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Dramatic Friday Review: Rooftop Prince episode 15

Before I begin my review of RTP ep 15...

Just to show you a little insight into how Dongsaeng & I communicate with each other...

I wake up & leave her a message via ipad chat/txt first thing in the morning, after I wake up my babies for school first, of course.  CA leaves here @ 5am everyday for the office.  And then I get my kids dressed, fed, lunches made & walk them to school.  By the time I get back, she is usually starting to rouse from sleep, against her will.  She is 2 hours behind my time zone.  Then she texts me back & we begin our ever present morning ritual of "tag your it" for a little while, during her prepping her kids to head to school. 

Some mornings though we text each other way more than we prep our kids.  {Best Moms EVER!!!}

This morning was no different.  I was trying to go through my 217 screen shots from yesterday's episode & trying carefully to pick just the right ones for this review, this morning, only Dongsaeng was making it extraordinarily difficult for me, by texting me inappropriate but extraordinarily funny messages.  To which, of course, I HAD to respond back just as inappropriately.  {giggle}  If our husbands only knew....they'd never let us talk to each other again.  Good thing they don't know, right?!?!  Everyone should have a bestie like my Dongsaeng.  She is the sun to my shine. {or vice versa}  I adore you Dongsaeng!  Thank you for making me laugh so hard this morning, with my chest cold, that I practically coughed up a lung. 


Don't you guys wish you could text us & have us cracking up too?  Or wouldn't you like to be in on some of our text convos, like a fly on the wall?  (wink,wink)

before I get on to the review though....

******Quick announcement*******
IFf you haven't had a chance to hear/watch Junsu's OST for RTP was released today!  Awesome timing, right?!?!  So before I continue on with the review, I wanted to give you all a chance to watch/listen to the beauty that is Junsu's voice!  Enjoy it while you's not the official MV to accompany the song.  When they release that I will switch them out...IF they haven't already disabled this video first. LOL  No copyright infringement intended, I just wanted you to all be able to hear the song. 
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And back to the Review:
So when last we saw Rooftop Prince, Yi Gak was just figuring out that Bak Ha was, in fact; Bu Yong reincarnated.  Bu Yong, if you don't remember (& yes I know you probably do remember---can you at least pretend to humor me?) was the Crown Princess's sister.  Which is exactly the relationship between Se Na & Bak Ha.  Only they don't know yet that they are biologically related.  I cannot wait to see their faces when that little tidbit comes to light, can you?  Now he tells Bak Ha who she was & what Bu Yong was like, she was was an elegant & smart lady back in Joseon.  (Hinting that she isn't like that in present day Korea-you can imagine she didn't like that comparison...oh you are a smooth talker Yi Gak!  LOL I know he was teasing her.)   I loved the fact, that as he is telling her about their relationship, he's realizing how important Bu Yong really was to him, that he talked to her more than he did the Crown Princess & "when I would talk with you, it felt very good."  Awww...

Of course this actually makes Bak Ha happy.  If you remember her comment from the previous episode..."It would be nice if you & I lived in the same time." And how Dongsaeng & I both thought, "Well duh!  Ya think?"   Upon hearing that they did live in the same time & knew each other so well makes her happy.  Understandable don't you agree?  It gives her peace to know that even if he goes back they'll be together...I think.  Personally, I'd still be torn up...happy knowing we'd be together & yet jealous that it wasn't together now, rather than together then.  Does that even make sense? 

They finish up the laundry amidst more teasing, sweet, & then they talk about their plans for the evening.  Bak Ha reminds him they have the fireworks show that night & that she has made up 5 lunchboxes for each of them.  This does not seem to make Yi Gak happy, can't imagine why.  He looks at her & points to himself & her & says he thinks they should go together....just...the...two...of them. {rowr! Yi Gak!}  But this means somehow they have to find a way to ditch the other Power Rangers. 

Once again those gorgeous, sweet, funny Power Rangers just make the show so incredibly enjoyable!  They walk back into the rooftop house & the Prince fakes sleepy & tells them should go to bed too, instead of playing video games.  Bak Ha says her eye hurts & that they always have the TV on.  They should read a book.  Then she turns off the lights & heads to her room.  They are so subtle!  Thankfully the Power Rangers are so innocent & naive that they don't catch the smell of pheromones that surely have to be, stinking up the rooftop house, by now.  

The next scene takes us straight out of the funny, sweet stuff, I love the most about this show & into the evil clutches of Se Na.  Who is having dinner with her mom.  Yes, her biological mom.  Of course, I know Se Na doesn't realize that her mom is aware that she is her mom but not the mom she thinks she is.  Did ya keep up with all of that?!?!  No??  Gee why not?    Seems perfectly logical to me.  Okay I'll go slower. 

Se Na IS Chairwoman Jang's daughter BUT she is her first born daughter, not the 2nd born daughter. Chairwoman Jang is actually looking for the 2nd born daughter, not the 1st born, mostly because she already knows that Se Na is her 1st born daughter, as she, Chairwoman Jang, gave Se Na to Se Na/Bak Ha's adoptive mom to raise for Chairwoman Jang.  However, Se Na, knowing that Bak Ha is the long lost daughter Chairwoman Jang has been searching for, is pretending to be the 2nd born daughter so that Bak Ha does not get to be the one to inherit everything.  Because Se Na is completely unaware of her actual relationship with Chairwoman Jang, that part is still Chairwoman Jang's secret from everyone, except Se Na/Bak Ha's adoptive mom, she has no clue that Chairwoman Jang is on to her evil, dishonest plot pretending to be something she isn't.    Are you with me now?  If not you'll have to figure it all out on your own because honestly I'm getting a headache now.  Geesh!

So Se Na & her mom, hahaha, are having dinner together.  Se Na is even calling Chairwoman Jang, "O-ma".  Chairwoman Jang is totally playing along...she wants to know what Se Na is really up to, why she is attempting to deceive & what her ulterior motive is in all this deception. 

Back to a sneaking out of the house with Ha & the Crown Prince.  So stealthy.   They get to the river front just in time to share a romantic fireworks scene, just the two of them. 
What girl wouldn't want to spend the evening with her leading man, near the water front enjoying the beauty of a fireworks display?  I would!  Bring on my leading man....Yes I mean my husband!  Dirty minded readers!  {giggle} ;D

Unfortunately Bak Ha misses something important in her fascination with the fireworks...something that Dongsaeng & I are very curious about, as it brings back flashes of "Back to the Future" for both of us. 

Every time she looks at the fireworks...Yi Gak fades away. When she looks back he is there again.   Does this mean they are following their destiny & that when they have finished solving the puzzle from the Joseon era & now, that the 4 men will just fade back into Joseon?'s just one of several different hypothesis that Dongsaeng & I have for the ending of RTP. 

But it doesn't mean there aren't some really sweet moments between these two leads before the disappearing begins...
I love the look on his face here...swoon.  Yoochun you have captured this Unnie's heart with your sweetness.

But they only have a little while because the Power Rangers are quickly tiring of their "homework" assignment.  I love that they are so dutiful to their Crown Prince that they actually try reading & needlepoint as commanded.  Poor Man Bo is actually memorizing all the phone numbers in the book.  Priceless! 

But he finishes really quickly...remember he is the smartest of the Power Rangers ...and he goes in to report to the Crown Prince that he did what he was told & that he is ready to report.  Only there is no response from the Crown Prince's form huddled under the covers on his bed.  Hmmm...That is strange!

Oh snap! The Crown Prince isn't even in this bed!  I bet they have their suspicions about the earlier behavior of their Crown Prince & Bak Ha now! 

Before they know it they have been discovered. And are being confronted by the Power Rangers.  While Bak Ha goes off to get drinks for everyone we see the Power Rangers reaction to the news that Bak Ha is the reincarnated Bu Yong.  Now everyone is thinking really hard.  Thinking & pacing.  Which makes sense to me because I always pace around in a perfect circle when I have a problem that needs muddling through.  Doesn't everyone?  Actually when I have a problem I push it off to the side & watch K-Dramas & Nom Nom Nom on yummy, unhealthy foods, instead. {Chocolate.  I have a huge weakness for chocolate}  Now that sounds more like it, right? 

K-Drama + Chocolate =  ^_^  {me}

But we're not through with our review so I will keep the chocolate in the cupboard.  It'll be a good reward & thinking of it as a reward for hard work on this review, will help keep me focused. 

We cut to Chairwoman Jang, in her high rise hotel suite trying to figure out why Se Na & Tae Mu are deceiving her...
Bingo Chairwoman Jang.

We go back to our Joseon Power Rangers.  They have just told Yi Gak about the rumors that swirled through the kingdom re: the Crown Princess's real behavior.  And Yi Gak decides ...Takes him long enough to figure that out...  I have to wonder if he hadn't eventually caught Se Na in the middle of many lies would he have ever believed his own Princess could be a bad person.   The Power Rangers are still confused as to how they ended up on Bak Ha's rooftop rather than with the Crown Princess...

The next morning Chairwoman Jang is trying to repay Bak Ha & Yi Gak's kindness towards her by treating them to breakfast.  She also really enjoys spending time with Bak Ha & Yi Gak & enjoys seeing them together.  Pleased with Bak Ha's treatment of her mom, Chairwoman Jang asks Bak Ha to be her secretary, while she's in Seoul.  As Bak Ha is in between jobs at the moment, she accepts the offer.  Which pleases everyone...except of course for Se Na & Tae Mu, who had thought they got rid of Bak Ha.  Suckers!  Sorry that wasn't very gracious was it? 

They have walked in on the happy scene of Chairwoman Jang, her 2nd born daughter...oops my bad I mean Bak Ha... & Yong Tae Yong visiting & laughing.  Se Na was supposed to spend the day with her "Mom".  Obviously she doesn't want Bak Ha to see or hear her refer to Chairwoman Jang as her mother so after they go back to the car & have a little freak out moment about this new twist in their plan, Tae Mu calls Chairwoman Jang & says that Se Na, on her way to their appointment had a car accident & won't be able to keep their appointment.  One moment happy, the next not so much.  Not that their appointment was cancelled but by the reminder of the liar that Se Na has grown up to become. 

That night Se Na arrives at Chairwoman Jang's hotel room apologizing for missing their appointment, even brings her beautiful flowers.  While they are visiting Se Na explains that all of this is due to the kindness of Yong Tae Mu & it would be a really great way to repay his kindness if, during the board of directors meeting tomorrow, Chairwoman Jang would vote for him & not Tae Yong.  AHA!!!  There!! That is the ulterior motive that Chairwoman Jang has been so curious about!  All of this was to secure her vote!  She agrees, that anything her "daughter" asks she'll agree to, of course.  Se Na happily runs down to Tae Mu, who is waiting in the parking garage in the car, & informs him that all is well.  That Chairwoman Jang will indeed vote for him, for the CEO's position.  I love the look on her face in this next screenshot.
Can you say, sucker?  Well, obviously I can too, I just said it!  Sheesh!

The next morning, before the meeting...

Chairwoman Jang & Se Na are meeting for breakfast...only Bak Ha walks in on the end of the conversation & overhears Se Na calling Chairwoman Jang, mom.  Chairwoman Jang has had just about all she can take & excuses herself.  Bak Ha confronts Se Na & the BEST part of the entire episode is when Bak Ha shows Se Na just how ticked off she is.  She had met their mother for breakfast & had to sit through their mom trying to get Se Na to join them, all the food that she had made.  Ungrateful daughter that she is, after their mother put all that work in towards their breakfast.  Then she finds Se Na calling some other woman "mom"?!?! 

In the end Se Na gets a good cup full of water, in the face, not once but twice!!!  DAEBAK!!!!

You Go Bak Ha!!!  WooHoo!!!

{Doin my happy dance... Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!! Oh yeah!!  Now this is the perfect moment for a Big Bang "Wow Fantastic Baby!"   Boomshakalaka like that baby!!}

It's almost time for the big vote back at the office but before we go there we see Chairwoman Jang give her vote, via big envelope, to Bak Ha to deliver for her.  She doesn't want to be there in person so she sends in her vote.  She really is so cool.

Without her vote the count is neck & neck.

Just then Bak Ha arrives, of course it wouldn't be nearly as exciting if she showed up on time or early would it?  She hands over the envelope ....  The results are read....Who will it be???  Will Tae Mu & his dad have won this round or will good win over bad & show us that Tae Yong is the new CEO!?!?!

And it's Tae Yong by one vote!
Celebration time!! 
  Tae Yong wins & it ticks off Tae Mu & his dad royally.  And then his dad finds out the truth!  The entire ruse behind Chairwoman Jang etc...  He smacks Tae Mu & asks him if he is always going to be a disappointment?!?! 

Back at the hotel Se Na asks her "mom" why she voted that way & finally Chairwoman Jang tells Se Na that she knows Se Na is NOT In Joo, the 2nd born daughter.  She doesn't reveal to Se Na that she is the 1st born daughter though.  Just that she knows Se Na is not her daughter.  She is ticked & she makes it plain to Se Na that she cannot stand her & refuses to be around her anymore & then asks Se Na to leave, get out. 

Out running errands as Chairwoman Jang's secretary Bak Ha tells Yi Gak that he didn't need to follow her, he informs her he isn't just following her.  He is making sure she is doing it right. LOL  He's such a smooth talker.  After the errands are completed they set off to an outdoor seller & purchase a set of couple rings.  Very sweet. 

While visiting together under a tree on a bench, Bak Ha makes a wish, Yi Gak looks on fondly & when she opens her eyes she sees him smiling at her but that is not all she sees!

For the first time Bak Ha witnesses the fading out of her Prince Charming...
He doesn't understand because she doesn't tell him but he can see she is overcome with fear over something & so he just lets her grab him & hold on.

{And yes, I kind of wish I could switch places with her, in this scene.}

Later on we see the Power Rangers sneaking in to Tae Mu's office, in the dark, with flashlights & head lights.  They are comedy gold, these 3.  Especially when they are surprised by Pyo Taek Soo (the dog guy).

He sits down with them all & reveals that he knows they aren't who they say they are because he knows that the real Tae Yong is alive, clinging to life but unconscious.  And what's more so does Tae Mu.  And that Tae Mu has flown to Chicago to pick up the real Tae Yong & is bringing him back to Seoul.   The Power Rangers follow Tae Mu from the airport to the hospital...well they almost follow him all the way.  In a hilarious scene of back seat driving, they lose the ambulance w/ Tae Mu & the real Tae Yong, but it's ok they come up with a plan to find out which hospital the ambulance went to.  Then there is even more hilarity combined with suspense when they don costumes as doctors & nurses to abduct the real Tae Yong.

While they are doing that we are treated to a really sweet scene w/ Bak Ha & Yi Gak.  She is on a walk through Seoul & he is following, without her knowledge of course, closely behind.  It's really sweet as he enjoys watching her wander & explore & enjoy the city & ice cream. 

And then he calls to tell her he's going to be a little late to their rendezvous.  But he has her curious as to how he knows she's eating ice cream, shaking her legs, crossing her legs etc...  She is sure he must be nearby watching her but she can't see him hiding.  Then he gets a phone call, he puts his jacket down on the bench behind him & answers the call.  It's a phone call from Pyo Taek Soo,  Tae Mu & his dad have called an emergency board of directors meeting.  They are going to have him removed as CEO.  So he rushes off leaving his jacket behind him. 

Eventually she goes to his hiding spot, he's long gone by this point, she finds his jacket.  She tries to call his cell phone but his phone is on vibrate & so he cannot hear it as he speeds his way to the hospital.  And then she remembers him fading the other day.  Just fading away.  When she can't get a hold of him you can see she thinks it's because he's faded into nothingness....Otake?!?!

At the hospital.  They have to get the real Tae Yong out of there & stop Tae Mu from revealing him as a fake!  The meeting has started & Tae Mu's dad is setting the scene...Tae Mu will be joining the meeting via video chat.  Where he reveals that the Tae Yong that was voted in as CEO is not the real Tae Yong.  That the man lying behind him on the hospital bed is his younger cousin, the real Tae Yong.  What you & I know, that Tae Mu is unaware of, is that Yi Gak, has already removed the real Tae Yong & taken his place in the bed. 

So just as Tae Mu is making all the announcements, re: the fake out, & that the real Tae Yong is alive but barely & that the doctors do not have any hope of recovery, Yi Gak (once again pretending to be the real Tae Yong) sits up behind Tae Mu & calls his name, weakly of course.  It's a flipping miracle!!  Praise the Lord!! 

{hahahahahahaha....sorry couldn't help myself}

It made me laugh to see this look on Tae Mu's face.
You just had to wake up NOW?!?!  You couldn't wait a few more years, could you?!?!?  This is totally not fair!!!!  Nothing ever goes my way!!!  Damn you Tae Yong!!  You ruined everything!!  This was supposed to MY moment!!! 

And that, my fellow addiKts, is where my review ends.  Whew!  Ridiculously good episode!!  I feel like I should end this one with....


And now I leave you with Dongsaeng's two cents...  I get to review King 2 Hearts tonight.  See you then!


Dongsaeng's Two Cents:

That end scene was AWE-SOME!  When Lee Gak sits up in bed and calls out Tae Mu's name?  Probably my favorite scene of this whole drama so far!  I laughed so loud I scared the children.  Tae Mu's reaction was priceless!  That's some darn good teevee there folks!

And isn't my Unnie just the sweetest?  The nice things she says about me.  Don't believe a word of it.  She's a notorious liar ;)  It was a funny text-ersation though.  Pardon me for a moment while I interject a quick "palle palle!" for Unnie's sake.  How rude of us to carry on private jokes in our public blog.  My apologies.  But thank you Unnie - you are the bestest bestie around.  Life would be boring without you!  I'm one lucky Dongsaeng.

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