Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: AddiKtion...the beginning.

I'm talking to a friend today about K Dramas.  I helped to hook her onto K Dramas with the incredibly sexy & romantic, Kang Ji Hwan in Lie To Me.  What can I say?  I am really good at indoctrinating new K Drama AddiKts.  Anyway, her life has been really super busy & she hasn't had time to keep up with her K Dramas. She & I have barely spoken in the last couple of months as well & we used to talk almost daily, that's how busy she has been.  Of course, like me, she has many important things balancing in the air...including her own 3 monstrosities demanding her time & attention.  Ahhh such is the life of mom, right?

While we were talking I asked her, as I hadn't spoken to her in a while, whether she was still watching...I was wondering do I need to freshen up that hypnotism?  No, she hadn't watched in a while...too busy.  Which was driving her absolutely bonkers.  She missed her daily dose of K Drama!  {{Pardon me while I dance a little jig that she's going through K Drama withdrawal...I know.  I am SUCH a great friend, right?!?!}}  She had started The King 2 Hearts just recently & had made it to episode 3.  And had, had to stop there, so that she could handle some crazy busy projects she's got going.  As of Sept 23rd though she'll be able to breath again.  Then she happily declared she would also be able to watch her shows again. LOL  I couldn't help but giggle.

All of this talking about life getting in the way of our AddiKtion got me thinking though.  How often do I allow life to keep me away from K Drama?  Okay in all honesty, not very often.  I seriously guard my drama time!  It's MY time!  Mine!!  No one gets between me & my K Dramas!!  NO ONE!!!  O.O

But occasionally life just....happens.  And you have to reign in all the unimportant extras & focus on the truly important.  NOW WAIT A MINUTE!!!  STOP WATCHING KDRAMAS because life gets too busy?!?! That sentence makes no sense I know.

In the beginning of my AddiKtion I could NOT stop watching!!  I went crazy Krazy!!  I was eating, sleeping, dreaming, breathing K Dramas!  I could NOT get enough into my system.  Watching several shows a week.  And when I say watching I mean MARATHONING!!!  I MARATHONED  BOF, PK, CP, Pasta, SG, PT, MLSS, CYHMH...  It drove CA insane.  So many fights about this new addiKtion.  It went on like this for months of him resenting & the arguing & debating & guilt trips.

We're much better now.  He has finally accepted my insane AddiKtion.  Like the patient good hearted man he is, he finally just realized this is it.  My wife has finally snapped. {{tru dat!! And what a lovely way to go, right?!?!}}  I still managed to get all the required things done during the day but at night....  At night I was a K Drama Vampire.  Sucking in as many episodes as I could.  I stayed up night after night after night till 2,3,4 am!!   When I first started I had a BB, not an iPhone.  So I couldn't even watch in bed, I had to stay at my laptop in the family room.  While my husband & kids slept peacefully.  Then when I finally did get my iPhone, VIKI had just started their app, & I started watching on my iPhone, at the Dr's office, in bed, {{& when I say in bed I mean of course, under the covers, ear buds in, hiding my addiKtion to prevent another fight BTW I still do this only not to avoid a fight but so that the bright screen doesn't keep my CA awake}}  in the family  room, while trying to make dinner, which burned quite often at that point.  I was really obnoxious & very much like a zombie.  Looking back now I am surprised my CA didn't leave me.  I know why he didn't though.  When we first got married we made a deal...First one to leave has to take the kids with them.  It worked, both of us are afraid of the kids. @o@

And I hadn't yet come out of the Kloset yet.  My friends couldn't understand why I was so tired.  Why all of a sudden I didn't want to leave for get togethers day OR night.  I needed my K Drama Fix!!  That's why!!  I couldn't leave my K Dramas!!  They needed me to watch them!!

I promise I have calmed down since then.  Chincha.  But I do still NEED, {{Yes I said NEED}} at least one K Drama a day.  I hardly ever watch US TV anymore.  Although, I didn't really watch that much US TV anyway, I had maybe a handful of shows & most of them were from the cable channels, which means the shows were only on for about 6 weeks then they went on hiatus.  I liked maybe 2 prime time shows, Bones & Castle.  Otherwise I just read a book or watched a movie.  But then this whole new world opened.  I still LOVE me some Bones & Castle. But I have found, I would much rather watch K Dramas during the season & then just Netflix the show after the current season airs.

Do you still watch US TV?  Or TV in your country, if not in the US?  Or are you on a strict diet of K Drama only?  And why?  What is it about K Dramas that you love guys?  It can't all be because of incredibly sexy Oppas?  LOL  I know they are a big portion of the reason but what else has you hooked?  Is it the romance? The writing?  The acting?  Because not ALL K Dramas are all that & a bag of chips too.  So what is it about K Dramas that turns intelligent women like us {{& men too}} into KDRama vampires & quasi zombies that we can't live without our addiKtion?   And how many episodes into a KDrama do you get before you think I MUST HAVE  MORE!!!  MORE K DRAMA NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!!  NEED MORE KDRAMA!!!!  Which K Drama was your gateway drug? Which Oppa was it that made you go, DANG HE'S HAWT!!!! ?  Who is your favorite K Drama Actress?  Do you have a favorite writing team?  Or Director?  Or maybe for you it is ALL about the Oppa.  {{Can't say I blame you, some of them Oppas is mighty yummy to stare at O.O}}

My first 2 K Dramas were My Princess w/ my Song Seung Heon Oppa & Playful Kiss w/ Kim Hyun Joong (not my oppa but I wish he was).  ;)P  Do you have a top 10 list of Oppas?  (even if they aren't technically oppas)

Unnie's Top 10:
*Note this "Oppa" list is subject to change...all the time*

Kim Hyun Joong, Hyun Bin, Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Seung Gi, Song Seung Heon, Lee Byung Hun, Lee Min Ho, Leeteuk, G Dragon & Junsu.  Hmmmmm....good looking men them, right?

Ahhh those Oppas.  Ahhh those Oppas, we wish were actually old enough to be Oppas.  Ahhhh I've just used the term Oppa a lot in this post.

Which reminds me...  Before I close off my Wednesday Write Up for this week I have to make my announcement of who won the TCA Challenge!  Last Saturday for those that didn't already know I challenged everyone to find a picture of Kim Hyun Joong & give it a funny caption, that involved Unnie.  And I just as I beginning to think you were all a bunch of party poopers I got hit by a slew of awesome pictures!! I had been out w/ CA for the evening hanging with other grown nice to talk to grown ups & only grown ups.  And when I cam home at 11pm there were about a dozen pictures on the TCA FB page!  OMO!!!  All of them were very inventive & funny!  It was torture trying to pick just one winner.  But I had to pick just one.  Before I announce the winning picture though I thought it would be fun to show some of the honorable mentions....

(honorable mentions)

"Did Unnie say to take off my shirt before or after I sing her favorite song?" 

We are known to do that from time to time you know.  Guilty!  VERY guilty!!  And Very Happy about it too!

‎"I have a great idea CA! We can share Unnie!"
Hmmmm..... somehow I don't think CA will go for this. LOL  I could be wrong.  I'm not but I could be. 
"Naughty Unnie - did you pop off my shirt buttons again?"
GIGGLE...who me?!?!  Never!!!  {{Should have popped all of them!  *Looks around surprised* Who said that?!?!}}

And the 2nd place winner.....
Awwww.... I WISH!!!  giggle

Captioned by B-Chan

Thank you B-Chan & everyone else, for those awesome funny pictures/captions.  If you guys want to see some awesome Pinterest boards just click on B-Chan's name/link.  The woman is amazing!  As for the captioned pics?  I laughed so hard when I saw these.  Honestly, it was truly so hard to pick just one winner.  They were all winners!  There were so many very funny & some slightly naughtier {{thank you for the naughty ones AddiKts!!  I LOVE me some "Naughty Unnie" captions}} captioned pics of KHJ!! 

There were over 20 pictures all in all.  And we all had a lot of fun giggling & leaving our own remarks in the comments under the pictures.  Thank you to all of the amazingly funny participants!!  You guys rock the creativity talent!  Now, start stock piling your Jaejoong pics because I think Dongsaeng wants a chance to pick her favorite Captioned JJ pic.

And that is all I have to say on that subject.  Hope you guys are having a great week.  I look forward to more K Dramas...always!  AND more K Drama discussions with you guys!  And of course MORE OPPAS!!  giggle


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