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IMY ep 20 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

 Hello AddiKts, welcome back for my final 2 reviews of I Miss You.  This drama has been a roller coaster of emotions for me.  There were times I really wasn't sure I was going to continue this one.  Especially those first 5 episodes.  So horrendously tragic & depressing but thanks to your support & encouragement I kept going & here we are almost finished.  I would be lying if I didn't admit to being thankful for being done w this drama.  Don't misunderstand, this really & truly IS an Excellent drama.  It'll go into my "really liked it but will never watch it again" list.  Mostly because it is a melo-drama, not my favorite type of drama.  But I thoroughly enjoyed watching Park Yoochun (Chunnie) show his acting chops & watching Yoo Seung Ho (Baby Oppa) grow up & show me he can be truly terrifying & psychotic.  And Yoon Eun Hye for showing me it is possible to cry in almost every scene one is in.  I kid, she did a great job too, it's just the nature of the Melo-drama beast to cry that much.  I wonder if the actors every got dehydrated while filming this one?  I know during the filming of the last episode that YEH ended up needing to go to the hospital for collapsing & of course needed an IV.  I imagine this drama was emotionally & physically exhausting for our stars, especially the last episode, as it was added on, just a couple of weeks before the show was supposed to end.  But we are just about done.  Should we dive in....?

At the end of 19, the good guys finally had all their hard found evidence stacked against Kang Hyung Joon & JW was just about to arrest him, when KHJ appeared in front of him.  Let's dive back in right there...

Just as JW is about to get out of the car to arrest KHJ, a bunch of cars drive up full of thugs w pipes & bats.  HW & SY lock the doors to the car & KHJ calls JW on his cell, explaining that he just wants SY & he'll leave JW alone.  When JW calls him on the bad guys he points out to JW that they're there because HTJ ordered them there & asks him if he is still feeling sorry for HTJ?   This doesn't stop JW from protecting SY though, after all he promised her he'd never abandon her again.  The men, under KHJ's direction try to beat their way into the car, breaking glass climbing on top of the hood etc... JW straps in & warns SY to hold on & peels rubber & escapes down the hill, where the police arrive just in the nick of time, to save them both.  He tells SY to lock her doors, orders a couple of men to stay with her & runs with the rest to the top of the hill to meet up with the thugs.  While he is up there giving the bad guys the beat down they deserve, KHJ has already pedaled off to SY's side of the car.  Once she sees him she freaks out & begs him to leave her alone, screaming that she knows he is trying to kill her.  This gives him pause & for a few seconds we see a little sanity return to his visage.  But JW is coming back down the hill & a chase ensues alas KHJ still manages to escape.

Afterwards Wife & JW go over the things they know, including that they found, hidden under the bathtub in Harry's house, all the evidence of what SY was telling them about, from the day he tried to kill Stepmom.  Discussing that the fact that all the murders revolve around water & how delusional he is & damaged that it all ties back to his "deficiency of maternal affection", they also suspect he is bipolar.  In the middle of their conversation Eun Joo comes in & demands that when JW captures KHJ, her father's killer, that she get to exact her revenge on him.  Meanwhile SY is being comforted by her mother.  More mom & daughter bonding time & forgiveness.  We get to hear SY admit she is finally accepting that the rape, even though she still has nightmares from it, was not her fault.  Outside the door we see JW eavesdropping & he hears them talk about how awful his parents are & how they can't understand them at all.  JW is so amazing, how could he possibly come from such horrid people?  Eventually JW makes his way into SY & spreads out across her lap with his head.  He's putting off his impending visit w his dad...can't say I blame him.  But SY points out he is not alone, he has Wife & his Girlfriend & of course it's a given he has SY too.

Meanwhile, KHJ is back at the beginning.  He is hiding out in the empty room that Nurse Jung hid him in all those years ago, as a child fresh on the lamb from HTJ's clutches.  Speak of the devil...he calls HTJ, who is less than happy he hasn't received back his precious money.  KHJ explains no matter you have to bring SY to me or you don't get anything.  This doesn't please HTJ, nor does the divorce papers his wife, Stepmom, has served him with.  He immediately orders his secretary to remove all the money from her & Ah Reum's accounts.  If they don't want him, they certainly don't deserve his money either.  Stepmom & JW are finally talking.  She explains that, in the beginning, she didn't marry him for the money & she even tried to be a good mother to little JW.  But somewhere along the way, her cold, greedy, selfish, scary husband turned her into the person she had become, she's not sure how.  But she regrets all of it & will spend the rest of her life paying for her sins.  She also tells him he is all she & Ah Reum have left to trust & to please take care of them.  At this point JW tells her he knows some of the past story.  Stemming from his father's incarceration & the big slush fund etc.. but he doesn't understand where KHJ fits in to all of this.  Eventually she tells him everything.

He takes this info with him when he finally confronts his father & tells his dad being your son is humiliating.  And then we get to see the whole picture...for money he attempted to kill his own half brother, KHJ, & even took his stepmother & had her locked up in a mental hospital.  How he couldn't have cared less when his own son & an innocent young girl were kidnapped & the girl raped & then had them proclaim she'd been killed, is exactly "the kind of person who doesn't care about anything as long as he has his money."  He goes on accusing his father of turning his own half brother into a serial murderer by literally driving him insane with his cruelty.  After their discussion we get to see psychotic KHJ, laying on the floor sleeping & then hallucinating back to the day he met SY for the first time in that room when they spoke through the window.  Which prompts him to get in his car & drive to her house.  He sees the I Miss You message on her wall & starts to get out of the car but the police car that is watching the house drives up & he quickly pulls his cap lower & drives off.

After his meeting with his evil father JW is down & when he tells SY, via phone, that he missed her, she remembers what her mother said, that when JW says he misses you it means something is wrong.  So she distracts him by ordering him to come to her right away but to make sure & get her a roasted chicken, she's hungry.  Make sure it's roasted & not fried!  {{Made me laugh, he totally fell for it too.  Ahhh men.}}  She waits for his arrival outside & then drags him off, forgetting about the chicken entirely, to the little park & then distracts him by playing on the equipment.  She even sings to him, like he did the night she spied on him playing by himself in the park.  She holds out her hands explaining it's his turn to cry & she'll help him.  He finally reveals that KHJ is his uncle & all of this is as a result of his father's evil doings.

{{BTW I received several notifications during this period from Instagram that my friend H liked my pictures. LOL  There ya go H, you get a spotlight & a shout out on TCA.  Woot Woot Chingu!}}

The next day Wife is keeping watch over SY at Bellos, asking her if she'll set him up with one of the many models she must know, she agrees & who walks in during their conversation but Stepmom, who awkwardly & embarrassingly, although not entirely eagerly, apologizes, sort of, to SY for accusing her of poisoning & attempting to murder her, when it was really Harry.  Still recovering from her near death experience she is back to work & carry on with her meetings.  SY accepts her apology & finally meets Ah Reum, as SY rather than as Zoey.  And Ah Reum is so cute when she claims to be a fan of SY.  She really is adorably sweet.  Later in her office SY is nervously looking at a little jewelry box, containing a set of couple's rings, saying to herself so what if the girl asks first?!?  But is interrupted when JW walks in, as equally nervous & we find out why when he drops to one knee & shows her his own jewelry box with a single engagement ring inside & asks her to marry him.  {{Awwwwww...}}  Wife of course has to interrupt at this point to tell them, comically of course, that Team Leader wants JW to go search for KHJ.  But before JW leaves he gives SY a little black device & tells her he'll always be with her, methinks it's a tracking device in case she gets kidnapped by KHJ.

While JW is searching through SY's old neighborhood she is confronting the real Harry Borrison (Aka Dir Yoon) & telling him flat out that she is different from him because even though she grew up with an abusive father & was raped etc she did not become a murderer herself, what's the point of escaping violence just to continue to live a violent life?  And pointing out that a real friend, or hero, wouldn't then turn you into his killing machine, after setting you free from that violence & doesn't he realize that KHJ has abandoned him in his time of need?  This really ticks off the real Harry btw.    Meanwhile, JW finds the little room that KHJ has been hiding in, how does he know that's the spot?   There is a drawing on the wall of a mom & her little boy, just like at Jaekyung Hospital.  He breaks the lock on the door & goes inside & finds nothing but then hears that very memorable special walk of KHJ's as it approaches the door.  Then KHJ locks JW in the little room.  Through the window, JW reveals he knows who KHJ really is to him, his uncle.  KHJ is still blaming everything on HTJ, who deserves it but is not the only one responsible, as JW points out that he needs to accept his own culpability too.  KHJ tells JW, bring Zoey to me & I'll stop hating you like I did in the past.  Of course this isn't even a consideration of JW & KHJ leaves when Team Leader & friends are heard returning & JW breaks out of the room & they ensue on foot, but again KHJ escapes.  But not before being shot in the calf of the same leg that was attacked, by vicious dogs, as a child.  Later that night we see, a bloody KHJ having a total mental breakdown  in his car.  Hands covered in his own blood alternating between manic laughing & crying.  {{Jinjja Baby Oppa you do crazy really really well.}}  Then a person arrives, we don't get to see who, & he hands KHJ an envelope & KHJ hands him back another envelope.  Once the guest leaves KHJ opens the envelope & we see he now has a gun of his own.  {{Oh goody!}}

Wife & SY are about to leave Bellos when she gets a phone call from HTJ.  He's waiting in his car outside & wants her to go with him.  They call JW to tell him what's going on & that this is the only chance they'll get to capture KHJ for good.  And for JW to hurry, she'll be waiting for him to save her.  But JW, has just received all of his father's account books & evidence of dirty dealings, which means that KHJ no longer has any use for HTJ & will sacrifice him to the police happily to get to SY.  So he rushes off, guessing that tracking device he used earlier will come into play soon.  Wife follows HTJ & SY but is cut off by a truck pulling in his way.  In the car with HTJ SY begs him to change his mind about this & to not help Harry anymore & to change his ways, for his son's sake, but HTJ really has no heart.  By the time Wife gets to HTJ's car, after the truck cuts him off, HTJ is sitting alone & smiling, while another car drives off in the distance.  SY has been taken by KHJ.  JW is tracking her on his phone & realizes she's being driven off to the same area they were dragged 14 years ago when kidnapped the first time.  JW arrives at the little warehouse they were held in & opens the door &.... that's it.

UGH!  How frustrating the cliffhangers can be to a K Drama AddiKt.  Evil things!

See you guys in the final review.


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