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DFR: Arang and the Magistrate ep 5

Now that I got all that fan girling out of our way I should be able to focus solely on this week's episodes of Arang & the Magistrate w/out being distracted.

{{They don't know that I keep looking at my picture of LSG's autograph where he wrote my name!  I'll never tell so they will never know. Giggle}}

Time to get this review started.

I am officially christening this episode the Holy Frak!!  What Just Happened? episode.  Even the Three Stooges up there are in shock.  {{giggle}}

Okay that pic has nothing to do with the title I gave this episode.  But I love their facial expressions.  And did anyone see?  In this episode one of the stooges smacked the other & I could hear Larry, Moe & Curly in the afterlife saying, "NYUK NYUK NYUK"  {{SMH I swear my brothers had more of an effect on me than I'd like.  And it keeps popping up in my reviews!}}  I'll try to keep the pop culture (old & new) references to a minimum this time addiKts.  Chincha!

Arang jumps the wall & manages to escape capture by the Three Stooges & Eun Oh, thanks to Creepy Son's help.  Eun Oh starts off this episode walking through town back to the Magistrate's building.  Dol Soe shows up & lectures Eun Oh, if you're gonna have a funeral you should at least stay till the end of the funeral.  Then we get to see Eun Oh go all bug eyed when Eun Oh informs him that they are staying, he still has some work to do.  Dol Soe really wants to get out of this town.  He finally asks Eun Oh if they're staying just because of that girl.  Aka Arang.

Big Eyed Dol Soe.
Eun Oh uncomfortable with all the questions from Dol Soe eventually manages to shake him off & the minute he brakes Dol Soe's focus he sprints away.  And I do mean sprints.

Run Forrest, Run!!!
Back at the Magistrate's building.  He shows up & finds Arang sitting peacefully & calmly in the same room he left her.

That is the look of innocence when questioned by Eun Oh on what exactly she thought she was doing
And the Oscar goes to....
He can't figure out how she changed out of the soldier uniform so quickly so he drops to the floor & starts searching her.
Which included searching through her clothes for the other clothes which lead to a view of her ...
Just what do you think you are doing Eun Oh?!?!  Which lead to a nice face slap!
My questions is, is he shocked because he got smacked so hard it left a red hand print OR because he just saw really pretty bare legs!?!?!  My guess is the latter rather than the former.  
Yeah how COULD you harass a girl from a noble family?  You pervert!  Psst Lee Jun Ki-ssi I wouldn't object if it was me.  Just saying, guys.  

But then he had to go & bring up his mom's hairpin again.  Arang left it in the underworld.  She couldn't bring it with her, they didn't even send her with clothes why would they send her with a hairpin?!?!  He freaks out & it's finally revealed that the only reason he has been helping her was because of the hairpin & it's relation to his mother.  There is a lot of yelling & name calling.  Arang does not appreciate being called an Evil Spirit & Eun Oh does NOT like being called a mama's boy or being told he's a whiner btw.  In case you were wondering.  After their heated exchange Eun Oh runs off & Arang stays behind & cries.  

Once Eun Oh runs away far enough, we see him take his frustration out on a tree, you know, with his bare fist.  And then he remembers back to his childhood.  How he was ripped away from his mother.  His mother who did nothing but sit there & allow him to be taken to his father's home.  

Then he remembers that argument he had with his mother as a grown man & how he told her he wished she'd never been his mother to begin with after she told him that she thought he should stay with his father.  Then both of our leads spend the night awake.  Arang in the magistrate's house & Eun Oh in the forest.  Both lost in their own thoughts.  While they are lost in their own thoughts though Creepy Son is busy looking at a picture of a child & opening a mysterious chest.

When Eun Oh arrives home he finds Arang still sitting there.  Apparently when you are dead you can go without all the sleep in the world & still look great!  But us girls in the real world when we go without sleep get panda eyes.

Poor thing.  I can relate.  Seriously, 4 kids, makes for a lot of mornings when I had Panda Eyes too.  Although is it just me or is Shin Min Ah, even w/ panda eyes, still gorgeous?!?!  I do NOT look good w/ MY panda eyes!  Just saying.  Really it isn't pretty.  Think one of the female zombies from The Walking Dead TV show.   It doesn't really matter I guess, it's just another unrealistic expectation brought to you by K Dramas.  After this Eun Oh tells Arang that they should work together.  He can help her solve her murder & she in turn can help him figure out where his mom has been "locked up".

{{Oooh what's that? Foreshadowing? Just keep reading AddiKts.}}

So once again our dynamic duo spend all day apart & thinking.  The beginning kind of dragged for me guys. They spent most of the show apart.  It was an episode to move things forward & of course it got hopping later but the beginning was just filler.

Eventually we get to see the other characters mingling & propelling their stories forward too.  Including the return of the Three Stooges.  They're congratulating themselves on having endured being stuck between the Magistrate & Lord Choi & how glad they are that it's all over because the magistrate is leaving.  Or so they thought.  Little did they know....Until that is they eavesdropped on Dol Soe & Eun Oh talking about sticking around.  And no Dol Soe is not happy.  Of course neither are the Stooges.

Now the fun job of reporting that to Lord Choi.  Although I can't really blame them, if by reporting bad news I got hit with a brick every time, I'd be really unhappy too.  Don't know many that would particularly like a job like that.

While head Stooge {{we'll just call him "Moe" you know because the head stooge in the Three Stooges is Moe?  If I have to explain everything we'll never get this review done.}}  Anyway while Moe is getting pelted by a brick in the head form Lord Choi, Dol Soe is marching through the town muttering & complaining about having to stay & the girl & his Young Master.  As he is doing this the Shaman comes walking through town as well.  She overhears him & decides kekeke...customer.  She's overheard enough of his rantings she thinks she can give him a fake reading & rake in some 'moolah'.  Unfortunately, she has misinterpreted his rantings.  She tells him that the man he is mad at is going to die.  Dol Soe gets furious & chases her off.  He doesn't want his Young Master to die!!

Later that day, well night really, Arang comes to the conclusion that she really does need to team up with Eun Oh.  So they agree & make it a formal pact & he offers her a peach.  If you remember though peach blossoms/peaches are bad juju to the dead.  He reminds her she is human & she hesitantly takes the peach & then takes a big juicy bite out of it.

And she's okay!  Yes she ate a peach & didn't burn up or burst into flames or die.  Whew!  It's at this point she really feels human, for the first time since she was reborn.

From sweet to creepy in the blink of an eye.  That's how this show rolls AddiKts.  Did I mention that it's the night of the Rotten Moon?  Oh!  Well guess what?  It's the night of the Rotten Moon.  There, all caught up?  Yup I'm good at this here reviewing business.  And that means that Creepy Ju Wal is getting his psycho on.  But he isn't doing it alone.  Oh no, he's got Creepy Lady in the Creepy Locked building to keep him company & give him directions.  He goes to the building & the door opens & we get to see the back of her head.

Okay seriously if you weren't able to figure out who this lady is in the story then you have not been paying close attention guys.  I won't say who it is yet, because in the show they don't reveal her at this point either.  But really, you guys know who it is right?  I had it figured out by the end of the last episode.  Chincha.  Ask my dongsaeng!  She'll tell you I texted her right after the show ended or was it the next morning, I can't remember & I told her who I thought it was.  Turns out I was right.  But really it's the only thing that makes sense!
After we see her head she asks Creepy Ju Wal  if everything is ready & tells him that she thinks this girl will be special.  She has a Creepy feeling I bet.  She then points out that she left something special for him on the doorstep.  He walks over as the door closes & picks it up.  It's a dagger.  But what else would it be?  A Pokemon?!  Somehow I don't think so.

Arang has retired for the evening.  But Eun Oh is plagued by the memories of his missing mother.  He remembers coming to her after school & telling her that the other kids are mean to him.  Calling him the son of a slave.  I assume she is the slave because we already know his father is the former Prime Minister & Current Minister of Education.  Then she kind of freaks out & grabs her son in a tight grip & yells at him that it's all his father's fault.  That because of that man all of her family is dead.  Then she goes a little crazier & manic & proclaims...
Okay so once a month I get this same look on MY face & threaten the same thing to CA.  Don't you guys feel this way too once a month?  You mean this ISN'T normal?!?!  o_O
PMS = Evil Unnie  >: }
Then wacko mom collapses on the floor.  And we are back to modern day Eun Oh.  Well okay modern day in that it is still the Joseon era but he's all grown up & wandering around outside the Magistrate's house, you know THAT kind of "modern day".

But he is not the only man wandering the grounds of the Magistrate's grounds.

This is where the title of the episode comes from!  Holy Frak!!  What Just Happened?!?!
She's only been alive ONE day!!  And already she was murdered?!?!  This seems, to me at least, monumentally unfair!

Then he picks her up & puts a sticky note on her neck?!?!

I'm just guessing but I am betting this doesn't say, "Don't forget to pick up more garbage bags for the disposal of the body".  It's just a guess.  I could be wrong.  I'm not, but I could be.  
Then all of a sudden the scene flashes us to the heavens & we see Mr Beautiful...
I was very sad this is the ONLY scene we get to see Mr Beautiful. sniff, sniff.

Methinks the gods are doing what they do best.  Messing with mortal lives, without cluing in the mortals, in order to right the the force.  Sorry I had to go there.  I really tried to not add "in the force".  Chincha Chincha!  I swear.  But I had to finish the sentence.  The geek in me was screaming at me to finish the sentence properly!

During all this we see glimpses of Eun Oh looking uneasy & nervous & finally he follows his instincts & goes to check on Arang.  He finds her bed empty and just as he is about to go out looking for her he turns back & sees the blood on her bedding from being stabbed.  Then he panics & rushes from her room & out into the night to find her.  He spots the blood trail just outside her room & follows it as far as he can but eventually it leads to a path that branches in several different directions.  And there is no more blood trail.  Because Ju Wal has switched from foot to horse.  And is wasting no time racing through the forest up the mountain.

Once he reaches his destination he lays Arang's body down on an altar.  After a few Creepy minutes with him staring at her face, looking like he actually hates doing what he just did, we get to see his flashback.

Little child Ju Wal meets up with the Creepy lady from the building, again we don't get to see her face but she greets him, gives him the glow in the dark mood ring he stares at & glows when he gets near girls w/ pure souls & then names him Ju Wal.  In exchange for all the health, prosperity & everything material his heart desires, all he has to do is bring her a girl w/ a pure soul every full moon leap year.  As he is remembering we are brought back to the current Ju Wal.  And Creepy Lady arrives, with a big black veil covering her face.  Then she lifts her veil & we see.....

Eun Oh's Mommy Dearest!  Yah!  I told you it was totally foreseeable!  If you didn't already figure that out then by now you are face palming yourself going DUH!

She asks him if he sealed her soul firmly?

{{So THAT'S what the sticky note was for!  Gotcha.  ^_-  }}

She's really excited about this one.  She looks giddy in her anticipation to steal this girls soul.

If you look closely, you can see just finished licking her lips.  We're way past Creepy & entering Psycho Land!  I know that, that is the Doctor on Faith's nickname for the yummy LMH, but this chick takes psycho to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!
They go to the building & find that Arang is gone!  He looks shocked, big wide eyes.  She looks sincerely ticked off!!

Then we get to see what went on while they were meeting.  Aarang wakes up screaming & panting.  And sits up in obvious pain clutching her chest & runs, stumbles from the building.  She races through the forest as fast as she can & after falling down a steep incline she makes it in to town only to have Eun Oh clamp his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming.  She fights & fights him until finally him calling her "Memory Loss" breaks through her fear fog.  She is delirious & not making any sense as she talks of being stabbed & being dumped on that mountain.  Then she collapses & Eun Oh carries her back to the Magistrate & puts her in his bed.  And keeps watch over her all night long.

{{I know this is a serious moment & a scary one too but I also thought it was a total swoon worthy moment too.  Lee Jun Ki sweeps her into his arms & carries to safety?!?!  Oh yeah that qualifies as swoon worthy.}}

While all of that is going on Ju Wal is sincerely confused & Creepy Mommy Dearest is ticked off.  He gets smacked a couple of times, after she turned her wicked looking ring into her hand, leaving behind great big bloody scratches on his face.  Although I had to laugh when, in shock, he says to her I promise next time it won't happen like this & she's all, "Next time?!?!  When?   The next leap month!!?!?!"  Even I was saying um dude that isn't going to help you.  The next time is in like 3 years.  That won't placate her, she was really hungry for this one!

Then another flashback...ugh.  Yes another flashback.  Ju Wal remembers before she came, when he was a poor street urchin stealing food from the cow's trough in the village & the kids all teasing him & saying he doesn't have a name.  And being chased off by the farmer.  Gladly this is the last flashback for the episode.

{{The writer really hearts the flashback.  I on the other hand am sick of them.  Just have a 3rd party in the cast  tell the story & I can write that down, okay?}}

It's the next morning & Arang is still asleep.  Eun Oh finally goes over to her after he wakes up & peels back the cover of her Hanbok, to look at her stab wound.
Now he is really confused.  How the heck did she survive that?!?!  "What are you?," he asks her sleeping self.  
While he is puzzling all this over the Shaman is walking through town looking for perfect place to sell her Shamanism.  After she sets up we see Dol Soe being awoken by an ahjumma yelling at him for being drunk & sleeping in public all night long.  Then he gets up & starts to walk away but he & the Shaman have run into each other again & he starts to chase her until he gets hit in the face w/ a bucket of waste water.  As he is shaking off his the water, the Shaman looks at him as if he is MY Kim Hyun Joong doing his Mnet performance of Breakdown in leather pants, shirtless, all wet....

Sorry.... uh..... I forgot what we were talking about.  I was having a "moment".

No seriously, I can't remember my own name right now.  Can anybody help me out?!?! O_O

{{Psst unnie?  Arang & the Magistrate episode 5 DFR.  Ring a bell?!?!}}

Oh yeah!  Okay, sorry.  Just gotta get the drool wiped off my chin & fix my glasses, their all steamed up...where is the paper towel?  Oh got it.  Okay...ATM ep 5 hey we're almost done too...  Okay then let's get this finished.

So the Shaman is all hot & bothered by the image of Dol Soe shaking off the water.  They even slowed down the video so we could see how sexy he is as he shakes the water a dog.

So you tell he as sexy as my Hyun-y?!?!?

I don't think so either.  But you know to each his own.  He did have a nice chest which also got her all hot & bothered but still...he's no KHJ!  Remember hands off my KHJ, he's mine.  He has no idea that he's mine but it's only a matter of time really.  ;)P
At this point Dol Soe has had it.  He stalks off in the direction of the Magistrate. Eun Oh is talking to the Three Stooges.  They've brought him clothes.  They tell him the clothes used to belong to a Damo.  Female warrior but they should do for his friend.  Remember Arang was stabbed.  I imagine it's not a good idea to walk around in blood soaked clothes that also happen to have big stab marks in them.  That might raise a few eyebrows & questions.  And they don't need any questions right now.

He asks the Stooges about the mountain.  They tell him, it's abandoned.  Because everyone believes it's really haunted by ghosts.  But he isn't going to be dissuaded by this argument.  He takes Dol Soe, who has returned by now & is in shock that Arang spent the night in the Magistrate's room WITH Eun Oh.


Once they get to the mountain & after exploring they find the building that has the altar that Arang was supposed to be sacrificed on the night before.  Dol Soe has an awful feeling & can't understand why they are there, what they are looking for & so he goes back outside.  Eun Oh finds something though.  Something important & mystifying to him.

As he ponders the reason his mother's hairpin is there the show ends.  Dun Dun Dun!

Now I haven't seen episode 6 & having just checked Viki I can see it is only at 81% subbed.  Which means I won't get to watch it till tomorrow sometime.  So make sure you check back tomorrow evening to see whether or not I have been able to complete that review as well.  Have a good night AddiKts.  Remember if you enjoyed the reviews on TCA we'd love it, if you "Liked" the review at the bottom of this post, or Tweeted it on Twitter, or shared it on Google+.  Right now our sole form of advertising is you guys.  Talking about us, sharing us, helping to pimp us out.  We love that kind of attention.  You can also sign up to be regular Blog Followers or follow TCA on Twitter or Like the TCA FB page.  All grand ways to help spread the K Love.  And remember we heart comments & feedback & K Drama conversations the most!!


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