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Dramatic Friday Review: A Gentleman's Dignity ep 9

In this week's flashback we get a glimpse of the grown up versions, thank goodness, of the guys making themselves purty.
Ya gotta admit these guys make 40 look good.

Choi Yoon you can be MY lawyer anytime!!  Especially, if THAT is your business attire.
{hubba, hubba, wink, wink Rowr!} 
The look on Tae San & Choi Yoon's face when Jeong Rok brought out all of his "personal care" items was awesome.  I loved how they mocked him for being being more like a woman, than a man, but later on while he & Do Jin were wrestling over Do Jin's eyebrow razor, yes Do Jin "manscapes".  It's important to have nice eyebrows for the ladies you know, they were busy stuffing their towels full of his girly products.  Classic!

Once the flashback hi jinks were over it was time to head back into the story.  If you remember when episode 8 left off, Do Jin & Tae San were facing off because Tae San knew that Yi Soo liked him & he knew that Do Jin knew it & kept it from him.  They were discussing whether or not Tae San, now knowing what he knows about Yi Soo, whether that would make him waver in his devotion to Se Ra.  Then just as the guys are getting into their conversation Yi Soo showed up, wanting to know what brought the guys to the house?

After Tae San tells her about his one year anniversary w/ Se Ra & his planned surprise, she heads in & he turns to Do Jin & tells him because it will be awkward if he stays to oversee the work so he needs Do Jin needs to take his place & get the bar installed.  And maybe you already guessed this but Do Jin was only too happy to be spending the day w/ his one sided love, Yi Soo.

Once he was inside with the workers Do Jin excused them for the day & decided he was going to do it himself.  {{In his head I could hear, "I get to be alone with her & I get to show my manly builder side.  Suh-Weet!!"}}  but Yi Soo determined to get them out of there as quickly as possibly has strapped on her work gloves & is ready to help.  Lots of cute moments in this scene.  I totally giggled & ooh'd & aah'd at Do Jin's transparency.

 Checking to make sure every.  Single.  Screw is exactly the same length, oh & touching & casually brushing each of her pretty little fingers along the way.  
 And this IS EXACTLY how you are supposed to stand when attaching wood pieces together.  
I remember this from wood shop in Jr High.  

Stance is very important!!  You don't want anyone to get hurt & it can be a dangerous place...wood shop.  
Especially, for your heart, if Do Jin is the carpenter.  

Being the support for the person attaching the ceiling fixture is an important job.  You can't let go till the fixture is securely in place or someone could get hurt.  However, when holding a ceiling fixture in place the person attaching it should probably be staring at the fixture & not into his assistant's eyes.  
Is anybody else feeling a little warm, right about now?  Ahem.  
 However, when it's Do Jin that is attaching the fixture then he can stare into my eyes anytime he wants to, sigh.  
I love his sense of humor, so naughty.  {{giggle/blush}}
Pardon me while I fangirl stare for a moment.

Okay all better...back to the post at hand.  

While Do Jin sends Yi Soo out for sandwiches, all that sexy flirting & stealing little breaths moments make a guy hungry after all, Maehri  arrives at Do Jin's apartment.  Carrying flowers & her present for Choi Yoon.  You know the one she had intended to give him at the birthday party? Instead she decided to give him a show of crazy temper tantrum.  Nothing says, Happy Bday like acting like a 5 year old child.  She rings the bell to no avail & then trusting Do Jin, she uses the same password that she uses for her house, on his apartment & discovers he was telling the truth, they DO all use the same password.  {{I have GOT to get THAT password!!}}  She let's herself in to the empty apartment & leaves the flowers & the beautifully handmade briefcase/satchel, she made for Yoonie Oppa on the table & then leaves, very mature of her.

Meanwhile Yi Soo is picking out sandwiches for dinner & arrives home to find an incredibly handsome Do Jin sleeping on the sofa.  She sits down on the table across from him & stares at him.  I can't really blame her, I'd stare too.

Only he's not as asleep as she thinks.  He turns to her & asks if she bought the sandwiches & then in the midst of asking her the mundane he askes, "Can't you like me a little?"  Then he wants to know if she's used the laptop yet?  To which she lies & says she hasn't.  Of course we all know she has because the background picture was of her in her bikini but the picture superimposed over the comforter on his bed. {{giggle}}  He tells her to look for the file, "Kim Do Jin's secret private life"  She tells him there was no such file on there.  Which obviously gives away the fact that she has used the computer.  There is some sexy, flirty, naughty quips by Do Jin about "skinship" & then he leaves telling her that she has to look for that file.

{{special note: after he leaves she gets a phone call from "Mom".  She doesn't seem pleased by this call & in fact simply ignores it...foreshadowing anyone?!?!}}

Sigh.  I just love these two!!

Choi Yoon arrives back at Do Jin's place & sees the presents from Maehri, along with an apology note for ruining his bday & a Happy Birthday wish.  Nothing more.  He looks saddened by her present.  I feel so much for him.  Ugh! I wished he would just go for it!

Meanwhile Jeong Rok is trying to do seduce his wife.

{{Oh I chincha like him & hate him at the same time.  No, I don't understand it either.  How did they take a cheating, philandering, slime ball of a character & make me like him?!?  Writers Y you play me like this?!?!  Huh?!?!?}}

He says to her while you were in the shower I prepared for you, I worked hard.  She sighs & heads straight for bed.  He thinks she's being aggressive & wanting to skip the romance & foreplay, he even asks her {gag} if she's been studying his downloaded stuff?  {{Pardon me for a minute, I have a little throw up in my mouth.  Okay that's better.}}

She just wants to lay on his arm.  That's it.  She just wants him to be there to pat her back till she falls asleep.  She wants the soft, warm stuff from him.  Not the HOT sexy stuff.  She just wants someone to love her & support her & be there for her when shes tired & needs to feel protected & loved & appreciated.  If he could only understand that by being there, REALLY there for her, he'd get all the other stuff he wants too.  Because then she'd feel safe & truly loved for everything & not just for her money & security.  This scene was the FIRST real moment of communication I've seen between these two & I LOVED it.

Back to Yi Soo, momentarily.  All through this drama we've seen bits & pieces of Yi Soo's interaction with her students, in particular w/ her troublemaker/thug student(s).  The last time he got in trouble she made him transcribe a book completely.  When he comes back w/ the transcription she notices that the transcription is in several different hands & pens.  Obviously a "group effort".  He claims he hasn't yet picked a handwriting style yet.  {lol}  So she gives him two more books & says with all this writing he should be able to decide on a style.  And warns him, next time it'll go up by 2.  So 4 books next, then 8, then 16...  I really do like her clever ways of disciplining him.  I really like her thug.  He obviously admires her, possibly has a one sided love for his pretty teacher, who seems to be the only one to have not given up on him, I wish they would give him a bigger role.  Keeping my fingers crossed he's more involved in the next 10 eps.

Even though she was mature in her gift & apology note Maehri once again disappoints me.  In the next scene we see her out to lunch w/ Collin.  They arrive at a restaurant that also happens to have Choi Yoon & the girl prosecutor, the one that hit Maehri's hand & lied about it.  Instead of leaving &/or giving him space by going to another area of the restaurant she & Collin sit at the very next table.  Then she says nice & loud, when Collin asks why they are there & what is her relationship w/ that man, that she's sitting there so she can be close to him because they are Romeo & Juliet & because he can hear her voice.

{{Maehri this is NOT how you get a grown man to pay attention to you!!  Throwing temper tantrums, acting like a princess & speaking loudly in a public place to prove he can hear your intentions to stalk him do NOT attract men!  Choi Yoon was right to walk out on you! Please stop acting like a stupid, little girl & making our sex look ridiculous!?}}

After Do Jin comes up w/ a problem solving genius idea during a staff meeting they all go to lunch & we get to see Collin talking to his "mom" about running away from home.  Is it Eun Hui?!?  He never says anything but "umma" so we don't get to hear her voice or his plans or why he is really there but we get to see him spot Do Jin & Tae San leaving & another glance at the mysterious picture of all the guys.

During lunch we see Do Jin trying to talk Tae San into going to the golf tournament to support Se Ra.  But he is still angry & won't do it.  We get a quick glimpse of a struggling Se Ra. And then it goes back to Do Jin who is stopping his employees from working on work & gives them a "special assignment" then he calls all the other guys & gathers them together so that they can all go support Se Ra.  Just as they are leaving to go we see Tae San, have an abrupt change of mind & head, 'hell bent for leather", down the freeway to get to Se Ra & the tourny.  Yay!!  It's about time those two made up.  And I guess that's what the other guys are saying too.

Just as Se Ra is about to take her turn, on the 18th hole, we hear cat calls & whistles & shouts of "Hong Se Ra!  Hong Se Ra!!" from the crowd.  She turns around, looking annoyed only to find it's the Guys!!!  Yay!!!

 Followed by a happy reunion ...

Afterwards they all go for a dinner & drinks celebration.  At which point Tae San tells Se Ra that it's her night, as a good friend she should invite Yi Soo, cause all the guys like Yi Soo, but ultimately if it makes her uncomfortable she can skip it.  She calls Yi Soo just to tell her, she does NOT want Yi Soo to come, that even in the other guys call her, meaning Do Jin, that Yi Soo should just stay away.  But Yi Soo, tired of the awkwardness between Se Ra, Tae San & herself, tells Se Ra she will come, that it's time they all get over it. She has a plan to help that along, but not everyone will appreciate her plan.

It involves the shoes.  the ones that Do Jin gave her solemnly & asked her to only wear when she was ready to come to him, sincerely & happily.  They were to be the signal that she loved him too.

Look at how happy he is to see her in the shoes!

Until he realizes that she is not wearing them with the purpose they were given to her.\

She's using them to make Tae San & everyone think that she no longer likes Tae San.  That her affection has transferred to Do Jin.  And it has, the problem is until this unhappy moment she is not fully aware of how she feels.  And Do Jin recognizes that she used him again.  Just like her fake confession in ep 1.  

He has realized she is using him & not only can you see how incredibly hurt he is, but how incredibly angry he is to be used by the one person he loves the most.

He excuses himself & she follows & he tells her that she just went way too far.
I have to agree w/ Do Jin here.  She had good intentions but she didn't think the plan all the way through.  Her execution was off by a mile.

KDJ: Do I look kind enough to accept a fake confession twice? The fact that I love you one-sidedly does not mean you can use me.

KDJ:  Of course I made a mistake too.  I was lying when I told you I fell for you at first sight.  When I first saw you, I just wanted to sleep with you.  But...what do I do?  I fall for you everytime I see you.  Even when I received chocolates meant for another man, I wished I could be happy with you for a long time.

Yi Soo tries to explain, she talks about Se Ra's hospitalization due to stress because of Yi Soo. Tae San is uncomfortable because of her, both of them are anxious all because of her. But he interrupts her...

KGJ: So I wasn't on the list of people who are hurt? I see since I'm not important enough for you to show consideration to.  {When she tries to explain how everyone's peace...he interrupts again.  He's not interested in everyone else's peace.  His pride & feelings are important to himself.}  Even now, I like you, but...not enough to be used like this.  You must've misunderstood.  but I don't like you enough, Seo Yi Soo-ssi,  to not care about such things. {Did you guys notice he used the formal language when he called her by her name?  He's hurt, betrayed & angry.  And honestly I don't blame him.}

Then he goes & gets her bag & he tells everyone that they are going on a date together.  Then they both leave & he explains that there is no reason to see each other anymore & he drives off leaving her there alone.  
It's at this point that Yi Soo finally looks at herself honestly & realizes she is in love w/ Do Jin.  Why couldn't she see this earlier?  Because in K-Drama 101 this is standard operating procedure.  Remember this drama has 11 more episodes to go after this one.  If everything is resolved early then the rest of the drama would be boring.  Don't get frustrated yet AddiKts.  We'll get there & so will the characters.  Maybe they won't all behave the way we want but it'll be okay.

{{Unless the writers suck, in which case I will be flying to Korea.  Which of you will be next to me on the plane?!?!}}

She goes home & realizes that she loves him & cries & cries & frightens Se Ra with her sudden loud sobbing, like she's never sobbed before over any guy, not even Tae San. One of things I really liked about the scene in the bathroom was when the bubbles, that held her memories of Do Jin, broke, like her heart.  Very symbolic, the bubbles didn't just pop or burst they broke & shattered like glass.

The next day we see Do Jin giving a presentation & when his phone vibrates w Yi Soo's call, we see Tae San pick it up & discover a whole lot of ignored phone calls from Yi Soo.  And a thoughtful look on Tae San's face.  Will he figure out like Se Ra does that she used to Do Jin to hide behind?!?  I hope not because it will just cause further embarrassment & frustration.

And it's time for some levity to be injected into our show.  We head to Jeong Rok & his wife.  She is going through her business giving instructions to an underling.  When all of a sudden the music playing over the speaker system stops.  She stops too & asks if there is something wrong w/ the speakers?  Turns out that there isn't.  Jeong Rok has guitar in hand & is in the security team's office, in front of the mic, serenading his wife in front of the entire bldg & all her employees.

It even brought tears to her eyes.  Hmm...guess it wasn't such a "funny" scene after all.  But it was romantic & sweet.  And Jeong Rok can sing!  I was moved.  Was she?  Were you?

We head back into Do Jin & Yi Soo, more sadness ahead for our heroine though.  Do Jin, meant it when he said he didn't want to talk or see her again.  Not even long enough to let her apologize.  But again I don't blame him, he has no idea she has feelings for him, or maybe he knows but he's done making the first move & this time she is going to have to show him she wants him back.  I don't know, he's a man, it's not like he's going to express his feelings outloud or that I'll get to hear any of his inner monologues!  Oh wait yes I do, everytime they have a flashback.  Okay writers a little inner monologue voice over from Do Jin would be nice right about now.

She's waiting for him outside his office the next day.  He walks right past her & into the building.

 She waits hours for him outside, even after everyone else has left.  She's still standing there.   Just waiting.  
 Eventually she leaves & he reads her texts that she sent & watches her leave from his darkened office.

As Yi Soo gets home she greets Se Ra, who asks about the new bar.  She then asks Yi Soo, you were just putting on a show w Do Jin, but it was real for you, wasn't it?  Yi Soo tells Se Ra that she is going to move & that she should let Yi Soo know as soon as she gets money.  But Se Ra is secure now.  She wants Yi Soo to stay, she doesn't think she'll be able to win enough money w the next match.  So she should just retire & get married.  Then Se Ra asks if she can go with Yi Soo to tomorrow's game.

And I love that as Tae San is practicing he gets a surprise from Se Ra, we're finally getting to see a nice side of Se Ra.  I knew it was in there.  I'm really hoping we are done having to watch that woman sabotage herself.
A gift from Se Ra to her man.  So cute!  If you remember he did the same thing w/ a golf ball to her in one of the earlier episodes.  
If that wasn't enough, we get to see Se Ra show Maehri how a REAL cheerleader encourages the guys to play well & distracts the other team from concentrating on the game.  Wear skimpy sexy outfits that reveal almost everything & scream & shout & jump around enough to show off your "assets".  {{giggle}}
Se Ra says, "Stand back kid!  This is how your Unnie does it" LOL

 Darn skippy the guys should be thanking Maehri & Se Ra.  They worked their "butts" off out there. {{giggle}}

And once again Maehri shows maturity when she realizes they are all going to celebrate but that her presence would only cause Yoonie Oppa to be uncomfortable.  So she makes an excuse & says she's meeting friends & is already late.  Then waves goodbye & leaves.  Yoon looks sad that she feels she can't stay but relieved too.

And its off to dinner.  Yi Soo is sitting across from Do Jin & tries to serve him & help him & catch his attention but she just keeps getting ignored.  Finally she resorts to texting him.  He pretty much ignores that too.  Until, in her desperation, she says, "I think you have a text."  At which point he just stares at her for a second.  Then signals her to lean over the table.  Then he leans in close to her ear & he says....

And that is where the episode ended.

It ended on that ugly, cruel line.  I sat there in shock staring at my iPad.  And then I couldn't stop the tears at the thought of what he said to her.  It was ugly.  He is angry, I get that, but that was ugly & over the top.  But then again, what does she expect him to do or feel or think after she hurt him & threw his intentions into his face?  Happy fluffy bunny feelings?   Being the third party observer, I'm the happy lucky person {insert sarcasm font in there} who gets to see their story from both sides.  In my opinion, neither one of them is making good choices.  That's just my opinion.  You guys have to tell me what you think.

Looking forward to starting ep 10 & my review on that.  Until then AddiKts...


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  1. My favorite part was when Jeong Rok sings. So cute.... I agree with the love him hate him comment. Cant believe I actually really enjoy his character. I was so sad with the last scene. Understandable from his extreme hurt perspective but still sad. I like it when he is happy. Loved when he played in the game though because he missed her. Amber H


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