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Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: Romance is his specialty.

It's now, after midnight, & I am only just now coming up with an idea for this week's WWU.   I've been more than a little preoccupied with a certain studly, sexy, just released his first solo song/MV, guy.

{Oh Junsu, if I watch your video anymore I may go blind.}

So there I was, stalling this post, & watching all my favorite moments in KDramas looking for inspiration.   So many wonderful dramas.  So many ideas but none of them seemed liked THE idea.  Then I started re-watching Lie To Me

Ah.  Such a good K-D.  It, fellow addiKts, has so much romance.  Ah.  I am a true sucker for romance.  I LOVE a good romantic story.  Sadly, when this drama came out, it had mediocre reviews.  "Too predictable, not enough twists & sub plots, no really bad or evil characters".  So it was written off as boring, trite & tame. 

But I think that it was overlooked & underestimated.  Sometimes, a simple love story, with a few simple complications & no huge plot twists can be just as enjoyable.  If not more so, than the more Drama HEAVY counterparts. 

If you haven't watched Lie To Me, please give it a try, or a second if you have but didn't like it, to capture you with its lovely, romantic story & the amazing chemistry between the 2 leads, Kang Ji Hwan & Yoon Eun Hye.  This one has a funny premise & lots of laughter is found within.  Yoon Eun Hye, as usual, if you watched Goong or Coffee Prince then you already know this, has wonderful comedic timing & the ability to really make you feel like you are the one going through the heartbreak that her character is going through. 

And Kang Ji Hwan?  Well, he can do NO wrong in my humble opinion.  His character has  everything!!  He's incredibly good looking,  he's charming, he's classy, he's funny, he's cute, he's lovable & he makes the most amazing GRAND romantic gestures in this show.  Every man should take lessons from Kang Ji Hwan's, Hyun Ki Joon.  I mean it.  Seriously, the man has style & panache when it comes to understanding his woman & being there for her no matter what. 

Even when he's just going along w/ Gong Ah Jung's lie about their marriage he manages to be mind numbingly romantic, saying he doesn't like for her {GAJ} to get her hands dirty.  Sigh.  Then, when he finds out that she lost her mother around age 8 or 9 & that she has been helping her dad w/ cooking & cleaning since then he just can't take his eyes off her....sizzle & tummy flutters.  He even had GAJ running to cool herself off in the bathroom she was so flustered.  He's really good at the direct eye contact I'm so into you look.  Later that same episode (episode #6 if you are so inclined) he is singing karaoke with her, in front of their guests, who believe they're married, & he just stops singing, does that staring into her eyes thing again, he's so turned on to her & so into her that he just drops the microphone, {thunk & feedback}, & grabs her & pulls in close for an incredibly melting kiss...right.  In.  Front.  Of everyone!  YUM.

There are so many delectable kisses & embraces & when he tells her that he wants her to tell him everything about her day, whether she ate & what or whether she starved, when she washes her hands etc..  He's just so worried about her not sharing when she is feeling stress & he wants her to know he wants to listen to her & be THERE for her no matter when, no matter what.  How many of you married women out there have husbands or you ladies with long time boyfriends, the new ones still listen, that actually want to, let alone actually listen to you. when you are telling him about the mundane minutiae of your everyday activities?!?  Mine does occasionally once in a while if it interests him or affects him too.  Otherwise I'm talking to the guy who learned to tune me out, you know the way I tune my kids out. 

{What?  Like I'm the only mom to tune out her kids!!} 

Then later when scandal breaks & GAJ has taken all the responsibility on herself & is bearing all the burden & trial alone, and his aunt is asking him to just walk away from GAJ & the public & hide for a while till it blows over, what does he do?  He meets GAJ in a public & stands there holding her hand, IN PUBLIC, & waits for a big enough crowd to gather & THEN...  He yells out,  "I LOVE GONG AH JUNG!!!!"  Like a madman, at the top of his lungs!   He adds, "IF I DON"T SEE HER EVERYDAY?  I MISS HER SO MUCH, LIKE I'M DYING!!!"  So romantic.  Yes, it is, slightly, embarrassing too, but he wants his aunt to KNOW & understand that GAJ is THERE to stay.  There will be NO negotiations on that point. 

The list of grand romantic, silly, sweet, funny, cute, sexy moments between these two amazing leads more than makes up for the boring or predictable story line. 

The best part of this drama is the end.  It has that wonderful end of the drama SWAK that I love so much.  Best end of the drama kiss ever!  Seriously.  It makes all the difference.

Which dramas do you think have the best romantic moments?  Not sexy moments, not hott moments, not moments that make you drool.  But romance.  Pure heart palpitating, tummy fluttering, breathless moments, that make you giddy & giggle & blush & sigh longingly at the screen, as though you wish you could have some of those moments.  My dongsaeng was right on Monday.  These K-Drama men really & truly set the bar so high.  Mere mortals have no chance in, H. E. Double Hockey Sticks, of ever, EvEr, EVER reaching that bar.  But, sigh I must, in delight, at these wonderful leading men who capture our hearts.  Like Renee Zellwegger said to Tom Cruise, in Jerry McGuire...{and I paraphrase} "Gentlemen, you had us at Hello."  

{Honestly they had us the minute they walked in looking oh so yummy, right?}

Every girl should have a Hyun Ki Joon in her life, helping her to realize her full romantic potential.  After all....romance IS his specialty. 

I just have to include one of the OST's for the drama as well.  It's sung by Hee Young, "Are You Still Waiting?"  Such an sweet, sexy, song.  I loved it & couldn't get enough of it.   

If you do decide to check out Lie To Me, I hope you are able to enjoy the romance.  Like I said, the writing leaves, at times, something to be desired, but it more than makes up for it, between the two leads & all the romance.  I hope you like it & that you come back & tell us what you thought of it.  What you thought of Hyun Ki Joon, Kang Ji Hwan.  Do you have a new crush?  I totally crush on Kang Ji Hwan.  And since he is actually way closer to my age, than Kim Hyun Joong, I don't feel quite so pervy.  LOL 

Which I just had to add a pin that I saw on Pinterest this week.  Had me laughing out loud literally.  Serious belly laugh because it's SO true.  I know that because I saw it repinned at least a dozen times in the last couple of days.  Which means I am not the only one who feels this way when it comes to my K-Pop Idol crushes! 
Anyone else feel like this?

I enjoyed dishing, about romance, with you & I will invite you all once again to please leave us your opinions, thoughts, feelings re: your favorite romantic dramas or romantic drama moments.  Remember we LOVE you guys & want to hear what you have to say.  Leave a comment, Like our Facebook Page, Follow us on Twitter or check out our boards on Pinterest.  Now it is 2 am & I will be heading to bed, just as soon as I pimp out this post on all those sites I just mentioned.  ;)



  1. I did not read the whole post, since I have just started to watch this drama and I don't want to see any spoilers. I saw 2 episodes and already like it a lot! Thank you ahjummas!

    1. I only mentioned a couple of the grand romantic gestures, there are TONS of them in this drama. I didn't give away anything too big. But I don't blame you for not wanting to read the whole post. I was just in a Kang Ji Hwan/Hyun Ki Joon/Romance haze at 1am this morning & had to share. :) I'm glad you are liking the drama. Make sure you come back & tell us what you think when you finish it. <3

  2. Ooh! I love that song! I don't remember it in the drama, so thank you for sharing it! Now I know what I'll be listening to all day. I'm kind of sad I am commenting here though because it made the music stop LOL. Thanks Unnie! I love your Wednesday Write Ups!

    1. It's right before their 1st kiss when he's supposed to be singing w/ her during their house warming. And you are welcome & I love you too. And you only love my WWU's because you love me, you're kind of biased. ;D

  3. Just stumbled in here. And I recently have the kdrama fever. Kang Ji Hwan? one word....Yummy. But I actually have a question about an event in the drama **SPOILER** Remember GAJ goes to Jeju island and takes a break from Kang ji's character to do the museum work to "find herself" she looks at the jugs (the one that was missing and she found) what was that suppose to symbalize? (Did I even spell that right? anyways) I've watched this drama months ago and this question still pops in my head. Do you have any insight?

    1. Frankie...I am so sorry it took me this long to reply. I was trying to think back & eventually I just went an re-watched the last couple of episodes, its been quite a while since I saw this drama.

      I think the fact that the "jug" was in the museum but had been placed in the wrong section so it was lost but not really, was just more symbolism for her finding herself. She realized that she didn't need to go looking for herself, that she was there the whole time. That in fact he was the one helping her to be herself. That because of him she could be whatever she wanted. I think the jug was that piece of herself that was confused & lost but still there. Once she realized she was a whole person & that the drama she had been through hadn't broken off any part of her soul, I think that is when she realized she couldn't live without him, that he was the reason she healed.

      I don't know if it gets any deeper than that. To be honest...while that part didn't confuse me, it sure irritated me. It was just another example of not the best writing. They had already gone through all the drama but were short on episodes so they threw in that complication to drag out the show. The chemistry between Yoon Eun Hye & Kang Ji Hwan was perfection. Their acting was really good, but the writing left something to be desired. And they can only do so much acting wise with the script that they were given.

      Thank you so much for your patience & for your question. I hope I helped at least a little. LOL I'll leave it up to anyone passing by who happens to read this incredibly long comment of mine...did I get it right? Or was there more to this than I was able to fathom? Fellow addiKts your help is needed by one of our own!

      Hope you keep coming back Frankie & welcome! <3 unnie


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