Monday, September 10, 2012

{Monday Afternoon Therapy with Dongsaeng} We'll Be Back After These Messages

Good Monday morning to you all!  Okay, so it's probably not morning where you are, as I here towards the west coast have less than 45 minutes of morning still remaining.  So we're going to call this Monday Afternoon Therapy.  Monday afternoons can be just as annoying as Monday mornings so they deserve a little therapy once in awhile too.  {And it's not just because I have been distracted this morning by an extra person in my house that normally wouldn't be here, throwing off my routine.}

So, what shall we talk about today, hmmm?

Just kidding.  I actually have a topic this time.  Like before I even started writing even.  Whoa.  Weird, huh?

It's a strange topic.  But hopefully we can have a little fun with it.

Last night I got an email from The Husband.  It was really funny because it actually fit this topic that I had already started mulling over just perfectly.  Haha!  Two weeks in a row I have to give him credit for either providing the topic or material for my chosen topic.  LOL.  It used to just be Ms Luckypants McGee who would inadvertently provide me with fodder, but it appears that the torch has, at least temporarily, been passed to Husband dear (who really really needs a cool moniker still if anyone has any suggestions).

What was the email, you ask?  It was an article from Time World talking about K-Pop and commercials being a perfect match for each other.  This whole Gangnam Style thing has really exploded, hasn't it?  Everywhere I turn or tune they seem to be talking about it.  And I don't turn or tune too often outside of my normal K world.  But it's everywhere and the news is eating it up and spewing it back out, this article included.  But it perfectly fits what I wanted to chat about today, so I'm thankful for the timing of it all.

One thing that I have begun to notice and enjoy along my K journey so far has been the abundance of favorite artists in the commercial world.  These guys and gals hock everything from ice cream to home water filtration systems.  But it's not just the fact that their images are plastered all over, it's the uniqueness of some of these ads that have caught my attention.  For example, one of the songs I paid money for on iTunes was actually a phone commercial.  Not that the song was used in a commercial, but that it was created for a commercial.  And it was a huge hit and is a totally awesome song.  Any idea which one I'm speaking of?  It's probably hard to choose because it's not alone in this category.  Other hit songs started off as commercials, or, since we're talking K stuff, I'm going to call them what they call them, CFs.  Ever heard of Lollipop by 2NE1 and Big Bang?  This was actually 2NE1's debut - their very first appearance.  A commercial.  A full-length music video commercial.  How often do you see that on this side of the world?  Like never.  I adore this song and this video.

Speaking of Big Bang, one of my all-time favorite CFs they did was for Baskin Robbins way way back in the day.  TOP's "brueberry cheecka cheecka cheesecake" is just so awesome.  The Little Poppers and I love quoting that one still.

It's not just commercial products being sold by Big Bang.  They are also being used as ambassadors.  I don't know about you, but I know I was more excited about visiting Korea after seeing this spot.

And how about this one?  Think that full-length songs and music videos are something special (which of course they are if done right and thankfully, they usually are), what about a full mini series staring one of our top leading men?  You may know him as Goo Joon Pyo from Boys Over Flowers, Lee Yoon Sung of City Hunter, Jeon Jin Ho of Personal Taste, or even General Choi Young of The Great Doctor/Faith.  Or, now, thanks to Toyota, Joon of Camry's One and Only.

(There's more than just this one video.  But I just put up the first one.  There's even a second "season" for the 2012 Camry where the story continues).

Of course, it's not just CF mini dramas being created by Lee Min Ho.  The boy is well represented elsewhere, or more appropriately, representing well elsewhere.

How about an adorkable, dancing lover of banana milk?

Or the many cute and sexy sides of him enjoying a little Dunkin Donuts?  This one is my personal favorite of his.  I have seen it more times than I would like to admit to.

Here's one especially for Unnie.  :D

I have never been jealous of a refrigerator.  Til now.

These are obviously just a small sampling of what is available out there.  When you need a quick fix of your favorite artist or group, why not do a little search to see what CFs they've done?  You never know what jewels you might just find.  Sure beats those annoying pharmaceutical commercials we contend with here.  Oooh, I hate those things.  If you're the type who watches the Super Bowl just for the commercials and you are a K-world addiKt?  Wow - you've hit gold!  Jackpot baby!  Now I must ask... what are your favorite CFs that you've seen staring some of our favorite leading lads and ladies?

And, in case you haven't had enough, I have one more little gem for you.  This one doesn't have an idol in it so it doesn't quite fit today's theme, but it's too awesome not to share.  DramaFever has been featuring it this week on their site on FB and whatnot, so you may have already caught it.  If not - or even if you did I think it still bears repeating - here is Bean Baby Fart Captain, the coolest and weirdest commercial I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.  Thank you DramaFever for bringing it to my attention.  I feel as if my life is more complete now.

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  1. Komawo dongsaeng!! I love all of these CF's so much! My Hyun-y makes a good commercial! Giggle!! And the farting doll one just makes me laugh & laugh. Bizarre but definitely entertaining!


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