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Producer ep 5: That Hand, That Cheating Hand

Welcome back addicKts to this week's Producer recaps. We're so glad you could join us as we unravel and discuss some of the finer points of what is going on with our stalwart KBS employees this week. And address this issue of Kim Soo Hyun's cheating hand.
But we'll get back to that later.

First, how about we head on over to our 1N2D film set?

We begin the episode where we left off last time - Cindy lost in the woods with PD Seung Chan and a cameraman. She was rejected as a partner by her fellow cast members and has to go it alone. We have a touching moment with Seung Chan helping her tie her show before the rain starts falling. Seung Chan shields the superstar's head with his hand as he slowly and seductively (yes, he didn't mean it to be, I'm sure, but it sure as heck was anyway) reaches behind her and pulls out the umbrella, opening it with one hand (yeah, I also found that part sexy - why? Do you not agree?) and Umbrella Couple is born.

Cindy is feeling it, we're feeling it. It's all butterflies and heart pounding. Until Seung Chan notices the cameraman fussing with the camera, trying to keep it dry, and immediately, without hesitation, dashes over to him with the umbrella, leaving our poor abandoned idol standing there in the downpour, dejected. Ahahahaha! This boy in all his adorkable glory!

The rest of the evening continues to not go Cindy's way. Seung Chan, being the literal guy that he is, doesn't take into account the unpleasant situation they are already in and makes Cindy do the dinner challenge - a game she must win in order to eat. She fails, of course, but gets a second chance to earn food by calling a friend. All this friend has to do is cheer her on and then she can eat. Except, it would appear that Cindy is friendless. She calls a couple of her former Pinky4 members - the first one doesn't answer and the second chews her out.

How can our hearts not be breaking for our little starlet by now? The poor kid. Hungry, wet, cold and all alone in the world in her tent located who-knows-where with cameras rolling, our broken young lady pleads with our rookie PD to please at edit the phone call out of the show. She's worried not just about herself, but also her former member looking bad. She's not acting a diva, just a lonely girl faced with the harsh reality of her life. While he can't promise the editing to go the way she has requested, Seung Chan does try to help by giving her some of the things he had packed, specifically music and a book to help her sleep. Aww! I'm happily sailing on the Umbrella Couple ship right about now.

The next day, the Cindy team joins the rest of the 1N2D crew. True to 1N2D fashion, the cast members are playing another game in order to earn breakfast. Cindy, partner-less, is paired up with Seung Chan. They're doing a word game and Seung Chan is, shockingly enough, being extremely literal and complex (the boy is a graduate of Seoul University after all - the equivalent of an Ivy-League school) and poor Cindy is just standing there clueless. And loses. Again. Meaning no more food. Her CEO is there, screaming and carrying on, and Seung Chan gets chewed out by Joon Mo for not adapting to the circumstances and letting the poor girl starve. Little did he know that Seung Chan himself went without food since Cindy couldn't eat in a self-sacrificing show of solidarity. Because he's a sweetie like that.

Filming wraps and the crew heads back to town. Seung Chan falling asleep on Joon Mo who had just berated him was a cute, funny scene.

They reach Seoul and the team goes out for a dinner together. The Music Bank crew follows them there, Ye Jin wearing a very "interesting" outfit that looked like a denim hospital gown.
I don't normally comment on outfits, but this one was too outrageous to not mention. She looks like a mental ward escapee.

She's worried that Seung Chan will drink too much and spill the beans about her shacking up with Joon Mo. Well, joke's on her since it is she herself that gets plastered and starts broadcasting the secret at the top of her lungs for all to hear. It was also the first time she has seen Cindy since "the jacket incident" during the live broadcast of Music Bank. And, coincidentally enough, it's on the same day that she has to face the KCC for the incident.
If looks could kill! That hair that she's giving the death glare to belongs to Cindy of course.

Words are exchanged, makeup reapplied, fibs caught. Yikes. Imagine the fun we're going to have between these two women when they start fighting over guys instead of just a dress. Seriously, there was so much in this scene going on. Ye Jin trashing Cindy and then getting caught in her dressing room scolding lie. Joon Mo coming to Cindy's defense and watching that crush Ye Jin. Seung Chan looking concerned as Ye Jin is getting crushed. Cindy, with little hearts in her eyes, trying to get Seung Chan to say again how he thought her outfit was pretty. The YG artists (Dara and Kang Seung Yoon) talking about how they have to change their wardrobe and choreo to "tacky" when they go on KBS.

After dinner, Ye Jin, Joon Mo, and Seung Chan go out for a 2nd round. Cindy just so happens to drive by as the three are skipping down the sidewalk in a "happy scene" with (a very drunk and over-the-top aegyoified - what? It can totally be a word) Ye Jin draped between the two guys. How do you think that made our dear, lonely, young superstar feel? *tear*

At the little sidewalk food stand, the alcohol is flowing and things get interesting. Ye Jin is tanked and the secrets start spilling out. She yells at Joon Mo, revealing how upset she is that he's going on blind/marriage dates and how she was fine until he kissed her and now she likes him and he's being cruel to her with his dating of other people after kissing her.
Well...THAT little tidbit of information sure sobered up our little puppy in a hurry

Looks like Seung Chan isn't the only one a bit gobsmacked by Ye Jin's rant/confession/accusation
She adds in there how she used to be able to talk to him about guys she liked, but now that he's the one she likes, she has no one to confide in.
This is worth mentioning because later on, Seung Chan tells her that she has him that she can talk to

And then she passes out, with a shocked Seung Chan watching all this unfold.

Are you sensing what I'm sensing.......?
Want a hint? That ain't Joon Mo's hand there trying to protect her from herself.

The next morning, Ye Jin wakes up thinking it was all a dream, but no, it wasn't - the proof being in several little things, including a Seung Chan passed out on the couch. Again.

Joon Mo starts carrying on about how Seung Chan is always spending the night and how is bachelor pad has turned into a boarding house.

They all sit around the table having breakfast, the motley crew of two childhood best friends that work together and live together but are "just friends", the brother of the woman, and their subordinate rookie. I loved how when he found out that Seung Chan's parents owned their apartment at the nice building across the street, Ye Jin's brother tried to hook SC up with his sister, telling him how it's trendy these days to date older women. Ooh! Really, now? Is it? Hmm.... I see.... *books ticket to Korea* 

Seung Chan comes back by telling the brother that he needs to sleep at home so that his sister isn't alone with a man in the house. Do I detect a bit of jealousy??? Surely not.

We spend the next little bit with Seung Chan and Ye Jin trying to figure out just how much of last night Joon Mo recalls. Did he hear the confession? Does he remember it? He's not giving off any indication that he did and she's freaking out worried because of it. If he doesn't remember, then all is well. If he DOES remember and just isn't saying anything, that does not bode well for Ye Jin and her confession. A lot of time is spent on the roof by the two sleuths and yes, I'm sorry to all the Umbrella Couple shippers out there, but Seung Chan looked like something might be going on in his little puppy heart through all of their time together. I will admit I felt a little stirring in my own heart for these two together. How can you not when you see those sweet puppy dog eyes looking so intense and warm??

The result of Seung Chan's detective work? Inconclusive, but it's looking promising that Joon Mo does not remember, relieving Ye Jin. For now.
How funny was this nod to Sherlock??? They had the music and everything. Love!
And this part when they were trying to analyze how drunk Joon Mo was by the way he was staggering. ahahahahaha!

Meanwhile, filming being done, the editing of the show begins. Seung Chan's role in all this? He's to fetch food for his sunbaes. True to form, he finds himself once again screwing up despite his best efforts and getting chewed out, then seeking out pointers from that guy in the storage (?) room. Not sure exactly who his closet friend/mentor is supposed to be, but the scenes of them are funny and I enjoy them muchly.

Now to turn back to Cindy. We learn that she suffers from insomnia. She is still holding on to the music and the book that Seung Chan gave her back during filming and decides to try it, remembering how he told her it would help her sleep. An underlined passage in the book talking about how "no one loved her; she wasn't close to anyone; she's a good person but she didn't care to listen to anyone". This hits her deeply, and she in turn underlines the same passages. Next thing we know, she's sleeping soundly.

Our ice princess's heart seems to be thawing thanks to our Seung Chan. Too bad he appears to have his attentions directed otherwise. Lucky for her though, it appears she may get a little assistance from Joon Mo on this one. Cindy may be getting herself an on-screen commoner boyfriend.

If only it were that easy. Our Umbrella Couple has some competition and our love polygon gets a bit more defined as we see at the end of the episode. Sent to get food from the street vendor down the road, Seung Chan ends up picking up a little more than he bargained for in the way of information. Looks like other night went a little differently than the drunkards had pieced together on their own. The lady at the food stall fills Seung Chan in on what really went down. The real events of that evening, after Ye Jin passed out post-confession, was a more-drunk-than-Joon-Mo Seung Chan forbidding him to take Ye Jin home. And there goes that hand of his - the same hand that started our episode out by shielding Cindy, ended it with shielding Ye Jin. Except this one appears to have more meaning intended behind it. Drunk Seung Chan proclaims, before passing out himself, that he doesn't want Ye Jin to go home with Joon Mo and that he hates that Ye Jin likes Joon Mo. Well, then, it looks as if we have a certified Noona Ship setting sail.

And here's me...caught between the two ships, unsure of which one I want to hop on.
Like my art? kekeke

We end the episode with a face-off between the two men. Joon Mo, sitting there editing, suddenly realizes that he has just sent Seung Chan back to the "scene of the crime" so to speak, i.e. the food stall where it all went down that night. He rushes there in order to prevent any disaster, but is too late, the cat is out of the bag. Seung Chan confronts him, asking him if he remembers the night before, which of course he does - isn't it obvious? That's not the face a clueless man makes.


Except for that epilogue. But we don't need to talk about that. And not just because I didn't understand Joon Mo's cryptic analogy. *innocently whistles and walks away*
Haha. J/K. I think what he is trying to say here is that he is afraid of losing his relationship with Ye Jin, so he is choosing to not like her. Or he likes her but isn't going to tell her because he doesn't want to endanger their friendship of 25 years. But it could also mean that he doesn't like her and so he's choosing to not say anything for fear of hurting her and losing her. Agh! I just don't know! Men aren't supposed to be this complicated and hard to understand. Dude, do you like her or not? Just say it! And if you do, man up and go for it, don't be such a chicken! That's lame. Either way, he knows how she feels and instead of acknowledging it, he's just going to continue to play dumb. Wuss.

Ooh! What will happen?? I can't wait to see! Which ship is leaving the dock and setting sail? Noona Ship or Umbrella Couple? Which are you on? Or are you straddling between the two like me right now?

Now, before I leave, I need to acknowledge the fact that there were so many other very entertaining scenes and moments in this episode that I had to skip and edit out, which I feel bad about, because they really do add a lot of fun into the mix. Our cast of secondary characters held their own very well and we had some good side stories going. Darn this drama and all the good stuff they serve up for us! There's just not enough time to cover it all.  Being that it is BigBang eve as I write this though, I do have to give a special nod to this scene around the table with the Music Bank crew.

Ye Jin is talking about how Big Bang needs to be notified that the stage will be glass because it will probably mean they need to change their choreography. The weird writer girl that Ye Jin struggles with calmly announces that it is done - Big Bang is notified. As Ye Jin is trying to figure out what the girl is talking about, she, in the same bored tone, while looking at her phone, confirms that this is fine with Big Bang and they will modify their dance to fit the stage as needed. Ye Jin, shocked, asks her if she just texted the manager or something, and the girl says no, that it was Seungri. SEUNGRI! When asked if she was close to Seungri, the girl, still bored like she's reading off the stock exchange numbers or something else extremely dull, replies that she is, but that she's closer to GD. Yeah, my VIP fangirl-mode kicked in, despite knowing this was a fictional story. There may have been a slight feeling of "nuh uh! No way! GD?!?! I'm soooo jealous!!! I wanna be close to GD!". Not my sanest moment, but can you blame me? I just found it funny, especially given all the drama related to Big Bang and KBS this past month after their initial comeback. It took a couple of weeks for Big Bang to appear on Music Bank which sent rumors flying about a feud and such. The official word from YG was that the stage had to be accommodated or something like that (honestly, I don't like to wrap myself up in these rumors and junk because it's silly). I love that they incorporated that into the show and turned it into a joke. That's one thing that this drama does well and one of the reasons I love it so, so thank you drama for that. Yay! A reference I actually understood!

Wish I could fit it all in, but, as Joon Mo so eloquently pointed out, sometimes you have to edit out even the good in order to not ruin what you have. ;)

With that, I bid you all a fond farewell for now. Stay tuned as KMuse takes us into episode 6....

Until then, back hugs and fish-kisses to you all,


  1. Love this recap! Helped me work out some of my feels. And Noona Ship all the way!

    1. Haha! I'm so glad I could be of assistance in helping you sort out some of the feels. :)

  2. I love how you write. .its funny and details. .you are a very good writer and very good entertainer.

    1. Aww! You're making me blush! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Thanks for the recap and your hilarious comments!! So happy we can all squee together. :D all dem feeeeeeels! I'm really enjoying IU's performance in this show.. and I'm glad here character isn't 2 dimensional. Its so tough being famous. She's having a hard life and she's all alone. She needs puppy's company!


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