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DFR: Faith ep 7

Hello and welcome once again to Dramatic Friday Review where Dongsaeng will do her best to attempt to recap and discuss the goings on of the latest Faith episodes.  This time around we will be talking about episode 7.

So, this episode was the first of Faith that really truly made me have one of my drama moments.  You know, that moment when your heart stops, you gasp and cry out from the shock/emotion/what have you of it all.  Maybe that's just me.  I tend to have dramatic moments like that once in awhile.  It's one of my favorite things about Kdramas.  In fact, this one wasn't even my one and only for the day - it was my first, but not my only.  Unfortunately, The Husband happened to be around for both.  I prefer to have my drama moments alone, in solitude, where none can hear or see and mock.  Or question the why behind the dramatic reaction, because it's just not the same if you have to explain it.  No one can understand unless they too have been there.  You can't even watch the same scene and appreciate it, unless you have all the lead-up to it.  It's like telling the punchline of a joke without the lead up.  It wouldn't be funny.  Same thing goes here.  But, this drama moment happens a lot later in the episode, so I should probably get to the lead up first.  I just wanted you to be aware of what was coming later on.  The dramatic flair flares like Flareon.  Did you like that Pokemon reference?  I'm not, nor have I ever, been into Pokemon, but the Little Poppers sure are.  LP1 especially.  She's obsessed.  Crazy obsessed.  I have no idea where she gets her penchant for obsessive behaviors.  o_O  Must be her father.

Episode 7 of Faith opens by repeating a bit of the last episode.  Lee Min Ho in all his gloriousness and costumed finery.  {Seriously, that long black robe outfit he's sporting these days?  Wow. Just wow.  I thought he was pretty cool even in the hot pink skinny jeans, but this just takes it to a whole new level.  And by the way, he's like the only man on the planet that should ever be allowed to wear hot pink skinny jeans.  No one else should ever attempt such an atrocity.  Lee Min Ho though?  Yeah, he's cool.  Go right ahead.  Wear whatever you want sweetie.  Nuna says it's okay.} Choi Young is leaving to go get help and supplies to treat the young prince Kyeong Chang when he is attacked by Gi Cheol's men.  Fire Lady is there too throwing her little apple bombs or whatever they are, causing trouble in the neighborhood.  Now, this was where I got a little lost last week.  I wasn't sure who the guys in gray were.  The soldiers I could figure out, but couldn't understand, based mostly on Choi Young's intense look of shock, who the gray guys were.  Now I know that they were Gi Cheol's men.  And they start fighting on the side of Choi Young against the soldiers after you know, fighting Choi Young first.  I know, it can sometimes be a little confusing.  Here's the basic rundown that I've gathered....

A trap was laid for Choi Young.  Gi Cheol wants to make it look like Choi Young went to Gangwha Island to reinstate Kyeong Chang, apparently the nephew of King Gong Min, not younger brother, to the throne.  He, Gi Cheol, wants to destroy any trust in Choi Young that the king holds, as well as get Choi Young to his own side.  He's pulling all kinds of puppet strings here.  We also involve the magistrate of Gangwha into the story as he was told ahead of time that Choi Young was coming and why.  But more on him later.  All we really need to concern ourselves with at this point is that Choi Young is being framed for treason.  He has people working against him, and even a few friends working for him.  Like the Woodalchi member who is secretly sent to find him.  Again though, more on that situation later.

Okay, so fight fight fight.  Things look bad.  What to do?  Choi Young doesn't want to align himself with Gi Cheol by following them out of Gangwha, but he isn't left with many options.  Then Eun Soo has a brilliant idea - they should just run away and not choose either side.  Perfect.  So they do just that.  He sends her and Prince Kyeong Chang off towards a safe hiding spot and joins them later after taking care of his business.  

Meanwhile, the Woodalchi man secretly sent has come across a man sent by the magistrate.

They both go in search of Choi Young, eventually finding him and Eun Soo and Kyeong Chang.  They decide to seek refuge at the magistrate's place.  He seems like friend enough, and they really don't have many other options at this point - Kyeong Chang is very ill and not tolerating all the travel very well and needs a place to rest.  All is going okay.  There's even a sweet moment in the herb garden between Choi Young and Eun Soo.

But, it turns out that not all is well.  We see the magistrate leaving Prince Kyeong Chang's chamber, informing them that the Prince is sleeping soundly and suggesting that they all go eat.  Choi Young is hesitant and nervous, we see him wanting repeatedly to go check on the young prince.  Oh, how we wish he had.  For at that moment, the prince is not sleeping, but is instead face to face with the evil serpent himself, Gi Cheol.

Oh, that guy makes my skin crawl.  He's uber creepy.  He has a vial of poison.

He wants Kyeong Chang to get Choi Young to drink it out of loyalty and in order to save the prince.  He tells him that all of the Woodalchi have been arrested, which is true.  Word got out that the 2nd in command had secretly sent someone to communicate with Choi Young, and they are all imprisoned for this treasonous act as they acted without authority from the king to contact a person being accused of treason.  Gi Cheol tells the prince that Choi Young will be executed for treason and that he, Gi Cheol, set it all up.  In order to save himself, the prince should order Choi Young to drink the poison.  Basically it's a "it's either you or him" scenario.  "Get him to drink the poison in order to save your own life."  And while this is going on, the magistrate is out working on Choi Young, peppering him with questions on reinstating Kyeong Chang to the throne.  Choi Young finally admits that if KC wanted to regain the throne, it would be his duty as a Woodalchi to kill the boy in order to protect the king.

So what do we do here?

Kyeong Chang takes matters into his own hands in order to save his friend.

Enter Dongsaeng's aforementioned drama moment.

Choi Young and Eun Soo enter his room after dining with the magistrate.  Gi Cheol is gone by this point.  But the young prince doesn't look too well.

Yes, you guessed it, he drank the poison himself.  He tells CY what happened and then says, "but Gi Cheol didn't know I was dying anyway".  CY who just admitted that he would himself kill the prince if he had to sits there and cradles the boy who just sacrificed himself in order to save him.

The poor prince is in agony, his organs burning with the poison.  Eun Soo has no idea what to do to treat him.  She runs off to try and figure something out.  The prince is hurting so bad.  CY knows what kind of death this poison brings - long and torturous, the worst pain imaginable.  He offers to, for lack of a better phrase, put the boy out of his misery.  He asks the prince for permission to end his suffering.

We then see him reach for his dagger and....

Yeah.  I was screaming and crying - a real emotional wreck at this point - when The Husband walked in the door.  Try and explain that one to an outsider.  Talk about rotten timing.    Speaking of rotten timing, as CY sits there with a dead prince in front of him and a dagger dripping in blood, Eun Soo walks in.

She is in shock when she realizes that CY killed the boy.  Remember, he had just admitted that he would do it if he had to, which was shocking enough for her, knowing that the two had a special bond.  Now here he sits, having actually done it.  Does she realize that it was a mercy killing?  I don't know.  I think she's too in shock to think rationally at this point.  She is definitely scared of him though.  

Which is sad, because just before this, they'd had another moment.  She was wanting to take Kyeong Chang back through Heaven's Gate where they would be safe and she could get him the medical treatment he needed.

She asks Choi Young to go along with them to a place where he wouldn't have to kill people anymore.
Is it just me, or does he seem to like the thought of going to the "heavens" with Eun Soo and giving up his life as Woodalchi?

She's really bothered by his killing people.  She doesn't like the smell of blood he carries on himself.  If she didn't like it before, what is she going to think now that she's seen him kill a child?  Yikes.

She runs away from him despite his efforts to keep her inside and protected, and literally falls into the arms of Gi Cheol.  And she was worried about Choi Young's dirty hands?!  Ew!  I guarantee that Mr Creepy's hands are wayyy dirtier there honey.  Choi Young goes to attack Gi Cheol - he's got a score to settle after all - when our silver haired Killer Flutist shows up.  They fight and it was good to see that Choi Young still had his lightning power.  I love when he gets all charged up.  Mmmhmm.  Electrifying.  Gi Cheol takes the opportunity to showcase more of his power when he stops and freezes the police shield before shattering it in a dramatic fashion.  Fire Lady has also shown up on scene and places a heat wavy hand on Eun Soo's shoulder.  Choi Young has no other choice but to submit.  He's surrounded.  The doctor is being threatened.  He bends his knee and surrenders.  Aw, snap.

So, there were a few scenes I skipped over for the sake of fluidity, but that I think should be mentioned before I move on to episode 8.  

What about this scene between the king and queen?  Seriously?  They're sitting there at a table together using poor Dr Jang as their go between because they aren't speaking to each other.  These crazy kids.  Honestly.  They're so clueless and immature when it comes to their relationship.

Here Jo Il Shin is trying to convince the king that Choi Young has been on Gi Cheol's side all along.  Dirty rotten scoundrel that Jo Il Shin.

The queen also questions Choi Young's loyalty, only she at least goes to ask Cutie Pie with the Hair who was actually there.  She doesn't give him much chance to explain, but then Dr Jang speaks up and says that if Choi Young went to Gangwha under Gi Cheol's orders it was most likely in order to save the High Doctor.

Then there was this scene.  I loved this scene.  Choi Young shows up at the first hiding place after kicking some booty.  He's exhausted and hasn't slept at all since being dead.  Eun Soo offers him her shoulder to rest on, which, after her chattering on and on, he eventually does.

She takes the opportunity to then be a good doctor and check his vitals - first his pulse and then his temperature.

He's supposed to be asleep, but we see him peek a little,
obviously affected by her touch and concern for his welfare.  His heart may be bruised and buried deep, but it seems as if the good doctor is reawakening it.  

Here's another fun one.  They start out by arguing.  He's upset she doesn't have more pain killers for the prince to use.  She's all like, "well, excuse me, maybe you should have suggested I bring some more meds as you were dragging me away!"  Touche.  She then tries to help the prince manage the pain by teaching him a little song she says works for her.  As she is singing, very poorly, Choi Young is there on the floor watching her, laughing and smiling, again obviously affected by her care for this boy.  It's a tender moment between the three of them.

Speaking of tender moments, we almost had one.  Between the king and queen no less.  After their childish back-and-forth at the table, he accuses her of caring too much for Choi Young.  She starts to tell him that in fact she is acting out of concern for him.  At least that's what I'm assuming.  That can't be proven though because they were interrupted at that moment.  Shucks.  I like these two.  They need to mature and learn to communicate, but they're cute and I think they could totally make it work.  

Oh, this drama.  I thank it for the drama moment.  As emotionally trying as those moments can be, I love when a story makes me care enough to have them.  I thank it for lightning power.  I thank it for its cast of characters that keep me guessing.  I am eager to move on and watch episode 8 now.  Join me later as I talk about that one too, will you?  Pretty please?  I'd be ever so grateful I would.  Until episode 8 then, I bid you a fond farewell.


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