".  Uh, yah, you think?  Kind of difficult otherwise.  Ah, c'mon!  What's a mere 300 years when you're in love?  Quitters.  How trippy was it when they kissed and the J3 were suddenly transparent?  Reminded me of Back to the Future a little.  I guess it meant that they were getting closer to returning to Joseon instead of almost not existing though (you know, unlike in Back to the Future).

We get another HUGE reveal early on in the episode.  Guess who's not dead after all and is languishing in a hospital in Chicago?  Yup, that's right - our very own Yong Tae Yong, the real one, not the stand-in from Joseon.  I knew it!  I knew he was still alive!  Tae Mu of course is freaked out beyond belief.  He goes to Chicago, but that's all we get to see.  Is Tae Yong of sound mind?  Does he have his memory?  Is he "somewhere else" while Lee Gak is parading around in his territory?  So many questions!

So, back to the Bak Ha/Lee Gak story.  They kiss, they have a happy 30 seconds together, reality sets in, they fight, there's the plane ticket mix up, she leaves without a word and they don't have any contact for a few days.  One of the J3 finds out the town she is in and when that town shows up on a list of possible locations for a new tour package for the company to sell, he gets all excited and pushes for it, which means Lee Gak gets to take a field trip to this town to check it out.  Lo and behold, as fate would have it, the local tour guide assigned to show him around is none other than Bak Ha.  Shocker.  They have an awkward moment, then the tour begins.  He gives her a hard time, most likely because she hurt him by leaving unexpectedly after he bought/leased/whatever'ed her an officetel.  They tour around, him giving her a difficult time and getting her in trouble with her boss.  Afterwards they all go out, get drunk, and sing the night away at the local norebang.  We end the night with her taking him to her place so that she can return the plane ticket.  Yadadada, the mix up/misunderstanding/whatever is resolved and he takes off to find out just how the ticket got switched.  How funny was the part where the grandson of the lady she is renting from puts dog poo in Lee Gak's shoe because he's "protecting" Bak Ha from the guy harassing her?  The conversation he has with the kid was a great moment of realization for him.
Kid:  "If someone is harassing Bak Ha I will protect her!"
Lee Gak: "Why?"
Kid:  "Because I like her!"
Lee Gak: (gets 'the look' of realization on his face like 'Oh, crap. That's what I should be doing') and as an aside to himself says, "I can't believe I'm being schooled by a child."

Duh, dude.  Obviously she is being targeted and harassed by someone and you should protect her because you like her.  Which is what he does.  He goes back home to figure out just where the ticket came from and therefore just who is harassing his lady.

A couple more little things to mention because they might prove to be important later.  Lee Gak overhears a phone conversation between Bak Ha and her mother and comes to find out that she has an older sister who is engaged.  Still isn't aware that the older sister is his fiance, but obviously that's coming later.  We also learn that Chairwoman Jang (i.e. Bak Ha and Se Na's birth mom) will soon be returning.  The plot is building and thickening as we speak.  I can hardly wait to see what unfolds next time!  But until then, I will leave you in the capable hands of Unnie for her 2 cents on this episode and then full review on 14!  Until next time, may all your dramas have happy endings (like watching Evil Stepsisters get called out on their lies!).

Unnie's 2 Cents:

Alas, no screenshots from me either.  {Hanging my head in sadness} 

My Viki iPad app was not cooperating either, at least not for Rooftop Prince. 

I have to agree with Dongsaeng at the amount of pleasure, I derived, from SeNa getting called out by Lee Gak at the end of this episode.  They satisfied smirk on my face said it all.  I was practically bouncing in my seat w/ glee when he started slicing open the envelope!! 

Giddy I tell ya!!  COMPLETELY GIDDY!!! 

It was SO incredibly satisfying to see her hem & haw & GULP & sweat.  Her fear was palpable & I fed on it like a Leopard feeds on the downed wildebeest.  And let me tell you it was yummy!  >8}

And ok I think I might have gotten a little carried away there...but you get the general idea.

I adored that little boy who put the "gae ttong" in Lee Gak's shoe.  That kid totally rocked the protect my woman vibe.  He was so sweet when he yelled out that he "liked" her & that he was going to protect her.  You go kid! 

And all I could think in regards to the relationship between Bak Ha & Lee Gak when she said, "it would be great if we could live in the same era" was "now THAT's what I call a long distance relationship."  And as we all know those hardly work out.  Aside from maybe "The Lake House".  Also about time difference.  For our American readers did you know that The Lake House, starring Sandra Bullock & John Cusak, was an American movie remade from what was originally a Korean movie, called Il Mare?  True story.  But I digress. 

So I am really curious as to how this whole thing is going to work out.  I already have my theories as to how they end the show, who goes where, who stays, who comes back etc...  But I will keep my predictions to myself.  I have a feeling there will be crying...on my part.  That much I can share with you. 

What do you guys think will happen?  Let's see if you can give us your honest predictions in the comments about HOW the writers are going to end Rooftop Prince.  Seriously, I want to know what you think will happen.  You gave me answers for the SWAK post, for which I am seriously so grateful.  That's what this blog is all about, right?  A place where we can freely talk addiKtion stuff.  And by doing so you enabled my addiKtion.  I now have a few more dramas that I really cannot wait to watch.  So thank you!  Chincha!!

Now I get to start my review for King 2 Hearts ep 13...  & then tonight, I get to review Rooftop Prince ep 14.  See you later.


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