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I Remember You ep 4: Suspect Lee Hyeon (or The One Where Ms Lucky Gets Stuck in a Small Closet with SIG)

Closet. Wardrobe. Cabinet. Call it what you will, but the thought of one small one is making it hard to concentrate on anything else in this episode that came before it. I shall do my best though to push all my locked-in-a-closet-with-SIG daydreams aside though.... For now.... That is one closet I would never come out of. I would live in that closet. Forever and ever. And ever.

Let's get our heads out of the closet now (don't worry, our bodies can stay there with SIG) and back up to where our story begins. The "'why' behind the closet" one might say. *must stop thinking about the closet*

First, I'm going to talk about the case and police stuff, then I'll get into the more personal side of the story, so the order chronologically will be a little off, but I don't want to bounce back and forth too much with my directional focus. So, the case. We have a couple different things going on, but they're all somehow related, so I like to think of it as one big all-encompassing police-related thingy. Like my super technical term there? You can probably guess that I have some police officers in my family and friend group, so I'm well familiarized with all the jargon and lingo. The serial killer has been caught and detained on drug charges in China. They couldn't get him on the murders exactly, but they could get him on the drug charges which was at least enough to lock him up for life and keep him from killing more people. Ji An is in hot water at work though for the arrest of the killer. Lee Hyeon had used her name to request cooperation and, best as I can suss out, the higher ups are pissed that a Korean citizen has been handed over to Chinese authorities at the request of a Korean police officer. While I guess I can see the issue there, I'm just kinda happy that the bad guy has gone bye bye, at least for now, and think that everyone should be a little happier and a little less angry about the particulars of how/why he was caught. But maybe that's just me.

Speaking of super duper creepy guys up to no good, meet Hyeon's new neighbor, our medical examiner we've been suspicious of since the beginning. The fishy ME that "accidentally" sprays Lee Hyeon with a garden hose, soaking him. (Get your minds out of the gutters now - no wet shirt contests or slow-mo hose fights going on here, this guy is seriously a creeper)
Nothing to see here folks - just a wet SIG getting hosed off
"Feeling bad" and being all "neighborly", Scary Neighbor invites Hyeon into his home to give him dry clothes to wear. Now, while I can appreciate fully and completely the next scene that comes from this invite, it must still be asked "why?". Why did Hyeon go to the neighbor's house instead of his own to get dry clothes? We'll just say that he was suspicious of him (you know, since he's a genius and all and could tell this guy was fishy), and so he played along with the guy. How does that sound? Okay? Now, how does this sound? A gratuitous shirt changing scene? Sounds good to me!
Sounds real good
All is going fine and skintastic dandy, until the scalpel comes out. Wait? What's that you just said? A scalpel?
Why yes. Yes I did.
What the what?!
Cutting the tag off? Suuurrre. That's normal. (<-- data-blogger-escaped-br="" data-blogger-escaped-font="" data-blogger-escaped-sarcasm="">
The two of them sit down for a little spot of tea. Does this scene remind you of anything?
 Like this?
I don't know. Maybe the director just really likes scenes like this. Or maybe this is supposed to be significant and is intended to remind us of an earlier moment in history.

Speaking of Creepy Creepy Tea Time, how about this fun foray into the world of sociopaths? A little sit down with some old guy telling a story to a gathering of people about a boy who killed his friend intentionally but passed it off as an accident due to his age.
 "That child has grown into a young man and has appeared in front of my eyes" ^
Gee...I wonder who he could be talking about? ----------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (that's supposed to be a lot of arrows pointing at our young lawyer friend there) (arrows like the one he killed his friend with) (because he's super scary!) (face of an angel, soul of a devil)
Not sure who this old teacher-like dude is yet, but seeing as how he is asking a favor of our questionable lawyer, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume he's a bad dude. Sheesh! Just how many bad dudes does one drama get? The (probable) psycho count here is steadily growing!

So, just what has landed Lee Hyeon in hot water? Why is he a suspect? Well, you see, it went down like this. Remember the cop back when he was a kid visiting Dad at work that kept quizzing him to test his genius? Asking hard math questions and dumping out the matches and asking him how many there were (like a scene with toothpicks from the movie Rain Man) (and then proceeding to count the matches while letting a child wander off into the waiting den of a serious sociopath)? Yeah, that guy.

He reaches out to and contacts Lee Hyeon, asking to meet him in order to tell him something important. They agree to meet at the cop's house (already we should be suspecting something with that meeting place) (coffee houses people, that's what they're there for), but when Lee Hyeon shows up, something is off. There's no answer at the door. When he tries calling the cop, he hears the phone inside ringing. He tries the door (as I scream at the screen to not go in there, as I'm sure we all were), it opens, and he walks in.

The lights are off, so he flips them on and that's when he spots the cop on the floor in a pool of blood. A mysterious (and young) masked man had showed up 15 minutes before Lee Hyeon's arrival and had repeatedly stabbed the old man.
The officer is still alive, but unresponsive. The window is open, so Lee Hyeon assumes the stabber has fled. He calls 119 to report, the guy wakes for a moment but is unable to say anything before dying.
Add another killer and another dead body to the pile

It turns out that Mr Stabby is still in the apartment, he and LH get in a fight, and Mr Stabby ends up jumping out the window and running away. LH has been injured (stabbed in the back/side) as has Mr Stabby (his foot/leg from the landing after jumping). Stabby limps off and LH is left in the apartment with a dead cop. What's a guy to do? Stay and be a witness? Nope. He leaves. Just as the police are showing up. Long story short, it's quickly discovered that LH had been the one to call 119 and had been at the scene of the crime and so now he's Suspect #1.

Ji An learns of all of this and runs to Lee Hyeon's house to look for him. Except he's not there, he's actually at her house. She comes home to find him sitting on her floor watching some TV. She's caught in between her concern for him and her position as a detective. Well, former detective. LH's little hijinx earlier with the China/Serial Killer thing has gotten her reassigned out of the special investigations team and sitting as a desk jockey taking citizen complaints.
Before you start to feel sorry for our cute little desk jockey here, just keep in mind what she's about to get as a reward - closet time with SIG, uh, Lee Hyeon

She can't choose between protecting him or turning him in. She knows he's not guilty though, so she opts for the protecting him thing for now.
Loved how she immediately knew where the hidden key was at his house. Stalker 101 - know where the key is kept.
How awesome would it be to walk into my house and find SIG sitting there, nonchalantly watching TV?

Okay, so now let's stop here and talk about these two and their relationship and history together. We knew already that she used to follow/stalk him as a kid. We learn in this episode that this stalking went on for years and that he knew about it. We saw him confront her on a few occasions at least over the years.

I'm thinking that he may be suspecting that Ji An today is the same mystery stalker girl of his youth. Unless he forgot it on account of his (stupid) amnesia and all. He knows that she knows his childhood home at least. The cat is out of the bag on that one and she has no way of stuffing that cat back into the bag now. He caught her there.

So, unless the amnesia is playing a role, which it very well may be (it kind of would have to since he's a genius and it's not so hard to figure out), he has to at least suspect that she is this girl from his youth. Whether he suspects or not, another thing we have found out this week is that she heard him confess that he was responsible for his father's death. I think we might be expected to suspect him from this, like maybe he told Crazy to come to his house and kill his dad, but I'm not buying it. Now, whether or not she is buying it, that is yet to be determined. She may very well think that he had a part in his father's death, but she'd be kinda dumb to think that. I am 100% convinced that he is most certainly not the monster his father thought him to be. And if I had to give it a number, I'd say she's about 97% sure he's not a monster. He says something in this episode that I took to understand as the fact that he used his father's fear to drive him to prove that he was not that monster. "Normal children rebel against their parents".

How do we end up with these two stuffed in a closet together? They go back to the scene of the crime to look for clues. While there, two of Ji An's investigative teammates show up. About to be caught, the two of them quickly dive into the closet and hide. I wonder what it smelled like to be so close to SIG....

Two theories that I'm leaning heavily on at this point -- the lawyer is Hyeon's long-lost little brother Min and he's a scary dude being mentored by our original scary tea-sipping, dad-murdering psycho, Joon Young. Our suspicious medical examiner is still very suspicious and may possibly be Joon Young himself. And I'm pretty sure that our serial killer now in Chinese custody is a follower of Joon Young as well.
Minions, minions, millions of minions?

Just how many evil minions can one dude have anyway? Of course, this is all just pure speculation at this point. I could be totally off on some or all of these. Only time, and more episodes, will tell. The only given at this point is that Seo In Guk is seriously gorgeous and can live on my screen as long as he wants. I never get sick of that face. That perfect, beautiful face. And body. Can't forget the body (thanks again for that opportunity Psycho Neighbor with the naughty hose)

Before I sign off, I have just a couple of random clues that were discovered at the scene of the police officer's murder. They may prove to be important, so I'll drop them here to help us remember them going forward. One, the officer's body didn't show any signs of defensive wounds meaning that he didn't fight off his attacker.

Second, Lee Hyeon found this pill on the floor
See how one is missing?
There's probably more that I'm missing, but the good news is that if it is important, they'll remind us of it later on. They're good about that. And so, with that, I will sign off and bid you farewell until next week. Thanks for stopping by!

Back hugs and fish kisses to you,


  1. I am fairly sure that the creepy story about the little boy who practiced w/arrows secretly & then 'accidentally' killed his friend is lifted straight from one of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple tales - except it was a girl. I knew it, anyway, the minute the old guy started telling it.
    & yeah - I dream of coming home & finding SIG parked in my living room LOL Also, the drama writers can keep coming up w/ridiculous reasons for him to take his shirt off - I don't care why LOL

    1. That's cool that you recognized the story when he started telling it. I'm not a reader of mysteries myself since I always end up cheating and reading the end early. Like if this drama was all finished, I would have watched the last episode by now. This waiting and wondering thing is driving me nuts. Thankfully I have shirtless SIG to distract me. ;)

  2. Hmmmm... I totally share your suspicions about evil yet oh so sexy lawyer boy, and about creeper ME neighbour dude. But... I think tea time ahjussi seems too old to be Joon Young. Creeper neighbour, however, hits me as being just the right age... >.>

    1. Oh, I completely agree with you that storytelling ahjussi is not Joon Young - he's way too old. I'm still thinking JY is the creeper neighbor/Medical Examiner. I just meant that the psycho count is growing - we keep getting new ones added. At this point it feels like there are more people to be wary of than people you can trust.

  3. Hyeon playong game at jians house. Priceless. N the sunbae cop... Took tht pic from the board.. N came back to search for “sumthing” n possibility jian dad who was the prison guard in the can tht ljy did ... Makes me go back to how jian and tht forensic doctor look lind close like old time close i wonder.

  4. I'm placing my bets on the creepy forensic doctor (next door neighbour) to be Joon Yeong and the young lawyer his missing little bro too...maybe he killed his dad, ran away and Joon Yeong found him and brought him up (to be another psycho?)

    1. JY seems to be very interested in potential psychos (kids)...and like to manipulate and brainwash them...LOL


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