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DFR: Arang and the Magistrate ep 6

Maybe it's too many episodes of CSI but when I watched this episode I was yelling at the people removing the bodies from the mass grave.  I cringed every time they picked up a piece of skeleton & then I couldn't stop myself from thinking that's NOT how you properly catalog a mass burial.  AAAAAAHHHHHH!!   That's why I christen this episode as....

That's the face I imagine I was making during that scene.

I don't mean to get ahead of myself AddiKts.

When we left off last night's DFR we ended w/ Eun Oh investigating that Creepy building on the mountain & having found his mom's hairpin in the building.  But this episode doesn't go right to that spot to start...

{{putting on my glasses, cracking knuckles, caffeinated beverage ready to go, getting in writer stance...let's crank this DFR out!!  I got a date night tonight w/ my CA.}}

We join Creepy Ju Wal, w/ fresh scratches on his cheek as he slowly paces & tries to figure out what the heck happened the night before.  Where did the corpse go?  How could she have gotten away?  She was dead.  Right?  Just then Creepy Lord Choi happens upon Ju Wal & starts giving him crap for his screw up the night before.  He's chuckling & laughing at his son's mistake.  Shouldn't he be trying to help his son?  Never mind his next speech explains a lot.

Here I'm gonna break it down ...

Lord Choi (LC):
Wow, man she must be really ticked off & hungry since you screwed up last night & she didn't get to feed.
You know, I know what you're going through dude, right?  I am your Sunbae after all right?  Yeah, she was always a hard one to please.  And sure proved you aren't as good as I was.  Should I clue you in on something?  If you tick her off enough & can't satisfy her, do you know what she'll do to you?  HAHAHAHA...She'll replace you with someone who can get the job done right the first time.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

{{His "Sunbae" huh?  Not Creepy Daddy.  Creepy Sunbae.  Add to that Jealous Creepy Sunbae.}}

After Creepy Ju Wal walks away, Creepy Lord Choi grabs his head and grimaces in severe pain.  And then we see Creepy Ju Wal  walking up to the Creepy Mommy Dearest's Creepy Building.  He just stands there for a while staring at the closed door.  While he stands there all Creeptastic...

Eun Oh & Dol Soe are still exploring the forest in the Mountain.  Just as Eun Oh is trying to figure out how the heck his mom's hairpin got there Dol Soe comes running in, all freaked out.  He found something in the forest when he went to go pee.
Sorry the screen shots on the mountain are really hazy because the set director/ FX director went all crazy on the fake fog for their scenes.  But it's a big wooden door covering a big hole in the ground.  And each side of the wooden plank has another one of those mystical sticky notes, only instead of yellow, they are black w/ red characters, just like the Creepy Building on the mountain & it's Creepy Altar.  
Eun Oh & Dol Soe get straight to work trying to uncover the wooden plank from the hole in the ground.  They have to really put their backs into it too.  Those black mystical sticky notes got some real stick to them.

While they are trying to remove the plank we get a flash of the guys upstairs.  Mr Beautiful is playing the  Gayageum.  

 And is it just me or is he just so beautiful when he's in the musical zone?
Even with pink lipstick he's just so pretty!  It's not fair!!!  WAAAAEEEEEE!!!!  How is it that he is prettier than me?!?!  Awww who am I kidding 99% of the male K Stars are prettier than I am.  ^_^

Then the scene goes back to Eun Oh & Dol Soe, they finally manage to break through the mystic sticky notes.  

Apparently the breaking of the sticky notes is the same as tripping a silent alarm.  Because just as the sticky notes give way, Creepy Mommy Dearest opens her eyes & looks all ... well...creepy.  And mad too.   

And we flash on Mr Beautiful as he states simply, "It starts." 

We head back to Eun Oh & Dol Soe at the big open pit...
And at first glance it's a big empty hole w/ a bunch of rocks.  

And Dol Soe is confused as to why anyone would throw a bunch of rocks down there & then feel the need to cover it up so tightly?  Good question Dol Soe.  

At this point Eun Oh sees... something, he can't make it out so he jumps into the hole.  And begins to move the rocks to uncover...

Once Eun Oh realizes he's uncovering multiple skeletons in the pit he digs faster & crazier.  He starts digging through the personal items in the pit as well.  Looking for evidence that his mom is there or more aptly, is NOT there.  He's hoping against hope that she isn't one of the skeletons.  Wonder how he'll feel when he finds out that she's the one responsible for all the bodies?  At this point he sends Dol Soe back to the village to gather reinforcements.  This pit has to be dug up & the bodies removed so he can prove she isn't in there!

While Dol Soe, the Three Stooges & more officers run, loaded w/ shovels to the mountain, we see Ju Wal, who is still sitting outside the door to the building holding Creepy Mommy Dearest, & then the door flies open & she steps out to him & tells him to go to "that" place.  And he jumps on his horse & heads for the mountain, uncertain as to why but in no hurry to tick off Creepy Mommy Dearest, anymore than he already has.  He gets there & wonders, as he heads to the building/pit area why she's sent him here, then he sees the men digging & removing all the skeletons & he sees Eun Oh overseeing the whole thing.  And he figures that Eun Oh must be the one who took his corpse last night.  He must have seen everything & followed him here.

At this point Arang awakens & is really confused as to what happened to her.  Then she starts to remember being stabbed.  And is trying to figure out she could have survived something like that.  She was stabbed.  She died.  She has no stab wound anymore though.  Then she turns & spies a holder full of paintbrushes & grabs the sharpest one & stabs herself in the arm, screaming out in real pain as she does.  But when she wipes away the blood, she confirms her suspicion, the wound is already gone.  And now she wants to know what is she & so she screams out to Mr Beautiful what did he do to her?!?!

We head back up the mountain & this is where I just couldn't help but be frustrated with how they were disrupting the crime scene.  I get that this is Joseon era & way before CSI & evidence baggies etc...  I realize I have seen too many episodes of CSI (Miami, LA, & Las Vegas).  But...but....but....they were trampling all over the evidence!!!  Removing bodies parts helter skelter & not cataloging anything properly!!!  No gloves, no baggies, no photos!!!   AHHHHH it was my OCD nightmare!!

It's utter chaos in there!

Mr. Beautiful has summoned General Dead Dude.  

It's time for some more plot exposing.  

Yep...them gods is messing with the mortals to help restore balance.  
Aren't you proud of me AddiKts I didn't add "to the force" at the end of the last sentence & I really wanted to.
Baby steps.  

 He tells Gen Dead Dude that this murder case is exhausting...

Which explains why even though there are plenty of bodies in the pit Eun Oh can feel no ghosts.  They're souls have been taken.  But where are they?  Are they being swallowed to keep Creepy Mommy Dearest alive?  Or are they being kept somewhere so she can feed off them continuously?  

It doesn't matter, the gods have started the process & soon...

He tells Gen Dead Dude that soon he'll have work to do...

And then Gen Dead Dude wants to know if...

I'd say that's a yes General Dead Dude.   

Arang exists her room dressed in the Damo clothes.  And goes to her room to see the place where she was murdered.....again.  I'm not sure I could do that.  No I don't mean come back from the dead I meant go to the scene of my murder.  And it proves to be too much for her too.  She looks in, flashes back & then getting upset, leaves quickly!  And when she leaves she sees Eun Oh, the Three Stooges & all the men coming back with wheelbarrows full of bones, clothes, evidence etc...

Eun Oh stops the wheelbarrow w/ all the personal items & starts ripping through looking for anything that might have been his moms.  He finds nothing & seems relieved but he still can't figure out how her hairpin came to be there, in THAT building.  The Three Stooges think the Magistrate is nuts & want to know what they should do next but Eun Oh isn't paying any attention to them.

He spots Arang & walks over to her & grabs her by the wrist & drags her off.  But she keeps fighting him & finally tells him she isn't going anywhere if he doesn't tell her what is going on.  So finally he tells her, he's taking her back to the building in the hopes to jog her memory.  He shows her the hairpin & explains that she didn't get it till she died which means that Lee Seo Rim was killed there.  She tells him she isn't going, plain & simple.  She refuses to go until she is ready to go.  He doesn't understand, since she can't die anyway!  She explains that the one thing she does remember clearly is that moment when that child, Lee Seo Rim, died!  And that it was a terrifying experience to die.  But he wouldn't know since he's never experienced it for himself.  Then she runs off into the night.

Creepy Ju Wal reports to Creepy Mommy Dearest that the bone tomb has been found.  She states/questions him...  Taking the corpse, and finding the bone tomb, all of this was done by THAT magistrate?  So are you saying that guys saw everything you did, right?  Then she says, "Kill him."  This shocks Ju Wal.  He's never killed a man before.  She tells him, "Kill this person & find the corpse.  Since that corpse will become evidence you must bring it back, no matter what!  How I would deal with you.... I'll think about that after."  He bows to her & asks her about the bone tomb & what she wants him to do about it.  She tells him his father will take care of it.  As he leaves the building he runs into his "Father" who is gleeful that Ju Wal screwed up.  Rubbing in his mistake & saying I guess our relationship will end soon.  Too bad because sometimes it was fun being your "fake father".

Inside the building Lord Choi bows to Creepy Mommy Dearest & is just asking what she needs him to do when all of a sudden he grimaces in pain & drops further to the floor & then reaches out his hand to her begging for her help.  I thought maybe she was doing some sort of bad juju spell thingy on him.

But they cut to Arang running away from Eun Oh instead of explaining.  She is at war with herself again.  Wishing it could all be easier if she had only seen the face of the one who killed her.  Then she finally comes to realize that she has to figure out Lee Seo Rim's death first & then the rest will fall into place.  And she wants to know out of all of her memories why does she remember that instant of dying?  She tells Mr Beautiful to go ahead & send obstacles her way, she can handle it all & still find out the truth of everything.  Then she heads to the mountain & the Creepy Building.  Once there she lays herself on the altar, hoping to trigger memories.  But nothing happens.   So she gets up frustrated & trips on her dress & knocks her head slightly, which conveniently enough triggers a short memory of her grabbing the hairpin out of the hair of some woman, whom she only sees from the back briefly.  No emotions come with the memory.  She gets a quick glimpse of some woman's hair & the grabbing of the hairpin.  That's it.

Then we see Ju Wal alone in his room, he opens a drawer & pulls out the same dagger he stabbed Arang with.  It's time to kill Eun Oh.  The sooner he gets it done, the sooner he finds the corpse.  So he dons his black ninja-esque clothes & heads to Eun Oh.  Following him all around the Magistrate grounds.  Where he is pacing because he is worried about Arang.  Finally he goes for a walk off the grounds & as he walks into town he sees a group of ghosts heading to one the village houses where there will be a sacrifice left out.  He wonders if he should ask the ghosts but decides against this & then Arang comes running into the scene.  With Ju Wal watching from up above in a tree, she runs up to Eun Oh & tells him she went to the building without him & that she had a memory.

The shocked expression on Ju Wal's face seeing the corpse up & about & running through town to talk to Eun Oh is awesome!  Too bad it's covered by the black cloth.

Unfortunately Arang's memory is not enough to really make a difference.  And Eun Oh is less than thrilled that she can't remember who the lady was or what she looked like.  She starts to walk off from him, calling him a mama's boy again.  And he follows her & they cross paths with none other than Ju Wal, who has Superman speed when it comes to changing his clothes.

Arang has no idea he is the guy that stabbed her, possibly once as Lee Seo Rim & then again as Arang.  But she recognizes him as the guy who helped her clear the wall and thanks him.  He just stares at her, most of this encounter, open mouthed.  Explaining he thought she was a guy in the guard uniform & she explains yeah well she had a reason to be in disguise & running but it's all good now.  Then Eun Oh drags her off & she calls back to Ju Wal that she hopes they meet again.  As she leaves he stands there gaping, "She didn't die?  What a ridiculous mistake I made."

Back to Lord Choi & Creepy Mommy Dearest.  She tells Lord Choi that she thinks he trained Ju Wal well & that he can probably replace Lord Choi in her service now.  But that he still has some things she needs him to do.  Then he begs her to get rid of the disease that he has & he'll do whatever she asks of him.  So I guess it wasn't bad juju she used on him, unless she gave him the disease to keep him in line.  Then we see him being piggybacked to his room by Ju Wal.  He gives on ominous warning to Ju Wal, "Don't let your guard down.  You will soon experience this too."  And Ju Wal leaves him there & tells his servant that he is not to be bothered as he is sick.  Ju Wal asks the servant why doesn't he see Geo Deol around & the servant tells him as per Lord Choi's instructions Geo Deol was sent to Gimhae.  I'm not sure the relevance of this little tidbit so for now let's just stick a pin in that & see if it comes up again later.

The next morning, Eun Oh decides to go back to the Bone Tomb but he doesn't want to take Arang with him.  Figuring she's been through enough & she can't remember anything anyway.  So he goes to Dol Soe, who is remembering back to when he promised Eun Oh's maternal grandfather that he would serve the Young Master no matter what in repayment for rescuing Dol Soe.  Dol Soe starts to get up because he thinks he should warn Lord Kim {{Eun Oh's dad}} but then changes his mind & lays back down.  This is when Eun Oh arrives & tells Dol Soe that he is going back up the mountain to the bone tomb.  But Dol Soe is so not feeling it.  He refuses to go with Eun Oh.  So Eun Oh goes alone.

As he walks out of the grounds, he passes the Three Stooges, who are worried about all the trouble this huge mass grave business will do to them when the outside world discovers everything that has happened in Mirang.  People will come in & there will be questions & investigations & then all their crooked dealings & schemes w/ Lord Choi will be revealed & they'll be screwed.  So now they decide they need to kill the magistrate.   First they decide they need to talk to Lord Choi so they send "Moe" but Moe is refused entrance & an audience because Lord Choi is sick.  But Moe runs into Ju Wal who asks him about the girl staying at the Magistrate's house.  He tells him she is the daughter of the New Magistrate's master.  And no one can beat her with talk & that she is a wily girl.  

Just then Dol Soe leaves his room at the same time that Arang has found out that the Three Stooges have no idea where Eun Oh has gone.  She asks Dol Soe, with the Stooges eavesdropping.  Dol Soe, who really does not like her, explains that Eun Oh went up the mountain alone.  She decides to follow him.  Dol Soe heads back into the village & the Stooges decide it's perfect.  Since Eun Oh went up there alone they can just push him into the pit & cover it up & no one will ever know, they'll just blame all the ghosts on the mountain.

In town we see the Shaman trying to peddle her shamanism again.  Offering today's fortune for one penny & yesterday's fortune for free. LOL  Mysteriously no one takes her up on the offer.  Then she prays to the gods to send her just one person.  Although she is worried it might be Dol Soe again.  Surely he wouldn't be coming to town.  Just then someone stands in front of her & she looks up offering to read his fortune & sees...

But he doesn't want his fortune told, he sits down across from her which has her all hot & bothered remembering him from before all wet & sexy.  {{he's sexy to her anyway}} What he wants is a talisman that can get rid of a girl.  He is determined to get rid of that wench Arang.  She brags that she can write all kinds of talismans but getting rid of girls is her specialty.  But in order for it to be effective she has to know the deets.  How far did he go with her?  He is confused.  The talisman is to get rid of Arang for his master not for him, but of course the Shaman doesn't know this.  Most people who ask for talismans want to get rid of someone in their life, not in their friend's lives.  So she continues to try to explain herself.  She asks him, "what is your "relationship" with the wench?"  At this he loses his temper....again.  He starts shaking her yelling at her that she's a quack & he had no relationship with that wench.  He thinks she thinks Eun Oh is having a relationship {{intimately}} with Arang so he gets all mad & screams that his young master is pure.  And eventually she reaches over & grabs a big iron lid & bangs him over the head & he lets her go & she makes good her escape while he gets knocked over.

Meanwhile Eun Oh has arrived at the Bone Tomb.  Seeing as it's a much clearer day he finds the mystical sticky notes in the disturbed earth beside the tomb.  All 4 of them.  And then he looks around the forest.

And spies more sticky notes on a tree nearby ... 

He rips the sticky note off the tree & ...

He's tripped another silent alarm.  Creepy Mommy Dearest know somebody is removing her protections.   

But again she isn't the only one that is aware of the disturbance.... 
Oh, you have no idea how much I want to add..."to the force", right there.  

And I am not sure what he has figured out or where he is off & running to but I guess we'll find out... the next episode.  Because this was the end of episode 6.  

I am loving this show.  

How about you guys!?!?

And with that I bring to a close this week's DFRs for Arang & the Magistrate.  Tune in next week.  Same Bat time.  Same Bat channel.  I did try guys.  Honest, I tried to keep the pop culture references to a minimum.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  What am I up to?  Oh so nice of you to ask.  Well, tonight is date night w/ my CA.  And as this is the last weekend before school starts I'll be spending it getting us organized & ready for Tuesday morning.  SQUUUUUEEEEEEE!!!!!  School!!!!  I am so excited!!!

But I'll also be rooting on my fellow A-T families.  Where many will gather together in Southern California for the annual Labor Day Weekend Disneyland Half Marathon.  There will be lots of activities all over D Land.  Including a 5 K, a big benefit dinner Sunday night & then the marathon on Monday (Labor Day).  Why do they do this?  To raise badly needed funds towards a cure for kids like my Liam who have A-T.  Because A-T is considered an "Orphan Disease" the only funds raised are those raised by families like ours & the
A-T Children's Project.  A non-profit organization started by an A-T father dedicated to research for a cure.  He has 2 sons with A-T.  What is an "Orphan Disease"?  Sigh, I hate that term.  Orphan Disease refers to the fact that A-T is SO rare, only about 500 kids in the US have it, that there is no real money to be made by the pharmaceutical companies in research.  So they don't offer support at all.  All research is funded almost solely by families like mine.  There are several thousand different "Orphan Diseases" in the world.  We hold fundraisers all across the US in our own little towns & then donate all proceeds to the ATCP.

IF you are interested in helping fund a cure you can in several different ways.  First you can hold your own fundraiser in your community.  Just contact the ATCP-fundraising.  Or, by following the previous link, you can find a fundraiser close to you & offer to volunteer or donate there.  Or you can simply donate money.  Either by a one time only donation in honor or memory of an A-T Child {{you just enter the name of the child you are donating in honor of, in the form.  In our case; it would be in honor of Liam Cowand}} or you can sign up to be a part of a monthly giving circle.  Where you set yourself up to donate every single month, as little as $10 a month.

Direct Link to Liam's Giving Circle.

If you aren't interested or are unable to support, no worries.  I just put that out there because of this weekend's marathon.  And because I am 1/2 blog owner here & I can if I want to.  It's not like Dongsaeng is going to object anyway. :)  She loves Liam too much to object.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about & want to know about Liam's disease feel free to check out my WWU that talks about A-T & Liam.

Again I hope you guys have a great weekend & are enjoying the final days of summer.  This Unnie is Outie.  {{giggle}}


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  1. I love how the word "creepy" suits this family/serial killer co-op so well. Everything about them is just so creepy. LOL Also thanks for the many screenshots of Yoo Seung Ho, aka Jade Emperor, aka Mr Beautiful. Seeing him even for only a minute every episode just makes my week. I cant wait till he does another drama.


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