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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel ep 14 [Dramatic Review]

It's been a little while since I've done the 9 Faces of Lee Jin Wook as a header.  I figured it was about time to bring it back.  Mmm...Lee Jin Wook....

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Pie and new folk aside, how about we sit and chat about episode 14 of Nine for a bit?  Or nine little bits rather.

Nine's Nine of episode 14

1.  Well, Isn't That Just Fabulous?
At the end of 13, we were left with a doozy of a cliffhanger - did things change with this next-to-last stick?  Did Jeong Woo's turning himself in fix everything 20 years down the road?  We soon get our answer.  And that answer is no, silly.  Can I just be the first to point out the obvious - we're only on ep 14 of 20.  If everything had been fixed (I know, I know, I wanted it to be all better too, but we just have to play by the rules here), they'd have all those last 6 episodes to fill.  It's not like they can just fill it with happy resolution.  You think we're going to have 6 episodes of our happy couple and their happy family and happy friends all working things out?  Nope.  So yeah, he's still Uncle.  Why?  Because Dr Evil pulled something and screwed everything up.

2.  Told You He was Evil
I'm so glad that this guy has remained evil throughout, because it was one less name I had to worry about learning.  The writers of this drama decided to be cute and make everyone's names very similar.  Don't believe me?  Dramawiki this sucker and see for yourself.  But my own personal sigh of relief aside, yes, Dr Evil shows us some more of his true colors.  And they're dark colors.  Oooo.  Long story short, he's got one of the detectives in his pocket, and as luck would have it, this is the detective that Jeong Woo confesses to and turns the video evidence over to.  Needless to say, Dr Evil soon catches wind of this and is none to happy.  He shows up at Jeong Woo's, ominously locks the door, slaps him, curses him and tears the tape up in front of him.  I think I should have gone with Dr Creepy.  Maybe that can be his middle name.  Dr Evil Creepy.   Hmm....  Dr Creepy Evil?  It's a work-in-progress.  I'll get back to you.

3.  Looks Like His Part Wasn't Over After All
Another name I didn't think I'd have to bother to learn because I thought his role would be short-lived once her memories came back and all is the fiance guy.  Curses - looks like I was wrong.  He's back in the picture and has an important role to play still.  Just what is that role?  Well, for starters he finds out that his fiance who has been missing has been at her uncle's house this whole time and didn't tell him.  She is sedated and in her twilight state, starts talking to finance thinking that he is Seon Woo.  Fiance is no dummy - he starts to see things like the fact that she is wearing a guy's shirt and her clothes are on the floor.  He sees the LP love note sitting on the nightstand.  He's got this figured out.  He leaves Sun Woo's house, calls Min Young, accuses her of lying to him and of being the one to write that note after all to her sunbae (i.e. uncle).  Next thing we know, fiance shows up at the hospital, confronts Seon Woo who is recovering from being stabbed, and beats him up for being a disgusting pervert who is in a relationship with his niece.  In front of a bunch of people from work.  Yeahhhh...

4.  When "It's Complicated" Just Isn't Enough
While fiance guy is playing love detective, Seon Woo is having an awkward interaction of his own.  The flirt from work walks in as he is preparing to leave the hospital.  He tries nicely to brush her off and convince her that he's not someone she should get involved with because his personal life is "complicated".  You can say that again.  I guess Facebook still doesn't have the "I'm in love with my niece who used to be my girlfriend until my magical time traveling incense stick took me back 20 years where I screwed everything up" relationship status option, so yeah, we'll just stick with "It's Complicated".  It was great timing though as she ended up being one of the witnesses to him being beaten up by said niece's fiance as he accuses the two of incest.  Lovely.  Buh bye meddling other love interest!  We never like your types around our dramas anyway.  Good riddance.

5.  I Quit!  (again)
In a familiar scene, Seon Woo walks into his boss's office and tenders his resignation.  This time it is in order to help save the station from embarrassment because he knows the firestorm that's about to follow as word of his "personal issues" starts to get out.  Boss man, who has heard nothing of these rumors yet, is of course unhappy and tries to convince Seon Woo to stay.  He's become big news after all - what with getting stabbed and stuff.  He then mentions that Min Young has also quit.  That won't look suspicious at all, nope.  But obviously neither one of them can see staying once all this stuff hits the fan.  Pass the popcorn, will ya?  It's about to get interesting up in here.

6.  And You Thought Being Friend-zoned Was Bad
On her way out of the office, Min Young sits down to chat with Seon Woo.  She tells him a little about the wedding being called off.  She lets him know that Dr Han told her all about the incense sticks and everything that had happened.  She's now, having all the information, made her decision.  Remember when he asked her what she wanted from him and promised that he would do whatever it was that she wanted?  Run away, return back to niece/uncle, or be secret lovers on the side?  She has chosen option 2 - going back to living as proper niece and uncle.  She's wanting to protect everyone involved as much as possible in this impossible situation, even if that means sacrificing happiness in love.  It's sad, but I have to admire her for making that tough call.  And him for agreeing to it as well as promised.  But now I need the tissues passed as well please.

7.  Nope, Not Weird At All
Instead of going immediately back to niece/nephew, Min Young declares that it will start in 10 minutes.  She wants to have those last 10 minutes with him as her romantic partner.  It's kind of sad, seeing as how they can't really enjoy those last 10 minutes together being there at work and in front off all the prying eyes and all, but they at least have those 10 minutes emotionally to spend together.  Did I say that in any way that made sense?  Probably not, but you still know what I mean, right?  Anyway, so before those 10 minutes are up and Cinderella goes back to being his niece, Prince Charming sends her a very romantic and heart breaking text message.  In it he tells her how he regrets those 5 years where she liked him and he didn't respond.  And how he didn't have a chance to respond to the marriage vow she wrote on that LP sleeve.  He promises to love her forever.  And she cries.  And we cry.  It's just such a big, sad mess.  Will these two ever find happiness?  *sniff sniff*

8.  Scandalous
Oh, the rumor mills are cranking!  Everyone is whispering about the illicit relationship between our two lovebirds.  To make matters worse, Min Young's mom is still all in a huff about the wedding being called off.  I guess fiance guy didn't take the high road and used her two-timing as the excuse to call the wedding off.  Mom is convinced that he was the one stepping out, and poor Min Young just has to sit there and take all of this, as you get the impression that this certainly isn't Mom's first tirade on the subject.  Then there's the final farewell between Seon Woo and his boss.  In order to help him save face, boss man has decided to use Seon Woo's injury as the reason why he won't be returning.  But he's hurt.  The rumors have finally caught his ear and he's devastated that his friend of 10 years would do this to him.  Everyone is reeling.  Things are royally screwed up.  It is quite the scandal and there's just no escaping it.  For anyone involved.  And it's not like these two can explain themselves.  Who's going to buy the time traveling incense stick story?

9.  I'm Sure This Will Go Well
We close this episode with just plain old heartbreak.  Min Young has saved the text sent to her by Seon Woo.  When Mom asks to use her phone, she immediately realizes the danger in this and runs off to the bathroom to delete it in the most heart-wrenching, drawn out dramatic way possible.  She's deleting and crying.  He's crying.  Everyone is upset.  It all looks so bleak and sad.  And this is where I am glad that I don't have to wait a week between episodes, because this would have been a tough week.  This drama is so good and mean.

And there you go.  Episode 14.  Anyone have any more tissue?

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