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Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: SWAK!

I just finished watching Hello Miss.  Have any of you seen this one?  With both Rooftop Prince & King 2 Hearts being such drama heavy shows, I figured that I should add a little romantic comedy into my drama diet.  Just to lighten things up a little.  Hello Miss was the perfect blend of romance & comedy.  It is a few years old, though that doesn't bother me, who is still pretty new to the world of K-Dramas. 

It was truly delightful but I do have one problem with it, I must admit.  The kiss scene.  There is one kiss scene in episode 8 or was it 9?  I guess it doesn't really matter anyway, it wasn't a "real" kiss scene, it was an imaginary one.  You'll have to watch it for yourself to see what that is all about.  The next actual kiss isn't until the end of the 15th episode.  I believe I heaved a huge sigh & muttered/grumbled, "Well, it's about time!" 

And even then it wasn't the greatest kiss I'd ever seen.  Of course, I had waited so long for that one measly kiss I was still grateful for it, but come on!!  Disney Princesses get better kisses than some of the kisses you see in K-Dramas.  Which made me think of my favorite kiss scenes & the ones that I think could use a 'do-over'. 

Now, I can't put all of them in this one post...if you've taken the time to go to the 'Unnie Page' up above, then you know that I have quite the extensive list of dramas, that I have had the privilege & joy of watching, over the last year.  So trying to put all of my favorites into one post would be ridiculous.  I'm actually going to just show you my top 5 Favorite K-Drama Kiss Scenes & let you know that if you haven't watched these dramas, you might want to check them out.  After all, nothing is more frustrating than spending days or weeks sitting through K- Drama misunderstandings, fights, mistakes & tragedy, only to find there is no big 'happily ever after kiss' at the end...You heard me You're Beautiful!  I sat through that drama for weeks, only to be seriously disappointed in the ending.  It had such potential!


So here are Unnie's Top 5 Favorite SWAK moments:

Secret Garden:
Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won's "Wedding Night" Kiss:

Playful Kiss:
Kim Hyun Joong & Jung So Min's "He Loves Her" (in the rain) Kiss:
There were other more involved kisses in this drama, but this is the one where Baek Sung Jo finally accepts that he is absolutely in LOVE w/ Oh Ha Ni & that he will NOT let her go to another guy.  For me this romantic, grabbing her & kissing her in the rain kiss just stole my heart.  It isn't all about heat & sex people.  Sometimes it's what the kiss REALLY symbolizes for the characters. 

Lie To Me: (actually there are 2 from this drama)
Kang Ji Hwan & Yoon Eun Hye's "Ice Cream" Kiss:

Lie To Me was not the best written drama, it was kind of predictable & boring, but it also had a lot of light heartedness to it & seriously Kang Ji Hwan looks like an amazing kisser!  It was the absolutely mind blowing kissing scenes, you know for a K-Drama, that kept me coming back.  Okay it also had to do with an incredibly good looking leading male & his character's habit of doing romance in a BIG way!  Like when he's screaming in the middle of the crowd that he loves Yoon Eun Hye's character?!?!  Seriously, so romantic.  KJH pretty much owned me at that point.
And also from Lie To Me:
"Coca Cola" Kiss:


Flower Boy Ramen Shop:
Jung Il Woo & Lee Chung Ah's "I'm Not Finished Yet" Kiss:
I fell completely in love with Jung Il Woo while watching this incredibly funny & romantic drama.  Another guy that makes kissing look like it's an art form.  Gotta love good looking guys who make their kisses look like they are the best kisses on the planet.  And when he tasted the Kimchi off her cheek...homina homina HOTT!  I LOVED her reaction, classic!

Wowzers was this ever hard.  Narrowing down my favorite kisses.  I really wanted to include the Goong Kiss & a couple of the 1st Shop of the Coffee Prince kisses as well.  But I gave myself a 5 limit & I am sticking to it. 

I realize of course that PDA in Korea is really taboo.  I also understand that there are a few dramas where the actors are portraying younger kids, (18, 19 & 20 year olds), so they can't show us really drawn out make out sessions.  Nor would I want them to.  But I really do wish they would stop doing those certain kisses that all of us K-Drama AddiKts love to make fun of.  You know the ones!! 

Where the heroine's eyes are still wide open (usually in shock -OMO!!! What is he doing?!?!) and all he's doing pushing his lips up to her lips & nothing more.  I call it the "Squish Kiss".  Because that's all it is, chincha!  A squishing together of 2 sets of lips...  the same kind of kiss a baby or toddler gives grandma, when she comes for a visit.  My family & I even make a sound effect for it & call it the MUAH!!! kiss. 

Kind of like this...

What's weird is after I saw this kiss, (which is the first kiss in Playful Kiss - don't worry My Hyun-y totally makes up for it later on, hubba hubba), I had the exact same look on my face & was thinking probably the same thing Oh Ha Ni is thinking in this scene.

"What the heck kind of pathetic cold fish kiss is this crap?!?!  My goldfish kisses better than this dude!  Step up the game!"  And yeah he totally stepped up the game. 

There are lots of K-Dramas that deliver the goods but there are a lot of K-Dramas that you sit through all the drama, crying, hardships & misunderstandings; waiting for that light at the end of the tunnel, only to find a sign posting, instead, that reads:

"We're sorry.  But due to the economy being so bad, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off."   

And you feel cheated.  You feel even more frustrated.  You feel like you were robbed of the last 16 - 20 hours of your life!  And by gum you want those hours back & now!  Whew!  Deep breath Unnie.  It's ok.  You have to let it go.  You have to forgive & forget the writers/directors/producers of "You're Beautiful". 


Okay I have refocused & centered myself.  I am all about moving on now.  Don't mind the twitching eye, it will calm down again as soon as King 2 Hearts comes back tomorrow night, supposed to be a good excited!  I HEART Lee Seung Gi, in case I haven't mentioned the last 5 minutes. 

But I want to know.  What drama(s) did you invest your time, energy & heart into only to have that moment at the end where you were trying to decide if; killing a writer, who wrote such a lousy ending, would really be punishable in your country?  Surely the judge would understand, right?  And/or what drama(s) have your favorite humdinger kisses.  So leave us the list in the comments or on FB or on Twitter & let us know where you stand on the SWAK ending. 

Looking forward to this week's episodes of K2H & RTP???  So are we!!  Look for our take/reviews in our Dramatic Friday Review this Friday morning.  Until then, don't forget to leave your Fav Kiss or Least Fav Kiss moments on this here post...  Down there ...  You know....  In the comments box....


**For those that don't know SWAK stands for "Sealed with a Kiss"**


  1. Actually I found the kiss in Rooftop Prince ep.12 is pretty lame {pls dont kill me}.But cinca, both of their mouths dont even align properly.

    My favorite kiss are:
    1. Scent of A Woman (Wookie so hot!)
    2. All In (Lee Byung Hun- sexy ahjussi)
    3. Secret Garden (who doesnt love Hyun Bin?)
    4. Love Marriage (this drama is not so good, but Kim Ji Hoon is such an eye candy)

    If I may recommend a few dramas for your viewing pleasure:
    1. All About Eve - it's a pretty old drama, it's actually my very first K-drama and remains one of my fave till today. In fact, when I feel down, I still pop this baby in. Jang Dong Gun, need I say more??? Until today, his character, Yun Hyong Chul, imo is THE perfect guy all around, he's kind, he's rich (must have a chaebol to make a good K-drama) and he's HOT!!!
    2. Beautiful Days - get ready PLENTY of Kleenex.
    3. Stairway to Heaven - another tear jerker.

    I recommend only the older-ish dramas cos I notice you've seen most of the newer-ish ones.

    On a side note, I found Worlds Within to be confusing too the first time I've seen it, but when I go back and see it for the 2nd time, I find it's actually pretty good. And I like Hyun Bin's physique better in WW than in SG, he's just too skinny in SG.
    Oh, if you love Hyun Bin, you HAVE to check out Friends Our Legend. OMG, he's like the HOTTEST gangster in the entire K-dramaland {fanning myself}.

    Lastly, I just have to get this off my chest, it's 1.5 more hours to The King 2 Hearts ep 13!!! YEAY!!!! I'm so obsessed with this drama, and I heart Lee Seung Gi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The King 2 Heart fightinggg!!!!

  2. Okay, first off I have to say....Missy_K I, TOTALLY, heart you for actually posting a comment on one of our posts!! Girlfriend you rock! {Squueeeee} Okay, calming down, as the quas-professional blogger in me, takes over.


    I will not kill you re: the RTP kiss in ep 12. Because I agree. But seriously 12 episodes later I was so happy to get anything & at least it wasn't the "Squish" kiss.

    As for my fav kisses they were REALLY Sincerely CHINCHA hard to narrow down. As much as I love the kiss in Scent of a Woman, it didn't excite me nearly as much as that incredibly HOTT HOTT dance scene! OMO!!! Right?!?! I had already fallen for Wookie when I watched MY Girl but OMO OMO OMO Scent of a Woman was SOOOOOOOOOO much HOTTER!! {fanning myself off, & opening office windows because they are all fogged up from just thinking of their Tango.}

    I will definitely check out the dramas you recommend! I LOVE watching the older dramas as much as the newer dramas. However, I must admit I tend to stay clear of the cry inducing least I try to. LOL But sometimes you just gotta. I will definitely give WW another's something I have been meaning to do for a while because you are so right... "Who doesn't love Hyun Bin?" Seriously, you tell me who & I'll straighten them out!

    Thanks for giving me food for thought & for enabling my addiKtion by recommending more K-Dramas!! Chincha Heart you right now!

  3. Hands down - the 'game over' kiss from Personal Taste! Lee Min HoTTIE did not disappoint.

  4. I love Flower Boy Ramyun Shop kissing scenes! First of all, both Jung Il Woo & Lee Chung Ah's lips look like they are made for kissing, hhehehe :) Even that kimchi kiss on a cheek was as hot as hell! by far my favorite drama when it comes to kissing scenes!

    1. It's definitely one of my favorites. Sizzling hott!!! Jung Il Woo is just so yummy. ^.^

  5. For me, "City Hall " - kiss in the car. But then,Cha Seung-won is ALWAYS HOT.

    1. Looks like I'll be watching City Hall soon. ;D

  6. My Asian drama addiction began with the Japanese dramas Mei-chan no Shitsuji and Hana Kimi. I spent months watching Jdramas with what I called "fish kisses" - wide open eyes, only the guy puckers a little - or like you described, the muah kisses, where neither party puckers and it's just two sets of lips barely touching.

    Then I heard about Kimi wa Petto and Pride. Okay, those 2 totally redeemed Jdrama kissing in my eyes.

    It wasn't much later that I moved on to Kdramas, starting with You're Beautiful and Full House. Oh no, more fish kissing! Then I watched Coffee Prince....

    So if I give a list of my favorite Asian drama kisses, there's no way I can limit it to 5. Besides, maybe you'll find something new to watch :) Here goes:

    Coffee Prince
    The Greatest Love
    My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    Personal Taste
    City Hall
    Secret Garden
    I Really, Really Like You - doesn't happen till the end but still a good one
    Dal Ja's Spring
    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
    Rooftop Prince
    I Do, I Do
    Chilling Romance - actually a movie, but definitely a good kissing scene
    and of course, the royalty of them all, Queen In-hyun's Man. Not just one hot kiss, but multiple HOOOOOOT kisses!!!!!!!

    Kimi wa Petto
    Paradise Kiss (movie)

    In Time With You - takes 13 episodes to get there, but makes up for it with lots and lots of awesome kissing
    Fated to Love You - ep 1 or 2, but the drama goes downhill about halfway through
    Mars (OMG bed scene!)
    Love Keeps Going
    My Queen
    Love You 10000 Years (movie)

    I've noticed that certain actors and actresses have better kiss scenes that others, especially when it comes to Kdramas. You can pretty much count on Gong Yu, Yoon Eun Hye, Hyun Bin, Kim Sun Ah, Lee Min Ho (with the exception of Boys Over Flower), Jung Il Woo, and Lee Min Ki to have awesome kiss scenes.


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