Tuesday, June 24, 2014

King of High School Episode 3 - I Need Two of Me

It was another great episode as we begin to see the difficulties in leading a double life.  It requires a lot of deception, letting people down occasionally, and running (oh so much glorious running).  I am pretty sure that I could just watch Seo In Guk run around for an hour, minus any plot, and still be totally happy.  Lucky for us we got to watch him run around and have some amazing plot lines as well which gives us the best of both worlds. 
Let's start off this recap on the thing that is most important (WARNING: fangirl coming forth for a few minutes)  Min Seok is so flipping hot.  Seriously, everything he does is athletic perfection and I am pretty sure the director knows it.  Why else would he choose to show Min Seok doing every possible exercise known to man all in one episode.  We had running (so much glorious running) to the point that I wish that I could create a montage of him running.  Still photographs just do not do it justice. 
He does push ups, lunges, jumping jacks, every moment of the show was filled with him doing some type of movement and most of the time he was in a full suit.  Who knew a suit could be so sexy when the person wearing it is exercising.  OK.......calm down Kmuse...........must keep things PG.  It's a good thing that they left out the whole changing/shower possibilities in this episode since I am pretty sure if they had added it in, all the viewers would have turned into puddles of hormonal goo and ratings would go down from everyone's inability to press play on their PC's.

Unfortunately Min Seok is not able to be in two places at once and misses his hockey scrimmage.  Min Seok apologizes, but his sunbae does not let it go and decks him hard before storming out (How dare he injure the fictional love of my life.)  It is just the start of Min Seok's reality that no matter how fast he runs, sometimes it is just not enough.  He is run ragged as he rushes to school every morning, then escapes out the window as soon as attendance is taken.  He then runs (yes more running) to his brother's apartment to put on new clothes and go to his "day job" only to rush back to school for hockey practices.  It is not often that I think it is realistic that kdrama characters pass out and need to be hospitalized, but for Min Seok I might change my opinion.  I get tired just watching him on my tv.
Every time Min Seok's two co-conspirators start to freak out I just start laughing.  I don't know why, but I just find their reactions to being forced into this disastrous ruse hilarious.  Every time anything work related comes up, Min Seok's eyes go blank and he seems to lose focus.  He understands nothing.  And by nothing, I do mean nothing.  I liken it to me understanding how the Internet works, you could talk code to me day and night, but all I understand is that I have to simply push the button marked "send" to put out an email.  Anything more is beyond my brain's comprehension.    

Tragedy strikes as our high school hottie can't seem to keep his mouth shut and when Min Seuk is forced to tell his opinion (wow he is so bad at it, and I still laugh every time the president thinks he is being straightforward and intelligent) in a business meeting he finds himself heading up the presentation for a new shopping mall venture.  I laughed so hard when he asked his co-conspirators "What's a PT?, they probably do not mean this kind of PT (physical training) right?" and he starts doing jumping jacks in the hallway.  Hahaha, Min Seok's handlers begin to freak out and he continues to question what a PT is, which makes them freak out even more.
"All directors are asses!" No truer words could have been spoken by our leading lady Soo Young.  Not only does she have to deal with the total awkwardness of avoiding Yoo Jin Woo, but now she has to deal with Min Seuk who takes great pleasure in teasing her.  Min Seuk is the adult version of a boy dipping a girls pigtails into an inkwell.  
Soo Young becomes Min Seuk's constant companion as she attempts to get him to focus on the PT, unfortunately he has the attention span of a hyper active puppy and is constantly going off task.  Instead of working, Min Seuk has them eating, doing calisthenics, and keeps up a constant barrage of teasing comments about Soo Young's one sided love for Jin Woo.  Through it all she attempts to remain professional, which is commendable because he seriously deserves to be decked for his ornery behavior.
You knew it was only a matter of time before Min Suek's two lives were going to get him into trouble (Our poor double needs a double.)  We see this happen when Min Seok has his hockey game scheduled right before his big presentation for the mall project.  Theoretically he should have enough time for both, but a freak injury with one of the ref's results in a postponement that cuts into his presentation time.  But this is Min Seuk who can literally do it all, he scores the winning goal and rushes off the rink to the shock of his teammates, then he changes in the cab (seriously would have loved to see a bit of that scene, director, work on that for next time) and when the cab was stuck, he went back again to his standby, running (Can never get enough of that..........SIGH...........) He rushes into the presentation, a bit late but revved up, and uses his charisma and fast speech patterns to wow the crowd and get the bid for the mall project.
Min Seok's team goes out to celebrate and I love how he keeps noticing everything that Soo Young does.  He follows her home after the dinner, begging Soo Young to forgive him for taking things too far about her one sided love.  Soo Young, who was in a very good mood, just says "fine, I forgive you", but Min Seok doesn't believe her and keeps begging.  Finally Min Suek buys her a bag of popcorn and tells her to hit him so they will be even.  After much coaxing, Soo Young does, and he goes down.  HAHAHA  They celebrate their new friendship by Soo Young getting very drunk while Min Seok watches (I love that he says he can't drink since he is a lightweight).
It seems as if Min Seok has coasted through all his troubles, he is getting the hang of this whole "work" thing, no authority figures at school realize he is skipping, and he now has a new bestie in Soo Young.  But this is a drama and things can never remain easy for long.  Poor stalker girl is determined to find out what Min Seok is up to, and bribes his best friends with food, so they will find out where Min Seok is disappearing to.  Imagine everyone's shock when they find out that he is posing as his brother and confront him at the office.  I can't wait to see even more hijinks now that the secret is becoming less of a secret.  I just wonder how long Soo Young will stay in the dark.

My Thoughts:
I like the leading lady when she is interacting with Min Seok, but whenever she is around Jin Woo I just cringe.  So awkward and embarrassing.   I hope Soo Young gains a bit more confidence in herself as the show progresses.

Does anyone else just melt every time Min Seok has a scene with his grandfather?  He is so kind and caring whenever he takes out time to play with him, even if he is exhausted.   Those little scenes bring a level of caring to Min Seok's character that we don't get to see as much in his work persona.
I like how Min Seok is slowly moving from a kid playing at being a grownup, to actually being comfortable in his new role.  It is something that is so subtle that you begin to forget that he is just a high school kid.

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  1. Thanks to you I found this show and my god this is the funniest episode yet. I was nearly on the floor laughing when in the beginning Jin Woo just walked off after seeing Min Seok and Soo Young wrestling at the door. He is such a great straight man.
    The entire cast is phenomenal... I also find his managers to be hilarious!
    And I commend your taste-your, um boyfriend- Min Seok is absolutely gorgeous, I've never seen anyone look so much like a cat. Amazing facial structure and eyes and mouth, lol, and of course that body!
    I'm with you, Run Min Seok, Run!!!

    1. So glad I was able to help. I have decided it is my life's calling to help others watch good kdrama. Just starting ep 4 now and can't wait to see what happens.

  2. Do you know that his entire words in the presentation scene is Seo In Guk's own improvisation? The amount of talents he has..., what a man.

    1. He truly is an amazing entertainer. It is so enjoyable watching him do anything, and not just because of the attractive factor, he truly is talented.

  3. Luv, luv, luv the Gramps scenes. It shows how truly caring SIG's character is. And he' s just so cute with how he keeps dragging out the time with Soo Young. Looking forward to her getting a makeover . . . Or even just standing up straight!

    1. I noticed she did stand straighter in episode 4. I wonder if they are going to do a big makeover scene, or more of a gradual gaining confidence and that creates a different feel. Will be interesting to see how they develop her.

    2. Hai Hai. I too was wondering if Soo Young would be getting a makeover and better still will Min Seok be helping her with it. love this show!


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