Saturday, April 20, 2013

IMY Final Episode {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

This is it AddiKts.  It's time to bid farewell to another KDrama.  I will miss seeing Yoochun & Yoo Seung Ho every week, especially as our Baby Oppa is now off doing his MS.  Be careful Baby Oppa, we miss you already.  But I am looking forward to moving on to another K-Drama.  I do think I will take this next week off, catch my breath & figure out for sure which drama I want to tackle next.  I look forward to watching with you guys.  So let's get to it & discover whether or not they close this one in a satisfactory way for me.

First up the first 5 minutes were recaps & flashbacks to the previous 20 episodes.  Starting with Kang Hyung Joo's prediction that HTJ would lose both his child & his money, even if she ended up dead or in hell, she was going to take his money to hell with her.  I do believe she was part psychic.  But I am getting ahead of myself aren't I?  After all the flashbacks we jump to JW chasing the signal that would eventually take him to SY & KHJ.  He arrives at the empty little warehouse bldg that he & SY were taken to when they were originally kidnapped 14 years ago.  Once he opens the door, which is how ep 20 ended, he sees SY sitting in a comfortable chair, by herself & unrestrained, in the middle of the room & KHJ in another chair, leaning next to a desk, looking really not good, which makes sense considering how much blood he's lost, from the gunshot wound in his leg, the same leg that was already a big complication on his health.  He has the gun he received, taped into his hand, & looks particularly not all there mentally.

SY's mom gets the call from the Police station wondering if she has heard from or seen SY?  Of course she hasn't, but is now worried & so rushes to the station to find out what is going on exactly & arrives in time to see HTJ, their first meeting face to face, as he is brought in for questioning regarding his participation in SY's disappearance.  Needless to say when SY's mom finds out that HTJ is once again responsible for her daughter & JW being in trouble & that he has been in cooperation with a serial murderer, she freaks out & starts getting in his face & screaming & pushing at him.  He just waves her off & demands the police remove her from his great presence what an ass!  Yes, I used swear words.  I refuse to apologize or take them back.

{{Editorial: Unnie's Opinion on Han Tae Joon.....  From start to finish he has remained the one character I felt no sympathy for.  He is an unrepentant piece of slimy, filthy garbage & I was really hoping SY's mom would grab one of the police officers guns & shoot that SOB right in the face, but I'd have been happy if she had shot him in the nads, the foot, his hand, anywhere.  Multiple times.  I swear I am a peace loving person, honestly, I know you may not believe me, but never in my life have I ever sincerely & truly HATED, with every fiber of my being, a character as much as I physically hate this man.  He should be tortured slowly & painfully over 14 years for everything he is responsible.  He has no reason for his actions other than pure unadulterated greed.  I think that KHJ & HTJ are both psychotic.  I think KHJ is psychotic because of the trauma he endured & could possibly be redeemed & rehabilitated.  He has feelings & a heart but I think that HTJ is just pure evil.  He has absolutely no feelings whatsoever.  This makes him a truly psychotic person.  I think he is missing the chemicals that produce remorse.  He has no conscience, just a black void of nothingness.  Isn't that a truly psychotic super villain?}}

{{Big breath in & out.  Sorry guys I guess I had to get that off my chest.  I'll go on..}}

Back at the warehouse, which took up a good 15-20 min of time, KHJ has both SY & JW in his sights.  JW tries to talk him out of the crazy but KHJ just has to push it further. He tries to turn SY to his side by pointing out something she either hasn't figured out yet, because she forgot or because she is repressing the memory, I don't know.  That this place is THE place where all her nightmares started.  She looks around & the flashbacks to that awful moment begin.  She starts to shake & quiver & cry & her posture resorts back to the defensive, wounded animal she once was.  JW watches the changes in her demeanor take place & manages to talk her through it & then turns to KHJ to tell him he made another mistake with SY.  That because of his intense hatred for HTJ he once again hurt SY, which would never bring her to him as he wants, he then turns to SY & apologizes telling her hates himself & has yet to forgive himself for leaving her there all those years ago.  That he is humiliated & ashamed of his behavior as a 15 year old boy.  But the fear is so strong & she can't stop trying to cover herself up & protect herself from another rape.  Which makes KHJ smile, psychotically.  Then he tells her he is "...not the same 15 year old matter what happens, I'm not going anywhere and leaving you behind."  She starts to come back to herself.

Then KHJ turns the gun on her again pointing out to her that she has to be with him, he can't breathe for missing her & wants things to go back the way they were, even though he knew she didn't love him all those years, he was still so happy & he wants to go back to that.  And while pointing a gun at her, he beckons her, with his other hand, to come to him.  During all this the police have arrived, JW had told Wife that he would leave his phone & Wife should follow & find him.  Eventually KHJ realizes that he is in the sights of a sniper ready to take him, as he can see the red laser focused on him & everybody ends up on their feet.  SY tells KHJ that even though it wasn't the love he wanted that she does love him, they are all the family they've ever had.  And she told him she was a liar for pretending to be fine, to have forgotten all the bad memories & for pretending not to have missed anyone.  KHJ eventually takes a shot at JW, purposefully missing, which makes JW want to know why he hasn't killed him yet, because they are family & how much JW hates & cannot forgive his own father for all the sins that have ruined all their lives.

Having had enough of all of this, & determined that if he is going to die, he is going to take SY with him, he quickly goes behind her & grabs her & puts the gun to her head.  But JW points out that this would just make them love & miss each other more, which would not allow a dead KHJ to rest for all eternity knowing this.  He points the gun at JW & SY jumps over to stand in front of JW & tells him to make sure KHJ doesn't get hurt & thanks him for waiting for her all this time, she's going to go first & wait for him this time, she looks at KHJ & tells him she likes him... a lot even but this is what love is, the willingness to die for the one you love.  Then she walks forward until the gun is pressed into her chest, only KHJ doesn't want this either.  He backs away from her & then loses his temper & shoots but before he can shoot SY, JW grabs her & spins her so that his back takes the shot.   KHJ is shocked by it, even though he is the one who pulled the trigger, SY drops to JW's side & screams & cries & begs JW not to leave her & for someone to save him.  By this point she has completely forgotten KHJ even exists, she ONLY has eyes & feelings for JW.  KHJ hates this & puts the gun to his own head, begging her to look at him, he can die for her too, but he never pulls the trigger, when he puts the gun back to his temple the police have their shot & take it & him out.

Both men are rushed to the hospital & into emergency surgery.  We see the police standing next to KHJ after surgery, with the Dr explaining that it depends on his fight & will to live, as to whether or not he actually does.  Even if he does survive, the trauma, the ordeal, everything he has been through, most likely he will wake up & not be all there neurologically speaking, in other words he may be a vegetable.  He'll still stand trial & still be punished according to his mental abilities when he was killing, not how he will be if he survives.  It's been 10 days & SY has just arrived in JW's room after rushing off to get his prescription filled & finds he has finally woken up.  She tells him how long he was asleep & asks him to say her name, because she missed his voice & they embrace.

10 months later...

Wife has ditched the pony tail & is getting closer to his 40th bday & is still alone.  He is so cute.  JW is still the same "Crazy Rabbit" cop he always was, even still beating confessions out of the prisoners during interrogation.  He arrives home & Ah Reum, Eun Joo, Girlfriend, Stepmom & even SY appear wearing cute outfits, complete w a laundry pin in their hair.  It's JW's bday & they all eat fried chicken together, they are all a family now, even Stepmom, who is redeemed & determined to be a good mother to her son, whom she loves very much.  JW brings a present for SY, her ID card, with the name Lee Soo Yeon on it.  Since she has come back from the dead, it was time she got her name back from the dead too.  JW goes to visit his father, hoping that the time in prison has softened him or that they can reunite, but as stated before HTJ is completely devoid of all humanity & walks out of the room calling his son crazy.  SY & JW go to visit KHJ, who is indeed a vegetable.  He no longer speaks or walks.  Residing in a wheelchair, although there is a walker in the room too.  He is benign & smiles at them, as though they are strangers.  SY shows him her ID card, they get no response but when JW gives him a leaf, telling him it's winter again, he gingerly & delicately strokes the leaf w a peace filled smile on his face.  As they are leaving the bldg the first snowfall begins & they remember back to JW proposing & the decision they made to get married at the first snowfall.  So they rush off to get married.

In the chapel it is just the two of them.  JW goes down to the end of aisle & waits for SY, impatiently quietly repeating the "come here" motion & whispering {{Palli palli}} "hurry up".  She stops long enough to pull out a laundry pin that has been fitted with white bridal decor to wear in her hair.  She walks slowly down the aisle & they exchange rings.  We hear their individual voice overs talking...

JW: It was a tough road to get here, wasn't it?  You just need to take thirteen more steps now.... and he begins counting, Hana... Teul.... Set...Net...

At the end of the aisle he tells her she looks beautiful & she tells him he looks handsome.  After a soft peck on her forehead they take pictures holding up their ringed fingers for the timer camera & then send the wedding pic to their families.  SY's mom & Eun Joo get it first.  SY's mom is overjoyed & happy & Eun Joo is too but thinks they should have included them in the wedding too.  Then Stepmom & Ah Reum get the pic & both think JW is super cool & romantic.  Then Wife & the other police get the pic too & are overjoyed.  Then he calls SY's mom & apologizes for not including them & promising that they'll do it again, more formally, with everyone included, but they were afraid the snow would stop.  And then he calls her mother.  Not girlfriend.  He's now her son in law & she begins crying at the sound of him calling Eomeonie.  {{Pssssttt....Unnie cried here too.}}  They thank each other for being everything they could to each other over the hard years they suffered together.  Then tell each other they love each other.  {{Unnie cries harder here ... awwwww....sniff sweet!}}

Then we get a glimpse of what it might have been like if they had just been regular kids, from regular families when they met, including KHJ as a little kid.  Would they have had a different relationship?  Would things have been better had they met like that & just had a normal childhood.  Then their grown up voice overs assure each other & us, the viewer that they still would have fallen in love with each other no matter how they had met or grown up.

SY: IF you hadn't come to the playground that night...

And we watch our 2 leads walk, hand in hand, from the chapel where they married & we get a happily ever after, with everything wrapped up nice & neat.  But not too tidy for the real villain stays a villain.  And one will never be what he once was.  But the hero gets the heroine & the families become a real family finally.  One full of love & happiness & support & caring.  And all's well with the world.  The End

I hope you guys enjoyed my I Miss You reviews.  This really is a good drama.  It has some truly lovely moments but they are balanced out by truly horrifying ones as well.  I will miss Han Jung Woo & Lee Soo Yeon.  They were a lovely couple.  I hope you all have a beautiful weekend with your loved ones & that you hold them close & remember to love & support each other through darkness & light.  That is what I learned from I Miss You.  What did you guys learn?  What were your favorite parts?  Did you struggle to make it through the sadness, the way I did in the beginning?  I would love to talk about this drama with you...just let me know in the comments down below.  :)

I send my love out to the blogosphere to you dear wonderful fellow AddiKts.  Much love & blessings.



  1. omo! So good! I'm so happy you took the time to review this drama~
    Yoon Eun Hye is one of my favorite actresses, and I really recommend going back and watching her other dramas if you haven't already :)
    This drama had me more emotionally invested than any other one... I can't even remember an episode where I didn't tear up, if not cry. (Honestly, the crying helped me vent over other pent up emotions that I was having... kind of like an emotional release?)
    I learned that no matter what, the people that truly care about you and love you will be the ones that protect you to the end.

    I can't wait to see what you guys review next. Personally, I'm starting to watch Gu Family Book starring Lee Seunggi and Suzy.... I'm interested to see how it turns out.

    1. I'm so glad you liked the review & learned such a wonderful lesson from its depth. Finding that drama that helps you sort through emotions & deal with your challenges is rare & special. I look forward to hearing more in the future from you. I've actually seen several YEH dramas. Coffee Prince, Goong, Take Care of the Young Lady. All excellent drams. Oh & Lie To Me, I'm a fan of hers too. I'm going to be trying out a bunch of dramas this week & trying to see which fits. So check back & see what I choose. I have to say Gu Family Book is at the top of my list. So.... You just never know. Thank you for reading my recap/review. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. <3 Unnie.


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