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Tarantallegra: The Spell Junsu Has Cast to Control Us All

So yesterday, I jumped the gun on my usual post day because TA-DA!!!!  Junsu's first solo Music Video for his first solo song, "Tarantallegra", from his first solo album, "Xia Tarantallegra", was FINALLY released!  OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO!!!!!!!  This unnie was so incredibly excited!!

{I am not gonna lie to you there may have been a little "tinkling" involved in this excitement!  Was that too  much information for ya?  Please don't judge me.}

I have been eagerly anticipating the release of Junsu's solo album.  I adore Junsu.  I fell for him while watching Scent of a Woman.  And there was no going back once he asked her if it was his cute butt that she liked the most.  Squeee!!!  Seriously, so cute!  Him & his butt.  {giggle}

I asked you in that post, from yesterday, whether or not you guys would like for Dongsaeng and me to review his video together but alas, no one responded to the request for yay or nay. 

{sad face, pouty lips here - a little heavy on the aegyo don't ya think?} 

So since, none of you responded "nay", we decided we were going to review it anyway.  Whether you like it or not.  Just as in politics, if you don't vote, you don't get the right to whine about the result.  So, you had your chance, now you gotta sit back & let Unnie & Dongsaeng tear apart our beautiful Junsu's first solo music video.  No whining, if we say stuff you don't want to hear.  Them's the rules fellow addiKts.  Although, if you want to add your 2 cents worth down there, in that comments section, we'd still like to hear what you have to say, as always. 

*Note* we aren't really going to tear it apart.  Contrary to what you may think after reading our conversation below we actually LOVED the video & in fact the more we watch it, the more we like it...  We each have things we like more than others & parts we could have done without...but I'm getting ahead of myself.  Time to get discussing...

Unnie's 1/2 of the conversation is Purply!!!  Yay for purply!! ^^:

Dongsaeng's is a mature, not purply, this color.

Did you watch the video?!?!

Why, yes I did.  You sent it to me after all and told me I had to should.

Oh good!  I wasn't sure if you got my order hint.  But you always sometimes occasionally once in a while listen to me, so I was praying hoping you'd actually watch it right away.  I am totally mesmerized!!  Did you like it?  Huh?  Huh?  Did ya?  Did ya?

Well, honestly, initially I was half-and-half on it.  I liked parts and didn't like other parts.  I was on the fence for various reasons.  But after further review, I have decided that yes, yes I do like it.  You?

Oh I adore it!!  I loved the theatricality (I know that isn't a word Shannen) of the music video, the song itself & especially the dancing... OMGosh I LOVED Junsu dancing!!!  Seriously so yummy.  Can't say enough about Junsu's hottness shaking & dancing in the video.  He has some yummy looking abs!  
Pardon me while I take a cold shower here. Okay. All better.

Welcome back.  How was that shower?  Refreshing?  Feel better?  Are we calm, cool and collected now and able to discuss this video like the rational and mature 30-something women that we are?  Or do you need another moment to get your inner fangirling out?  I can wait.  Go ahead.  Fangirl away.  Done?  Okay.  My turn then.  heehee  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  JUNSU'S dancing was DELICIOUS!!!  Seriously like the best dancing I have ever seen.  I melted.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!  From the very first dance scene I was hooked.  One of my only complaints about the video was that it was filled with too much from other people.  It could have used more Junsu.  All Junsu, all the time.  Take out those other people.  Just Junsu dancing.  Okay, the other dancers can stay, as long as they keep to the background like a good back-up dancer should.  Get those half-nekked women off my Junsu.  Hands off ladies!  Back away from the Xia or somebody's getting hurt.  Don't say you weren't warned!

Oh, and I found this for you:
the·at·ri·cal  (th-tr-kl) also the·at·ric (-rk)adj.1. Of, relating to, or suitable for dramatic performance or the theater.2. Marked by exaggerated self-display and unnatural behavior; affectedly dramatic.n.1. Stage performances or a stage performance, especially by amateurs. Often used in the plural.2. theatricals Affectedly dramatic gestures or behavior; histrionics.the·atri·cali·ty (-kl-t), the·atri·cal·ness (-kl-ns) n.the·atri·cal·ly adv.
So, ppppllllllffft  xP

You mean I used an actual word?!?!  Well that HAS to stop!  We can't have any real words!  That's just wrong! And I totally agree.  All Junsu ALL THE TIME!!!  That is what I'm talking about.  I loved his opening "look" the blue one w/ the bleach blond hair.  Not the one with the brown hair that was still short but in a page boy(?)     

I couldn't agree more!  The brown haired look was icky, the blond was delectable. And don't worry about accidentally using a real word, it can happen to the best of us.

Thanks for letting me use reall words Dongsaeng.  As for the dancers?  Eh.  I didn't mind the dancers.  I was impressed that they used a more "Curvy" type of girl...that is what I imagine when I hear the phrase "S Line". However, their costumes kind of cut them in the wrong places & weren't very flattering.  Not really bad just not well cut.  Junsu was BY FAR the best dressed one, as it should be, in the video.  As for the dancing of the girls....  Well, I totally did NOT appreciate the grinding & lap dancing.  

I get that the song is about the power of dancing & how you should "let yourself go" & dance but I don't ever think about giving people around me a lap dance when the music is in my blood.  And I have never tried to lick another person, man or woman, while I was carried away by the power of music.  I have no problem with the whole groping thing, although not on MY Junsu!  Grope each other & leave MY man alone!  {Good thing CA isn't hearing this conversation, right?}  But the male dancers were spiffy...not Junsu spiffy, but eh, not bad.  Not bad at all.  {wink/wink}

Yesterday I didn't care for any of the "extra" stuff - all the non-dance or other dancers' dance scenes around Junsu.  Today I'm okay with it.  Well, almost all of it. Not a fan of the booties in my face and won't be, but the rest of it? Yeah, we're good.  Don't know why the sudden shift, but there you have it.  Though there is one scene that still bothers me.  It's mainly because of his outfit.  You know the scene I'm talking about, don't you?  I bet you can guess.

I think so...  You're talking about the part, and its just one time / one scene, where he has long brown hair & looks like he's supposed to be a girl??  I had to actually pause the playback & go back 30 seconds a few times to make sure it was Junsu.  I wasn't sure if it was him or not.  I'm not exactly sure why that one 10 second bit had to be in the MV.  If it had actually matched the rest of the mv or moved the story forward I would have been fine with it.  But it was just this blip on the screen & I was like...What the heck was that?  Who was that?  Was that Junsu?  I think that was Junsu.  What does that have to do with anything?  I waited the rest of the MV to see if he/she came back & filled in the blanks but no....nothing.  It was perplexing.  Is that the part you are talking about?

No, not the part.  But that's a great guess.  I let that one go because it was so short and so weird.  No, the part I'm talking about is when he has the short red hair (ick - I'm sure it was to make him look more spidery, so I'll let it go, but ick all the same) and his shirt is off his shoulders and the three girls are wrapping all around him with plastic tubing.  Not his best look.  But seriously, the entire rest of the video he looked H.O.T.T.  The costumes were over the top but still worked for him.  I really loved all of his looks with those two exceptions - the girl wig and the off-the-shoulders shirt.

Oh!  THAT part!  Yeeeeeah that part was weird too.  I liked the shirt when it was up but once it went "off shoulder" I was thinking....uh...yeah not so much Junsu sweetie.  And I get that the plastic tubing was supposed to look spidery & all creepy but it just made me think they were going to be working on their drainage issues on set & oops they got all tangled up in the tubing.  Not really my idea of mysterious or spidery.  Material that was actually spidery or mysterious looking, even just really fine silk strands (or silk like looking strands) would have translated better.  Set decoration was awesome though... I LOVED all the sets they used, from fire covered studio set, to wintry/icy outside set, to desert sandy set, to throne set... LOVED them all.  But only the sets that had Junsu in them were worth looking at, any scene he wasn't in, I ignored.  Waste of time to have a scene that doesn't have Junsu in it.  Don't you think?

Silly question Unnie.  Of course I totally agree.  Junsu is what made that video the work of art that it is.  One of my favorite scenes, and this will probably seem weird, but it was when he did the stomp in slow motion and they were just zoomed in on his feet.  It was tres dramatic and you know how I love the drama.  Other than that, my favorite favorite scenes were when they were dancing in formation.  Like the opening one with the shoulder moves.  Goosebumps!!!  Or even when he was just walking in formation through the snow.  *happy sigh*  Oh Junsu, you are too pretty.

My favorite FAVORITE scene takes place in the fiery studio set.  
The blue bejeweled jacket buttoned at the top, & nothin' on underneath it, so we get a really good view of his abs, as he shakes, grinds & stomps his way around.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Tingly all through my tummy watching Junsu lead the dance.  And then it cut away to the red bejeweled jacket & the long sweep of bleached blond hair over his eyes & that smile he gave the camera was truly so mesmerizing.  
Right there it looked like he was thinking dirty thoughts & I was so happy he was.  OMO!!!  Heart stopping!!!  Electrifying!!!  He's got this super sweet face, which I adore the most, but that one shot of him smirking into the camera. *Shudder*  I may need the use of the cold shower again.

I don't envy your water bill this month.  Better hope not too many more of these videos come out.  If we hear of a drought in Wisconsin we'll know the source.  That red long jacket was niiiccce.  As was the long white one.  And the pointy-shouldered suit in the beginning.  And yes, even the blue bedazzled jacket buttoned at the top.  His very last smirk was cute and made me giggle more than smoulder, but I definitely still enjoyed it.

Actually water bills here are cheap...cos there is no drought...not like some desert lands.  That last smirk at the end as you know is now my iPad's background picture & lock screen picture as well.   Which shows you how much I loved it, because I actually took off the KHJ pic & put Junsu in his place.  (Shut up you did not?!?!  Oh yes, I did.  But please don't tell KHJ.)  How could I not?!?!?  Hello?!?!  And I agree almost all the outfits were spectacular & it is impossible for me to pick a favorite because each one he is in is perfection personified.  {Minus those 2 we both agreed on were weird & just no-nos}

Okay, so one last major thing we haven't touched on yet.  Junsu didn't do this video alone.  The rapper Flowsik was featured in this song as well.  What did you think of his addition?  Did you like what he brought to the party?

Before I get to Flowsik I have to add the one scene that totally took me out of the video & made me giggle.  The scene where he is laying on the floor & all the girls' hands are groping & rubbing his chest & arms?  You know that scene right?  

It may just be me but all I kept thinking is what a great opportunity to tickle him.  I would have had such a hard time with that scene because of the temptation to try & tickle Junsu. Let's face it they would have asked me to leave the set.  How could they pass up the opportunity to tickle Junsu till he did THAT laugh!?!  That awesome "Eu Kyang Kyang"  laugh he is so famous for?!?!  I would not have been able to pass the temptation by.  So either those women are dead inside, OR they don't know about his laugh OR they are just really good at resisting temptation!  Either way they MISSED out on THE Golden opportunity of their lifetimes.  And I pity them.   Ok back to your question... I LOVED Flowsik!!  I thought he was the perfect balance of deep grumbly rap voice to Junsu's more tenor sounding voice.  What an awesome combination of voices together.  And I loved how they didn't shove him into the MV to rap next to Junsu, very understated with him just in the background.  LOVED it!

I  Yesterday I was concerned that the song without the video was too heavy on the Flowsik. He starts it out and when you factor out the visual of the video, his part is pretty predominate.  I was concerned with what the track would sound like when I buy it.  As we established earlier, I like all Junsu, all the time.  I didn't appreciate the focus leaving Junsu.  But today I am more level-minded and can appreciate the addition of his deep voice to balance out Junsu's softer, higher voice.  Which leads me to my own scene that, how'd you put it?  Totally took me out of the video and made me giggle?  Yeah, for me that was Junsu's "diva moment".  Remember that ultra high-pitched Whitney or Mariah-esque note that he belts out?  He was definitely channeling his inner diva there.  
Xia's "diva moment".  Sorry for the blur.  Dude moves really fast, for a Diva.
Also, I just have to add that I LOVE when he actually sings the word "Tarantallegra".  Weird word, but he sings it so nicely.  His voice is scrumdidiliumpcious.  Didn't you say 'tarantallegra' was from Harry Potter?  Wonder if JK Rowling is aware of this....  It makes for a difficult title to say - quite the tongue twister - but as long as he's the one saying it, I'm good.  Real good.

Yeah, I want to know if she gets royalties every time an HP spell is used in something that people pay for...kind of like residuals for actors who did commercials when they first started out in the business?    Or if he had to get permission or if he sent her a preview copy of his song & if he did or does do you think she'll be impressed?  Annoyed?  Amused?  Perplexed?  All of the above?  None of the above?   And now I totally have this song stuck in my head.  I will never be able to watch that HP movie without thinking of Junsu & this MV!  But that's ok.  I like thinking of Junsu & this mv.  A Lot!  {giggles & homina hominas everywhere}  And I agree a total Diva moment.  And while you might think a guy having a Diva moment would be a turn off, it wasn't for me, totally thrilled to his voice just then.  Goosepimplies all over.  YUH-UHM!!  He can sing the title to the song as much as possible it makes me so happy.

Well, I've just about covered all of my talking points.  You?  Anything you care to add before we wrap this one up?

No, I actually need to go too....something about feeding my kids everyday or something lame like that.  Who the heck made the rule that they have to eat dinner EVERY single day!?!?!  So unnecessary if you ask me.  Love you!  Have a great day.

I know.  So annoying.  Who do we talk to about changing that?  Once a week I can see, but multiple times every day?  Don't they know how exhausting that can be and how it majorly crimps our style?  Thanks for chatting with me about this one.  I know that we were both DYING to get it out!  Silly Mother's Day getting in the way of our Junsu video.  Sheesh!  Have fun feeding the inmates, uh, family.  Love you and enjoy your evening!

And that dear readers is a pseudo-sample of what our text-ersations can be like.  You know, when they're forced and unnatural and we reign in the inappropriate or inside jokes.  ;)  All in all, we both loved this video and are so excited to see Junsu debut in his very first solo album.  Tell us what you thought!  See that handy-dandy comments section there?  We even let you be anonymous if you so desire, just in case you're still in the closet about your addiKtion.

And just in case you were living under a rock or on some sort of secret spy mission without internet access over the weekend, here's the video we're talking about.

And here is the link to the entire album on iTunes!!  Squeeee!!!!!  GO.  Buy it now!!  Come on you know you want to.  Bwahahaha....cough cough cough...ok still fighting my chest cold...I'll show off my evil laugh another day.

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