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Dramatic Friday Review: Rooftop Prince ep 16

In the words of my mother, "hot dang!"  That was a fun ride.

You'll have to forgive my impatience.  I couldn't wait for this to load on the app, so I watched it on the computer instead which means... screenshots.  Sad but true.  

That's okay.  At least for me.  They just get in the way and making writing harder for me.  Interrupts the creative flow and all.  For those that like the pictures though, I am sorry.  I'll do my best to paint mental pictures for you though.  I'll also try and keep it shorter.  But don't count on it - there was a lot in this episode.

Remember where we left off last time?  Tae Mu was trying to prove that Lee Gak/Tae Yong was an impostor by bringing the cameras in to the hospital room where the real Tae Yong was lying in a coma.  Tae Yong then miraculously awakens and calls out to Tae Mu and Tae Mu just about has an aneurysm right then and there?  Heeheehee...good stuff.  Well, that's where we start out today's episode.  Tae Yong is awake.  Tae Mu is freaking out.  All is going according to plan, until Lee Gak looks down at his hand and sees the couple ring that would give away his true identity if seen.  Whoops!  But it's all good - he hides it before Tae Mu sees it.  Phew!  Dodged that bullet!

So, there's a conspiracy going on between Dog Man (still too lazy to look up that name even though it's here in my notes somewhere - though maybe we should switch it to Mr Bow Tie since he spends his time with bow ties and not dogs these days), and the Joseon 4.  The J4 aren't allowed contact with anyone, not even Bak Ha, else this new ruse of theirs goes up in flames and they and the company face ultimate destruction.  There must be no doubt that Lee Gak is really the newly awakened Tae Yong.

How about that scene in the hospital where Lee Gak sees Tae Yong in the flesh for the first time?  How weird would that be to "meet" your reincarnation 300 years down the road?  That's some tripped up stuff there.

A lot of the rest of the episode is dedicated to making Tae Mu's life a living, waking nightmare.  It's full-on psychological warfare.  Messing with Tae Mu - awesome!  He is sweating.  He is squirming.  He's panicking.  He's earned it. Like when the two cousins go out for coffee and Lee Gak mentions meeting him in America (oh, but no, not really).  Or the fax that says "MURDERER.  LIAR."  Or the framed picture of the two of them in NY that has been mailed to him, followed by the same package being sent to Halmoni while he's there, only to contain a picture of a dog.  Oh yeah.  That's good!  He's literally living in a nightmare as the lies he has spun and the dirty deeds he has done have started to turn back on him and entrap him.  

Then there's the scene where Bak Ha, who up until this point has been convinced that Lee Gak and the J3 have returned back to Joseon and has cried buckets of tears over losing them, passes Tae Yong in the lobby at work.  Lee Gak plays his part and feigns not knowing her, all while Tae Mu looks on and sweats.  It's a sad moment for Bak Ha - this confirms to her that Lee Gak is indeed gone - but a great moment in screwing with Tae Mu's head.  It's okay, later on she's back at the office and Lee Gak accidentally drops the ring from his pocket.  It rolls her her, hits her in the foot and she picks it up, instantly realizing that Tae Yong is still Lee Gak and he didn't go back after all.  Oh joy!  They have a clandestine reunion in the staircase.

Sometime around here, Lee Gak is poking around Tae Mu's office and finds the baby picture of Bak Ha, only the face of her mother is covered up.  He calls Tae Mu from a pay phone.  This is the first contact Tae Mu has had with Lee Gak since Tae Yong woke up.  He flips out.  He goes to the rooftop house and trashes it.  He then follows Bak Ha, hoping that she'll lead him to Lee Gak.  Thankfully our girl is on to him and gives him the slip on the train before meeting up with Lee Gak.  They talk and he mentions the picture to her.  Then she goes and does the same thing we got mad at him for doing several episodes back - she shows her hand too early by confronting Tae Mu about the photo.  She also tells her mother about it, who then spills to Se Na.  Obviously now Se Na and Tae Mu panic and destroy the picture.  Come on Bak Ha...couldn't we see this coming?  Don't give the bad guy too much info.

But then, oh then, we have the weirdest conversation of all!  Bak Ha and Chairwoman Jang sit and talk about their respective searches for each other, yet not realizing that they're indeed talking about each other.  DUH!  It is pull-your-hair-out frustrating at times!  This is followed by Chairwoman Jang telling Bak Ha/Se Na's mom that she's going to give up the search for her 2nd daughter and instead focus her energies into being a mother for Se Na, taking her back to Hong Kong with her.  Uhm, excuse me...why?  You know she's a big fat liar liar pants on fire - why take her with you?  *sigh* Why won't these people on the screen listen to me?  I'm trying to help them out here.  Anyways, Se Na of course overhears Chairwoman Jang's phone conversation with her "honey" (husband?) about finding her daughter and bringing her home with her.  Of course she assumes that the daughter who has been found in Bak Ha so she calls up Tae Mu.  Tae Mu then comes up with a plot to take care of the Bak Ha problem and Tae Yong/Lee Gak problem all in one fell swoop.  He calls up Bak Ha, claims to have info on her birth mom after all and asks her to meet him.  Which leads to her getting in to his car.  IDIOT!  *slaps forehead and shakes head in disbelief at the stupidity on Bak Ha's part*  Of course, things don't go well for Bak Ha at that point.  She is drugged, passes out and is placed in the back of a refrigerated truck.  Tae Mu takes her phone and texts a picture of her drugged and in the back of a truck and sends it to Lee Gak.  At this point I'm thinking to myself, "Um, hello?  Anyone ever think to contact the authorities?  I mean, a girl has been kidnapped and all.  Family feud aside, isn't this something best handled by professionals?".  I'm also thinking that this poor girl has really bad luck with trucks.  So we end the episode with her locked in the back of a freezer truck and faced with freezing to death while Lee Gak races to her rescue and into Tae Mu's cleverly crafted trap of doom.  Oh dear.  What will happen next?  Tune in to the same bat channel at the same bat time next week.  

{10 points who can tell me where that reference came from}
{Don't listen to what Unnie said earlier, points totally count here.  I'm keeping track, honest I am}  ;)

And that's where we'll leave it at for today.  Well, except for Unnie's 2 cents which she's ready to dish out at any time.  Take it away Unnie!

Unnie's 2 Cents:

Oh Dongsaeng.  Do I get the points if I guess what your reference, at the end of your post, is about?!?!  Hmmm...somehow I doubt you'll give them to me, seeing as I am a what did you call me?  "...walking, talking, typing, breathing, human form of IMDB"?  Thought I didn't see that didn't ya? You may try to say I'm cheating by just being me.  Can't have that can we?

As for the points she's promising up there?  Do NOT believe her.  I am not the compulsive liar on this here blog!   Chincha!  Yagsog!!  Would I lie?!?!  ^^  THAT was a rhetorical question....No one answer that question! 

Alrighty then....Let's get to it then, shall we?  There were so many moments watching this episode I was talking back to the screen!  So many moments of me just as frustrated as could be!  First of all I was giggling & dancing in my seat w/ glee once again at the look on Tae Mu's face when Lee Gak "wakes up" from his comatose/vegetative state.  Mad crazy giddy I tell ya!! He makes really good faces for the camera.  Helps that Lee Tae Sung (he plays Tae Mu) is REALLY easy on the eyes.  Am I right or am I right?  You know I'm right, right?  Yuh-uhm! 

Then I was in so much pain for poor Bak Ha, especially when Lee Gak/Tae Yong walked right past her at the company.  It was so good to see him keep the character & not break stride or give away in front of Tae Mu but seriously my heart was just breaking for Bak Ha.  And then when he went running up to the window & watched her do the slow walk away...I wanted to cry out to her to just turn around.  It's him!  But I didn't, I totally kept my cool, sort of.  Until they kissed in the stairwell....not the greatest kiss but I was so afraid they would get spied on or worse, out right caught, that I can't complain.  That was not the time for a really good SWAK moment!!!  It was enough to hold me over, for a little longer.  There had better be a good kiss at the end of this one or so help me....   {CALM DOWN UNNIE!!!}  Ahem....sorry about that. 

But later when she not only tipped her hand about the pic, but then got into his car, I was screaming at her, "Are you completely stupid?!?!"  Sigh...these people are driving me nuts.  It was like this the whole show.  Lots of Aigoo & Omo!!!  Pretty sure CA thinks I'm off my rocker!  Yeah, like that's a shock.  I'm so ready to find out what happens next...the cliffhangers are killing me people! 

Dongsaeng I have to stop giving my 2 cents now.  I could go on & on about this episode.  I really am having a hard time deciding which of these 2 dramas I like better.  I guess it's a tie.  What about you guys?  I'd ask which one you heart more but our South East Asian readers are, according to blogger dashboard, here for Lee Seung Gi's Dimple, I mean drama.  I mean Lee Seung Gi's DRAMA.

Well my review of King 2 Hearts episode 16 is next...of course I can't review it till I watch it, & I can't watch it till it's done subbing or my review would suck.  You know with me not being able to understand Korean & all.  Thankfully, I do speak "Dimple".  Hmmm...could I do a whole review about his dimple though?  I betcha I could!  ^_^  Well catch ya in the next review....hopefully coming soon. 


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