Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Unnie's WWU Special: Love Rain Review eps 16-20

I bet you guys thought I'd never get this review done....ever.  

Well I showed you didn't I?  I really had a hard time focusing on these last few episodes.  Especially remembering how hard it was to do the last review but as A Gentleman's Dignity is still on hiatus, which meant I had no DFR of my own to work on for this weekend, I decided that it was perfect timing for my final installment of Love Rain.  

And I was supposed to have this out last weekend, I promised in my bday tribute to the beautiful JKS that I would, didn't I?  Unfortunately, I woke up to the mother of all pressure headaches on Saturday, full of aches & pains, because we had a huge thunderstorm system moving into our area & as a result it hurt to have my eyes open even a little bit.  Ahhh... the joys of being an ahjumma.  Hence the reason I decided to just make this my WWU instead.  

Not to mention, writing reviews on the weekend, when my crazy family is all home with me, proves problematic.  I get a lot of dirty looks from CA, because I am not focused on him &/or the kids, but mostly him. (^_-)    Not to mention, my kids are constantly interrupting my thought process.  it is precisely this that helped me to discover, after 4 kids, that I have the attention span of a toddler now.  Once upon a time, I was intelligent, articulate, witty & could converse on a plethora of diverse subject matter.  

However, nowadays, my subject matter is relegated to bowel movements, fart jokes, quoting lines from cartoons & super hero movies & of course why it is NOT okay to tell your sibling that, the grocery receipt, found in the backseat of the car, is a speeding ticket.  Because mom got pulled over by the "Po-po" for doing 80 in a 45.  True story.  My 13 year old tried to convince my 6 year old, I was going to go to jail for speeding & then not paying the ticket.  I do NOT speed THAT much.  {{stepping aside & looking at sky for lightning}}  My record is 75 in a 55.  And I have never gotten a ticket in my life.  Knock on wood, because now that I've said that (written it down), I'm sure to get pulled over & ticketed in the near future.  Right?  You should have seen the look of abject horror, on my 6 year old son's face, at the idea of mommy going to jail for speeding.  "Mommy I don't want you to go to jail!"  Don't worry the 13 year old was made to pay for that one!  And the 6 year old calmed down, but only after I showed him that the grocery receipt had words he recognized, milk, eggs, water, cereal... on it.  At this point, I start my standard reminder chant as to why I don't kill my kids, "I don't want to be on the news! I DON'T want to be on the news!  I do NOT want to be on the news!"  Followed quickly by, "I love my kids. I love my kids. I love my kids."  While curled in a fetal position rocking myself back & forth.  :)P  

But I digress, do any of you really care about the odd, random, story of my children thrown into my long, drawn out reviews?  No, you probably don't.  And honest... I'm not stalling I just wanted to make sure you knew what I go through to make sure I get these posts out to you.  So much work & effort & time away from my crazy insane family.  Wait...  I guess this means I need to thank you, for giving me a good excuse to take breaks from my family.  Hmm...alrighty then.  Thank you AddiKts for rescuing me from the crazy people that live in my house.  They're all nuts & whackadoos!  I'm the "normal" one.  Which tells you just how nutty these people really are, right?  ^.^

Okay I'm done, I think, with the random ramble.  On to our last review of Love Rain.  This review if you have read our previous reviews will cover 5 episodes at once.  Sort of.  I'm going to break down the recap/review per episode BUT all of the recaps/reviews will be in this one post.  Follow me so far?  I hope so.  

Hang on to your hats AddiKts!

Episode 16:
When we left off on the last review, Dongsaeng had told us that Seo Joon & Ha Na had their wonderfully slow, SWAK moment, on the balcony at the mall.  And that In Ha had just broken off the engagement & was stepping aside, for his son's sake.  Leaving Yoon Hee, who is going blind faster & faster, stumped & sad, but also accepting of his excuse, of not wanting to make Seo Joon so miserable.  After all, she would do the same for her daughter if necessary.  

So here is where we pick up...

SWAK moment anyone?

It was a really breath catching moment....for all of 2 seconds, before Ha Na broke away, feeling self conscious about her mom & Professor Seo's engagement.  Remember neither of these 2 are aware that, at this precise moment, In Ha is ending the engagement.  

She leaves him & goes back into the mall from the stairwell & then locks him outside, guess she knew he was not going to just let her go.  She just stands there for a few seconds. Meanwhile he is running down the stairs to the street level, so he can continue to look for her. Sigh.... every girl's dream is to have the guy she likes go after her, right?  We tell them to leave us alone, but the truth is, sometimes we really want them to follow after us.  Of course, sometimes, we really need them to just leave us alone, it's better for their own survival if they do.  ^_^

Sorry, I wandered off again. 

Seo Joon has followed her out & is looking for her & just when I thought he wouldn't be able to find her, there she is, just walking slowly away.  Ahhh...the K-Drama 'slow walk away', good stuff that.  When he catches her & does the wonderful "wrist grab" he asks her what's wrong with her, what is she so afraid of? She tells him she's afraid of herself.  Because she misses him so much & just wants him to hold her all the time.  That when she sees him in pain, she's in pain too.  That she will absolutely not see him again! {{famous last words}}  That she lied about wanting to see him as a family member, because she still loves him so much, she was willing to go to any lengths... Then she tells him she is going to start seeing someone else after he asks her so what are we supposed to do, see other people & try to forget each other.  And then she leaves him, standing there, staring after her.  

We go back to In Ha & Yoon Hee, sitting across from each other at her kitchen table.  He's just dropped the let's end the engagement bombshell on her.  Who takes it w/ a little bit of shock, but all in all, she also takes it in stride.  Sighting that he has always had a hard time placing his needs ahead of those he loves.  This episode is filled with a lot of people trying to decide what they should & shouldn't do for the couple.  Should they get involved & help, should they get involved & stop them, You know know where Mi Ho stands on this idea, right?  She's all for breaking the happy couple up permanently.  Back at the cafe Sun Ho, is drinking & talking through the trouble & complications out loud to himself.  What would I do? etc...  And Jeon Sul overhears him talking & assumes, incorrectly, that Sun Ho is talking about himself & his parents.  Not Joon's parents.  When Mi Ho arrives & informs Sun Ho that Joon left & must have gone after Ha Na.  

Okay, quick funny break, how many of you actually liked Jeon Sul (Chang Mo's nephew)?  I think he's hysterical.  I adore watching him pick on Mi Ho.  And when she bit him & then he kissed the spot & started to laugh that they had just had an indirect kiss, I cracked up.  I just had to put that out there, that I really liked his funny, off topic character.  Who somehow, & even though I think he's high most of the time, not literally just figuratively, offers sage advice about something he knows absolutely nothing about, & who is constantly "almost" giving away the secrets he's privy to.

Okay back to the review...
Sunbae {{aka Tae Sung}} is waiting for Ha Na when she arrives home.  I can't really blame him as she did run out on their date.  He's such a sweet, cute guy.  I feel so bad for him that he's stuck playing the second leading guy.  All he can do is love her from afar as she pushes him away for Joon.  Don't get me wrong, this isn't a "You're Beautiful" moment where I'm rooting more for the 2nd lead guy to get the girl because I LOVE Joon more, but I really feel bad for Sunbae.  He's so sweet.  He wants to date officially but it's just not going to happen for him.  

The next day at the studio, Mi Ho arrives during a photo shoot.  And for some crazy reason Joon asks her if she wants to go out with him, stunning even Mi Ho into momentary silence.  But she wakes up quickly & tells him yes.  He tells her, "I think I need to date someone right now.  Let's go out to dinner."  Is it just me or is that just the most romantic invite to date ever?!?!  {{Sarcasm font, I REALLY want a Sarcasm font!!}}  But she is so desperate she gloms on to him for any kind of scrape he'll throw her way.  I want to feel sorry for her but I just can't bring myself, when she's such a spoiled snot.  

Ha Na & Sun Ho meet for lunch at a nearby coffee shop & are visiting very nicely.  It's during this, that Mi Ho & Joon run into Jeon Sul, it's the first time that Joon meets him since they were kids.  And it is obvious that Joon finds him to be an annoyance.  It's also the first time Joon hears about Jeon Sul becoming the gardener, replacing Ha Na, per Sun Ho.  And then Jeon Sul let's it slip that Ha Na & Sun Ho are at the coffee shop together.  What happens next?  Why Joon walks off, straight to the coffee shop, with Mi Ho following on his heels like a love sick puppy, to confront Ha Na & be a jerk to her.  Including informing her that he threw out the couple ring she gave him.  Which, did what he meant for it to do, break her heart.  TKJ!

Just when you think the awkward scene is over, it's not.  They all follow Joon out of the coffee shop, it's here that Joon finds out Sun Ho will be going to her house, he doesn't know it's because Yoon Hee has been ill since the break up, because none of them know the engagement has been called off, yet.  To make it as awkward as possible, Joon tells her they should all go eat together.  Which makes Mi Ho mad.  Just as she is about to walk off, a motorcycle nearly runs her down.  Joon grabs her & pulls her safely out of the way, in the process however he shoves Ha Na into the brick wall behind them & slices open her elbow.  The minute Mi Ho sees his concern for Ha Na, she fakes a twisted/sprained ankle.  That little...!!!  Ha Na is actually hurt & bleeding but Joon goes off with Mi Ho to take her to the hospital.  {{ >:{ grrr Mi Ho!!!}}  They get as far as the crosswalk where he stops, & doesn't notice the light change, because his mind is all full of Ha Na.  It's at this point she gives up faking the need for an X-ray.  And guilt's him into taking her to eat. 

After Sun Ho fixes the cut on Ha Na's arm, she runs off, bumping into Jeon Sul, who recognizes her as the girls who was crying while he played his song, only not because of his song, as he originally thought.  After a brief exchange with Sun Ho, he puts the pieces together & figures out that the "Melodrama" that Sun Ho was talking about the other night, was actually about Joon & Ha Na.  Once he figures it all out he softly "Aishes" himself & asks out loud, to no one in particular, "But why am I so smart?  Was it something I ate?"  Then he shakes his head & walks off.  Seriously, I really do like his character.  

After Joon attempts to have lunch w/ Mi Ho, he comes back to the cafe/photo studio & finds Ha Na waiting for him.  She is confronting him for his cruelty.  He fires back that he doesn't know what to do every time he sees her.  Then he asks her to just run away with him.  (My inner fangirl was screaming at JKS, "YES!! YES!!  Let's run away together!!!"  But I reminded her that I am a happily married woman & running away w/ JKS is just not a practical idea.  Plus, & this is the key point, he didn't ask ME.  He asked Ha Na.  And fangirl calmed down.  Good fangirl.)  Ha Na on the other hand is overcome & simply tears up & leaves.   

And what does Joon do?  He gets drunk & confronts his father.  Telling him he gave up because of Ha Na not because of his father's great 30 year love.  It's a moment of real communication, which he can apparently only allow himself to do when he is intoxicated.  Asking his father what was so great about his 30 year love?  His father explains he couldn't let it go & wouldn't let anything else in to thaw his heart.  Including his son.  That he held on wrongly through pride.  He then tells him, he never meant to hurt anyone but Joon calls him out on that & tells him he failed, that there are already so many scars.  And then he puts Joon to bed & we get to see how very much In Ha actually cares for his son with this tender moment of stroking his hand across a sleeping Joon's brow.  

whispering to his sleeping son,
"How could I make you go through what I went through?"

Then the next morning In Ha communicates badly.  He tells Joon that he saw the pictures Joon had taken of Ha Na & how good they were.  Then without telling his son that he broke off the engagement, & just wants a keepsake, he asks Joon to take a picture of him & Yoon Hee.  Joon obviously gets upset & tells his father not to ask that of him & that he has no right.  He tries to tell Joon that he can see from the pictures of Ha Na how much Joon loves her.  But Joon doesn't want to hear it & does what Joon does best, when in an uncomfortable position being forced to face something he doesn't want to, he leaves.  

Back at the arboretum, Yoon Hee is better & back to work.  And cancelling the wedding plans still, when In Ha arrives to give her a present & thank her for such beautiful memories.  He also gives her the watch back & she accepts it.  He apologizes for leaving her twice.  And hopes she can forgive him.  At this point she quotes "Love Story" again saying, "Love means, never having to say you're sorry."  

After their meeting In Ha leaves town for the University, I think, they never really say if it's for the University, you know like a lecture, in NY or if it's for his art exhibit, I like the second one better.  Leaving Yoon Hee & the kids & the whole mess behind him. Yoon Hee tells Ha Na that she wants to meet her for lunch the next day but won't say why & then after some more sad, lonely texts are exchanged between Joon & Ha Na, he gets a call, most likely from Yoon Hee, although we never get to see who actually calls him.  As the next scene finds him walking up to a restaurant, the next day, & running into Ha Na just outside & going in with her to Yoon Hee, I think that was a safe guess.   

It's time to drop the 'cancelled engagement' bombshell on the kids.  Ha Na wants to know why & Joon wants to know was this his father's idea?  Yoon Hee tells him it wasn't only that, that caused the cancelling of the engagement.  But he knows that this is the reason.  And now Ha Na has a pretty good idea of it too.  She rushes out after him & asks him if he told his father about them & he explains that his father already knew. But Yoon Hee does not yet know about Ha Na & Joon.  

Joon tells her that he couldn't give up.  She feels guilty that they broke up because of her & Joon.  Joon just wants to know if she could just focus on the two of them for a change?   "Let's just be together from now on? Huh?"  And then they just stare into each other's eyes for a really long time.  

A week later & In Ha arrives back in Seoul only to tell his ex wife that he is not going through with the engagement/wedding.  Which is a surprise to her & Mi Ho, they're best buds after all & so they were having a little meeting when In Ha called.  Mi Ho, in her shock over the news, almost let it all the juicy Ha Na / Joon deets slip out.  Which prompts Joon's mom to go in search of Yoon Hee, who is having her first real taste of sightlessness....
But is able to hide it again from In Ha, who walks up on her as she is 'almost' panicking.  Then we see Joon going to the arboretum in search of Ha Na, who has not been returning his calls.  When he finds her, He confronts her about not answering his calls.  And he asks her point blank...  "To me?  Is there really nothing you want to say?"   After looking sad & solemn, for what felt like 5 minutes, she answers, "I want us to be together."  Which of course means it's time to pull her into his arms.  Thank goodness!!  It's about time.  
Then we get to see from below as his mom is walking around the arboretum in search of Yoon Hee, and we wonder did she see this?
 or even this?

Episode 17:
 Okay from here on in the reviews per episode will get smaller & more focused on the big picture of each episode.  Because for me, 16 is where the big "will they/won't they get together" question gets answered.  Oh there are still angsty moments in the show to get through.  Will their love survive the storm front ahead.  It did the one behind, but now it's time for the waves from that storm to try to up-heave our couple into breaking up....again.  

So in 16 we saw the happy moment of them running off holding hands.  Yippeee!!!  I was so happy.  

In 17 we first get to see that they are indeed together...
a little hand holding in the car....hmmmm...nice. ^^

Then after his mom confronts In Ha & Yoon Hee, who will now take a back seat & only be talked about in a small, miserly amount.  We see Joon & Ha Na pull up at a secluded condo.  And he happily tells her this will be their hiding place.  Just for the two of them.  {{I was thinking, "Wow!  Hubba hubba."}}  Especially after this screen shot...
Oh you know you wanted this one Xtra large.  
They spend the rest of the day together in the little town shopping & making memories & having a montage.  {{Aww...I love montages!}}  Then it's back home, to the hideout.  Where Joon prepares dinner & they are all changed into jammies...wait!  Did they buy jammies?  I only saw food.  Where'd the jammies come from? O_o 

Oh who cares?!?!  They're all "hidey hole" right now, just the two of them, after having, finally!!!, gotten back together.  It's time for a little skinship!  Uhm...nope no skinship either.  Dang it!  But Ha Na does show our Joon a brochure about this mystical fog the area is known for.  And legend has it that if you see the early morning fog together with your loved one, your love will come true. the diamond snow!!  

Meanwhile, Sunbae is spilling the beans, sort of.  He tells Yoon Hee that Ha Na, went off with some guy & she's still not back yet & that he knows she loves this guy, but he believes this guy is a bad guy & not nearly good enough for Ha Na.  He also asks Yoon Hee to break them up because he wants her.  Later on after Sunbae leaves, Yoon Hee calls Ha Na's phone, just as she & Joon are having a nice "couple moment" all quiet & happy & shiney, with their love,hidden away in their hidey hole.  Way to kill the mood there Mom!  Reminding Ha Na that she is there & worried about her but Ha Na, lies to her mom, and tells her she is going to be working on something at school ALL NIGHT LONG.  Which of course brings up all the guilt & takes Joon & Ha Na out of their dream space & back into reality.  Yoon Hee, missing her daughter goes into her room to just look at her room & spies Ha Na's camera sitting on the desk table.  She decides she's gonna scroll through the pictures.  And sees this...
 which prompts this look...
At first, I thought it was a look of "Oh No!  Bad match!"  But it ended up being that Yoon Hee figured out, like In Ha, that the children had been going through the same thing they had gone through.  So later on, in this episode, Yoon Hee tells Ha Na, before she even admits she knows who Ha Na is dating, that she wants Ha Na to be selfish!  She wants Ha Na, to grab on to her love & not let anyone outside, get in the middle of it.  Guess Sunbae, is up the river without a paddle.  Mom won't be on your side Sunbae, which I am not nearly as sad about as you might have thought AddiKts, I told you I really do want Ha Na & Joon to get together.  

The night before Joon admitted that he had never thrown away the couple ring she gave him, he's been wearing it, on a chain around his neck, under his shirt.  At this point he gives it back to her & asks her to give it to him, when she is sure she wants to be with him.  In other words, when you are ready to really commit, no turning back, give me the ring back.  The next morning they see the fog together...
 she gives him the was so sweet & romantic.
 and tells him...
 Yay!!  Big happy cheer!!

They go home after this officially a couple again.  Mom officially sees them hug as he drops her off.  Sun Ho & Jeon Sul almost spill the beans to Joon's mom...loose lips people!!  Loose lips!  Aigoo!  And then our couple have a wonderful moment together when Joon brings his woman chocolate & Soju.  {{Now that's a good man!  Keep him in your sights at all times & don't let him get away Ha Na!}}  And our couple talk about their guilt at how their parents are suffering but that they can't face them & tell them they're sorry yet.  Because they are so happy to together...more guilt...more happy....more's a vicious circle.  

So the next day, instead of meeting each other first thing in the morning, to spend the day together, Ha Na goes in search of Professor Seo to give him flowers for his garden.  "All you have to do is water them once a week."  And to thank him for stepping aside & to tell him that Joon wants to say all of this too, but he feels guilty & embarrassed, after the way he talked to him & treated him. 

And Joon goes in search of Yoon Hee.  He gets there & we see him call Ha Na, who is waiting for him at the cafe/studio, he apologizes but he is going to be late, he has something he has to do, and she should wait for him there.  But when he finds Yoon Hee, he gets more than he bargained for, he discovers her secret.  That she is losing her sight, when she almost falls during a vision loss spell, & then after he helps her, he realizes she can't see who he is & has no clue that HE was the one to help her...then her vision goes clear & bright again & he knows & she  knows & uh oh!  But she doesn't want Ha Na to know.  Or his dad.

Back at the studio/cafe, Ha Na hears footsteps climbing the stairs to the rooftop garden & decides to jump out & surprise Joon.  Only it isn't Joon!
Yeah this wasn't supposed to happen, like this.  
Episode 18:
Other than Yoon Hee telling Joon that she doesn't want anyone to know, yet, about her eyes, we see this drama take that turn.  You know the one where the "Dragon" mom decides the following:

She spends most of this episode trying to get Ha Na to agree to stop seeing Joon.  But Ha Na has already given him the ring back & promised, he comes first.  Even though this woman calls her constantly to meet & yell at her about, "how inappropriate this is" & that "this can't happen" & threatens Ha Na & her mom.  

All the while, Joon's mom is trying to get Ha Na to leave Joon, Ha Na is trying to get Joon to be nicer, more attentive to his mother.  She is his mom after all.  He needs her & she needs him.  Especially after everything she's been through.  {{Ha Na is far nicer than I could be.  Thank goodness she is the heroine in our story & not me, right?}}  

As for Joon & Yoon Hee, he refuses to accept that this is just the way it has to be.  He contacts Sun Ho, who contacts his dad.  It's out of the bag, sort of.  In Ha & Ha Na still don't know.  But the new hospital, new doctors, new specialists don't have great news either.  They can treat her & it might give her some extra time with her eyesight but there is nothing they can do to reverse it completely.  

But even now Yoon Hee does not want Ha Na & In Ha to know.  She knows she has limited time being able to see, she wants to put off  seeing her daughter make the sad face, as soon as she finds out the truth.  She wants to see her daughter smiling just a little longer.  

Once again Joon's mother calls Ha Na out to meet, this time at her house & this time Mi Ho get to witness the humiliation, making Ha Na miserable.
 Unfortunately for mama...Joon walked in at this point & was ticked off.  {{ticked off is putting it mildly btw}}  He told his mother off & grabbed Ha Na's hand & dragged her outside & told her to wait.
Meanwhile he goes back in & informed his mom that if she pulled this again he would never see her again.  He also told her, the "Mi Ho/Joon Dating/Marriage thing" was NEVER going to happen.  

Of course, his treatment of his mother makes Ha Na mad.  She doesn't need him to protect her & she does owe his mother something.  After everything his mother has been through?  Every time his mom calls, or so she tells him, she'll go & take it.  Which ticks him off.  She gets out of the car & takes the bus home.  Later, he can't stay mad & he knows he has to apologize for hurting her feelings, so he shows up & they make up.  Awww...

She tells him again that he needs to go & be good & kind to his mother.  She needs him.  When he arrives home he finds her hooked up to an IV...
Ahhh the IV bag in a Kdrama always makes things better...but seriously this woman uses them all the time!
Even though he has threatened her, the next morning his mom's informant tells her about Yoon Hee's eyes.  She decides to try & use this as leverage to get Ha Na away from her son.  

She calls Ha Na to meet at a restaurant.  And then tells her that her mom's eyes are bad, going to get worse & shouldn't she be focused more on her poor mother instead of Joon? What kind of horrible daughter is she!?!?!  I got nervous here.  I will admit, I thought this might actually be enough guilt to chase Ha Na away from Joon.  And even though it eats away at her you can see she will not break her promise to Joon.  It helps that it was her own mom who told her to be selfish & not let anyone get between them.  

Joon meets with his dad & tells him about Yoon Hee.  So In Ha goes to the hospital where Yoon Hee is getting treatment, that leaves her eyes very blurry & fuzzy & unable to make out images well.  Which is why she thinks he's Joon.  But then her vision clears & she sees...
 Which Joon sees from here...
 And then Ha Na sees from here...

Episode 19:
We see Ha Na in the arboretum crying & working on gardening.  And Joon calls, he's there but he doesn't know where she is.  She has no idea he is there & when he shows up she asks him & he tells her, "I thought you might need me."  (Dreamy sigh here)   Now that Joon's mom knows about Joon & Ha Na & that Yoon Hee is losing her eyesight, she tries again.  Only this time w/ Yoon Hee.  Who refuses to help her.  Sunbae seeing what's going down, finds Ha Na & brings her to the meeting.  She confronts Joon's mom about bringing her mother, into this whole thing.  Joon's mother refuses to be swayed & refuses to back down.   But I thought Ha Na's mom was awesome.  

Sunbae who witnessed the whole thing, searches out Joon & gets all tough with him.  

He tells Joon he is not protecting her, she is getting hurt & crying & then tells him to get away from her.  Which Joon of course cannot do.  But he can protect her from his mother.  He apologizes to Ha Na & her mom...

And then while hugging he whispers very softly into Ha Na's ear....
She claims she didn't hear what he said.  

His mom & him have it out again.  He tells his mom, not because of Ha Na but because of you mom.  I can't be here anymore, and he moves out.  

Sunbae finally tells Ha Na that he loves her.  That he can't wait & watch anymore.  And he wants to know if she is going to come to him.  He begs her to like him please.  But she just can't.  Oh I feel so bad.  I wish I was the second lead girl so I could help him get over her.  n_n

Back at the cafe, Mi Ho breaks the news that Joon was keeping a secret.  That he has been offered a huge photography contract with a huge company in New York & he's taking it.  He assures everyone, he's just thinking about it.   

It's the eve of Yoon Hee's surgery, the one that will slow the progression of the blindness.  And she disappears, freaking everyone out, while she goes off to remember everything.  Once In Ha contacts Ha Na that he found her at their old University, Ha Na & Joon have their talk.  He's going to go to New York.  He knows that right now is not their time to be together.  That her mom needs her.  But when it's time he's trusting her to come to him.  

Episode 20:
This is it AddiKts.  The end of the Love Rain Reviews is just ahead.  Part of me is so happy the review part is done.  But another part of me is sad to say goodbye to another drama.  I always do this, you know.  I always hate saying goodbye to the characters I've grown to love.  Sigh.  Big Breath.  Let's do this.  

So when 19 ended, Joon & Ha Na were saying tear filled good byes to each other.  All cheesy... by the front of his car.  Yep definite "cheese" in this scene.  But it still got me.  I fell for the cheese hook, line & sinker.  Always do.  I love cheesy.  HopeFUL romantic at heart.  

We find out that Yoon Hee, even though In Ha knows & they are not getting back together, has decided they should still not even be friends.  She's a burden & it's too hard on the children.  She wants him to stop taking her to the hospital, she'll go on her own or find someone else to take her.  He gives her a present & tells her do with it what you want, I gave it to you.
She overhears Joon saying that he is leaving for New York soon & finds out from Ha Na that she plans on staying behind to care for Yoon Hee while Joon is in New York.  That they believe they'll be together again.  But then you can tell she is thinking she & In Ha once thought that they would be together again too & that never happened.  So she makes up her mind, & writes a letter for Ha Na to find the next day.  

She is going to California alone.  She is going to stay with their family there that she has missed.  Ha Na & Joon should be together.  And she will be fine!  Not to worry.  She has so many things & faces she wants to see before she gets the surgery.  And she doesn't want to be a burden to anyone.  Especially her daughter.  

Ha Na races to the airport, finds In Ha there already & Yoon Hee's flight has already taken off.   Soon afterwards, In Ha decides he is going after her.  Maybe they can't get married but he can still be with her & take care of her.  So he starts selling off everything & packing it all up.  But he has one gift for his son.
A portrait he painted of Ha Na & Joon, from the night he saw for himself, his son's love for Ha Na.  


 Ha Na is just coming back from a 3 month visit to California.  Her mom still has her eye sight.  Professor Seo & she are doing well.  No details on that relationship.  And what was supposed to be a 2 week vacation ended up being 3 months working for the arboretum but in California.  Plants that they grew in Seoul needed to be tended to by Ha Na in California.

 Even weirder still...Joon's mom, seems to have cooled in her anger towards Ha Na.  It seems Ha Na spent a lot of time w/ Joon's mother, constantly visiting her, bringing her plants, gardening....wearing her down.  She refuses to say out loud that she actually likes Ha Na but you can see she does.  But Joon is mad at Ha Na for not coming back & his mom, tells him to stop fighting & start talking.  And that night they make up.  He really missed her, she really missed him.  But they still let their anger get in the way.  The lack of communication is so frustrating in this drama.  But eventually they make up.  See?
told ya! ^^
It seems that lots of stuff is going on in the back ground though.  Even though they are together.  She lives at the cafe again but he has a different place.  They are still uncomfortable with each other completely.  Both feeling the guilt of breaking up their parents so that they could be together.  And this awkwardness is causing tension.  Sun Ho meets with Ha Na & tells her that he has a favor of her.  To get married to Joon soon, so that Sun Ho can be at peace & know that what he wants is not possible.  Awww, he practically confessed to her but she didn't get it!  She is really obtuse!  hehehe...

When someone suggests that they get married both look really uncomfortable with this idea.  At this point I was getting nervous.  I was thinking they better not end it this way.  Not after all that dang drama!  I was positive they would end up together but KDrama has burned me before & so I will admit I was a tad nervous it might happen again.  Especially when Sunbae & she met & she & he are discussing her next LONGER trip to California to work.  What?!?!  He asks her if Joon will be okay with this, he got mad she gone for 3 months, this time will be longer & she tells him I think I need to go away for a while.  Things aren't going so great for us.  (I paraphrased that a little bit.)

Once she gets back home she finds all of this waiting for her....

 He was the best part to come home to.  IMHO

 Then he showed her a picture slide show & talked about how he fell for her almost instantly & how much he loved her.

That because they saw the Diamond Snow, 

I was so happy when she finally shook her head yes.  Awww it was about time!!  YES!!!!  

{{Insert Unnie's Happy dance here!!!  Woohoo!!!}}

And then, I loved the last couple of scenes.  It was so them!  They're all dressed up in their wedding finery.  And she comes running back into the garden to water the plants???  With an exasperated Joon right behind her.  They're going to get withered.  See?  So cute & so them.  After she's done, he grabs her hand & off they run to get married.  
 But let's stop for a kiss right under the rose covered arbor.  It's the end scene of the Kdrama, after all.

The End.  

And that is all they wrote AddiKts.  Over all.  I give this Kdrama a solid 3.75 stars out of 5.  I might have liked it more, IF they had shortened it.  Honestly, it was a little too drawn out, for me, it could have easily been ended by 16 but I would have given them 18 episodes.  The constant back & forth, back & forth was maddening & they took the "KDrama 101 non communication" bit a little far, for my tastes.  I think if they had shortened it, I would have given it 4 maybe even 4.5 stars.  It was sweet, it was romantic, it was drama filled. Seriously DRAMA filled!!  But it had a good plot.  It had decent writing.  Decent acting by most of the cast. JKS was the best, of course & I loved the cheese.  I will say it was also predictable.  I could see things coming long before they got there.  Am I glad I watched it?  Yes.  If for that one kiss in episode 9 alone.  OMO!!  THAT was a good kiss!!  Thank you Jang Keun Suk for that one moment alone! ^^

The Love Rain review finally comes to a close.  I apologize again for not being more on top of this review we promised weeks & weeks & weeks ago!  But 5 episodes at once to review is a little harder than you might think.  So yes, Dongsaeng & I have agreed no more of these kind of reviews.  Although I'm not sure you guys are still even out there wanting to read these Love Rain reviews.  Is is just me or does it feel like it aired so long ago.  It didn't, but it feels that way doesn't it?  

I don't have a DFR (Dramatic Friday Review) this week guys. As AGD was, again, pre-empted for Olympian programming.  But no fear.  If my sources are will air this weekend coming up.  Yes, Episodes 19 & 20!  Which means the following week, I'll be back with another DFR of AGD.  Now either you guys all just heaved HUGE sighs of disappointment that I'll be back OR you're saying, "oh good another Unnie review.  Yay Unnie."   Hmmm.......  Is anyone out there?  ((Besides you dongsaeng))  Anyone still listening to me?  ((Dongsaeng shhh...I can't hear the other AddiKts))   

Oh well, guess I'm just writing to myself & dongsaeng then.  Poor dongsaeng, she really got the short end of the stick picking me as a writing/blogging buddy, didn't she?  Oh well.  Look at the time.  YAWN!!!  It's only 2:21 am Wisconsin time.   I sincerely hope you all enjoyed our Love Rain Reviews & that you stick around for our DFR's.  Dongsaeng will be finishing up Dr Jin this week.  ((For the love dongsaeng stop shooting off fireworks while I tell people Dr Jin is coming to a close!!))  And then she is excited to tackle the newest Lee Min Ho(tt) Kdrama "Faith".  I have no idea what I want to review next.  I'm leaning towards....  

Guess you'll just have to wait & see, huh?  {{I am so mean! ~ giggle ~}}

Till next week's WWU AddiKts.  


P.S. On the TCA FB page there is a thread for you guys to add in the newest K Drama that you'd like me to take a look at & review.  Follow the directions there & maybe I'll review a show you pick for me us to all watch together.  Just remember when City Conquest comes out I WILL be reviewing that one.  Squuuueeeee!!!!  I can't wait to see my Hyun-y in another K-Drama!!  I may end up reviewing 2 dramas at once.  Yikes!  Scary thought.


  1. I also loved the Jeon Sul character. I mentioned to my sister that I could enjoy a show just based around him. He was so cute and totally random.

    1. Wasn't he though? He just gave off this incredibly wacky, sweet, innocent, wise without meaning to be wise, off the wall, random vibe. So cute! Hope the review was equally as fun to read as he is to watch. :)

    2. The actor that plays Jeon Sul is one of the leads for that new 1997 memories show.


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